(2019-04-25) The Red Shower
The Red Shower
Summary: Vivian Talbot verifies that Besa is the Undying One, then kills him. WARNING: Log contains Graphic Violence.
Date: 2019-04-25
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NPCs: Vivian Talbot
Scene Runner: Ashton

The day after the boys had dinner with the Talbots, Loukanos ushers Ashton out of the house in the morning sometime as decided. A few hours later, a car pulls up in front of the beach house, as Vivian Talbot gets out. She knocks on the door, hoping that her grandson is not there. She was pretty sure that her excuse to the two other boys would have convinced them sufficiently well.

Besa opens the door, dressed to go magic shopping (Whatever that attire is) (It's jeans and a nice short sleeved button up). His left forearm is scarred up, and Cocoa's next to the teen as he smiles at Vivian. "Hello! We're ready!" He seems happy and excited to be helping.

Vivian smiles. "Good morning, Besa. I assume that means that Louk has Ashton out of the house?" The woman is dressed in dusty rose colored skirt, with matching shoes, and a soft pink blouse. "I'm really no good at this whole cloak and dagger thing."

Besa's perfect hair bounces as he nods, "Yes, they have been gone a few hours already." A gently, warm laugh, "it is not something I am familiar with myself, but I believe they will be gone with enough time to find the perfect thing for Ashton, yes?"

With a warm smile, Vivian gestures towards the waiting car. "Well, let's be on our way then. I'd hate for them to come back too early and worry about where you have gotten to." The woman straightens her blouse a touch, "Yes, that is our hope, now isn't it?"

Besa assumes the comment is directed at the present for Ashton. Getting into the car, he's careful to not touch anything if possible. Cocoa has her vest on and hops next to him. "Is there a particular effect you are wishing to find for him? A book or an object?"

The woman chuckles. "Well, honestly, I have no clue as to any of that. That was why I thought I would ask you. I figured you of anyone might be able to know what would be best."

Besa rests a hand on Cocoa, glancing out the window. "I will help you find something perfect. Ashton deserves no less." Turning back to her, "Can you tell me of Ashton? When he was younger?" He may not get to see baby pictures, but maybe he can get a silly story!

Vivian laughs, "Oh yes, I can tell you all about Ashton. He was such a little scamp." Once they get into the car, they have two hours there and back to tell embarrassing stories about Ashton. The woman is more than happy to talk about her grandson.

Once the two get to the shop, it looks more like a house than a business. She looks a little uncertain as she gets out of the car. "I have never been here before. I called ahead, so that he will know that we are coming. From what I understand the collector is a rather paranoid individual.

Oh…it's a collector, not a shop. He frowns softly, and will hurt around to help Vivian out of the car. Cocoa is a good girl and stays next to him, "Do not worry. I will be with you." An encouraging smile and he'll help her up the walk, if she wishes, if not he'll give her the proper amount of space while walking next her.

Inside the house, there are isles and isles of shelves with books and things. Several small statues to various god or goddess. A few things look interesting. One of the things that catches Besa's attention is a piece of stone that looks EXTREMELY familiar, like it could be part of his sarcophagus.

Besa stands a little straighter, moving over to the stone. Could he be this lucky? While he knows this is important to him, he also needs to look for Ashton. "I…that stone could be important." Dark eyes scan the room before looking towards Vivian, "I can do a small rune to see what is magic imbued, if you wish?" He's a little concerned that the seller isn't visible.

Vivian smiles, obviously pleased. "Oh, yes, my dear boy. Please do. That is afterall why you were brought here, wasn't it?" She moves over to watch with interest.

Besa eyes the stone again before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small notebook and golf pencil. A lock of hair falls into his eyes as he draws a rune and then tears the paper in half, releasing the magic. Everything in the room that has magic properties glows gentle golden, including the stone that Besa was so very interested in.

There are many of items in the room that does indeed glow. Vivian's eyes widen, "Oh my!" She looks over at a couple of items, "Can you tell what they do or just that it is magical?"

Besa moves towards a few pieces, "I will have to study each piece. Which would you like to be study first?" Licking his lips, "I…I know what the rock is….If it is possible to procure, I will be able to pay you back." Well, Rain or the Egyptian government will! "It is of little sue to anyone but myself."

Vivian nods, "Oh, of course, my dear boy." She walks over to an amulet, "Oh, this one look pretty." And she points to a book that glowed, "And this one…" She avoids a ceremonial dagger that glowed. "I just don't know… what do you think."

Besa also avoids the dagger, mostly because he doesn't want ash bleeding for magic ever again. He and Louk feel the same way about that. "That isa. Very pretty amulet. Let me look closer…" He moves in and will start to reach for it, "Am I allowed to touch the items?" As for her fronting the money, "Oh! Thank you. It is very important to me."

There is a stern looking man, who begrudgingly nods. The man speaks, "Yes, it is permitted, but I assure you that I can tell you the quality of each item in my collection." Vivian assures the man that it will be alright.

Besa offers a soft smile to the man, although his young looking age probably doesn't help him feel better about Besa touching things. He turns back to the amulet and gently picks it up, "This is…for protection during sleep. It is something like what Callisto had. Not as powerful." For obvious reasons. "And it is green, like his team color."

Vivian looks interested, "Oh. Is he having problems sleeping? I did not know that." She frowns, "I'm afraid I don't talk to him as much as I used to, now that he's so far away for school. If you think that will help him, then that might be wonderful."

Besa's not wanting to out Ash, but…. "I believe he has had some issues after the kidnapping. Just something to sooth his dreams." He smiles, holding the necklace out to Vivian. "You should call him more….that is what the end phones are for , yes?"

Vivian frowns, "Of course, he would be. Anyone would, would they not?" There is a look of unbridled anger in her eyes for a second as she remembers Ashton's kidnapping. She smiles as she regains her composure, "Then that sounds like the perfect thing." She looks at the man, indicating which items, "I will be taking both of these." The man rings up the purchases. $15,000 for the rock and $25,000 for the amulet. The woman does not even blink as she pulls out her credit card. She looks to Besa, "Shall we get home?"

Besa has issues, so he empathizes. The teen grows quiet as the older woman goes through some emotions. When she agrees to the necklace he smiles, happy to help, and then he can't help it, his smile brightens as she includes the stone. It's the biggest piece of his sarcophagus that he's seen yet, and wonders if it will fir with any of his other pieces! "Yes! I am excited to see Ashton's face when he gets his gift!"

On the drive home, Vivian stops at their estate before taking the ancient teen to the beach house. She looks at Besa, "It is a little late for lunch, but would you like something to eat and drink. I am sure that Louk probably still has Ashton well distracted."

Besa's super excited about whatever the rock is, although he's not touched it yet, instead peering in at it in the bag. "…If it would not be any trouble, water for Cocoa and I would be nice." And food for him, but he can wait and eat left overs at the Beach house if needed.

Vivian comes out with a bowl of water for Cocoa and a glass of water for Besa. "Are you sure that I can't get you anything else? I assure you, for your help, it won't be any inconvenience."

Besa will take the bowl from Vivian so she doesn't have to bend down to place it for Cocao. "Only if you will be eating as well. I am happy that I was able to help you." He looks up at her, eyes wide. He looks so young, despite his many years.

Vivian sighs, "Alright, Besa. You drive a hard bargain. I will eat something to. I just can't stand not at least feeding you after everything you have done for me and Ashton." She disappears and returns with two sandwiches. She offers one of the plates to Besa.

Besa laughs, "Food is good for the soul." When she returns he's done petting Cocoa and is ready to eat the sandwich. "Thank you very much. You are very kind."

Vivian waits until Besa has begun to eat and drink before she does so. After all, she is a good hostess, right? She smiles, "So they say…" It does not take long for the sedatives in the food and water to start to take effect on Besa.

The ancient teen's been poisoned before, but he wasn't expecting it, so the first wave os sleepy just has him blinking and shaking his head. Poor Cocoa though, she's already moved next to Besa and is curled up at his feet. "I….I am not feeling well…" Unfocued eyes lift toward the woman, worry edges in on his quieter than normal voice, "Something is not…right." The room seems to be slowing down and Besa can't remember being more tired in any of his near lives.

Vivian calls out to the butler, Victor, to come in to help. "Just one moment Besa. Everything will be alright." Victor comes in to the room. "Yes, Madame. Everything's ready." He walks over and kicks poor Cocoa with steel-toed boots. The former special ops soldier kicks the dog halfway across the room before he jabs a syringe into Besa's neck, pushing the plunger almost immediately.

Besa starts leaning heavy on the table, thinking that maybe Vivian is calling for help. But then Cocoa cries out and Besa echos the noice, "C-Cocoa!" Fear spikes, but it isn't long lasting as he feels the sting of the needle and whatever drug they pump into his system.

The next thing that comes to Besa's attention is that the world is upside down. No wait, he is upside down, hanging by his feet above a large claw foot porceline bathing tub. Vivian is standing near the tub, wearing only a bath robe. In her hands is the very same sacrificial dagger that was in the shop hours earlier or at least one that looks shockingly similar. "Ah, Besa, it's good that you are awake for this… it just seemed so cheap for you to be unconscious for your sacrifice." She walks over and cuts deeply over each wrist. The blood starts pouring into the tub. She smiles, "You see, I am dying and I need your blood to live." She cackles, "And then there are others who will pay for the use of your blood after you revive, again, and again."

Besa gasps, thrashing. He spits out something in ancient Coptic.It sounds negative. He bares his teeth, something in his chest breaks (metaphorically) . Fearful thoughts, that make not sense, race through his head. Ashton set this up, his brother is forcing him to. Anything that would make this make any sense. A strangled cry as the blade cuts into his wrists. He's been bleed out before, it's not pleasant. He spits out while gritting his teeth in pain, "I…I could have healed you…" Not like this, not with his own death. The cackle and explanation makes him grow cold…or maybe it's the last of blood. He stops moving, "How could you do this…to Ashton?"

Vivian walks closer, "To Ashton? I'm doing it for Ashton… you and the others are making him weak… " She chuckles. "As far as healing me… oh, trust me, you will be and so much more if the texts are true from the last time the Gnostic Flame had you in its custody. You are the proverbial fountain of youth. I shall be the mother to Ashton that he always yearned for….not the aging grandmother.. I did not sacrifice my own daughter just to have a weakling for a grandson… no I did it to have a weapon that no one will ever be able to stand against. In time, he will come to understand…. just as you will." And with that, she slits Besa's throat. And as the blood begins to pour into the tub, she disrobes and lies underneath the warm, thick shower of Besa's blood. She opens her mouth and imbibes a large mouthful of the "life-giving elixer".

Besa tenses, but then something she says trigger a lost memory and it fills him with terror. They had him! Oh gods, they killed him…over and over… His hands strain against whatever is holding them he needs his Khophesh! He needs to defend…Her words roll over him, he'll remember them later, but now…but now the lightheadedness and cold are taking hold. After his throat is slit, his vision darkens , the last image he sees is Vivian covered in red.

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