(2019-04-26) CUTSCENE: Be My Friend
Cutscene: Be My Friend
Summary: Character vignette / cutscene: Callisto travels to Thunder Bay to cool her sister's ire.
Date: 2019-04-26
Related: Soon after events stemming from this log.
NPCs: Oridove Aine
Scene Runner: NA

City Center, Thunder Bay
(Oridove’s Loft)

Friday Apr 26, 2019

A rush of support for the city in the wake of the alien attack lead to many companies, both US and Foreign, to build new headquarters here. These buildings are state of the art fo the late 20th century. The only area to rival the marvel of the Financial District, these glass giants light up the night sky with crowns of neon designed to draw the eye from all around. There is a newly developed green space extending off the harbor towards the new State House moved to this location with the rebuilding of the metropolitan area.

It is a spring day. The weather is warm and sunny.

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The downside to high tech bullet trains is that it takes very, very little time to get from point A to point B. Callisto was not left with much time to prepare her defense and rebuttal to shirking her elder sister just the other day. A younger fae doesn’t not just shirk one who is much older and considerably more powerful. Callisto had her reasons at the time. Oridove knew that.

So… on this day, as she wends a surprisingly knowledgeable path into the neon-lit, hectic veins of Thunder Bay, Callisto has an intention.

The route is familiar by now for reasons that are bittersweet. To look at Callisto is to assume that she is a natural creature to this city: she dons the sleek, edgey attire of a professional. Only an Empath could sense the churning anxiety in her stomach. Though Callisto knows her way around by now, the destination fills her with dread.

Oridove Aine calls the topmost floor of a high-rise structure home. Built in the mid-2000s, the 35-floor expanse of glittering glass and beams stands like a sentinel alongside many of its fellows. It is a building of luxury, high technology and clean lines. Gods above, Callisto has to dial in and look into a camera and only then will her sister admit her into the lobby.

A chill; the moment Callisto strides into said lobby she feels gooseflesh arise in her forearms. A glance upwards to a vigilant series of CCTV cameras: at the end of December 2018, her mother was captured on those cameras. Malachite crossed this threshold, waited in an elevator while listening to hokey easy listening elevator music… and tried to murder Oridove.

Malachite is dead. As Callisto chooses her sister’s floor, she repeats this like a mantra.

It is beautiful in here, even in the hallways leading to suites… though Oridove, owning a top floor penthouse, only has to share a mutual thoroughfare with one other resident: the owner of the opposite ‘ritzy’ suite. Two penthouse apartments. Callisto has no idea who lives in the suite opposite her sister. They must be soundproofed well because the neighbor hadn’t heard a thing when Oridove was attacked.

But now, it’s as if nothing happened. Callisto stands outside the doorway to her sister’s lodging, feeling the sunlight against her shoulderblades through vaulted windows. She wears a black pencil skirt and a sleeveless knit top, hair pulled back into a series of braids to form a ‘circlet’ design… the rest left to flow with abandon. She doesn’t even knock; Oridove senses her and pulls the door open… peering blackly at her younger sister as the rich aroma of a well-kept, yuppie apartment exhales upon them both.

Dark fey glamour gives Oridove’s handsome, aquiline features a degree of color. Without it she very closely resembles their dead mother: stark white hair forming a nimbus around her sleek head; angular features such as a long graceful neck and carved shoulders; blackest black eyes and long fingers and impossibly long legs. But alas, glamour bestows the glaring Oridove with a bit of a flush to her cheeks… it lessens the starkness. She is a tall woman: well over six feet, closer to six-and-a-half; her expression is thunderous, like that of a CEO who has been gravely disappointed.

“In.” She bids Callisto, and the younger slips silently into the apartment.

No embraces or other sisterly gestures… Oridove is disgruntled. Thrusting her arms underneath her bosom and folding them tautly, she stares hard at her sister. Meanwhile Callisto turns her head slowly to look right back to her… so much like mother. Not entirely. There’s enough of Vasili in Oridove to soften her. A bit.

“You are to graduate in a couple of months.” Oridove continues, watching the other fae, black eyes glittering. “And you still wish to attend school here, yes? You are to live with me? Is that still what you desire?”

Callisto nods mutely, not liking that look.

“Then never… you shall never shirk me again.” Oridove says bluntly… it seems silly. As if she’s making too big of a deal over Callisto giving her the bums’ rush over Skype the other evening. But it goes beyond silly mortal things. The younger one turned her back on the older; a nasty affront in Oridove – a full Dark fey’s – culture. “I will be your biggest ally here. Money? With my now being the family head you can have access to the family barrow. Connections? I have them. But if you take me lightly again it-“

“Is that how it’s going to be?” Callisto asks suddenly, her anxiety boiling over into frustration. Cerulean eyes meet black and she outright stares at her sister. “You want a youngling here, to push around?” Asked in a tremulous whisper. Her nerves are raw enough, with Daxton’s plight… then this…

Oridove opens her mouth to speak, eyes flashing.

“I can get by on my own. I have before. You were not around! You departed! You dropped out of touch. You LEFT us! I-“

“You think me to have been oblivious?! You call a merry romp in the 1970s being self-sufficient? Don’t think I do not know the MESS you got yourself into, wanting to be on your own. Little girl! Falling in love with a human.. and look what happened!” Oridove rails onwards, getting right into Callisto’s face. “.. only to repeat it now! You are a child! Falling in love with a mortal! A second time!”

Callisto steps back, eyes narrowing and stinging. “T’is my choice. What does it matter to you? Coming here was a mistake-“

“So too is what you are doing now. Trying to help that boy, after what Mother did to him?” Oridove thunders onwards, following her sister’s bare attempt at an escape. She reaches out to grab at Callisto’s elbow, staring hard into her face. “Do the merciful thing, sister, and take your leave. If you feel you must graduate from that school, do so… but let Dexter-“


“… leave this Daxton to return to his memories. Without you. What good are you to him? What good is he to you? Why must you make it hard on yourself and him?”

Callisto stares, looking aghast.

“Daxton went the way of Petal, but he is yet young and can move on. What do you stand to gain from this? Further pain? A happy future? Do the merciful thing and take your leave. His team with take care of him from here. Heal him. You-“

“Shut. Up.” Callisto grates out, nearly dropping her bag. There is power in those words, in how she says them.
Like a shot, Oridove’s hand lashes out and catches Callisto in her cheek; a ringing slap. The younger fey stumbles and Oridove frowns as if pained.

With a shriek, tears beading her eyes, Callisto suddenly hauls off and belts her sister right back, across her cheek… the sheer unexpectedness of it allows the strike to find purchase. Oridove sways, catches a corner table with her hand.

“I loved Petal!” Callisto hollers, eyes wild in the sunlight and the weal on her cheekbone now livid. “He was taken away! I had no way.. no way of helping him! To hell with all of you! Now is a chance to try again, to help.. to make amends for what YOUR G*damn mother did! To find out what could be!”

Oridove’s lips pull back into a snarl but she cannot yet bring herself to throttle the other. She has the capacity to listen first before deciding to either slaughter or disown.

“A-and if he carries on without me, I can say that I tried! You take your money! Take it all! Take your hierarchy! To blazes with it!” Callisto shrieks, a pressure growing in the room… psychic in nature. Not dangerous but enough for Oridove to take note of. She studies her younger sister as if looking upon a new species.

Silence then.. a pounding of energy in both sets of ears, in the minds of each fey. Callisto claps her hands to her face, and weeps freely.

The heaviest minute or two in Callisto’s life, to date. Oridove sighs softly.

“Petal is still alive. Elderly. In the twilight of a fine life. He married well, had children… sometimes dreams of those days. Remembers your likeness but not you.” Oridove supplies, finally.

Callisto’s breath hitches, eases out in a soft keening sob. Relief. Sadness.

“.. you can come here in the Fall if, you wish. I am still learning too. I shall try not to interfere… not to pull rank on you… but please, be in my corner. I am going to have some trying times.” Oridove continues and there, in her black eyes… a glimmer of anxiety. Squashed quickly. Back to that predatory sharpness. “There will be some of Mother’s issue who balk against me. Be my friend in this.”

“Be my friend in this journey, also.” Callisto whispers. “I beg you.”

“Perhaps Dexron is not a lost caus-“

“… Daxton.”

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