(2019-05-02) Leaps and Bounds
Leaps and Bounds
Summary: Students meet and greet, Callisto and Daxton delve a bit further.
Date: 2019-05-02
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Admin Complex, Coral Springs
Thu May 02, 2019

The breeze blows through this airy space, from inlaid white marble floor to the high-tech canvas canopy overhead, to the polished white plastic-over-reinforced concrete walls six feet thick. Set into the wall are polished hardwood doors in black steel frames with polished brass hardware, each labeled with an engraved brass plaque. These are the faculty and administration areas, and the headmaster's office is also clearly marked. The hallway to staff apartments is upstairs, via a grand hardwood and white marble stairway, and (more discretely) an elevator large enough to accommodate wheelchairs. Comfortable leather chairs and even a few antique roll top desks are spaced throughout, for those waiting. For as open as the space is, the careful observer will note that the doorways are quite deep, and the doors very heavy, as though cored with several centimeters of steel armor.

It is a spring evening. The weather is warm and sunny.


Daxton and the rest of the Unit have moved off the island. But he's been asked to return for physicals very other day. Stepping out of the med bay, he tugs on his tee shirt, looking a little ruffled and prodded. He's clean shaven, and the buzz haircut he was sporting when the bomb went off is starting to grow out. The Alumni sighs, looking over to wherever Callisto is waiting. "Hey. Looks like I'm still a head case."

A certain speedster may not be entirely comfortable with Callisto yet, but there she is alongside him when she's needed. Classes still need to be contended with — she's poised to graduate in June — and the Unit has departed the island. So naturally she can't be there all the time. But in this case she's there either for moral support, to keep track of information given to relay to the rest of the Unit, or to otherwise protect Daxton from those whom he should not ideally encounter.

Politely the fey girl was apart from the more invasive 'peek-a-boo' aspects of the physical but once Daxton re-emerges and sets himself to rights the girl stands from the chair she eased into, watches him. "Not quite so much as you were. There has been progress." She offers hopefully. It is after classes and Callisto is in her casual attire: long skirts and a blouse. Messenger bag over a shoulder.

High up on the canopy overhead, the little tabby cat has managed to perch himself. How he got up there is difficult to imagine though for those who can make out his eye colors from so far away would notice the dual-colors of Buddy which probably gives away the secret. Up on the canopy, the little kitty is mewling from time to time as though in despair over something. Is the kitty hurt? He doesn't look wounded in anyway. However, when the kitty hears the voices below, he peeks his head over the side and looks down at them. Seeing Daxton, there is a wary look in his eyes.

<FS3> Dakota rolls Alertness: Failure.
<FS3> Dakota rolls Shadow Mind: Failure.

Leaving the office of a teacher, Dakota still wears his school uniform, green tie prominent on his chest and binder tucked under his arm. Once the office door is closed, he sighs and looks up at the couple present. Of course, he doesn't recognize either, but he does recognize that they're older so he instinctively tenses, back straightening.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Mind: Failure.

Daxton grunts, he feels like a head case still. His memory is still all….mixed up. "Progress? I guess…" Folding his strong arms, he frowns, looking down at the elf girl but still not making any eye contact, "What do you have planned for the day?" Hearing Buddy, Dax's blue eyes lift, "Are there pets here?" He doesn't remember Calli having any connection to cats, unfortunately. The sound of the door opening and closing has him glance towards Dakota.

THe willowy girl is aware of a few things: Daxton's plight and.. well, ya'll know how it feels to just be watched. Then there's mewling. Callisto lifts her white-haired head toward the sounds and she knows immediately who this could be. No wayward cat would otherwise be permitted this close to that creeptastic Headmaster's office. Her lips move smoothly in a brief staccato of another language; lyrical, fey. Hard to guess what she said but it was something encouraging. "T'is alright Buddy. You are safe." She offers to the wary shifter but does not coax further.

To Daxton she turns her gaze next, "T'is a student. He is a bit nervous." She supplies, then blushes a bit. "Boring things, I fear. School things, then perhaps a bit of exercise outdoors later before the sun wanes. What of you? Are you to return-"

Dakota emerges and Callisto recognizes the wary behavior of a younger student. Her lips pull into an earnest smile. "Hello there." Not a mean Senior at all! How times change!

Buddy-kitty looks confused at Callisto as she speaks to him in some weird tones. Sounds like nature itself speaking. He can't tell what it means but he can tell what it feels like. Like the wind, he doesn't know what it is saying, but knows what it wants. The kitty jumps down and lands in her arms. Something about the kitty still feels off. First, whatever was bothering him up on the canopy still seems to be bothering him, but he does seem a bit hesitant around Daxton. Something about the speedster is making him uneasy on top of his previous concern. Seeing Dakota, the Buddy-kitty gives a little meow.

At the mention of pets, Dakota's eyes raise to where Daxton's once were. Just Buddy. His posture softens, and he offers the shapeshifter a familiar smile. Whatever he was waiting or expected out of this interaction for doesn't come, and he relaxes. "Hey," He greets Callisto and after another a moment of watching, he adds, "I'm Dakota."

A student? Daxton raises an eyebrow but then just shrugs, shaking his head. There's so many different powers he guesses turning into a cat could be one. Not super useful, but it's definitely a power. Looking back down towards his feet, "Nothing specific. Maybe run or…" He'll trail off, letting Calli talk to the other student and hold the frightened kitty.

"Would you like to run along the shore? I could accompany you." What that hopefully means is that in doing so the Unit will allow Daxton to run safely. Callisto may not be able to keep up with him but at least her being there is the reassurance that the contingent needs to hopefully loosen Daxton's chain some. "I do not mind, if you wish to run along something that isn't simply flat land." She offers. Daxton may look away but she watches him levelly, Buddy resting in her arms as if it is the most natural thing in the world. Slender fingers knit into the kitty's fur and pet him gently. It seems Callisto really, really enjoys cats.. is experienced in handling them. Why is this?

To Dakota, the fey girl bows her head. "Dakota," She echoes. "I am known as Callisto. Forgiveness for not placing you. I have been buried in tasks and know naught of which way I am coming.. or going. Is everything alright?" She asks. Generally coming to the admin building is spotty territory. While scritching Buddy, Callisto glances back to Daxton ponderously. She does not expect him to be comfortable with accompanying her, but she offered!

Whatever problems, Buddy-kitty was having seem to melt away, at least for a little while, while Callisto was petting him. However, as rambunctious and energetic as Buddy is, being still doesn't last a long time for him. Buddy-kitty slowly moves his body in that way that indicates he is about to leap down. Only after communicating through form his intention does he leap from Callisto's arms to the ground. In mid-air, the rippling wave rolls over his body allowing him to land as a human teen, albeit a short one, in metis uniform. Buddy reaches up and holds his head and says, "Buddy is confused. My head hurts." He points at Daxton and asks, "Is he good now? And Buddy doesn't understand breaking?" He pauses for just a bit and then perks up a bit. "OH, and, running? I like running. Where are we running?" For Buddy, the destination wasn't always as important as the going.

Dakota says, "That's alright. I don't think I've seen you around either, and you'd be pretty hard to forget." Dakota lifts his head a few inches above his head, indicating that Callisto's height must be noteworthy, at least to him. "Looking like the Mother of Dragons doesn't hurt either." To Buddy, he grins, "Hey, think you could turn into a dragon?" Back to Cali: "Yeah, just had to talk to a teacher about a grade on a test." Studies could be another reason why they have not met. Dakota cannot afford to become lax with his grades."

"Oh shit!" While Callisto said is was a student, that's still impressive. Daxton smirks, taking a small step backwards to give Buddy space. He'll then answer Callisto, "I don't have my running stuff here." He could run, but running in jeans is never fun. "Inferno's in there talking to someone." He motions towards the offices. The speedster tenses though when Buddy just outright asked about his allegiance, "I should go get him and go."

THe girl has the grace to blush… years ago she would have taken a remark as granted but Callisto subscribes to humility in the awakening of her.. 'other' genes. "Hard to forget? I pray t'is for favorable reasons." Said with a chuckle. "And not otherwise. Which subject has been troubling you?" She'd hate to be remembered for cruelty along the lines of kicking Freshmen, lighting fires and scamming the educational system. The 'mother of dragons' bit is lost on her though.. clearly the girl hasn't watched GoT!

"Pardon? I d-" Buddy moves and Callisto instinctively releases him so that the kitty may become.. a boy! In naive Buddy fashion the boy indicates Daxton and poses his question. "He is good. He was always good. T'is a long tale, Buddy." Callisto offers softly. She seems to startle at Daxton's latter words. "You are welcome here, Tempo." Said firmly. "T'is alright." Callisto looks troubled.

Buddy's eyes flash wider as he looks at Callisto. "You are a mommy! I didn't know that. But, um, how are you a mommy to dragons. They aren't really really. They are only fakely real like with Dragon Girl." He then shakes his head to Dakota (almost messed up) and says, "Nope. Buddy can only be really real animals though I betcha I can be a dinosaur. ROAR!" He chuckles a bit though there is a hint of animality to his roar beyond what a human throat should be able to make. "I just shouldn't yet. I can't go bigger than a tiger or a bear right now or I forget I'm a Buddy and just am totally the animal. So if I became a TRex or something, I'd be all TRex and try to eat people. Probably a bad thing." Probably? "Also, I've never done a lizard before yet so there is that too."
Glancing back at Daxton, Buddy looks with a narrower gaze. "Even though he attacked his own pack?" To Buddy that is an ultimate betrayal and hard to understand which is what makes him so leery around Daxton. At least he isn't outright aggressive as he felt shortly after the incident. That might have to do with time or with the most recent animal forms he's taken. Then, with no warning, Buddy moves to look directly at Daxton's behind. Looking a bit disappointed, he glances back at Callisto. "He doesn't have a tail. Buddy is confused. I can have a tail if you want."

"Algebra," Dakota explains with a shrug. "The stuff goes way over my head. I'm kind of an idiot, but usually, if I try hard enough, I do alright." This does not seem to be the case for math. "I'll get it." He glances at Buddy. "Probably not a good idea. I don't think there's anywhere where a t-rex would fit in the school, anyway, besides maybe the gym." He frowns then, as Buddy looks at Daxton's butt. Usually, he only has a vague understanding of Buddy's actions, but he is particularly confused by this one.

Daxton's frown deepens, Callisto a mom, what? That's…. uncomfortable. All of this is uncomfortable. "I don't think I am, Callisto." Welcome, that is. A head shake, He doesn't want to make things weirder. Something Buddy says seems to shake something loose in Dax's mind though. Dinosaurs. He's seen dinosaurs before…at the school…That's why he doesn't react with speedster speed when Buddy creepily looks at his butt, "What the hell, dude!" He turns , fists clenching slightly, he looks at Callisto, eyes landing on her shoulder, "This is getting weird. I think I should go…" Is that hint of panic in his voice? The memory of the dinosaurs attacking the school is making his head swim.

"T'was not his fault, Buddy." Callisto offers firmly.. not angry, but she's posing an argument now that she will neither back down on… or intensify. She needs to keep her rebuttal to Buddy's understanding. She inhales gently, "T'is not something we are to revisit. It is in our power and interest to help now." She offers… it will only be a can of worms that she opens and literally pours forth if she is to mention what caused this situation. Explaining evil fey queen mothers whispering code words. Even Callisto doesn't want to remember.

"Buddy-" Callisto starts, looks aghast as the boy looks at Daxton's rear. "No.. do not. T'is rude.. you needn't do that Buddy." She tries to really push the point home without hurting the shifter's feelings. She looks helplessly to Dakota for a moment.. even the alien climes of algebra feel more understandable than..

She recognizes the notes of panic in the speedster's voice, even subtle. "It is safe. It is alright. Seat yourself here," She gestures to a chair for Daxton. "And take a breath. Await Inferno." She bids, brow furrowed.

Buddy looks at Daxton as Callisto said it wasn't his fault. Buddy turns to look at the speedster in a slow motion which looks odd on the bouncy kid. "Um, that doesn't make sense, but Calli said it so it must be good." Buddy's reason for what she said being right comes next. "She's pretty! Oh, and gives really good skritches." However, when Callisto said that what he did was rude, Buddy looks aghast. "But, but … hehe. I didn't mean it like that. I mean, you said it was a long tail." Of course she said 'tale,' but Buddy being Buddy heard it as a long tail. "But I don't see a tail."
As Dakota mentions that he is having trouble with algebra, Buddy says, "Oh, Algae's Bra? Buddy was so bad in it that they kicked Buddy out. Buddy is taking remy-dial classes now to help since I missed so much school with Granger and Mr. Shocky.
About that time, Dr. Calvin, one of the psychologists at the school steps out and says, "Mr. Jones, please come with me. It is time for your session?" Buddy looks up at the sky as though hoping to see the sun or stars and then looks back to Dr. Calvin, "Sorry, Dr. Brain Doctor. Bye!" Buddy gives a friendly wave to the other students as he follows Dr. Calvin into the office. As Doctor Calvin closes the door, he can be heard saying, "It's Dr. Calvin. Not Dr. - "

<FS3> Dakota rolls Psychic: Great Success.

Dakota falls silent as the scene unfolds before him, not saying anything even when Buddy relates with his own math woes. He looks notably uncomfortable and more tense than before, acutely aware of Daxton's internal panic. He shuts his eyes and focuses on his words. "Um. You know, in a lot of ways, Buddy's way younger than he appears. And being an animal for half his life probably doesn't make things easier," It doesn't necessarily excuse the butt staring but perhaps gives context. When his eyes open again, they are cloudy and dark. "Anyway," The binder is lifted. "Algebra waits for no man."

Daxton's not going to sit down! There were dinosaurs and now some weirdo kid is looking at his butt! Skritches? What? Unfortunately, when the psychologist steps out and asks for Mr.Jones, Daxton looks over as his last name is Jones as well. Instead of sitting down, he raises a hand to rub his face and admit, "There were dinosaurs….and flooding." What the hell kind of school is this? No eye contact for Dakota, even to lament with him over algebra.

A soft exhalation.. bless Buddy. Callisto's cheekbones flush but she is relieved to not have to explain more to the innocent boy. She nods, "Yes. And-tail? Tailtale. Oh-" She takes a breath again.. OH. She doesn't even have a hope to explain things because Buddy is speaking onwards to Dakota next and she peers at her fellow mentalist helplessly at mention of Algae's Bra and… Oh, Buddy.

Callisto is no empath, not exactly.. but her psychic mind has some foothold on the emotional forecast of a room. Daxton's spark of panic; Dakota's sudden discomfort. As sweet Buddy goes for his session Callisto glances over to Dakota, eyes lingering briefly upon his before dropping to the binder. "I've passable skill with math. If you are in need of some instruction, I can try. But only on weekends."

She turns next to Daxton.. hand twitches; the habit of taking his is still strong but to do so now would break his brain. "T'is true." She watches Daxton next, "Awhile back. It spelled the end for the original school. There has been nothing of it's like since." She explains, pushing back a hank of moonpale hair.

Dakota licks his lips. He is an empath, and as tides of panic push against him, the psychic parasite within him consumes it and pushes back. "Thanks," He says faintly to Callisto. A moment later, and he's retreating from the complex entirely, taking some of that fear with him.

Daxton's arms tighten in the fold, "This isn't the…original school?" Seems like Dax and Dak are feeding on each other , unintentionally. He looks a little pale, glancing at Dak as he leaves, The pressure on his chest doesn't lesson just yet.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Good Success.

Something is wrong. Callisto blinks quickly the moment Dakota licks his lips anxiously. "Are you well? Do you need to—" The offer of a chair dies on Callisto's lips as Dakota flees. There was… something felt off but the youth fled too quickly. There was something… cruel.. sinister. A presence alongside the boy's own mental footprint. What was that?

Callisto gazes after Dakota and in his wake turns slowly to study Daxton, realizing that there is something happening here. He's pale, she'd have to be a fool not to suspect something. The fey girl spies the tightening of Daxton's arms as he tenses further and damnit, she can't just stand here bleating and expecting him to listen. She has to command further attention somehow.

Slender hands reach forth and Callisto tries to set a palm atop each of Daxton's elbows.. not to restrain. Just change his focus some. "This is not the original school." Her blue-green eyes watch his face even if he will not look at her. "This is the new school. T'was fashioned around the old lighthouse. The old school was destroyed."

Daxton's eyes dart to her hands touching him, "Right…right. It's…not the same. It doesn't look the same…" A nervous swallow, "I punched one, when….when the school was burning. I was called in…" It seems he's starting to get memories of instances back along with who people are. Eventually he'll get to Calli…hopefully.

Proof that Callisto wants to see the boy well: any progress is good progress. If she is left behind in the lost echelons of memory…? Well, it's not helpful to even think about it. So long as Daxton comes back, sure of himself. But what if this self is no longer sure of her?

A little pang of something, but Callisto's eyes glint with a sort of enthusiasm. "Yes." Spoken in an urgent whisper, "T'is nothing like it. The previous was beneath ocean level" The fey girl explains patiently. She tilts her head slightly, her tone imploring. "You were after graduating.. alumni… but the Unit was often present to aide in security matters." Callisto assumes.. she was too self-absorbed and aloof to even notice any of them back then. Where was she when the dinosaurs attacked? She eggs the memory on, "You helped to save lives."

<FS3> Daxton rolls Mind: Success.

Daxton's head is starting to hurt, like it does everytime he opens one of the mental doors in his brain. "It was closer to shore, right?" Is he remembering the location? His arms unfold so he can rub his face, "People died though…" He feels like that's right. An then he blinks, "It was my fault!" Huh? "The crack….." His gaze lifts, actually meeting Callisto's for the first time, "The crack in the laundry room….I ran into the wall!" Whatever effect Dakota had on him isn't dating just yet.

"T'was close to shore." There's no hiding the excitement in her tone, though Callisto calms quickly. Her bright gaze flashes and just like that, the breakthrough is tainted with unease. How can she know what is truth? She didn't know Daxton then! Best be truthful. Her smooth fingers continue holding his elbows, "I know naught what caused it, Daxton." She says firmly, not even saying 'Tempo'; she meets his gaze but tries to keep calm. "I did not know you in the days of the old school.. when it fell.. but it—no. T'is not your fault. Great powers were at work, I suspect.. they will have found their way through eventually on their own. You must not blame yourself. People died.." She nods softly, "But it was chaos. To this day t'is hard to understand what exactly happened."

She goes on holding him, a little tug of her arms as if she wishes to hug him but Callisto catches herself. She watches him nervously.

Those bright blue eyes blink, almost surprised at meeting hers and they quickly drop, "Tabitha…she…she did something and I ran into the wall and it cracked…" And then they close as he sighs, sounding tired and slightly defeated, "There was portal… A student got lost, it didn't close right….that's how the raptors got through…" He still looks pale, remembering something like this, even disjointed, isn't pleasant.


Good God Daxton is finding memories. He breaks eye contact and despite the tiny sinking feeling in her belly, Callisto tries to take at least one of his hands into her own. To try keeping him grounded.. or feel in advance if he is set to collapse; she doesn't like that paleness. If he denies this contact she will instead fold her arms at the swell of her chest.

"Tabitha? Who was Tabitha?" Callisto asks softly. She transferred into Coral Springs around the time the girl-in-question disappeared or hadn't been heard from much.

"Daxton, I understand that this is difficult to realize. But the memories are coming back.. your mind is finding it's way. Can you remember much more from that time? How about after the raptors were dispatched?" Her heart flutters.. this is getting too close to Winbarry for comfort.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Mind: Good Success.

Daxton's vibrating hard, although Calli's about to take his hand if she can handle the shaking. "Tabs….Tans was a student here. She…." Well, there's a lot to unpack with Tabitha memories. "She…she's a musician." His other hand reaches up to ru his face, the rug to run away is strong, "….we had to…clean out the dinosaurs….there were a lot of them. Students died."

Well, Callisto dealt with vibration on a few occasions—get out of the gutter.

She is no stranger to what anxiety does to Daxton, either before or after Malachite happened. She will hold his hand regardless of the strangeness of the vibrations causing her own arm to tingle. The slender fey listens, her brow furrowed… her hand is not clutching; Daxton can pull back anytime. Callisto is trying a new tact these days with trying to find memories. Easy does it. Though this memory id not easy.

"I do not remember her, nor do I recall her music. Forgive me, I was new to the school. I was involved in helping to evacuate underclassmen." THAT Callisto recalls.. it was a harrowing night. "I am sorry that such a thing happened, Daxton.. for those who were lost. I do not know what became of Tabitha. Would it help you if we were to contact or find her? Were you friends?"'

Daxton's head shoes negative. "No…she survived. She went…bad." Or weird, at least. It's complicated. There were clones. Blue eyes dart to the door again where Inferno should be, "I…I need fresh air…"

'Bad'? OK no go. Callisto nods once, giving his hand a reassuring squeeze. "Okay.. alright.." Spoken in a whisper. She looks around, back to Daxton. "Do you wish for me to join you? Just in case you come across anyone with whom you wish not to speak? Should I get Inferno?" The girl asks, still wishing she could help make this better. Callisto sadly realizes that she maybe isn't much of a help not yet. Yet… if he does not recall her, what will happen then? She turns back toward the door, her profile presenting the fading mark on her cheekbone that Oridove marred her with. It's within a couple of days of being gone completely. "Tell me what I can do, Daxton. I want so badly to help you."

"No…no, don't bother him….We can just walk…" Th speedster glances at her when she turns away, the mark catching his attention. His hand raises quickly to touch it, "…I'm sorry." He doesn't like it, at all.

It takes everything in Callisto not to lean into that attempt to touch the mark.. even if Daxton catches and stops himself. The fey girl has gone without any manner of contact since everything went awry, since Malachite. A full-blooded Dark fey would not condone that. Her lashes flutter and she turns to look at Daxton, "Sorry? For—oh.." She puts two and two together. If he is still allowing her to hold his other hand she offers another reassuring squeeze. "IT will be alright… t'is just how 'they' work." A beat, "Full blooded Dark fey. We had words, working out the new status quo. She hit me and I hit her back." A sigh, "It was worked out. It will not happen again."

She gives his hand a light tug, bidding Dax to walk with her… air is needed. "Do you remember that you fought various full-blooded Dark fey, and won?"

Daxton's hand is still in hers. He frowns, not main eye contact, but there's a nod, "Good. You hit her right back." Following her, he lets her lead, "Dark Fey? Isn't that like a goth metal K-pop band?"

"I had to. T'is the only way to maintain status quo." Callisto says softly. "If I do not assert myself now, Daxton, I shall be doomed to being lorded over. After everything we've been through, I do not intend to be bossed around.. even by a woman who is centuries older." She smiles then.. it's a sad, thoughtful little smile and the fading mark on her fine features doesn't help. Lead she does… the two of them will eventually press onwards, from the administration complex and out into a potent spill of warm late-afternoon sunshine. The island is coming to life, all of it's flora and fauna, and one can smell it in the wind.

Then Callisto laughs at the ridiculousness of the latter statement. "Ah, if only it were that simple. No.." She shakes her head, "T'iss half of my patronage. Very territorial, very rigid…. very hedonistic beings.. psychic charlatans. Some of them are good…" She trails off, looks briefly pained.

Daxton grunts, looking away from her as they step outside. The fresh ai does seem to help almost immediately. The constant vibration slow. "So…I fought your family?"He sounds like he's nto sure if that's supposed to be a good thing or not. Hedonistic territorial psychics. That's just a Horror movie waiting to happen. "I take it your a good one then?" He hopes?

A little chuff of soft laughter, "I am a good one. I did not think I was, in the beginning, but something always spoke 'otherwise'. Try as I might, back then, I was never meant to be like them." She watches his profile in the sunshine. It feels nice to hold his hand. "You fought two very terrible, very powerful Dark fey… my mother and my sister… back… back then." She keeps it vague; no use further flustering him with details of what they were. "They were cruel.. but you won. I am good because of my own mettle, and because my mother was Dark and my father that of the Light. So I do believe his genetics have a hand in it, too."

A deep breath. "I am good. I promise. I am good, too, because you helped me to get there. Maybe someday you shall remember that too."

Daxton blinks a few times, scanning the area. Once trained as a soldier, always a soldier. But then he turns back towards her, gaze at her shoulder, on a lock of her hair, "Good. Good guys win." Dark fey lose. Is he a good guy though? Another frown, "I doubt I had anything to do with you turning to the light side of the force."

Those little familiar nuances reassure and hurt her. A few memories hit Callisto, damn them; mercifully they're kept to herself. Hair still hangs long and loose, flickering silver-white in the sun, and Callisto allows the boy to adjust as he sees fit. If her shoulder, beneath the strap of her top, proves to be an easier thing to look at than her face she will not push matters. "Good guys win." She echoes, "You were very brave." She leaves out another word: 'fearsome'. Nesialora had her foul neck cracked by him. He does not need to know about the clinical speed and precision that he used, in desperation, to kill her off. It had to happen.

"Oh, but you did. I can say so much more but I do not wish to overwhelm you. I can explain things but t'is the last thing I wish to do, to make you uncomfortable. Only if you wish to know." She admits, and leads him along the sunny walkway between school buildings.

To be fair, he's not making eye contact with anyone. The older Unit 23 members would tell her that they all went through that. Dax snorts at he telling him he was brave. He's not. He just follows orders. He follows along, letting her keep hold of his hand, "I'm not….not wanting to know. It's just a lot, ya know?"

"Of course." Callisto agrees, enjoying the fresh air. It emboldens her even, helps her think. He's holding her hand — allowing it, even — and she's not ready to see it end. Not yet. She knows he might pull back or need to when it gets to be too much but this moment is reminding the girl that it's all worth it. "T'was a lot, in a short time. Months' worth of time." She turns to look at him. A couple of Freshmen pass them, gawking; Callisto bows her head to them. "Sunday night, Merry." She says swiftly to one of them. "I am to help you with your literature. Do not keep me waiting." Said next, leaving a starry-eyed and mildly intimidated girl in their wake. The fey girl doesn't miss a beat.

"We had fun, Daxton. We did well. But I am not placing expectations upon you. All I ask of you is to come back into yourself at your own pace, come what may. I will help you every step of the way." A squeeze to his hand. "Ask me anything."

Daxton can't help it, he smirks, "You tutor?" He doesn't know why, but that's amusing. "Anything? That's a dangerous thing to give." Especially to someone with memory issues. "Do you have wings?" What?

<FS3> Callisto rolls Glamour: Good Success.

"I tutor. I am a Senior. T'is my duty." Callisto offers, a brow quirking sharply at the amusement to be dredged in the possibility. "I've but a month left before I am finished here. If I can help a young one have a better grasp on the beauty of language, all-the-better." Said with a sniff. Aw, she's a Lit nerd!

"Anything." Callisto coaxes. Daxton delivers and she's briefly caught off guard. It's not a hard request to honor.. a thought, a willing of energy. At first it resembles nothing more than a trick of the light.. in seconds, the 'wings' use the abundance of sunshine to the utmost advantage. One moment there's nothing; the next? Hanging like a cape, flightless, profoundly bright. Fey wings, like those of a butterfly's, hanging from the joining of the girl's shoulders and collar. Black, blue, purple, silver. To touch, 'silken' is not the word. "In a way." Callisto answers, softly.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Mind: Failure.

Daxton actually rolls his eyes, such a very pre-mess Daxton expression. "Duty." The shifting around her has him tense a moment, but then those blue eyes widen, "Holy shit." Without thinking or asking for permission his free hand raises to gently touch the wing. This seems familiar, but he can't place it. "Wicked."

"They've no use beyond appearances. Useless." Callisto admits. In the allowance of her fey powers, her very appearance is enhanced. Hair longer, more brilliant; eyes bright; skin radiant. It's the crap of Mary Sues but that's the stock that fey-folk — at least Dark ones — invest in. Good thing Dax is focusing on the wings and thank God, the effect won't last for too long. Bright eyes, fringed by long silver lashes, study his face as he touches the wings. Soft, so soft.

"I wish they were practical." Spoken in a whisper. Her hand twitches, wanting to touch him. Resists. "Do they stoke a memory?"

"So….no flying for you?" Suck. Dax keeps his gaze on her wings, but unconsciously takes a small step closer. "I….I don't know. Maybe? Were they always these colors?"

"No flying. T'is for the best. I am not a… not given to flight. Can you imagine me flying?" Asked with a silly little smile. He's so close. Patience now. Let Daxton move of his own volition. "They were darker. No silver. Always black, and silver. They changed as my heart saw fit." She remembers that much. "It sounds foolish but t'is true. It's a parlor trick, but there've been… uses." A mischievous smile. "Good at parties, once upon a time. Now I am old and boring." Said jokingly. If he released her hand to see to her wings, she reaches for his hand again. The wings remain.

Clear he could, if his gaze that's stallion her wings means anything. Huh. For some reason he though they were all fire colors. Weird. He rubs his thumb along the edge, "Can you feel them?"

"In a way.." Callisto exhales, blushing. "I feel it in my mind. My body gets the message eventually." As if that makes sense. She's watching him watch the wings. Gods help her. He looks so much like his normal self even if he is still finding his way there. "There are a great many students here, some who have come and gone. Were there others with wings like these?" Callisto asks, as if by chance. Something in his expression goads her to ask this question, how he gazes overlong at them. Callisto isn't stupid.

His thumb travelling the length of the manifested wing, she rest her hand atop his, hand moving as Daxton's own does. "I can tell that you are touching them."

<FS3> Daxton rolls Mind: Good Success.

Daxton inhales, "Yeah, there was! She has red and yellow wings, I think." He stops suddenly though, his cheeks turning a little pink, "Oh…I…should I stop?" Is that inappropriate? Is he folding her in the school yard? Yikes!

"You are fine." Callisto says softly. So there was another fey girl here?! What branch? Somehow she figures asking Daxton won't fetch much details. But she can't help it.. maybe… maybe she was part of her father's ilk. "Do you remember her name?" Asked as the glamour begins the fade. She's not quite so ethereal… well, not the excess. Callisto, at the heart of her being, happens to be such. But the glamour is an excess. The wings stay, she wills them to stay. They intrigue Daxton.

"I know naught of a girl whose wings resemble these… perhaps she moved on, or has graduated. Do you remember anyone else?" Callisto risks asking, watching his hand move.

Daxton offers, finally dropping his hand but his gaze stays on the wings, the patterns, "Brenna I think. She was in Athenian." Then he frowns, not getting what what she really means by the question, "I think there's a bird guy too?" So very helpful.

The patterns resemble stained glass. Fine lines, weaving into and out of themselves; swirling and swooping and forever changing. Callisto inhales softly, suddenly bereft as his touch leaves her… even if it settled merely upon a manifestation. "I know naught of Brenna. Forgiveness, I cannot help there. But-" Blink, revelation. Eyes glow. "Bird guy? Large, dark wings? T'is Taka." She smiles at Daxton, outright. Hair lifts and quivers of it's own volition in the sun, wings rippling at her ankles. It must be tiring to maintain this but Callisto seems alright. She makes to walk again, further from the buildings, out into the grounds of the school proper. The ocean sighs.

Daxton shrugs slightly, finally looking away, "Sure I guess?" He didn't really know the bird guy before all this anyway. He takes a deep breath himself, the tension from earlier finally gone. "Thanks for walking with me."

"You needn't thank me. I wish to be here.. as much as possible." Callisto says quietly and finally… she wills the glamour away. It flashes like a solar flare along her shoulders and the wings are gone. There's others out and about, looking toward the pair.. newer students try to place Daxton. Is he a new student? A prospective one? Younger girls, flustered and gawky, look at him unabashedly.

"I will be apart from this place, come the summer. Either in town or Thunder Bay. I find myself hard-pressed to be apart from you for long." Callisto admits with a clearing of her throat.. glances sloooowly toward one of the blushy Sophomores.

Daxton's brow furrows more. A worried though comes to mind, but he can't ask her, he'll wait and ask one of the Unit members. Any looks from the younger students are ignored or more likely not noticed. The flash of light has him glance where her wings were, almost making eye contact. Maybe in an attempt to change the topic, "What's in Thunder Bay?"

"Thunder Bay is a massive… massive city." Callisto takes the change of topic as granted. Necessary. She will go on walking with the speedster companionably, hair swaying in the warm breeze.. composure still relaxed. She's missed him. The near-miss of eye contact is noted but not pursued, though she watches him. Always watching. He's looking a bit more like himself as Callisto 'knows' him; the hair growing out. "My sister resides there. There are schools there, where I intend to go. After this." She gesture to the grounds. "There's a variety of districts.. a new portion, an old town.. industrial. I rather like the older part, with all of the old eateries and shops. T'is easy to get there but you wish your speed, you've no need for a bullet train." She offers him a kind smile.

"It makes Shady Cove out to be a hamlet, with how large it is."

Yeah….he really needs to talk to the Unit. How serious was he with her? "Sounds cool." Another deep breath, his chest filling up and he holds it as he looks around this school. "Is there a super powered college there?"

What would they say, when describing their association? It is entirely up to the Unit to speak truthfully.. Callisto is at their mercy. She can only say or admit to so much; it is up to Daxton's team to bring the point home. To validate it. It can go either way. She is silent as Daxton looks around the grounds, her gaze squinting off into the waning sunlight. He asks of the college and Callisto's face reddens. She does not mention that their last trip to Thunder Bay together, it involved getting information on such schools. Which she had done. They also did things.. *cough*

Rubbing the back of her neck and nods once, "There is. Nowhere near the scope of this," She indicates the school around them. "T'is rather unassuming… we-" A breath. "I have chosen the school that I speak of. My course starts in January."

Daxton isn't sure why super hero college is embarrassing, but her blush indicates he should drop the subject. We?!?! He caught that! "Am I enrolled?!?" That sounds terrible. He doesn't want more schooling!

Flail. Callisto's fluster is actually kinda funny. She pinkens to her ear tips and that toity 'proper' manner of speech gets a bit ruffled. "Oh! No, you are not." Flail. "You were.. with me when I did the legwork. Getting the information.. looking at the campuses." She says quickly, looking at him. She lifts her lithe hands to her mouth briefly in a look of 'oh shit', before offering next: "Sorry if I've startled you. No, t'is … t'is all my path.. but you were there…" She lowers herself to sit upon a bench, still red. Those memories are strong. They had so much fun. No interruptions, no violence… finally.

"You are not enrolled, worry not. T'was back in mid-January. We went for the weekend." Callisto breathes deep.

Daxton actually sighs in relief, which is kinda funny. He's not scared of dark Fey, but college classes? Terrifying! The ocean is glanced to, they're walked quiet. Bit away from the buildings by this point. And then it hits him, the weekend. Oh they were that kind of couple. No wonder she's been all touchy. His own cheeks color, "Look…I'm sorry this is hard for you….I'm not…I promise I'm not doing this on purpose."

Blink? Callisto sits up straight, pivots to face him directly.. eye contact or none. "IT has been hard on be but t'is none of your doing. Mark me, never again think such a thing." She watches him, brow furrowed and gaze beseeching. She even stands again, facing the speedster. Her fingers twitch, seek his hands. Callisto does not expand upon the 'sort' of couple they were. Daxton just has to see how she looks at him in her startle, and he'll find all of the facts that he needs. No words necessary.

"T'is a fine line.. knowing what I had known, and seeing what is happening now. I do not wish to overwhelm you." This time it's Callisto's eyes roving to her feet. "Not once have I ever entertained the thought of you doing this on purpose. Do not worry, for an instant… t'is beyond your control. I just want to see you well and happy again, doing as you had always done.. what was so utterly appealing about you, so inspiring. With or without me. I owe you this."

Daxton does wince, taking a small half step backwards. Her passion is a little overwhelming, "Sorry! ….sorry." he doesn't look at her, doesn't reach for her hand, but won't pull away when she goes for his. This is all very confusing.

Then, gently, she releases his hand. Callisto recognizes how she can be… it's not very Dark fey-ish. Were she more akin to that ilk she would take. Take advantage of the boy's addled mind. But there's something else at work here that has the grace to be embarrassed. Her hand eases back, folds in front of her waist, and she's again descending toward the bench. "I shall leave it at that… for t'is.. a lot, yes? To do with as you will." Callisto offers in earnest.

"All choices from here, Daxton, are of your own making. Of your own power. Beyond everything you've known, it's entirely in your grasp, what you are to do from here." A new start in the worst way… damn her mother.

His own making. That's not fair. Daxton sighs, eyeing the waves. They make his slightly uncomfortable, for some unremembered reason. "I'm going to see my mom next week. Maybe the twins." Topic change is a good thing

"Is that so?" Callisto asks, turning her sleek-haired head to face him. Topic-change FTW! It worked. "I do so hope that you get to see the twins as well. Shall you bring the book? The fairytales for your sister?" She tilts her head. "I pray t'is not too 'young' for her… some girls get a touch awkward when they are beyond such things in their years. But I do not know how old she is these days. Shall you be travelling far?" She looks to toward the water, unknowing of the discomfort that the sight of the water warrants in Daxton's heart. "Is there anything I can find in town for you, this weekend, to bring with you?" Asked, in an attempt to be helpful.

Daxton smirks, glad the subject change stuck! "I don't think Ophelia will ever be too old for that stuff." He hopes. Maybe she's changed, he certainly has. "No…apparently they live in Thunder Bay now." He shrugs, "No. We're moving back inland. So Pulse or AfterThought can get it. Or I can go with them."

"Of course." She nods, not pushing the matter. Lord knows she' busy enough this weekend with work.. though before long she'll have to put the boot to the YMCA. Thunder Bay? They live there? MAybe that's why he was asking about the nature of the huge city. Callisto doesn't even supply that she can say that she has family — is Oridove 'family' in the conventional sense? — there…? God, wouldn't she be a treasure at a gathering? Imperious, brash, old-fashioned snarky Oridove.

"I do so hope that you have a fine visit." Callisto manages an honest smile, standing now but keeping her hands in front of her body. "Aside from Thunder Bay there is a time, this summer, where I must travel North to.. settle some things. By then I pray you shall be settled.. wherever inland that may be."

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