(2019-04-22) Doors 1 and 2
Doors 1 and 2
Summary: Sky offers to help Daxton. Doors are opened.
Date: 2019-04-22
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English Room Coral Springs

This small classroom is cozy. With enough seats for the students and possibly a few extra. An open air environment. There is a modern whiteboard on one end, attached to equipment to project from a computer and even an somewhat old digital overhead display. The inner walls are lined with book shelves, this room is designed for teaching English. Several window with white trim aline the brick and old concrete outer wall of the fort here, giving a look out over the ocean.

It is a spring day. The weather is warm and sunny.

After some coaxing Daxton finally agreed to letting Sky in his head. It's pretty clear there's been no eye contact with anyone, in fact the normally forward teen seems almost an introvert now. In the room are all the original surviving members of Unit 23, minus Burden. Callisto is there as well, but she's mostly staying in the background, trying to not look too worried. Dax is dressed in running attire, it looks like someone snagged some Ares themed clothes for him while at the school. His blue gaze is out the window, his leg bouncing impossibly fast.

Schuyler wouldn't have put on any school uniform unless he was asked to do so. In fact, Sky is dressed in his more casual 'goth' attire as if he's ready to hop home once this is done…presuming it doesn't knock him out. There's a glance at the members of Unit 23 and he looks back to his sister, giving the faintest indication that he's glad that she's there. He quickly signs, 'No pressure, right?' to her before offering to the others, «I can't promise that I'll be able to do anything, but I'm going to try my best.» Maybe AfterThought's mention of 'kindness' had him thinking a bit. He -was- kind of harsh, even if Daxton -did- break his nose.

Since it is spring break there is no reason for uniforms so Rain has eschewed hers for her usual fashion, which is not remotely goth like her brother. A teal sundress with a white fuzzy sweater over it and ballet flats. She looks the opposite of threatening but there are a few in the room that know it's a deceiving appearance. The signing from Sky has her giving a head shake "Not really Sky. No one is expecting you to do the miraculous." She at least is this thinking realistically. And that's easy for her to say, she is just her for moral support.

Daxton's leg doesn't stop bouncing, in fact, it's basically a blur now. He'd so much rather be running! Inferno's in the corner, the scent of burning is in the air. AfterThought smiles gently and nods to both Sky and Rain as they stand up, "Thank you, we know you will do your best." No pressure indeed. And then there's Pulse, who's glowering at everyone that's in the room except Daxton. But underneath that is clear worry and fear for the other speedster. To Daxton, "You want him to stop and he will, Tempo. Just say it and he will."

Tempo's head turns slightly at Pulse's voice and he nods, "Just do it." Or he's going to end up vibrating through the floor. And he's been told he's already done the lost at sea thing before.

Schuyler is expecting the miraculous! Kind of. It's something he's never done, but seems to think he -can- do…and there's a definite interest in seeing just what will happen. There's another glance to his twin before he looks to AfterThought…not helping with the pressure. There's another glance to Daxton and his jittery leg before he pulls a char over so that he can be directly opposite from the older teen. There's a moment when it looks like he might be trying to say something encouraging, but after some thought only offers a vocal, "Sorry…" before his mind reaches out to the speedster's.

Rain has been in enough of Inferno's PE classes to be used to the scent that lingers around him. It barely registers with her anymore. It shouldn't be a surprise that she ignores everyone in the room after politely greeting them, she isn't here for socializing. "You got this." She reassures her brother as she stands off to the side. Her eyes kind of unfocused as she mentally keeps track of what Sky is doing.

That's…not encouraging! Dax frowns, his eyes raising to about Sky's chest. If he was going to say anything, it's lost as he feels the other Ares's mind enter his. Speedster minds are chaotic at best, Sky's felt that before when he searched for the lost Tempo at sea. But this isn't chaos, this is…lost. His mind is moving like a trapped animal, bouncing at super speeds from corner to corner, with no escape. The time dilation is felt more now, the soldier is desperate to try to hold onto moments, but they keep slipping away. Seems it's a fight for him stay still and be in this moment. Whatever drug and mind control they threw at him was pretty intense.

Schuyler just quietly assesses the information, not doing anything yet as he tries to decide on a tactic. After a moment or two, he decides to try and move a little deeper into Daxton's mind…erasing memories is -really- hard, but they can be buried. Even completely over-writing them is extremely difficult so it's his hope to find where they're hidden. He will do his best not to seem aggressive or freak out Daxton's mind even more as he tries to search past what might be picked up on the surface.

Daxton can't help it, he tenses, his entire body is vibrating now. Almost like it's trying to shake Sky out of him. Deeper into Dax's mind because much more fast, more jumbled and lost. His self identity is so woven with that of the soldier that he was forced to be overrides much of the teenager. There's what appears to be closed places in his mind, that are painful to go near, painful for both Daxton and Sky.

Rain has been following along mentally, backup in case he needs a quick rescue. She remains a silent presence, not wanting to disturb Sky. That could have bad consequences. She has her own mental walls, both self-imposed and those imposed on her, so she recognizes mental defenses when she sees them. »>Are you feeling a mental signature on those?«< she asks along their twin bond. Curious if those are of Dax's making or someone else's.

Rain's question gives Sky pause and he offers back, «Good question. I'll look.» And he'll also think back to what he was told about opening mental blocks. Step number one shall be to look for a key. For that, he tries to find something, first, in 'plain sight' before making his way deeper. But first, he'll look to see if he can find any sort of mental signature as to who put these painful walls up…whether it was Daxton himself or the one who mind-controlled him.

It's not so much a psychic block as a good old fashioned brain washing technique. Which is partially the effects of the drugs, the conditioning, and then Tempo's mind itself trying to protect himself. The space in his head is still moving fast, it's hard to locate anything just laying around, unfortunately. There is a low feeling of vibration, it's steady, like a heart beat or a clock ticking.

Siting there Daxton makes a low noise, eyes closing as he grimaces. He doesn't like this , at all.

Rain says, "»>It may be beneficial to start by showing him you know him.«< Rain suggests to Sky. »>Replay a memory, you two worked out together frequently when we were in school together.«< lay a foundation of trust. It's a stretch, but he has to start somewhere. »>Setting up a mental process to erode the walls over time would be less traumatic then blasting through them now.«<"

«If I can find them, and I wasn't going to blast through.» Sky offers to Rain's suggestion. They don't know each other well, but those memories may be quite hidden. One thing Sky -can- do is share his own memories of doing things as a team and attending the morning workout sessions when Daxton was also a student. Maybe it will help…maybe not, but it's worth a shot. IF a key can't easily be found, he'll start the tedious process of 'picking the locks'.

Daxton shifts, blurring where he sits and AT and Pulse share a concerned look.

The speedster's mind is also restless, running is what he does when things go bad and that need is very prevalent now. It makes pinning down anything difficult. There's glimpses out of the corner of Sky's eye. Dogtags, a green uniform, sand. Heat from an explosion perhaps. Nothing on the surface seems to be connected to his life here at the school, or even before the kidnapping.

Schuyler will try to feed a few more memories of Daxton at the school, but if they prove to be futile still, and there is no recognition, he may move on to trying to 'pick the locks' to the places that are shut off from him. After all, he was never -that- close to the older teen.

The memories don't seem to resinate enough with the speedster to do anything but make him twitch where he's sitting. And grimace again. The entirety of Unit 23 seems to be feeling the tension along with the former Ares.

Inside Daxton's mind it like the training, the conditioning, overpowers the memories. Jogging with Sky becomes cross country training with Pulse. The thumping of the clock still vibrates through his subconscious.

Being a passenger is a lot easier than being the driver and since Rain is just along for the ride mentally she just sits back quietly and let's Sky do his thing. No one likes a back seat driver, or mentalist in this case. When nothing seems to be working so far she sends a wave of mental support to him, mental encouragement that he needs to keep trying, he can do this.

Schuyler isn't terribly surprised that his shared memories won't do anything. It might be too difficult for me to transfer one of Callisto's to him…but that might work later if necessary. After the next attempt continues to fail, he moves to one of the mental 'doors' and decided to go ahead and try and pick that lock. The wave of mental support from Rain is appreciated as he takes on the delicate work of trying to let that door open without forcing it.

It takes a bit of time, Sky's never does this before and Tempo's mind doesn't want to remember these things. The combination of the three lives he's lived is too painful. Pain shoots through both teens, both will have a headache when this is over. But Sky is successful! The lock, as it's represented in Dax's mind crumbles into sand and the blows away on a wind that wasn't there moments ago. The door too is gone, in it's place is Daxton zipping up a grey hoodie over his Lighthouse Pizza work shirt and talking over his shoulder to what appears to be no one. But the boy is smiling, kneeling down to double check his shoe (Nothing more dangerous than an untied shoe for a speedster!). Inside the hood of his hoodie is a small flailing figure. Seems this door held the memories of taxi-ing Felicia around. It's probably all the memories connected to the newest Unit 23 member.

Rain didn't know many of Sky's teammates personally, especially the older ones, but she does know enough to put a name to the powers and "face" in the memory she doesn't know anything more than that though. She pulls slightly back to the room and looks to Inferno and begins to give him an update in her soft cool tones "Sky just unlocked his memories of that Felicia girl…he may not take it well, be ready for anything."

At least it's not slamming the doors open? Sky may be a jerk quite often, but he's aware of how delicate the mind is and is, at least, mindful (pun intended) when dealing with others who aren't his enemy. With the one door open, he moves to another to try and unlock it in the same, slow, tedious process.

Something doesn't go quite right with this door. It could be the shock of the Felicia door opening, but this door cracks before the lock can disappear. Sky can't hear it, but there's a very loud, strange bellow from the other side of the door. But he can feel the vibration that seems to boom in Dax's head. So does Dax, who's hands fly up to his head, fingers grasping like he's trying to put physical pressure onto his mind. He cries out, "No….No, STOP!" But it's too late, the door breaks and in front of Sky is a giant frog. It's…HUGE, and it looks pissed.

Inferno nods to Rain, almost all of the Unit looks relieved that Sky's unlocked something till Tempo cries out.

Once Rain has warned Dax's teammates she once more turns her attention inward to what Sky is doing. She can feel the pressure to, but not on the same level as the other two do. She can hear the bellow in her head and senses things just may go sideways so steps closer to where her brother sits. Not really able to get a full sense if the frog, seeing it all second hand, she does feel her twins reaction to hit. This neither of them expected and instead of letting her brother get into a mental fight he may not win she puts her hands on his shoulders dropping mental shields around thier minds, breaking the link that Sky established with the speedster. "We are done here for now." She says adamantly "Expect him to have a reaction headache." She tells Inferno as she helps Sky up and out the door before his own reaction headache overcomes him.

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