(2019-04-25) Cousin's Wine
Cousin's Wine
Summary: Louk takes Ashton to his cousins to get liquor.
Date: 2019-04-25
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It is the day after the boys had dinner with Ashton's grandparents. and shortly after lunch Louksnos has dragged Ashton out of the house. Okay, so he's spent a coupple of hours caught up in the joy of being with his boyfriend, but he is startting to get curious. "OKay Louk what's going on?"

"What, I'm not allowed to want to spend time with my boyfriend," Loukanos rolls his eyes, smiling widely. Dressed in a loose button up, shorts, and espadrilles, he has brought Ashton to the beach. That only seems odd, he's usually in as little clothes as he can get away with. A spring breeze pushes his hair from his forehead, and something in their immediate surroundings shifts, like the heavy weight of magic. "Okay, okay. How did you know I was hiding something?"

Ashton cocks his head slightly to the side, "Well, other than our mutual friend joined us on Spring Break yesterday and today you were insistent that the two of us get out of the house alone." He grins, "And we're on the beach and you're not as naked as you can legally get." He chuckles at that.

"If Dylan arrives, Besa will be preoccupied," Loukanos counters. "Besides this benefits him too, and I already asked if it was okay." He thought all of this through! "Okay, I noticed the wine cabinets are awfully empty," He continues, with a wave of his hand, his smirk widening as he goes. "Which makes sense. All of us are minors, so providing us with alcohol would be kinda sketchy. Luckily, I heard from the grapevine that an uncle of mine - no, cousin - has recently bought a mansion on East Coast. Thought we could pay him a visit."

Ashton's eyes widen, "You have a cousin, another demigod I presume, just living on the East Coast… I thought you all lived on Olympus unless you got in trouble and were cast out." He doesn't add the unspoken 'like you', but then again, there is no need to. "And what do you mind the wine cabinet is low, "I thought that it had been fully stocked…. are you the child of Demeter or Dionysus?"

"Neither, at this point," Loukanos offers about his parenthood with a small dip in his lips, but he regains composure and smiles. "He resides here for a time, on some earthly business I could only presume. "His presence caused quite a stir in certain communities and cults where the Hellenic gods are still valued." He licks his lips. As for if he is a demigod or not, "He is not considered one, no, but technically, perhaps. Demeter says his mother is Persophone, but she said a lot of things." A tear in the air expands, pushing forth more magical energies. Inside one can see the blurry image of a home. "Seriously? Your grandparents left us alcohol?"

Ashton moves and wraps his arms around Loukanos's shoulders. "I am sorry… I should haven't been so careless with my words. I really try not to mention things such as that." When Louk asks him about his grandparents leaving alcohol, he starts chuckling. "Dude, I have been drinking wine with dinner since I was like eight. I used to hate the stuff. Why do you think I never get in trouble for bringing alcohol back to school. Besides they know we're teenagers and would rather control what we drink by providing it."

"Fair," Loukanos laughs airly. "Well, this is the stuff of legends. Literally." And he has been tasked with making sure that Ashton does not come into the beach house. So into the portal, they must go. Still, he holds out his hand. "Up for a bit of fun?" At this point, the tear is easily big enough that they both could walk right in.

Ashton grins and squeezes Louk's hand. "With you, always." He looks at Loukanos as his grin widens, "You have become stronger with your powers. This is a new trick, isn't it?" He is ready to walk through the portal along with his boyfriend.

"Kinda. It's pretty experimental, but it helps that there's a piece of Olympus here," Loukanos moves and explains, pulling Ashton behind him. "It's like recalling one's way home, only with a minor caveat." The home they enter is more palace than house, its quality nothing short of exceptional and resplendent in decoration. Classical in design, strong white stone and fine marble dominate the material. While it does not look to be as big as Ashton's home, it is no less opulent. "It appears he is not home," Brightly colored vines and green life stretch and bend at Louk's presence. "Perfection."

Ashton cocks his head, "What's the minor caveat?" The young wizard's eyes widen at the vision of the "mansion". "Wow." He says softly. "I've never seen a place like this… " He looks at Louk, "How can you tell he's not home, and shouldn't we go if he's not here?"

"No, this makes things like a lot easier. If he was here, he might ask for something, like, I don't know, virgins? Or a plant or something?" Gods are strange creatures, Loukanos seems to recognize this even as he speaks. "I can't sense him. You would probably feel him too, if he was here unless he's disguising his presence." As for the caveats, he explains and leads Ashton to the great hall, "I don't always end up at my intended location. Sometimes I can get pretty derailed if -"

A short shriek interrupts his ramblings, as he pushes the door to the hall. On the table is a young-looking woman, with rich burgundy hair cascading to her back and a healthy flush to her pale skin. While supernaturally beautiful, her current expression is one of confusion and shock and alarm even. "Lo-Louk! How the hell?" Clothed in scanty, loose silk, her arms go around her chest.

Loukanos blinks, then turns beet red. His eyes go up, and he mutters something under his breath. "Oh, hi Achilia. Um, what are you doing here?"

Ashton jumps at the shriek. The young sorcerer looks to Loukanos, "Everything okay?" Ashton looks at Louk, for any signs of what to do. His blue-green eyes flicker back and forth between the two.

The woman, presumably a nymph, narrows her eyes at Loukanos. "I asked you first," She casts a look over to Ashton, "And who exactly are you?"

Coughing, Loukanos looks to Ashton and gestures to the girl. "This is Achilia. A nymph from my mother's household and a childhood friend." Perhaps more than even that, given the way Loukanos continues to blush and avoid looking at her. "Anywaaaay. We just wanted to know where Dionysus stores his wine."

She blinks and then lets out a sharp snort of a laugh. "You must have finally lost your mind."

Ashton stands there, hands up, eyebrows arched high and eyes wide. "Um… I'm Ashton… " He looks over at Loukanos, "Um, Louk's boyfriend?" When the godling introduces her, the young sorcerer smiles, "Um, hi Achilis, nice to meet you." His eyes widen even further as he looks over at Loukanos, silently asking 'what the hell did you just say?'. Right now, he's not sure if he should say anything right now.

"You left Olympus for him?" Achilia approaches Ashton, with a slow stride. Loukanos interjects with her inspection with a stern "Leave him alone", but she dismisses him and continues. "You're just like your mom. So territorial." A moment later, she giggles, her eyes going wide in inquiry. "He's pretty. Aren't you, like, a demon? That's all the other nymphs could talk about last year. They are so annoying. All they do is chatter."

Ashton watches the nymph, "Um… I actually told him that he was crazy for leaving Olympus." He watches as the nymph dismises. "Like a half-demon, actually." Ashton crosses his arns, "He left because he knows that I'd got to hell and back for him and wasn't sure of the same for any there."

"Feisty," Achilla grins and flips her hair over her shoulder. "You should lighten up, though. I have friends that have been to hell, and they're no fun. What is it with Demeter's kids and hellspawn? First Kore, then you…"

"Hey!" Loukanos snaps his fingers in front of the nymph's face. "Demeter doesn't know you're down here, does she? She'd probably be pretty livid if she found out." The nymph pales. "I may not be on good terms on her, but maybe exposing one of her unfaithful nymphs could put me back in good graces."

A moment passes, and with an indignant 'hmph', the girl unlocks a wine cabinet with an old-looking key. "You can have one bottle. Dionysus is hardly ever here anyway. If I leave now, Demeter probably won't find out, right? She would skin me alive. I swear that goddess has such a stick up her butt." She pulls out three glasses, placing them in front of Ashton and Loukanos and filling them with a flagon of wine. "But first - a drink."

Ashton looks at the nymph and smiles. "Feisty…. I can live with that. " He looks between the two. "Hey, now, can't we all just get along. Louk wants wine and you don't want to be caught playing where you're not suppose to. Sounds like we each can help each other out, right?" He puts a hand on Louk's shoulder, squeezing just slightly. As Achilla pours the wine, Ashton watches Loukanos in case this is some kind of Greek trick that he wasn't aware of like not eating food from the faerie realm.

"This stuff is great, Louk," Achilla claims, starting on her glass. "Another type of heaven, truly. And no hangovers. It's wonderful."

Loukanos seems to be skeptical at first, but poisoning him would not serve Achilla's purpose. He thinks, anyway. Taking a tentative sip, he is proven wrong in his fears. The wine is ecstasy in a cup, heady and languorous. "You never disappoint, Achilla," Loukanos laughs, leaning into Ashton. "See, we can get a bottle and bring some back for Besa."

Ashton looks to Achilla and smiles, before drinking the glass of wine. He swirls it aroundi before inhaling its aroma, before he finally lets it touch his tongue. "It is divine… literally and figuratively."

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