(2019-04-22) Photos and Offended Fae
Photos and Offended Fae
Summary: Another mixed bag of an encounter. Oridove is pissed off and Daxton is confused!
Date: 2019-04-22
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NPCs: Pulse
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Patio, Coral Springs
Mon Apr 22, 2019

The patio is all cobblestone as well with a waist high, elegant wrought iron fence all the way around it, and gates to each path, each with a brass plaque labeling where it goes. The patio has teak wood tables and chairs for eating, homework, and parking coffee on. There are also benches along the fence, and like the chairs, they have burgundy velvet cushions, and are quite comfortable to all but the most sensitive behinds.

It is a spring night. The weather is warm and sunny.


It's been fairly quiet, these days, going forth into Spring Break. While the student body of Coral Springs isn't massive, it's still enough to be noticeable when most of 'em are off in to town or beyond to spend the break with their families. Therefore the facility is quiet and the few who have remained — girls like Callisto — have had the run of the grounds. Silence. Contemplation.

It is a warm, beautiful night on the island upon which Coral Springs has been rebuilt. Callisto Aine has parked herself out upon the patio to listen to the sea and correspond with her sister in Thunder Bay. She is clad in dark yoga pants and an equally slim t-shirt to match the ensemble. Hair hangs in a freshly-washed swath over the back of the chair upon which she perches.

"I do not know." Her voice can be heard, speaking to one unseen. "I've not the… savviness… that you do. I would inhibit you." Comes her tentative admittance. Crickets chirp softly, the distant ocean breathes.

After the headache from the Sky invasion of his brain, Daxton was given aspen, water and then permission to go running with Pulse. They've been at it for an hour, having many more laps around the island than they can count. The final cool down lap has just ended and they're slowing to a normal human speed as the cross the back field. Seeing Callisto, Dax veers towards her, which means that Pulse has to as well. She will tell him, "I can run and get us tacos if you're hungry."

"Don't be foolish." A smooth voice, tinny as it sounds from the minuscule speakers of a tablet, fills the air. "I know this city inside out. I know of the finest schools. I've space for your living quarters. How can you not—"

"Because she was there." Callisto whispers, "She attacked you there. Have you not used a ritual to—"

The sound of two superpowered beings moving at breakneck speeds interrupt the two fey as they speak via Facetime. Callisto looks up from her tablet and over a shoulder toward Pulse and Daxton. She just barely hears the Latina's words re: meal plans. "Good evening." She offer to the both of them. "How was your run?" Callisto asks of Pulse and Daxton as tacos are considered. Her legs are curled up beneath her body, tablet in her lap, app still activated.

Daxton's slightly out of shape, so he's breathing little harder than Pulse, "Yeah…tacos sound good." He's actually headed towards a chair, or maybe the concrete so he can sit and stretch out. Calli gets a up nod, "Hey….It's nice to be out." Still no eye contact, but he seems more…focused. Running helps, even with eh headache. Pulse's frowns, eyeing Callisto before writing her nose and lifting a hand to talk into her ear piece. She needs to get permission to leave Dax with Callisto while she goes and gets tacos.

She studies the two, but mercifully doesn't read too far into anything. How 'right' they look together. Yeah, Callisto has entertained that thought; she remembers the nightmares, how they suffered alongside one another during those experiments. Have been imbued with the same speed. How can she not entertain that thought? But at the same time a stubborn little emotion worms it's way into Callisto's countenance and she looks down into her sister's black gaze. "I shall call you back later." She says softly, brooking no argument as she closes the app on Oridove's startled / offended expression.

As Daxton settles to catch his breath, the graceful fey girl looks from him to Pulse. "He shall be okay here, until you get the tacos." She tries to reassure, keeping her voice level and civil. She knows Pulse does not like her but in this cause, to get Daxton 'well' again? Callisto cannot even bother. She waits to see what will happen, before dropping her gaze down to Daxton. "How do you feel?"

Pulse's lips press together, waiting to hear back from Inferno. She doesn't look please but nods, "Affirmative." A glance to Dax, who's stretching out his legs and trying to regulate his breathing to something more regular, "Stay here. I'll run and get us tacos." And then she's gone in a flash, leaving behind the two on the patio. Tempo glances up in the direction she went, "She sure is something." But then he's back to stretching, leaning over his legs. The tee shirt eh has on is sticking to his body. "My head hurts, but I'm glad I'm outside." And running!

what does he mean by that!? She 'sure is something' as in 'wow what a woman' something or.. 'what does one make of her' something? Callisto wasn't by the 'getting us tacos' bit (she wasn't hungry anyway so nyah) but… then he had to go and make that observation. Callisto doesn't even comment as Pulse departs and Daxton watches, her pale gaze dipping down to the blank screen in her lap. Silver-white hair flickers in the warm breeze. "… indeed." Said after a pregnant pause. Did she make that too obvious? Callisto remembers AT's words and clears her throat gently. It was easier when this stuff didn't affect her. But there you have it. She worries her lower lip softly, listening to the ocean sigh.

Tries not to look at how the clothing clings to him. She knew him well, very well, once upon a time. Her cheekbones flush. Another very mortal response. But an honest one… her heart thumps.

"Are you alright?" Asked gently, regarding his 'head hurting'. "Your head, I mean. Do you require anything for the pain?" Asked as she turns to him.

Daxton's focused on stretching out, no Charlie horses for him, thanks anyway! "No….thanks though. Afterthought had me take soem aspirin and I think I've drank ant half the ocean." He stays bend over his legs, eyes closing as he feels the muscles stretch and then relax with the motion, "Running helps." It always helps, "I don't really understand what that kid did, but I remember Felicia now, mostly. Not here though. At some other place." The other school. There was something else, but he doesn't mention it. It's too weird, and for some reason kinda upsetting.

Ah, Schuyler. Callisto feels the question burning in her chest: 'what of me, of us? Do you remember us?'

Baby steps. She feels a pang of something else… gratitude. So Schuyler has broken through. She saw it all as she had been present but naturally she didn't see what Schuyler observed. But for the Masters boy to dredge up SOME memory.. there's relief.

"T'was the previous school.. the one that fell." She swivels her gaze from the tablet to the speedster, watching his profile as he stretches. "Was destroyed. The student body was put up for a time in a temporary location until this place was completed. T'was where we met." Said simply. She has to offer that up, at least; stop trying to be so mysterious.

"Was there anything else? You look perplexed. Perhaps I can help.. but… t'is your process. I wish not to intrude." Why is she so red? A shrill 'ding!' arises from her tablet.. a notification? Callisto ignores it.

Daxton's eyes open, but he keeps his gaze on his feet, "We met at the school?" How long have they known each other? The dig makes him flinch and he glances away, towards the ocean. "I don't know…it was weird." And even without Coral Springs memories, he's seen some weird stuff. "I don't know that I can have him do that to me every day, my brain will melt."

".. sort of. We met at the in-between." So he's accepting that there is a time 'in between'? That those memories, currently still a blur, in fact exist? Callisto's brow furrows. "You needn't allow that, often… you take what you are given, what is found.. and do as you must. You take your time, look deep into the memories. Pray, Tempo; believe them. They they existed." She turns beseeching blue eyes upon him.

She turns the tablet in his direction… she may as well be out with it. The notification, Oridove's disgruntled 'why u do that?!' text, was also that of her sister asking for some 'scans' of Callisto's credit scores. Downloaded PDF files. In scrolling through her downloads she found….

A picture, revealed to Daxton… it's a mock 'historical' shot of Daxton in a gangster's pinstripe suit and a leggy girl alongside him in a flapper's dress. Tommy gun and smarmy expressions. That night.

"We met, we… well… we had fun. I wish not to melt your brain, but I wish so badly to help you remember…" Callisto looks down, brow still knit.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Mind: Failure.

Daxton seems to be accepting that eh doesn't remember everything now. It's a start. There's something in her tone that makes him look down again at his feet. He feels guilty, but isn't sure why. It takes him a long moment to look over at the tablet, carefully to not lock eyes with her. His head tilts and he frowns, "What is that?" Without thinking, he reaches for the tablet.

The willowy girl does not lean forth or otherwise try to seek extensive eye contact. It's all in Daxton's own time. He looks at the tablet and Callisto hands it to him so that he may take however long he desires to look it over. "T'was back in January." Unsaid: just over a month before Malachite was killed. Their last fun weekend together. "We went away together for a… for a night." Said softly… not wanting to overwhelm him. Color rises along the bare column of her neck. "We did some silly, fun things. This was one of them. You wore that suit well."

It's a… surprisingly fun looking shot. Callisto is in there, practically glowing.. when she is happy her glamour intensifies. At her throat, the gorgon pendant. They're grinning.

"It.. it's valid. It happened." A whisper. "I miss it, you see."

<FS3> Daxton rolls Super Speed: Great Success.

A night? Like, night night? He may not remember things, but…he can do the math. "I…" Tempo's tongue darts out to wet his lips which re suddenly very dry. January? That wasn't long ago at all. "I didn't know…." Obviously. The tablet vibrates in his hand briefly before he quickly sets it down on the ground and rolls to his knees. He had a girlfriend? Has? Had? This is all so confusing! "I…I need to run." Pulse will have to just find him. He can't process this, not onto of remembering Fel and having a frog monster (That he's weirdly not afraid of) in his head. Before she can say anything else, or try to stop him, he's up and run-in again, away in a blur.

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