(2019-05-05) Back-To-Life-Bread!
Summary: A recently unwrapped Besa readjusts, Callisto helps him and Cora experiences some bittersweet thoughts around the upcoming summer.
Date: 2019-05-05
Related: Few days after this log.
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Med Bay, Coral Springs
Sun May 05, 2019

The medical wing follows the curve of the exterior of the building, with each room on the ward shaped like a wide pie slice, with a Plexiglas wall on the narrow end, and double doors that can form an airlock if needed. Any privacy needed in the rooms will have to come from the curtains therein. Each room is equipped with a bed with a monitor screen at the foot, and built in high-resolution open MRI and ultrasound scanners. The nurse station inside the perimeter of the ward has duplicate screens for each patient bed, and a vast array of information and realtime data. Along the walls outside the rooms, an overhead track has small, busy robots rolling to and from stocker closets, retrieving drugs, shipping samples, and so on. Two transparent operating theaters flank the entrance door, each a table much like the ward beds, tele-operated surgical robots capable of microscopic precision, life support equipment, and more of the stocker robots for handling of tools, samples, and discarded tissue. There are six cylinders built into the interior wall, plumbed with insulated plumbing clearly labeled Danger: Cryo-Chambers.

It is a spring evening. The weather is warm and sunny.


Besa was released from the infirmary this morning, but has been asked to come back every few hours for them to check his vitals. He tries to argue, but the nurses were very insistent. English is coming back slowly, he understands it, mostly, but speaking it is taking more time. Currently he's sitting on an examination table, legs swinging, as a nurse takes his blood pressure. Cocoa is sitting next to the table, eyes on her boy. Both seem healthy enough, although Besa's back to looking like a very small 14 year old. The teen is dressed in clothes he found in his room, the jeans cuffed and the tee shirt too big for him.

Word travels in schools… even to those who do not subscribe to gossip. Callisto's life has been busy these days: working out how 'things are gonna be' with her elder sister; discovering what became of her first love and helping who was on his way to being her second one to get back on his mental feet. Between all of that and graduation the fey girl has been… well. Well. Word got around that Besa has been contained and Callisto sees fit to check into the med bay to see if the ancient boy is still there. She has no way of knowing the conditions of his 'release' but 'lo and behold, as she glides near-soundlessly into the sterile room she sees him there. Smaller. Swimming in clothing again.

Whatever aging magic he has cast has been negated now. Callisto pauses, dead-silent to allow the nurse to work. She is radiant in a sundress, after classes; skin is already tanning due to the stronger spring sun. She watches, brow furrowing.

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Success.

Besa's nose wrinkles, eyeing whatever the nurse is doing with some disdain. A soft sigh as she takes the cuff off his arm and moves to write the stats down on a clipboard with his name on it. That's when the ancient teen looks up and spots the fey girl. A head tilt, that's so very Besa before an obvious recognition. His smile isn't as bright as it usually is, but it's there at least. A hand raises and hesitantly waves, but he doesn't say anything.

This can only mean one thing. Either magic has failed grievously, or…

Callisto waits until all is completed on the nurse's behalf, and once the dutiful woman scrawls stats and moves aside the fey girl strides forth, her messenger bag held taut at her side. Hair is loose and unstyled; freshly washed, given evident dampness. Callisto is a fastidious girl who showers once or twice a day. Her body lotion is a pleasant one… some Bath and Body Works blend bought from her weekend in Thunder Bay during Spring Break, when she and Oridove had words.

"Besa," Said in her fluting way. "Are you alright?" No mention of his physical changes. Callisto is smart though.. before she even moves closer, she extends a hand down to Besa's guardian, Cocoa. Once the pup sniffs and permits her passage will Callisto close the distance.

Dark eyes pick up on the clues that she was most likely swimming. He knows he's on an island, maybe he can go swimming later. Besa watches the interaction between her and Cocoa, Cocoa's bene helps him a lot with gauging people, actually. "…I am." Even those two words tell a lot. His voice has lost the deepness it was starting to achieve, and his accent is thicker.

Cerulean eyes, fringed by silver lashes, watch the nurse meander off to input details into a file. She inwardly wonders what is noted on her student (health) record? Mental basketcase? Unlucky? Slender fingers are held downwards, waiting for Cocoa's blessing, and if given Callisto rights herself and studies Besa. Yup.. she's smart enough to detect that shift. Something happened. Word was that Besa was brought back to the school with others… he was isolated…. he's back now, small and slight and 'reset'. She remembers his nature after his last death and wrapping.

Callisto breathes deep, "Do you need help, Besa? Are you finished here?"

Besa glances to the nurse, who nods, giving him his freedoms. Hopping off the table, he indeed is shorter than he was. Cocoa seems fine with Calli, tail wagging. He blinks, clearly searching for the correct words. "I…no." But he nods, so that's confusing. "I am…." Wetting his lips, he pats his belly, " in need."

Lashes flutter.. Callisto has a good poker face. "In need? Of medicine? Or… oh." She tilts her head atop a slender stalk of neck. "Are you hungry? Shall I walk you to the cafeteria?" She asks, keeping her plethora of questions to herself for now. Those can wait. She strokes Cocoa's head, right between the ears and those 'itchy' spots. Callisto stands head-over-shoulders over the younger (but not younger) boy, now. It suits her. "Whatever do you feel like?"

Besa nods, yes, that's the word! What does he feel like? Well, beer, but he's got the feeling that this century isn't going to allow that. Looking up at the much taller girl, his eyes are large on his face, "Water and….bread?" She gets another smile, a little more like himself as she keeps giving Cocoa attention.

Wouldn't that be special? Callisto would probably have to charm someone into permitting her — a student — beer to give to Besa… who appears younger. Ugh. Mercifully the boy provides an alternative and Callisto bows lightly. "Of course." She offers.. finally pulling back from Cocoa to give Besa a light touch between his shoulderblades. "Come. The cafeteria is not very busy.. t'is just before dinner service. There is bound to be something for you there." Bread is an easy find.

As they hopefully depart the med bay (Callisto is no fan of med bays) she asks of Besa next, "Is today your first day out of the medical wing, Besa?"

Besa nods, following along with Callisto. He's still eyeing the area, but he remembers enough to not be on high alert with the Fey girl. "Yes. I unwrapped…two days." He his thumb and index finger to show her. That hand then goes and lays on his chest, "I am whole, yes." Just in case she was worried. Seems a lot of people are.

Funny how she does not react with panic. Evident unease? Yes.. but the panic of one who does not understand (to an extent) …? Nope. Callisto merely looks sad for a few seconds. "Those who instigated this," Her gentle way of asking 'who killed him', "… they are no longer a problem? Are they gone? You are safe?" She slender girl asks each question slowly and carefully. It's not too far of a jaunt to get to the communal eatery, and it's that time of day where it's not busy. Yet.

Besa pauses, a look of some frustration on his face, "Unknown….I …my mind is…" both hands lift and wave on the sides of his head. "Ashton and Louk know…" But he's not been able to ask them yet. But then something she asks makes him laugh, and while the package is different, his laughter is the same. "I am never safe!" Silly fey!

Oh God, he's preaching to the choir. Callisto herself doesn't always feel safe — even now — but something in Besa's reply is so familiar that it, too, warrants her laughter. "Fates, could we just catch a break, yes?" She sighs then, the building bearing the cafeteria approaching. It's warm out; still sunny. A beaut of an evening.

"You ask them for details when you are ready." The graceful girl bids.. it's not her place to pry, not with this. She only prays inwardly that the death wasn't excruciating.

"I am.. sorry that this happened, Besa." Said gently as she holds a door open for the boy and his dog.

"Fates, yes." It's Fate, people! His smile fades and there's. And, perfect hair bounces, "I have much…to plan." He's planning? Planning on something, when he gets the details. He knows he was betrayed, he's just not remembered by whole yet. Stopping in the doorway he turns to look up at her, "No. Do not be." Sorry. "You did not hurt me."

"You are a friend. I am sorry to see something terrible happen to yet another friend." Callisto offers simply, and she means it. If she is faced with someone else whose memories are scattered as a result of death and/or nefarious intervention she just might check herself into a madhouse. But she instead leaves her faith in Besa to get the bottom of what — or who — heralded this death. Callisto wants to feel vengeful, herself, but she just hasn't the energy. Her mind is already spent. But there's always compassion, which is an emotion she is coming to appreciate more-and-more.

All of that said the girl guides Besa toward what is a mostly empty (for now) cafeteria. They both get looks but Callisto ignores them. "What sort of bread do you like?"

Besa certainly has a lot of friends! It makes him smile. All the details are fuzzy, but it seems this century has been kind to him, in that regard. The looks aren't registered, instead he's eyeing the laid out food. He was in here earlier, but it's a little over whelming, "Bread bread?" He'll motion to a small basket of rolls that look safe. Everything was so sweet at lunch, he didn't eat much.


Cafeteria, Coral Springs

The cafeteria is a large airy room with one wall that is all windows so the view of the cliff and the open ocean is all one can see..well and whoever is on the patio.

Round tables with chairs are spread out and there seems to be more than enough. In the back is the area where the students line up to be served food by either staff or students serving detentions. Behind this is the entrance to the kitchen, which is off limits to students not on kitchen duty. There is also the plate and tray return window into the kitchen.


"Bread bread." Callisto echoes, having grabbed a tray in the wake of their arrival. She is content to be the one to carry it and load it up as Besa sees fit. She uses tongs to select some of the rolls; also to grab up some butter pats and whatever else the boy wishes to have with the simple fare. She is hungry too, but moreso 'snacky'. Dutifully she selects melon wedges, kiwi and (with a pang) … strawberries.

"Speak to me of anything else you would like," She bids, pouring water next.

Besa will place a packate of honey on the tray as well. That's the only sweets he likes! There's a look to her, of slight bafflement, she wants him to talk? "My priests are coming." That's something new, he guesses? "You?"

She seats herself with her fruit, across from Besa at one of the cafeteria's commonplace tables. Callisto is casually turned-out in an elegant sundress of pale blue and ivory, hair loose and drying. She is conversing with Besa who looks considerably younger than he looked in previous weeks. "Whyfor do they come here? To further initiate you after this recent wrapping? Something to that effect?" She asks cautiously.. they better not be intending to make Besa's life hard again so soon after dying… again!

It is late afternoon, after classes, as the two students satisfy an urge to snack.

Besa looks years younger, actually. He's small enough that the clothing he's got on are clearly too big for him, his jeans are rolled and it looks like the goth tee shirt he's wearing belongs to someone else. "I called for them. I….need them." His brow furrows in slight confusion, why are all these people who says they're his friends not like his priests? Anyone that can hear his voice can pick up his voice is younger and his accent is thicker. Reaching for a roll, "I must…. Plan, yes?"

Apparently Cora hasn't had time to go back and get changed, because she's still in her uniform. Either that, or she's been asked to go towards other things. The fact she's got her backpack on too probably attests to doing some other work. Either way, she comes walking in with her hands in her blazer pockets (Yay pockets!) and gaze downwards cast… not to mention headphones on. She's totally lost in her world as she's heading to the food, in other words!

"Planning is imperative.." Callisto offers as she spears a quarter of strawberry and lifts it to her lips. Question unasked: how has Dylan handled this? Cerulean eyes glitter with concern as she chews politely, hair pulled in a pearly coil over one shoulder. "But of course. You know what you must do, even so soon after. I pray it goes well for you." Added earnestly… good thing about Callisto: she doesn't hound for details.

She is aware of others coming and going and her gaze slides over to Cora just as she is about to grab up another piece of fruit. Her lips open to greet but she sees the girl wearing headphones. If Besa follows her gaze, Callisto will look next to Besa. Will he recall the quiet girl?

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Success.

Besa smiles, looking rather boyish, "I do." Know hat to do! At least, he believes so! No mention of Dylan yet. He follows Calli's gaze, although his expression is hard to read. Does he remember Cora?

Cora is humming along to something, just loud enough to be heard that she is. Knowing her, that would probably horrify her if she realized! Even being in Choir now she's shy about it! She ends up finding an orange to take for her own snack and starts walking back, still humming! It sounds like a rather eerie song too.

The fey girl cannot place the tune. Nonetheless, Callisto isn't one to let a greeting go unspoken. "Good afternoon Cora," Called out as the girl humms her way past, bluish-green eyes observing her. She seems to be doing alright? Callisto cannot even hope to know of the other extracurricular activities in the school… choir! She had not idea! Callisto is so wrapped up at her 'jumping off' point that she is typically out of most 'loops'.

Besa watches Cora briefly before looking back at Callisto. A small piece of the bread is torn off and chewed quietly before he asks, "You are Metis, yes? I am not. I am…." His eyes go up towards the ceiling as he thinks, "What Louk is, yes?"

The movements and greeting are apparently enough to get a reaction. "Oh!" Cora says, eyes wide, and mouth opened in the onomatopoeic shape to go with said sound. "Hey." She ads then, a bit loud - probably because the headphones are still on. But then she seems to remember to remove them then.

"I am Metis, but only for a couple more months." Callisto offers softly, "I am close to the end of my stride as a student." A deep breath, she finishes her bowl of fruit. "You are Promethean." She supplies next, easily.. how could Besa be anything but!? She cannot imagine it. "Do you recall Cora, Besa?" She asks, trying to be helpful.

Speaking of Cora, the girl responds! Callisto smiles patiently as the smaller girl pulls herself out of the world of music. "How fare you?" Asked of Cora with honest curiosity.

Besa offers Cora a soft smile and wave, but he's got more bread in his mouth, so he chews. He listens to Calli, a thoughtful expression. She'll be leaving soon? But then he's being directed back to Cora and he studies her with wide , dark eyes. But then there's. And, perfect hair waving to the other teen, "Yes. You make sky flower fires, yes?"

Cora shrugs to Callisto at that question. "I'm ok. Sad the semester's almost over though." Though there's still a weird look on her face now at how Besa was just asked if he remembered her. "What? Why wouldn't he?" She asks too, perplexed, and biting her lower lip. After all, he's been one of her truest friends here! When Besa then asks a strange question, she blinks a bit more. Then nods, "This?" She asks, as the ghostly blue flame - much like a will-o-the-wisp flickers into existence near her. She's seeming more worried now.

Besa nods , "Yes." His accent is thicker than before as well. He watches the blue flame, "It is…pretty." Dark eyes narrow as he smiles, "We are friends, yes?" He seems…smaller than before too.

Cora's expression is looking less confused, and more saddened and now worried too. Even a little hurt. "Yeah." She says, confirming it as she looks over Besa for a moment as the flame starts to dance around a little more agitatedly.

"It is dancing now." The flame, that is. A glance to Calli, but then he decides that it's alright, "Would you join us?" He reaches to scoot his water glass closer, as if that's making more room for Cora.

The worry is still there, even as the flame adds a rather real obvious example of said worry if someone knows what they're looking at, instead of just thinking the will-o-wisp is dancing! "Dancing's fun." She says, even as she moves to sit down. Then starts to peel the orange she took as well. "And sure. Are you ok?" She wonders then, perhaps a bit too blunt.

"I have unwrapped." What does that even mean? Besa smiles, clearly he thinks this is a good thing. "Are you well?" She seems a little bit….off.

The fey girl has been silent for a few moments, finishing her fare. She is not one to speak at-length while dining. The whole while Callisto's eyes have observed Cora and Besa's interaction. She was more-than-willing, too, to allow Cora to settle at their table.

Taken briefly by the dance of the flames and the emotion that they convey, Callisto finally pipes up as she enjoys the scent of the orange as the peel is punctured. She looks ready to supply further details to Besa's condition but it is a highly personal thing. Then: Besa mentions the 'unwrapping'. Surely Cora will wish to know more! She gives the quiet girl an understanding look.

"T'is a process.. Besa's, that is. It has happened before, the 'unwrapping'. All one requires is patience." A slight smile.

Cora seems to not get the unwrapped thing at all, just looking between Besa and Calli in turn as if one of them might be elaborating any moment now. When it doesn't instantly come she says, "I… I hope that's good?" She asks, hesitantly. Before also saying, "And I'm… I am. Like I said, I'm kinda sad school's almost done for the semester, and break coming. So many have great places to go. I… don't."

Besa chuckles, at least his laugh seems to be the same."It is good. More good than not unwrapped!" That's apparently very funny to him. But fibers up some, asking Cora, "You can not go places?"

"T'is good." Callisto reassures, or tries to. Sets her utensils down, wipes the corners of her lips. She silences however at Cora's latter words, "I am sorry that the imminent break shall be difficult.. t'is unnerving when one starts the school year midway in. There are others who board here through the summer.. and much going on in Shady Cove during the long days and fine nights." A beat.

"T'was my plight, the summer in my Junior year. No family closeby." But at the same time.. family of the very worst kind being TOO close for comfort in her head. Ugh. The faerie girl's gaze is soft, "Is there anything that I can do, to help?"

Cora shakes her head. "No." It's matter of fact, more than anything. Though a real sad air to it too. "I don't have a family to go home to, they're all in Prison." Oddly, this? Isn't so sad. In many ways, almost relieved. "So I'm just here all summer long." A head shakes to Calli too. "No, there's really not much. And it's better than nothing. At least I'm not being sent to juvie or something. The worst is just… just how many people won't be here. Friends, people I know. That."

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Success.

Besa offers, reaching over to gently pat Cora's arm, "I have not blood family. It is good." Is that meant to be helpful? In Besa's mind it is! "It is good here, yes? It is good." He smiles again, his brain still trying to readjust to the new setting. "It is safe, yes?" And then Calli is glanced to, like she may know better now, 'It is safe now, yes?" As if remembering something, his hand leaves Cora's arm and rubs his chest, which is suddenly tight. Cocoa, who's under the table, moves to rest her head in his lap.

The white-haired mentalist knows that Cora doesn't know her enough to be entirely comfortable. Therefore, utterly no offense taken. Besides, to offer to help the girl with something along the lines of an outing to Thunder Bay…. well. Callisto isn't quite sure about how Cora would tolerate Oridove. Her rather… regal, overbearing sister. c.c;

"T'is safe here. Is there a student with whom you share a significant rapport? Perhaps they might be open to you joining them, and their family, for part of the break?" She suggests, looking to Besa and back to Cora. She says nothing more on her own… family. c.c

"And in the grand scheme… most shall return. Quicker than you might expect." Callisto looks down into her lap.
You sense: Cora can definitely be seen looking at Besa moment at that question.

Cora gets a ghost of a smile on her face and a little shrug too. Then a little look between the two before she says, "It's… yeah, like I said. It's less being here - I like it here. It's pretty, it's comfortable. I've never been in one place for so long in my life. I like it. And just how people will be leaving that's a little sad. Even people who might not come back anymore. Like you said - and my Team's captain, Kaylee. She won't be either, and she's been so super helpful. This place was really scary for me at first." Then a pause and a look to Besa, "You were really helpful too."

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success.

That sounds like a nice plan! Just join a family! From what Besa remembers he knows the twins just kinda adopted him. He blinks, the memory of Kaylee pushing to the surface. And like the girl herself, it make shim blink. She is very loud and aggressively positive, if he remembers correctly. "I am glad I helped." He smiles, looking very young, "I will try more, yes? I am …." He lifts both hands and waves them on the side of his head, "But….I will calm soon."

The willowy girl listens and nods slowly.. understanding, agreeing. Not spoken often if at all to others: Callisto is nervous, too… will she be welcome here, as an alumni? Will Thunder Bay be her fortune from here? Just when she is getting used to the new school, it's almost time to leave. Callisto looks up from her moment of introspection. "I do not know Kaylee well." Truth.. kinda. Callisto is on a sort of.. fence there. "If she cares for you, she shall not desert you. Keep in touch with her." She offers, saying nothing more beyond that. Moving to collect some of the dishes and garbage, Callisto stands. She is a tall girl. "Excuse me for but a moment." She likes a clean table!

She pivots to look upon Besa however, "You will… in your own time. We are ever-patient for you, my friend."

This time Cora is just a little silent for a time. But even then, after a moment she says. "Even just… not having classes will be weird after, well, everything since January. It's just… just sorta become part of my life. And I like being here and learning, so summer will be a bit new. At least I'll be able to read a lot. There's so many books in the library, so I'm just gonna like… start finding ones I want and spend a lot of time there. Like I said, just… weird. The last six months have been like, the best of my life. Even if they're like… weird too. And different. And have had bad things. It's the closest to normal I've ever had."

"Will there not be lessons?" Besa doesn't know the word he's looking for is summer school. "I like reading…poetry." He remembers that! "The library has much." He can't really comment on how normal anything is here, his normal isn't what anyone would consider normal. At all. "I am glad for your happiness, Cora."

It's nice to hear, as sad as the moment may seem. It means Cora has attached… found a 'home' here. Safety. Callisto continues to watch and listen, the tray held in her hands, and she adds to Besa's question with her own assumption. "There must be summer classes. Not just for those who must brush up on credits but for leisure, to supplement. Ask your team captain or a favored teacher. Do you enjoy cooking? I do recall Miss Annalee's propensity to take students underneath her wing." She's digging at ideas. She feels for the younger girl's plight. Then, a smile, "Coming here has taught me how to be human. T'is a fine place.. the academics are but a bonus." Said meaningfully.

Cora nods quickly to something that was just said. "Yeah. That too. Me too." She says. "Both that I'm not quite so inhuman, and that others need help to be human too. But.. .yeah. That. It has." She agrees. "It's not easy. But I never knew there were so many wonderful people in the world." She admits. "I probably do need to talk to the teachers, at least it will be something." She finally adds.

Talk of being human has Besa, who may be inhumanly old but very human, "You are very cared for Cora." He starts picking at the bread roll , "I am glad to be home. I am glad I am….unwrapped and whole and safe."

"Well spoken, Cora." Callisto says in earnest. "You're in fine company, us inhuman humans trying to find our way." She lumps herself in.. feels nice. Even if she doesn't quite look the part, all elfin-like. "I must take my leave. I've a video call appointment with someone." So help her Fates if she shirks Oridove again it may not work out as it had last time. She offers to collect more refuse before she bows her head to the two youth. "Thank you both for your company. We shall all be okay, yes? In the meantime, eat lots before the rest of the crowd shows up and things get crowded." Said with a wink.

She turns then, a pang of sadness in her gut. Callisto will miss this place.

"I'm glad you're safe too, Besa." Cora says, offering one of her ghostly smiles. It's always so weak. But? It's definitely stronger than it was a few months ago. And even more strong than it was in December when she first arrived. Like the muscles are slowly doing their job and getting stronger! "Have a good night." She offers to Calli too!

Besa waves gently to Callisto before looking back at Cora. "I am hopeful I will remember. And then stop it from happening again." What from happening again? "I will ask Ashton and Louk. They will know." He keeps picking at his roll before taking a sip fo water, "What do you read?"

"A lot." Cora says. "I love histories, and mythologies, and fantasy, and sci fi." Yep. Cora's a total nerd. There's no denying it! She wouldn't! "Not to mention all sorts of fashion blogs. Those are fun too. Plus have so much pretty stuff in them."

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