(2019-05-03) The Unwrapping
The Unwrapping
Summary: Besa returns from wherever he goes when he dies, his memory mixed up. Being told he's friends with a half demon doesn't help.
Date: 2019-05-03
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Scene Runner: Besa

The medical wing follows the curve of the exterior of the building, with each room on the ward shaped like a wide pie slice, with a Plexiglas wall on the narrow end, and double doors that can form an airlock if needed. Any privacy needed in the rooms will have to come from the curtains therein. Each room is equipped with a bed with a monitor screen at the foot, and built in high-resolution open MRI and ultrasound scanners. The nurse station inside the perimeter of the ward has duplicate screens for each patient bed, and a vast array of information and realtime data. Along the walls outside the rooms, an overhead track has small, busy robots rolling to and from stocker closets, retrieving drugs, shipping samples, and so on. Two transparent operating theaters flank the entrance door, each a table much like the ward beds, tele-operated surgical robots capable of microscopic precision, life support equipment, and more of the stocker robots for handling of tools, samples, and discarded tissue. There are six cylinders built into the interior wall, plumbed with insulated plumbing clearly labeled Danger: Cryo-Chambers.

It is a spring day. The weather is warm and sunny.
There's a room that's been designed for this very thing. A certain wrapped student has unwrapped too many times at the school, they know what needs to be done. While it's not been stated that Besa's dead and mummified, it's a secret, so of course everyone knows. The students are being allowed in to see him, in small groups, as long as they attend classes and get their work done. It's just after supper, the nurses have been checking on the wrapped body. Cocoa's there, although she's not on the bed with him like usual. Instead she's on a pile of pillows nearby, looking rather tired and sedated herself. The drugs she was given have left her system, but the nurses have introduced new ones. Her broken ribs will have to be healed naturally, or wait for a healer.

Everything has been quiet, up till this afternoon, when low, groaning noises seem to come from within the room Besa's in. Not from him, but around him, it's deep, animalistic, and angry sounding. Those that have seem an unwrapping before will recognize it. Those that have heard demons' screams before will also recognize it. Wherever Besa is, he's not alone.

His body, itself, looks deceivingly small. The cloth is very tight around him, and he seems to be the size he was when he first came to the school, a tiny 14 year old instead of the 16 year old that died.

The medical staff is on edge, for obvious reasons, but will tell any students that come to be quiet, not to touch him, and to get them if there's any change.

Sydney wanders in to check on Besa, having heard what happened. She finds a place to sit (on the floor) and will very gently pet Cocoa's head if the battered dog will allow it.

Ashton has not been to classes since he got back from Spring Break. In fact, letting him stay in the medical center is probably a good idea from the way he looks himself. But no one has really argued with him after the first time he threatened to set them on fire if they made him leave. Once the growling/groaning noises began, the young sorcerer has remained with in hand's reach of the body.

Physically healthy, Loukanos, for better or worse, has gone to his classes and tried to shift back into routine. He's been mostly successful, but he's distant, quiet, and shaken. Usually, in the afternoon, he will make sure to check on Besa to see if he's still dead. This time, he brings lunch which he sets in front of Ashton wordlessly. A brow lifts as he makes note of the noises, "That's new."

Once Gabrielle heard there was a change in Besa's condition she did what she usually does when someone is in the medbay. She headed to the kitchen. And now she's quietly making her way into the medbay with a small deep dish in her hand, which her eyes are glued to. It's covered in foil and a slight smell of onions and lentiles, and tomato sauce can be detected when she walks close enough to people. Quietly she puts it on Besa's besides table then finds a corner to sit quietly in.

Cocoa very much does allow the pets. She's positioned in such a way as to always be watching Besa's body and Ashton, but her dark eyes close at the touch. She's in pain and misses her boy.

The noises intensify, gibberish can be detected, terrifying sounding gibbering growls.

Everyone is watching Besa's body, so it doesn't escape anyone that his torso (or maybe it's his arms, they're wrapped against his chest) twitches.

You paged Loukanos and Ashton with 'The Demon voice is screaming (Although its very muted) "Father Slayer!"'

Ashton looks at the food. He purses his lips slightly, then sighs. Nodding slightly, he accepts the food. He plays with the food more than eats it, as he moves the food around with his fork, but he does occasionally takes a bite. When the voices intensifies, he looks up, chewing on his lower lip.

Sydney gently scratches Cocoa's ears and looks over at Besa. "Umm… I haven't seen this before. Is this… normal?" As though coming back from the dead can, in any way, be said to be normal.

Color leaves the golden countenance of Loukanos' face as the chanting continues. He glances at Ashton, then to the rest of the room and coughs, regaining some composure, "It could be that he soon will rise. I am unsure, however. His memory is likely to be impaired, at least initially."

The voices are intensifying and they're disturbing enough for Gabrielle to reflexively reach for swords that are currently in her room and not strapped to her hips.

Instead she nods in response to Laukanos and leans back into her corner, watching quietly.

Cocoa whines, shifting to bury her head underneath Sydney's arms if allowed.

There's more twitching of Besa's small form. The growling stays at the same level, scary and unworldly, but it's not any louder. Those that can understand here the same thing, over and over. Almost…tauntingly. His back arches, as much as the wrappings will allow before there's a sudden poof. The bandages explode off the ancient teen, bits of decaying cloth and mummy dust spread out into the room, filling the air immediately. It's hard to see or breath.

Sydney stares, giving Cocoa's head a gentle pat as she slowly rises to her feet. The hair on the back of her neck prickles. Mummy. Rise from the dead. Yeah yeah, it's Besa's thing, but she grew up on old horror movies…

As the voices frow louder, the idea of food goes out of Ashton's thoughts. He watches closely as Besa shakes. He reaches a hand up to place it on Loukanos's arm, squeezing lightly.

Somehow Loukanos forgot about the dust part. Well, there goes the food he brought Ashton, not the other was planning on eating it anyway. The godling himself is fine, having no need for breath, but he looks disturbed. The first time he witnessed Besa come back was an educational experience. This just feels…wrong. He places his hand over Ashton's.

Gabrielle watches the developments as intentinly as the rest of the group then the room is full of dust. Gabby drops to the floor, which only makes her coughing worse since the air is full of falling dust, not raising smoke. So a second or two later there's a dim flash of light and Gabrielle is them clinging to the furthers possible corner of the ceiling, where chan still see what's happening while getting away from the worst of the dust. In a slightly horrified murmur she asks, "Did I just eat some Besa??"

Besa rolls, and then falls off the bed before darting to the nearest wall to plaster himself against. The poor Guardian is covered in dust, his hair looks white with it. Choking on the air, he doesn't say anything, but he's in a defensive position, clearly confused and scared.

For those that have sharp eyes, the powder is sticking to his left shoulder differently. There's ting of pink to it. And for those that saw him before he wrapped, that wasn't where any of his injuries were at. After another strangled cough, he wheezes something out in Ancient Coptic.

Sydney cocks her head, looking at Besa. She sees the thing about the powder, but doesn't have any idea what it means, if it's normal, or anything really. She's so out of her depth with magic stuff. "Besa?" she asks.

Ashton wasn't quite prepared for the explosion of dust. So much for his lunch. When Besa plasters himself to the wall, the young sorcerer stands, holding up his hands as if to show he means no harm. He speaks in ancient Coptic to the Guardian, "It is alright, my friend. There are no priests here. You are safe and at the school."

While Ashton seeks to calm Besa with his mind, Loukanos focuses on the mind, feeling the familiar surges of panic and fear that come with a revival. He can soothe it, he knows, if he can reach the ancient mind.

From up in her ceiling corner Gabrielle waves hesitantly at Besa, "welcome back, Besa. Everything is OK *mutter*exceptforthedust*mutter* I made you some kushari, in case you came back today. Its one the bedside table."

Gabrielle does notice the pink spot on Besa's shoulder, her eyes are actually kind of glued to it. But she can't figure out how to ask about it without seeming rude.

Besa's face contorts into a pained snarl and he'll repeat whatever it is he said (asked?) at Sydney. But then he is eyes widen, what in Ra's name is she? But then someone is answering him, although the words are not comforting. He answers back in his native tongue, voice scratchy, "What have you done to them? Where are they?"Another pained expression and his right hand goes up to his left shoulder with a wince.

The nurse heard something and comes rushing. "Damn it, I said come get me if anything changed!" She steps into the door and smacks her palm against a very large button. That causes the ventilation in the room to suck up most of the dust from the air, making it much easier to breath.

Besa freaks out, swearing again in Coptic , something to the goddess Tefnut. Thankfully that's also the moment the Louk reaches out to help his friend. The ancient teen visible relaxes some, although he's still plastered against the wall. With the dust gone, he's bloodied but that is all dry, the slashes on his neck and wrists are healed as they should be. But there's a new injury. It looks like he's been burned on his left shoulder and part of the left side of his face.

Dark eyes widen as a spider girl waves and calls his name from above. Slowly, the teen slides down to the floor, confused and hurt. But at least the edge of fear is gone.

Sydney looks at Besa and frowns. She whispers urgently, apparently to the dog, "I thought he was supposed to come back fully healed. I thought that was the point." She frowns some more.

Ashton snaps back at the nurse, "It just happened… " He kneels down in front of the panicking Besa. The younger boy looks at him, sighing. He continues to converse with him in Coptic. "No one has done anything to the Priests. They are not here. You are not in their service any longer." He looks up at anyone, "Someone needs to get Rain and Sky in here like five minutes ago." He looks back to Besa, "You are surrounded by friends, Besa… please try to calm down." Oh he notes the wound on his shoulder, but that is for later.

Loukanos keeps hold of his concentration, for fear that if he is the one to leave, Besa's panic will return. His sapphire eyes focus on Besa, flashing gold for a moment. "He is…" He remarks to Sydney, also staring at the remaining wound on the boy's shoulder. "Gods."

Gabrielle slowly walks down the wall, trying to keep from freaking Besa out even more than he already is. Keeping the bed between herself and the freaked out mummy-boy she reaches over and uncovers the bowl she brought with her, letting the smell of the food waft out into the room before she shifts her attention to Lou, "Gods? Why Gods?"

Not in their service? Impossible! Besa pulls back slightly, unsure of this teen in front of him. Dark eyes dart around at the group. Friends? He's not allowed friends! He stutters in Coptic, "Y-you are lying….they would not release me!" The scent of the food hasn't reached him yet.

Cocoa sneezes, ignoring Sydney's question. Instead she starts to slowly belly crawl towards hr boy, but it's slow. She has broken ribs!

The nurse holds up a finger to Ashton, a warning. They've put up with a lot from the teen, but he's on his last snap. "I will inform the Masters twins, don't overwhelm him." Either she didn't see the injury, or they'll deal with it later.

Ashton will apologize to the nurse later. Right now, he's more worried about Besa. He continues to try, obviously in vain, "It will take time for the priest to be sent for if you need them to be here to tell you themselves. We are your friends. I swear to who ever you want me to that I am not lying to you, my friend."

The godling casts a confused glance over Gabrielle. "No, not like. It's like an expression. Invoking the name of your deity in stressful circumstances. Like um, Jesus Christ," Anyway. Loukanos speaks, his words translating automatically, "His memories will return with time, Ashton. Right now, we can do little to make him believe us."

Sydney sighs softly. "I don't understand any of this." From her tone, it costs her to admit that. "Welcome back, Besa. I don't know where you've been… but it sounds like it wasn't good.

Gabrielle giggles nervously for a moment, "I got that, Lou. I was wondering what was making you say that. Just general stress or something you're seeing?" She accompanies "seeing" with a tap on her temple. She does step back until she's leaning against the wall again, giving Besa some space, since Lou and Ashton (and maybe the nurse) are the only people that really have a sense of what's going on.

This is all confusing! Besa's dark eyes close and he leans his head back against the wall. He coughs again, wincing at the pain in his shoulder and face. "Send for them. They must know of what has happened." What has happened? Again he turns to look at Sydney when he hears his name. A long moment of studying her, before he asks in Coptic, "Is she cursed as well?" And then taking into account there was a girl on the ceiling, "Are we all cursed?" Perhaps that's why his priests have allowed him to have friends, if they are all cursed?

Cocoa's getting closer. So close to her boy!

Sydney moves toward the dog. Not to stop her, but in case Besa lashes out. He can pound on her all day. The dog? Might die. And then he'd be a real mess when he comes to.

Ashton looks to Louk, obviously this is killing him. He nods to Besa, "They will be called… like I said, it will take days for them to get here… " He shrugs, "In a sense you could say that we are like you in some ways… With time, your memories will return to you… they do, don't they… My name is Ashton, that's Loukanos or Louk, that's Sydney, and that's Gabby." He looks to the dog, "And that is Cocoa… she's your dog…. your best friend."

"General stress. Sometimes, I do see gods though," A conversation for another time. Sighing, Loukanos nods towards Ashton. He isn't keen on deceiving Besa, but exposing him to so much 'new' at once might be damaging more than anything. He has only ever experienced this once before (or maybe twice), though.

When Ashton mentions her name Gabby gives Besa another wave and a small smile. Pointing at the bowl on the table she says the only thing she can think of at the moment, "I made you food."

Besa eyes each person as they're introduced, gaze finally landing on Cocoa. There's a slight head tilt and he quietly asks in Coptic, "She is …mine?" Slowly, trying to not jostle his shoulder too much, the ancient teen lowers his hand so his palm is out for Cocoa to sniff when she gets close enough, "What is wrong with her?" He's a healer, he notices things. He doesn't know what Gabs says, but the motion to the table has him looking. It's hard to see what it is, but it smells good. Slightly familiar. He inhales as deeply as he can, but has to stop and wince, maybe there's more than just the burns that are hurting him.

Sydney looks at the dog and holds up her hands in a shrug. "Dunno. They have her wrapped up and doped up… so… something. But I'm not a doctor.

Gabrielle heads for the door, "I'm going to go see if the nurse found Rain and Sky. At least he's looking better. I'll take the bowl back to the kitchen when I gets back." With another small wave that turns into a small frown of concerns once she faces away from the group, she heads out towards the main school building.

Ashton nods to Besa, "Yes, she is your dog, and you are her boy." His expression darkens as he looks to the dog. His eyes do not meet Besa's as he says the answer, "She is hurt. She was hurt badly when you were killed." He doesn't want to say by the butler that ran off with his grandmother after she murdered his best friend, but hey, details.

Besa's fingers wiggle slightly when Cocoa finally gets to him. Despite her pain, her tail is wagging hard. Hard enough to smack poor Sydney. Then Guardian's right hand moves to get something from his pocket, but stops to look at Gabrielle again. He doesn't understand whatever language she's speaking, but besides the terifing wall walking, she seems nice. Back to Cocoa, He says in Coptic, "Come Cocoa…let me heal you." The very familiar ivory dagger is carefully pulled out of his pocket.

Sydney winces and looks away. She knows what's coming. And yeah, she has no blood and an iron blade wouldn't cut her anyway, but still… habits of the flesh.

Ashton knows what is coming as well. He has been on the receiving end of Besa's healing time enough. He chews on his lower lip, but that is mainly because he feels guilty enough. "You keep a journal to help when you have to be wrapped. In a little bit, I will fetch it from your room for you. Perhaps that will help with your memories."

Besa wets his lips, eyeing his arm for a place to cut. He's not a fan of this either, but this animal is clearly in pain. And a small cut isn't going t change the level of pain Besa's in. "Come girl." Cocoa's a good girl and moves over as close as she can to the teen, trying to lay her head in his lap. She's so preoccupied, she doesn't even react to Ashton being this close. A nose wrinkle is the only indication that there's any pain as he nicks the inside of his left forearm. The blood is wiped onto Cocoa's dark fur and he gently says a prayer for the healing to take effect. Sliding his eyes closed, he'll tell Ashton in Coptic, "Perhaps it will. It will be good to know….I have much to prepare for with my priests." After thinking a moment he'll ask Sydney, in Coptic, "Are you a Gollum?" The healing takes effect and suddenly Cocoa's trying to become a lap dog. Normally Besa would be fine with it, but with the burns he cries out . She's a big lap dog.

Sydney cringes. "Any idea what happened to your shoulder?"

Ashton looks at Besa, then to Sydney. Speaking in English, translating, "He wants to know if you're a golem. I can translate for both of you. What do you wish me to tell him?" He doesn't need to ask about the shoulder. "He was attacked by a demon in his death state. Specifically by one of my siblings." He nods to Besa, "I will get it for you soon, my friend."

Sydney says, "Ohh… No, not a golem. I don't think… I was made from a living person."

Sydney blinks. "Your… siblings?"

Besa's eyes widen, clearly not expecting Sydney to say that. Huh. A motion to his face and shoulder, confirming Ashton's belief, "It was Ar'giran. I managed to cut him, but then he bleed on me." Demon blood is acidic, as poor Rain found out. The Egyptian teen starts to say more but he too freezes once he's realized what Ashton's said. Siblings? There would be a definite freak out, if Louk didn't double down on the calming whammy he's working on Best currently.

Ashton looks at Sydney, "I told you that I was demon-blooded." He looks to Besa, "It is not something that I am proud of. It seems that the fates have a twisted sense of humor to bring us together." He offers the boy a weak smile. There is no need to discuss any other details of his family. He regretted saying sibling as soon as it left his mouth.

Sydney looks down and nods. "Yeah… you did. Shit… well… you don't get any say who your kin are… but you can pick family. She gestures to Besa and the dog.

Besa looks over to the not gollum, worry and pain on his face. Fates? Besa frowns, half demons? Now he has to worry about half demons? Uncertain, he'll carefully shift, trying to move Cocoa a little away from Ashton. Just in case. The ivory dagger stays in his hand as well….just in case, but Sydney gets a small head shake, "Nor can fate be picked." He doesn't sound like he thinks he has any family. Oh boy, wait till the twins show up.

Ashton sighs, realizing that his presence will not offer Besa any comfort. "I know that you do not trust me, especially right now. Do you wish me to remove myself from your presence?" Even the most unconnected person would be able to see the pain in the young sorcerer's expression.

Sydney winces at that expression.

"I wish for my priests to be sent for. They will know what to do." The tender hearted Promethean wants to believe Ashton, but he's feeling betrayed for some reason. Well, more than normal after being murdered. Besa unconsciously lets his fingers without the dagger start to pet Cocoa. She's a good girl and is already doing her job.

Ashton scoots back a little bit, until his back is against the bed. He slumps slightly. It's been a few days with him barely sleeping or eating, and now that the adrenaline is wearing off of Besa waking up starts to wear off, the neglect to his body is beginning to take its toll. "Rain is being sent for. She can contact the priests. For obvious reasons I don't know how to contact them. " Okay, so there was that time that Ashton ate the grimoirce to save Besa. They talked to him then, but that was a special case. "Do you wish something to eat.. or drink maybe?"

Besa doesn't know who this Rain is, but he'll nod, a little bit of the dust that was still clinging to his hair drifts off into the air. "…yes." There's not a lot of food and water where he was. "Water please." Although the food from Gabby is glanced at. After a long movement he'll ask Ashotn, "Are you injured?"

Ashton gets up and gets a bottle of cold water. He puts it down just out of Besa's reach, which means Besa is out of Ashton's reach as well. He then moves back to where he was sitting. He shakes his head, "No. I'm just tired… I haven't really slept…." He glances at the dust covered food, "or eaten since you died. I have stayed at your side, since I found you. "

Sydney sits quietly, watching the two of them, and the dog. It's like watching someone come back from the dead in a romance of the ages, only to discover that the other person has remarried… or something. Syd's normally not such a romantic. She must be rattled.

Besa waits till Ashton's back sitting before pushing Cocoa off of him so he can reach for the bottle. Somewhere in the school Rain's being prepped on what the nurse saw, so she can heal him of the burn. "You found me?" He doesn't remember the death yet. Probably a blessing. The bottle is stared and then squeezed gently with some surprise. Why is the glass squishy?!? It takes him a long moment to figure out the cap, but he does and then takes a drink of very cold water from the plastic bottle.

Ashton chews on his lower lip and nods. "Yeah, I did." He closes his eyes. It is a sight that is burned into his mind that he wishes it wasn't. It haunts his mind every time he tried to sleep.

Sydney keeps her mouth shut at the moment. She desperately wants to know what happeneed, how Besa wound up dead again, but… she'll ask someone else quietly when Besa's not around. She does smile a bit at the ancient youth's difficulties with plastic.

Besa's not quite sure what to say to that, usually it's his priests that deal with his body after a death. "I….am sorry you had to find me." Clearly whatever Ashton is, he's not a priest. Not a demon like any of Alraxmargoth'ha's children. Another long drink of water, and there's another glance to the food that Gabrielle brought. Finally he'll look at Sydney, "Make him sleep now. I have unwrapped."

Ashton smirks slightly, "No one makes me do anything that I don't want to." Well that's not entirely true, Louk can and will, so will the Headmaster now that Besa is awake again, and Rain - just because she intimidates Ashton at times. He shakes his head, "Don't apologize for that. I'm sorry that it happened in the first place."

Sydney chuckles softly. "I doubt I can make Ashton do anything he doesn't want to do. I'm no more magical than the average person, as far as I know. Appearances notwithstanding." She turns to Ashton. "But it might be a good idea to let him sleep and get some doggie time. He's had a busy day."

Besa blinks slowly before pulling himself to sit straighter. He looks rather proud, like he doesn't belong sitting there in the infirmary with his small dust coated body and strange demon blood injuries. He looks…out of time, ancient. "Go to sleep or I will make you." Besides, he can't crawl over to the food with them here.

Ashton looks at Sydney, "Fine just use logic on me. " He looks between Besa and Cocoa. He chuckles at Besa's order. He holds up his hands, "Alright, I will yield this one time. But only for you to get some puppy time. You both need it."

Sydney curls a smile. "It's a Metis thing." She flashes Besa a metallic grin. "Get some rest. Welcome back."

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