(2019-04-27) More Fragments
More Fragments
Summary: Daxton is faced with more shreds of memory.
Date: 2019-04-27
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NPCs: Inferno
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Gym, Coral Springs
Sat Apr 27, 2019

This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Climbing ropes hang from scaffolding near the ceiling, ready to be climbed, though they can be tied off to keep them out of the way. Exercise equipment and weights are off to the far end. The floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side of polished wood bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome overhead. The dome itself is spectacular, made apparently of sickle shaped carved marble and brass leaves, it can nevertheless iris open to let the bracing sea air and sunlight in, as needed.

It is a spring night. The weather is warm and sunny.


Spring break doesn't mean a whole lot to Daxton, other than there's not a ton of students around. Which is good for him as he muddles through all these mixed up memories. Current he's in a set of workout gym clothing, ironically not Ares, and is lifting weights with Inferno. It may be the workout, or it may be the fact that Inferno is spotting him, but the speedster is sweating as he lifts. The two soldiers are talking softly.

Though she pledged to be at the school for the entirety of Spring Break to help out, there was one meeting that Callisto could not say no to. Not only did she shirk Oridove once over Skype, but she also went as far as to postpone their face-to-face meeting to discuss things. With Oridove being the eldest of the late Malachite's brood, she is now 'in charge'… so Callisto had to take a day trip to travel into Thunder Bar to meet the elder fae.

But she's back now, and wants to unwind her mind and body from that long day. She's opting to head for the pool but she's wearing shorts over the bottom of her swimsuit and a towel over her shoulders. She has a small bag full of objects — some about the size of pears, apples.. whereas one is round and cantaloupe-sized. What is this?

She slows to a stop though as she hears voices, seeing Daxton and Inferno at work. A deep breath, a brief touch to her collarbone. She flushes lightly, the remnants of a thin reddish weal present upon her left cheek. "Ah, good evening Tempo, Inferno." She calls out. "T'is just I."

Walking out of the locker room, Bryce is wearing a Prometheus PE outfit. His pale thin arms and legs painfully obvious. He definitely looks awkward wearing those. He steps out and notices Inferno, but then he freezes when he sees Daxton there. Is it Daxton or Tempo? Bryce swallows hard. The contrast would be difficult to miss: the fastest and probably the slowest. Seeing Callisto next, Bryce swallows. Maybe this isn't a good time to get involved. "Um, hi," he says just to be cordial as he walks towards the indoor track apparently to do some running.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Mind: Success.

Inferno and Daxton look up as they hear voices. The gym teacher goes both students a nod, "Afternoon. Everything alright?' His voice is always gruff, like he just finished smoking something.

Daxton though frowns, sitting up and eyeing Callisto. He's not angry, more confused at the elf. So instead his eyes shift Bryce. The speedster's head tilts, the boy looks familiar somehow. "Hey."

The girl appears startled but is mostly nonplussed about what is marring her otherwise pristine mug. Another voice surprises her and she turns to spy Bryce's arrival. "Oh-" she bows her head slightly, "Hello, Bryce. Forgiveness, I hadn't seen you." She must have been zoning out more than she expected!

"I am alright.. restless for a swim." She admits gently, "Home from a brief getaway. Had a little argument." The mark. "It shall be alright." A pause as Callisto looks between Bryce and Daxton, noting the spark of recognition.

Bryce tensed a bit as Daxton looked at him though it was Inferno's question that made him jump some. "Hmmm? Oh, well, I'm just trying to, to do some of my th-therapy before I get behind." Bryce would rather be studying or reading, but he had work to do in physical therapy even though he didn't think that would help. "Oh, uh, uh hi Callisto. I'm small so, well, rather easy to miss. G-good evening, er, Daxton."

<FS3> Daxton rolls Alertness: Success.

Daxton glances back to Callisto, his blue eyes focusing on teh mark on her cheek. He shifts leaning forward and lifting a hand to rub his arm. She doesn't look alright. "What happened?" Always straight to the point. Bryce gets another confused look, he saw the boy tense up. It's his own turn though to tense up as Bryce calls him Daxton. "It's Tempo." Knowing his name is Daxton isn't the same as feeling comfortable being called it. Not yet. Physical therapy? "You should try swimming. Easier to build muscles without putting strain on your joints."

Inferno watches all three teens carefully, steam rising from the man's body.

"Swimming offers decent resistance, and less wear on the muscles." Callisto supplements, agreeing with the suggestion being given to Bryce. She watches the younger boy pensively for a time before Inferno's voice wrenches her out of that tangent. Her brow furrows lightly, smoothes. She adjusts her bag of diving props and smoothes her towel before answering, "The ins and outs of dark fey status quo. I grew flippant with our new family head, and she let me know in a way that is commonplace in that culture." Explained smoothly. "We had it out, I at least managed to make her see that the old way isn't helpful."

A deep breath through her nostrils.. that smooth, warm water of the pool will feel nice. She watches Daxton again briefly before looking back to the team leader, "… t'is a process…"

Bryce notices the steam coming from Inferno and says, "Um, are ,are you feeling okay. I, I mean I haven't seen, well, uh - " he doesn't know how much he should talk about that night so he stops himself though Daxton gets a look when he says his name is Tempo. "Oh, I, that's right. My memory isn't as good for for auditory stimulus as it is for visual. Swimming?" he asks Daxton and Callisto. "Well, uh, that is, that is true unless, well, you drown. I almost did that before when I was just jogging by the, the water along the beach actually by the - the - the water." He wasn't going to say water but mansion but that is something he is unsure of as a topic of conversation.

Daxton's first tightens, he doesn't think that he likes Callisto's family very much. His gaze flickers away from her, back to Bryce. "Yeah…try swimming. Just don't drown." Ah, Daxton logic.

Inferno looks down at the steam, "It's just something that happens, Mr.Stanton. A unfortunate side effect." Well, that, and the dying. Dax looks back at his Unit leader with some concern. "Wanna finish up fro the day?"

"I shall be in the water for awhile," Callisto says to Bryce. "If you are uncomfortable or unsure, I shall help you in whatever measure I can. That you would be comfortable with." She tries to offer to her friend in reassurance. Just look at her: you can guess that she is a natural in the water! She bows her head, moonpale hair braided back into an aerodynamic length. "Most often turn to pools for effective physiotherapy." She concurs, pulling the towel from her shoulders and looping it into her elbow. It's warm in here! Especially with added Inferno!

She touches her cheek lightly, hoping the water won't irritate—-it won't. It was a swat; Oridove hadn't broken skin. Unsaid is that Callisto slapped the woman right back. She watches Inferno and Daxton, as the former inquires to the latter. "Forgiveness for interrupting you."

Bryce takes a slow deep breath working to steady his stammering and his pulse. "O-okay, I can try that especially with, I mean, if you don't mind Callisto. I wouldn't want to, to interfere with what you are doing like relaxing or, or, uh, whatever." The deep breathing technique wasn't helping too much. The tension of what to say or not to say around Daxton/Tempo was messing with his brain. "I could I could probably uh, well, use my powers too if I started to drown. I couldn't do, well much of anything last time it happened. I've learned a lot here at the, the school."

Inferno takes a deep breath, "Only if you're done, Tempo. Afterthought wanted me to meet them in the kitchen. Why don't you hang out here before meeting us there?" Seems Daxton is being let off the hook for needing constant baby sitting.

Daxton's eyes widen, a moment of some kind of fear crosses his face. Inferno's leaving him? With Callisto? He swallows, "uh….sure, Inferno." He looks back at Callisto, the welt looking bigger to him than it actually is. His hand moves from rubbing is arm to his chest. His shirt sticking slightly to his chest while he sits on the weigh bench.

"I do not mind whatsoever. T'is entirely your choice." Callisto offers fondly to Bryce, her lips crooking up at their corners. "I need to work on my breath and endurance. Hence," She lifts the bag of diving props. Then Inferno goes and surprises her as well. She looks from the lava-man over to the still-addled, concerned speedster. "T'is your choice, Tempo. Do you favor swimming? I should like to go into the pool before the hour grows too late. T'would do you well to soak in warm water, even, after lifting." Says the fey girl. She turns her head to face him, observing his reaction. Hopefully he isn't too anxious! She smiles slightly in hopes of being reassuring.

The three chat over by the exercise equipment, with Bryce in his Prometheus PE attire and Callisto outfitted respectfully for a swim in the adjoining pool. Inferno appears to be preparing to depart.

Bryce's conflict with his own nervousness seems to grow as Inferno decides to leave. He wonders how much Daxton remembers of the time Bryce and others saved him from drowning as opposed to when Bryce blasted him multiple times with a directed psychic blast. Did they save him or not? That was probably a matter of perspective. And Bryce knew that the only way he was able to even touch Daxton was from Sky's help. Bryce takes a deep breath and says, "It is, uh, worth a try."

Kaylee strolls into the gym in her own Prometheus workout gear, already glowing. She's been doing that a LOT the past couple of days, ever since she went and saw Avengers: Endgame with some friends. Now, she's emulating Captain Marvel in lots of ways, and trying hard to emulate her in others. Which is why she heads right towards the weights once she enters. However, she pauses when she notices the group there. And oh look, the oil to her water: Daxton.
With a quick toss of her hair, Kaylee plants her All-American Smile on her face and continues her stroll towards the weights. "Hey, everybody. How's it going?" she asks, pleasantly, offering one of her typical, floppy, animated waves at no one in particular. "You guys don't mind if I practice with some weights, do you?"

<FS3> Daxton rolls Mind: Failure.

Poor Daxton, he looks unsure, but then there's a hesitant nod, "I guess…sure." With a grunt he stands up, "Soaking sounds nice." Maybe he'll get this figured out. Maybe. As for Bryce, he seems familiar to the speedster, but the details aren't clear. So nothing helpful or hurtful is remembered, yet. And then Kaylee comes in and he blinks, having no recollection of the Promethean either. So he gives her a nod, "Sure, have at it. Do you need a spotter?

Inferno seems amused at the students, steam rising as he leaves the gym to meet up with AfterThought.

Note that, especially after the moment on the patio that kinda sent Daxton for a tangent, Callisto has been being very patient. Though she actually looks a bit relieved when the speedster concedes. "You are welcome to join." She starts, but pauses. How far off is the pool? Is it still in earshot and/or visible? Inferno trusted her with keeping an eye on Daxton — that's how Callisto gathered it — and how bad would that look if she were to go off for a swim and leave him? Nonetheless she offers Kaylee a kind greeting, "Good afternoon.. of course you may partake." She offers, but pauses. She remembers Daxton, pre-mind-breakage, admitting to not getting on well with the tall Promethean captain. But now… with his mind tousled…


She turns to Bryce, hair sliding down over the mark on her cheekbone. "What else were you thinking of doing, here? Cardio?"

Bryce let's his mind try to focus on normal things instead of the highly stressful situation. "Um, well, c-cardio and general strengthening. The, the doctors feel that if I were to somehow strength my body, well, then I might not suffer as much from the, the effects of my powers." He definitely doesn't sound convinced. When Kaylee enters in offers her a bit of a wave starting to feel more and more awkward in his PE outfit. "G-good evening, Kaylee. How is the, the flying going?"

Glowering a little, Kaylee holds her hands out and looks down. "Still walking. But I'm not giving up!" she declares, looking back up and grinning. When Daxton offers to spot for her, Kaylee blinks in surprise, but manages not to come to a full halt. "Oh! No, I think I should be okay. I'm not really going to be doing anything dangerous. I've never tried seeing how strong my light stuff is, so I'm going to try using photons to lift weights!" Because, if she can lift weights, then she can lift Kaylees. IT'S LOGIC!

Daxton can swim, or he can spot people. Although the speedster forms, blue eyes studying Bryce and his nerves. "You okay there, man?" The glowing girl gets his attention again, "Uh…okay. As long as you know what your doing, cool." He definitely doesn't sound like he remembers her. He looks back to Callisto, his brow furrows again. The small mark on her cheek is really bothering him, he wants to ask her, but now everything is weird.

Can the fey girl sense stress? Hard to tell.. but Bryce is just oozing with it. "Hey, calm, t'is alright." Does she recognize that the oy is trying to figure out how to approach Daxton? Again, hard to surmise. She just sees that Bryce is trying to… tread carefully, in a way. "Take your time and do as you must, first. I can wait. Perhaps I should stretch and wait a moment before I take to the water. Digest a bit." Y'know the old adage with swimming on a full stomach! Not to say Callisto gives once whit about old wives' tales but she just needs to be here to make sure Daxton is alright. She feels him glancing at her and she turns to study him again, looking concerned. "Are you alright, Tempo?" She asks of him.

Kaylee's intent is heartening though and the white-haired girl smiles a touch. "Photons and weights! Sounds intriguing. I hope it works out for you."

The concept of working out in water makes sense to Bryce as long as he can avoid the annoying drowning part as Daxton stated. "Kaylee, perhaps you could try using, uh, the photons to move you against the water. The required load would be, well, less due to the buoyancy of the water." He then very quickly adds, "Not that you are necessarily heavy or anything. The gravitational constant is, er, well, by definition constant." And that clearly explained it. Bryce jumps a bit when asked by Daxton if he was okay. "J-just nervous. About a lot of things. I am starting to think that it might be connected to the way my mind works too which c-causes my speech diff-difficulties."

"Oh, I don't have any idea what I'm doing, but I'm gonna figure it out eventually!" Kaylee responds to Daxton, still all smiles. Maybe she's going to actually manage to get along with him for once! Yay! She's so astonished by the fact that they're not already being rude to each other that she doesn't even THINK about the fact that he's not a student here and is using school equipment on a weekend without any kind of visitor's credentials or anything. But that will probably really cook her noodle later, because it's Kaylee. "And thanks, Callie! If it doesn't, I'll just try something else!"
"But you can't FLY in the water!" she argues with Bryce. Because while science is science, Kaylee is Kaylee and therefor raisins. And then she wrinkles her nose and smiles at Bryce. "I already told you it was because you always overthink what you're saying, goofus! That's why you don't stutter as much with your girlfriend! … unless Sierra's making naughty jokes to make you blush."

Daxton doesn't make eye contact with anyone, but he's looking again at Calli. "…Yeah. My head is still….off, but I'm …" A head shake with a sigh and he glances away, towards the glowing Kaylee. "You should have someone with you then…just to be safe. No reason to drop weighs and get hurt if you don't have to." He almost sounds worried. His tongue darts out, wetting his lips as he tells Bryce, "Sorry man, I didn't mean to make you nervous."

She's watching Daxton long after he looks away from her. "I understand. Focus on the physical, still. The weights, the water if you are so inclined. I pray I am not causing you further unrest." Of course she is! But hell, she'll still indirectly acknowledge it and apologize. She follows his gaze over toward Kaylee as Daxton issues his concerned warning. Again, inwardly, she is surprised… she is relieved to see that the two are at least getting on, though the circumstances are unfortunate. She is about to suggest to Daxton that he join her in some lengths, perhaps even race her (no contest) but Callisto waits to see how Bryce responds to the speedster's latter comment. Cerulean eyes rove to study all three faces, in turn.

Bryce nods at Kaylee and says, "Yes, I concur with your assessment, but that doesn't, well, contradict my comment. My p-powers all center in my mind, literally, as does the source of my speech imp-pediment." He tilts his head to the side and notices that his nervousness is bothering others. He turns to Daxton and drops his head some. With a sigh he says, "I, I am sorry. I am just, uh, worried that I might say or, or do something that might cause undue difficulties to someone who has already had to, well, endure much difficulties already." Honest was the best policy especially when you were as horrible a liar as Bryce was.

<FS3> Kaylee rolls Energy: Great Success.

"What? Oh, no, I'm not gonna be like, bench pressing or anything. Here, I'll just show you!" Kaylee says, moving over towards the weights. She takes a five pound disc off the rack and sets it on the ground. Then, holding her hand out, she generates a disc of light underneath the weight. Flicking her wrist up, she floats the weight into the air on the disc, then sets it back down. "See! No spotting necessary!" she explains. "It's not really physical at all! Just checking to see how much I can push. And, obviously, five pounds is no problem!"
"Wrong again, Bryce. The source of your speech impediment isn't your mind! It's your heart! It's courage! You've been in Prometheus for almost a year, now. Haven't you realized how NICE you are to everybody? And, with as nice as you are, why are you so worried you're gonna say the wrong thing? We're NICE. We rarely ever even THINK bad things to say to people, so it's even less likely we're gonna SAY something to offend or upset someone. Especially not intentionally. And, if you do it on accident, apologize!" Kaylee lectures, as she puts the five pound disc back on the rack.

Who is Bryce going to upset? Callisto? "Well man, if there's anything I can do it help… Sometimes when I can't…focus, it helps to run and lose myself in doing something physical, ya know? Maybe you need to do that." Well, not necessarily running. Daxton takes a deep breath, not even going to address Calli and the comment. This is weird! The flying disc is watched and then nodded to, "Huh. Cool." He's not entirely sure that Kaylee's conclusion on Bryce's problems are medically correct, but hell, he's not a doctor.

The willowy girl is silent as she observes Kaylee's feat with approval. Not being an energy projector of any sort (in the projectile way) this always intrigues Callisto. She is dead silent so as to not disrupt the display, and will exhale when it concludes. "Well done." She says in earnest.

She then watches and listens to the exchange. She herself is a Senior but she sure as hell isn't a team captain, nor does she have the mettle to be one. Cripes, Callisto is still getting her crap in order! But she at least has the understanding and growing compassion to echo Kaylee's words to the nervous boy, "T'is true, what Kaylee speaks of. T'is all about confidence and courage and… yes, heart. Which you've plenty of. I still cannot find the proper words and capacity in which to thank you, Bryce." She instead bows her sleek-haired head forth in her species' show of deference.

"I.. am going to stretch before a swim. I shall be closeby." The girl offers gently, and pads off to the side to do just that. She is still within earshot and view, keeping Daxton in her sights.

Bryce looks to Daxton with an odd expression. One mixed with understanding and insight. Then, he gets a far off look in his eyes. One hand comes up to rest on his chin. "Interesting. For a speedster, running. For the psychic, books. Perhaps the commonality is the propensity and comfortability of our unique abilities which permit the focus." From the tone in his voice, he is speaking out thoughts. Suddenly, he blinks a few times and returns to his stammering. "C-courage? That is an an easy concept for some though it has been, well, argued, not that I'm arguing mind you, that only those who have tasted fear can truly be said to be c-courageous." When Callisto thanks him, he blushes a bit and looks surprised. "I, I .. uh .. you are welcome?" He feels unsure just what to say to that. Speaking back to the issue of courage, Bryce says, "But not all the things in my mind would sound or feel, well, nice so I fight to make sure that the, well, hopefully the correct things come out. I really don't want to, well, hurt someone." Suddenly Bryce is struck by the irony of one of the physically weakest students in the school being worried about hurting someone. He lifts his hand from his chin to his lips to hide the smile.

"And, again, I say you're overthinking it. But, you're an egghead, so that's what you do. You're still adorkable," Kaylee says, teasing Bryce easily as she moves to put a ten pound weight on the ground. Canting her head as Callisto walks off towards the pool, Kaylee looks between Bryce and Daxton for several seconds, before she asks, "So what gives? Did something happen to Daxton? We're being SUPER nice to each other and I wanna make sure I don't do something to undo what was done." … which, of course, she might have just done. SMOOTH, KAYLEE!

<FS3> Daxton rolls Mind: Failure.

Uh…ok Bryce. The speedster shrugs, only following part of what the genius says, "Sure….well, if you want advice on running, just ask." This is getting kinda weird though, he's bene baby sat for so long, not having a Unit 23 member nearby is strange. And then Kaylee. Oh Kaylee. Dax frowns uncomfortably, his stomach tightening. "…I should go." Maybe he'll head to the kitchen. Or maybe go for a run by himself. He's nto gotten to dot act yet.

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