(2019-04-24) Dinner with the Talbots
Dinner with the Talbots
Summary: Ashton, Loukanos, and Besa have dinner with Ashton's grandparents
Date: 2019-04-24
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NPCs: Vivian Talbot, Reginald Talbot
Scene Runner: Ashton

Later that evening, at the Talbot estate, Vivian Talbot, Ashton's grandmother, has arranged a dinner party for the boys and Reginald and herself. Victor, the butler, welcomes the trio of teens at the front door. "Good evening, Master Ashton. I trust you and your companions have had a pleasant day." Before the boys are halfway across the hallway, Vivian greets the three boys. Ashton receives a big hug, "Ashton! Look at you. You're just wasting away at that school. You're just so skinny!" She hugs him again, before turning to the other two boys. She says in Greek, "Loukanos, dear boy. How are you doing?" She looks to Besa, "And you must be Besa. It is so nice to meet you. Ashton has told us so much about you. I am glad that I can now put a face to the name." She looks between the two boys, "Please, welcome to our home."

Besa's used to being around the Masters family, so the expensive house isn't as eye opening as it would be to soem people. But he does try to dress nice, in an outfit Rain helped pick out. The ancient teen smiles warmly at Vivian, "Thank you for having us, Mrs.Talbot. You have a lovely home." Cocoa wasn't happy about being in teh car with Ashton, and is sticking close to Besa's side. Thankfully she's been trained well enough, she stays there, even as Vivian and the butler move around.

"Splendid," Loukanos beams. "Many thanks for allowing me to stay with Ashton at the beach house. These past few days in the sun have amazing." The godling has taken the opportunity to dress more formally, his clothes dominated by a baby blue color that works well with his dusky skin tone.

Vivian smiles, "Well, dinner is almost ready. I think that there is just enough time for Ashton to show you around…" She looks at Ashton, "quickly and don't daudle too much." She releases her hold on Ashton and moves to give a light hug to each of the boys. "Please make yourselves at home." She looks to the three boys. "I have a couple of things to take care of before dinner."

Ashton grins widely, "Yes, Grandmother." He turns to the other two boys, grabbing Louk's hand, "Come on…" It is obvious that he's delighted to share the other part of his life with the two boys.

Besa does seem surprised by the hug, but will pat Vivian's back gently, "Yes, thank you for the invitation. Is there anything we can do to help with dinner reparation?" But then they're being shooed off and he smiles again, hand dropping to touch Cocoa's head lightly, "Where will you show us first, Ashton?"

"Where are you taking us, Ashton?" Loukanos glances around. This is a different type of luxury than he is used to. The palaces below the plains of Olympus are beautiful and spacious and grand, but they are classical in design and lack modern technology. He has been to Ashton's house once before, so he isn't too awed though.

Ashton chuckles and shakes his head, "Besa, I'm sure that dinner is well taken care of." He watches his grandmother leave, "Helen is taking care of dinner. She doesn't like having people in her kitchen." He looks to the boys, "Well, first I think my room." He urges the boys to follow him upstairs. The room is actually a suite and is massive. The four-poster bed is about as large as the dorm rooms at the school (a California King). The bedroom has a large walk-in closet. There is an adjoinning rooms has a flat-screen tv, as well as a desktop computer. On the shelf is a picture of a lovely young woman that looks remarkably like an older female Ashton.

Besa nods, "She is like Miss Annalee then." Cooks are strange. The promethean will trail behind the other two boys, letting them hold hands and giving Cocoa a little space. He is impressed with the bedroom, if just for it's size. He'll walk around, careful to not touch anything. The photo has him pause and then smile gently. No comment is made though, there's no need. It's nice Ashton has a photo of her.

Drawn to the picture, Loukanos actually lifts it, examining it closely. "I'm sure she'd hate nothing more than a bunch of teenage boys in her kitchen." The picture is returned. "Big bed." He deadpans.

Ashton chuckles, "Big enough for a half dozen boys or one Louk with the way he likes to sprawl." He looks through a stack of dvds, "Remind me to grab a few of these before we leave tonight."

Over the next half-hour he shows the two boys all over the house that he grew up in. There are a handful of rooms that he avoids, seemingly rooms that are off-limits. One of which hementions is his Grandfather's office.

Eventually, Victor finds the boys and announcess that it is now time for dinner. The boys are lead to a large formal dining room. At the head of the table is a tall, stern looking man with silver hair. He is wearing a suit, which gives him and even more severe apperance. Vivian is sitting already in the chair to the right hand of Reginald. He speaks, "Good evening, boys. Louk, it is good to see you again. And you must be the Besa that I have heard so much about. Please have a seat." The three chairs closest to the head of the table are the only ones to have settings readied.

Besa offers back with a soft laugh, "I am very helpful in a kitchen!" The bed is eyed when Louk brings attention to it. A smirk when Ashton teases Louk and he glances away, giving them a moment. Instead he'll kneel down and pet Cocoa. After seeing what was permitted of the house, he follows everyone to the dinning room. His warm smile fades into a neutral expression when Ash's grandfather comes into view. He can't help it, there's. Aglacne to see if the man is wearing the ring or not. "Hello Mr. Talbot. Thank you for having us." He'll move to sit in teh seat furthest away, letting Ashton and Louk sit next to each other. Cocoa settles underneath the table near B.

Before leaving, Louk does sprawl over the bed, just to see how much space he really takes up. Quite a bit. He'd invite Besa and Ashton, but the tour must go on. Certain doors are intensely stared at. In particular, Victor Talbot's office…the godling opens his mouth, but as if summoned, the man himself calls them to dinner, and Louk's mouth shuts. A pleasant smile spreads across his face as he sits. "Of course. It's been too long."

Ashton is directed to take the seat immediately to Reginald's left hand, to which he drags Loukanos with him, leaving Besa to sit next to Vivian. Reginald nods, "It has been too long, but luckily the reason for the gathering is much more pleasant than the last time." Vivian looks at Reginald, "Maybe we shouldn't talk about that time, Reginald." "You're right of course, Darling. So Besa, I understand that you are actually hundreds of years old. Is that true? Ashton how are your studies coming along? I trust you are doing well."

Ashton obediently takes the seat that he is directed. He responds to his grandfather a bit submissively, "Yes, Grandfather. My grades are exceptionally well this semester." Assuming no kidnappings or anything else unforeseen happens.

Vivian is given a soft smile as Best sits down next to her. But then his attention is broth back to Reggie and he blinks, chin lifting slightly, "I…yes, that is true. My memories are not always clear on all the years, thankfully." Hopefully they don't think Besa's being a creeper and hanging out with kids! "Ashton is always studying. I would not be surprised if he makes Team Captain."

Loukanos visibly tenses at the mention of their past dinner. He looks almost guilty, and the soft smile he wears cannot reach his eyes. "Despite circumstance, Ashton still manages to excel where most could not," He says, jumping to Ashton's defense. "He's always been the smarter one."

Reginald grins slightly, "Well, Ashton, you certainly seem to have forged solid friendships with these two. That is a good thing." He pauses, "Connections is one of the reasons that we thought that sending you to that school was a good idea." Reginald does not seem to be phased by the mention of his grandson's kidnapping. "I'm glad to hear that your studies are going so well. Keep up the good work." Vivian jumps in, "Yes, we are very proud of you, Ashton." Reginald looks down at Besa, "Well, that is extraordinarily interesting."

Besa smiles again, this time managing to make it seem more honest than it feels. "It is easy to be friends with Ashton." No, it's nto always easy, but it's worth it, the ancient teen believes. But it's answering Reginald that is really taking effort to not show his nerves, "I suppose it is? It is all I have ever known so it seems very normal to me." The only thing giving away the tightening in his chest is Cocoa, who sits up and lays her head in his lap.

Looking between Besa and Reginald, Loukanos folds his hands in his lap. "I was quite intrigued by it as well, at first. When magic provides man with immortality, even if only the pseudo-immortality Besa has, it's quite the miracle," A breath, then he adds, "Of course, such power always comes at a cost. Oftentimes a grave one."

Reginald nods. "So I can imagine. I have dabbled a little with magic. Nothing as powerful as what Ashton here has mastered. But I understand that power has its price, especially when it comes to magic." Was that a compliment on Ashton's ability? Close enough. "I am just amazed at the friends that Ashton has managed to find at the Academy. I am quite pleased."

About this time the food begins to be brought in by a small fleet of servants, setting the food down before the attendants. The meal is a feast, even by Loukanos's standards. Never does anyone's glass get below half full.

Ashton remains mostly quiet throughout dinner, unless he is asked a question or spoken to.

Vivian remains the perfect hostess, talking to everyone, keeping conversatons going on, long enough, but changing subjects when such is needed. "So, Besa, Ashton warned us that you have a particular problem with technology, why exactly is that?"

Besa's dark eyes looks down at Cocoa, not liking this conversation. His voice is soft when he quietly offers to Louk, "It is not a miracle, it is a curse." It's literally a curse. As one hand of his pets his dog's head, he'll smile and be thankful tat the food arrives. He thanks each servant as they fill his glass and plate. A quick glance to the other students, although he supposes Ashton is prolly glad they're not still asking about his grades. "I am cursed. The very thing that denies me death does not mix well with technology. If I touch such things, they stop working. I will never have a phone." He may be the only teenage on the planet that doesn't have one!

"Apologies," Loukanos nods. "A curse, yes. As I said, such power comes with a price." He lets go of a breath and drinks, leaning back in his seat. Withdrawing from the conversation of Besa's immortality. "How are you doing?" He whispers to Ashton while the conversation continues.

Ashton reaches over and grasps Louk's hand, squeezing it slightly. "Just feeling like I'm being judged, like I've done something wrong. But Grandfather seems impressed by you and Besa, so it's all good." Yet still, Ashton remains tense and mostly quiet.

Reginald has a healthy appetite, while Vivian picks at her meal, though she helps herself to her fair share of the dinner wine. As dinner comes to an end, dessert is brought out. There is a virtual feast in itself. Vivian grins, "A good bit of what you don't eat is going back to the beach house with you."

Besa can take the grandparents attention for a bit , if it helps Ashton feel better. He's a healthy eater, although he seems to stay away from the sweeter foods. Savory is definitely good though and he eats what any teen age boy would (A lot). Vivian gets a smile, left overs are just as good in his opinion, "Thank you. We shall eat well then." A small piece of meat may be snuck under the table of Cocoa, but only one.

A sympathetic smile is given to Ashton. Loukanos feels no hunger, but he can have quite the appetite when he wants to or in this case, when it's necessary. "This has all been so lovely. It has been ages since I have seen this much food in one place." He settles with chocolate cake.

Once dinner is done, Reginald excuses himself, leaving the boys and Vivian alone. She continues talking with the boys. After a while, she looks to Ashton and Loukanos, "Ashton, why don't you two go help Helen pack up the left-overs for you. I'm sure she would appeciate the help." She smiles, "I could not ask for our two guests to help clean up, so why don't you two just enjoy yourselves, while Ashton helps Helen.

Ashton nods, "Of course, Grandmother." He stands up, looking down at Loukanos and Besa, "I'll be right back."

Besa's brow furrows slightly, used to offering help when ever he can. But he doesn't want to insult Vivian, so he nods. "There is no need to rush, Ashton. Help Helen and please tell her thank you for such a lovely dinner." Louk gets a smile before he turns back to Vivian, letting her steer the conversation. He's kinda hoping they'll be shown Ashton baby pictures, but he'll not ask.

Another sympathetic smile is given to Besa. The godling watches Ashton leave, frowning then. Turning to Vivian, he thanks her again for the dinner before leaning back into his chair slightly.

Vivian leans forward, once Ashton has left the rooms. "Alright boys.. I need your help… I was hoping to do something special for Ashton's birthday, but it didn't happen. So I was thinking that I might surprise him with something tomorrow. What I need from you is… well, Loukanos, I need you to keep him distracted and out of the beach house for most of the day." She grins, "I don't think that should be too much of a problem." She turns to Besa, "And I'll personally need some help from you. I'll drop by the beach house tomorrow and pick you up. Does this sound like a plan?"

Besa glances to Louk, there's a brief moment of hesitation, but then he realizes that that's what he offered anyway, to help. So he'd just be being a jerk if he said no now. Besides, he's sure Louk and Ashton would rather have some alone time anyway. Being the third wheel isn't always fun, for anyone. "Of course. May I ask what it is I'll be helping with?" Another glance to his friend and he smiles, the idea of doing something nice for Ashton makes him happy.

"Sure," Loukanos smiles. "I should have no problem keeping him distracted." The godling begins to plot where he'll take Ashton, but he pays attention to the woman's response to Besa's question. He won't question why she recruits Besa and not him…it just means he gets to spend more time with Besa.

Vivian smiles, "You see in Upper State New York, there is a shop that deals with items of arcane matters. I have no idea what would be perfect for Ashton, but I think that with you along with me, I can find something for him that he might actually find useful." She looks down for a second and then takes a sip of wine, "Muchless, I have no idea what is legitimate or not. I figured that since you perform magic as well, you could help with that as well."

A magic shop? That sounds…interesting. He nods, perfect hair bouncing, "Of course. I would be happy to help." Perhaps he can look for certain things he's been searcher too! Double win for Besa!

A small frown appears on Loukanos' face. Shopping for magical items sounds like a great deal of fun…generally speaking, though, the stuff he looks for in artifacts aren't found in shops, so his moping is short-lived. "Perhaps something to better focus his powers?" Blood-letting is no longer a requirement but maybe demonspeak doesn't have to be, too

Ashton's grandmother smiles, "Excellent." She finishes off the last few sips of wine in her glass. "Thank you boys. Ashton means the world to me, and your help means a lot." She looks up and gives the quiet sign of her fingers to her lips, as Ashton comes back carrying a box filled with tuperware containers of food. "I think we have enough food here for the rest of Break." the young sorcerer says. He looks between his grandmother and the two boys, "Please tell me that she didn't pull out a photo album of me. That would just be too embarrassing."

Besa and Louk are thinking along he same line, if his enthusiastic nodding is any indication, "I will see what I can find." It would be wonderful for Besa if Ashton never uttered another word in that awful language ever again! Standing up when Ashton enters, he tears the boy, "No…but I think that wold be a wonderful idea!"

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