(2019-04-24) And Then There Was Three
And Then There Was Three
Summary: Besa joins Ashton and Loukanos at the beach house for the rest of spring break.
Date: 2019-04-24
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Scene Runner: Ashton

When Ashton said that his grandparents had procurred a beachhouse for Spring Break, he wasn't wrong. The house is two stories with it's own beach access, hot tub, and is fully furnished. The kitchen is fully stocked, with Helen - The Talbot family cook - coming in every so often to cook. Louk and Ashton has had the run of the house for a couple of days, while Besa was elsewhere occupied. Later tonight happens to be a planned dinner with the grandparents, who have been mostly absent, letting their grandson enjoy his break, though his Grandmother has come by on several occasions to check on the boys.

At the moment, Ashton is rinsing off in the outdoor shower to wash some of the sea water off, as he had come back from a little surfing.

Occupied is definitely the right word for it. The ancient teen was in Egypt helping with research on a newly discovered tomb. It was very emotional for B, the colors were bright , just like eh remembered. And so beautiful. He's feeling homesick, but unfortunately the home he misses is no longer around. And then he was sucker punched (emotionally) by them showing him another room, which his sarcophagus was in at one point. He knows this because he's now in possession of a handful of very small pieces of stone from it. They're tucked away very carefully in his leather bag, which is over a shoulder, and his backpack with the few changes of clothes is on the other. He got a ride from th Agent (friends in high places it seems) and is waiting on the porch facing the ocean for his friends to come back from whatever it was they were doing.

Bronzed limbs stretched over a beach towel near the outdoor shower, Loukanos is naked save for a pair of swimming trunks. A forgotten book lay in front of him, but his attention appears to be on Ashton. For the duration of the shower, he says nothing, but his gaze is fond. "Are you ready to head back?" He stands, gathering the towel and the book underneath his arms.

The water cuts off, and Ashton steps out, shaking his head. His brown hair all spikey. Likewise, he's only wearing a pair of swin trunks. He pulls a towel around his shoulders. "Yeah… " He walks over and leans down to offer a kiss to his boyfriend. "Besa should be arriving sometime this morning…"

Besa's time is all messed up, it's afternoon in Egypt. He'll need a nap at some point to readjust. Dark eyes study the ocean before he sighs gently and moves to sit down on a chair. It's nice out (warm!), he is happy to just sit and enjoy the weather. Cocoa settles next to him, she too is tired. If dogs were meant to fly around the world, they'd have wings!

"All the way from Egpyt," Loukanos whistles. "I do hope his trip went well. I know that the fate of his sarcophagus was very important to him. Hopefully, he will not be needing it soon." On that grim note, Louk reaches over and ruffles Ashton's hair, giggling when he's kissed. "You look like a hedgehog. Are you as fast as one?" Yeah, he seems to have an awkward and vague familiarity with that piece of pop culture. Why would a talking hedgehog be blessed with the gift of Hermes? Regardless, he smirks at Ashton, in clear challenge, and races off to the house.

Luckily for Ashton, he is actually pretty fast thanks to years of playing soccer. Undoubtedly, Besa can hear the two of them coming from Ashton's upbroarious laughter as he races Loukanos. "I'll show you Sonic the hedgehog, Blondie!"

Besa turns towards the sound of laughter, but doesn't get up till the boys are in sight. A smile, but slightly confused at what Ashton's yelling about. A hedgehog? Is that indigenous here? Or does Ashton have a pet he doesn't know about? Mayeb Blondie is a pet name for Louk? Either way he lifts a hand and waves to the teens, "Hello my friends."

So Loukanos is kinda a god…or as close to one as someone can get without being one. It comes with benefits, including but not limited to an improved physique. The stuff people train endlessly for comes naturally to him. Still, he tones it down for the sake of competition, and his own laughter adding into the chorus of Ashton's. Once Besa is in his sights and they reach the house, Loukanos greets the boy, "Besa!" Breathlessly, he adds, "I totally won, right?"

Ashton does indeed come in second place. He is just a touch winded, "Yeah, yeah, you won… " He moves and hugs the ancient teen, probably to the disapproval of Cocoa. "Besa! How was your trip?" The young sorcerer looks happier than he has in a long time. His eyes once again are filled with that bright sparkle. Perhaps this is just what he has needed to get over the trauma of his kidnapping. Life is indeed good.

Besa just laughs, he's not going to judge this friends running, even if Louk did win! "You are both very fast." Ashton gets hugged back, instinctively putting himself between him and the dog. Not that she'd attack Ash, but it calms her. "It was wonderful. My heart is very happy." Eating Ashton's back once more before moving to give Louk a hug as well, "I have found more pieces of my sarcophagus. I will show them to you both when we are inside, yes?"

"Yeah, but I'm faster," Loukanos grumbles good-naturedly, kneeling down to give Cocoa a hug while Besa's getting one from Ashton. "That is wonderful to hear, Besa. Truly. I know that you have found a home here, amongst friends and found family, but there is nothing quite like the place where one was raised." He smiles wistfully. "Of course! I think I feel it already."

Ashton grins widely, "That's fantastic.. better if you had found more than some pieces, but it's a start, right?" He nods, "Yeah, hopefully you won't need it for a long, long time." He knows the dog doesn't like him, but he still tries. "Hey, Cocoa. How are you doing girl?" He nods with his head, "Come on, let's get inside. I could use something to eat? How about you? You're probably running on Egyptian time still, huh?"

Cocoa's tail thumps happily from the pets from Louk. She doesn't growl anymore at Ashton, but she definitely doesn't like him (She's started trying to just ignore the half demon). But she likes Louk, who will get a kiss to the face is possible. Besa nods, "There is truly no place like it anywhere." He'd say on Earth, but he's been elsewhere and it's not like home either. His hand drops to touch the bag, indicating the pieces are in it, "They are small, but many! I was in luck that the tomb has not been swept." His hand goes from the bag to his stomach, "If you are both hungry I could eat as well." That perfect hair bounces, 'I will have a small nap later, yes, to be on school time again." Napping on the beach sounds heavenly.

"Absolutely starving," Loukanos says dryly, petting Cocoa some more before standing. "Do you have enough pieces to start putting it together? Even if only portions of it?" His fingers brush against Ashton's. "When will your grandparents be joining us?"

Ashton sighs, "Oh, yeah… a nap this afternoon is a good idea.. We're having dinner with my Grandparents. I need to call and let them know that there will be three or four of us for dinner? Haven't heard from Dylan. Is he still planning on joining us? I brought him here when we came so that he knows where to teleport to. He said that he had some things with his grandmother and didn't know when he would be joining us." Ashton is trying for Besa's sake, even if the other boy doesn't seem to particularly like Ashton too much. He snatches up Louk's hand, happily holding it. "Grandfather is sending a driver to pick us up. We're having dinner at the house." He grins as he opens up the door, "I believe we still have some of that roast chicken from last night. We can make sandwiches."

"She wishes to be whole. The pieces assemble when they are close. I will bring what I found back to the school and see if any wish to bond with the two larger pieces I have there." Besa seems to not really grasp how creepy that sounds. Following Louk and Ash, "Yes, but I believe he will join us tomorrow. He must help his grandmother today." With….stuff. And things. B seems happy that Ashton's trying. And Dylan will try too and that makes Besa happy when his friends and boyfriend get along! A happy noise, roasted chicken sounds good.

"Dylan," Loukanos tries the name, in the hopes that saying it himself might jog some long lost memory. "Is that the boy you have been entertaining yourself with, Besa?" The godling winks and grins. "You have not met Ashton's grandmother yet, right? You will love her, she is very nice." And got him a phone. Louk has not forgotten.

Ashton gives Besa a quick tour of the first floor of the beachhouse on the way to the kitchen. He goes to the large fridge and starts pulling out some food. The fridge is well stocked for a few hungry teenage boys. Ashton beams at Louk's opinion of his Grandmother. "Yeah, she's great. She's looking forward to meeting you too. She wants to meet all of my friends."

Besa makes an amused, but slightly offended noise, "He is my boyfriend. I am not….entertaining myself with him." Well, he is, but …yikes. ok, next subject. The Promethian's cheeks turn a little pink. "I have not. I only met his grandfather briefly." When all the drama with the ring happened. Besa's not forgotten the ring! He's going to keep an eye on the old man, anyone connected to the Gnosis group isn't good, in Besa's mind. "I like Dylan's grandmother. And the twins grandmother. I am sure I will like Ashton's as well." He sits down at the counter, careful to not touch anything. He'd rather not make a bad impression by breaking the fridge on the first day.

"Grandmothers are sweet creatures," Loukanos says, without any personal knowledge of his own, biological or otherwise. "I like to think mine is, too." He notes the blush but doesn't comment on it. Besa has a boyfriend! Huh. This is news to him, at least. Following Ashton over to the fridge, Loukanos peeks over the other's shoulder. "What would you like to drink, Besa?"

Ashton chuckles, "Well, don't let Grandmother hear you call her sweet too much… She might just adopt you, then you'd be my uncle… and that would make our relationship creepy." Of course, not really for the Greek gods, but that is neither here nor there. "There's bottles of iced tea in the back of the fridge for Besa… Green or black tea with lemon."

Besa nods, he hopes all grandmothers are. He hopes his were, so many thousands of years ago. "Water is f-" Oh! "Black tea would be nice, thank you." His feet kick gently, while he's taller than he was, he's still short enough to not touch the sound when sitting on the stool. "You were swimming earlier, yes?"

"Not so creepy, I don't think," Loukanos mutters, snatching a bottle of black tea and placing it in front of Besa. "My sister married her uncle. Obviously her marriage should not be regarded as normal but," He shrugs. "Stranger things have happened. Yes, Besa. We can go out again later if you'd like."

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