(2019-04-21) The Wrong Foot
The Wrong Foot
Summary: Another gathering outdoors.. Schuyler Masters offers to help Daxton, but it's not taken very well at first.
Date: 2019-04-21
Related: Precedes this log.
NPCs: AfterThought
Scene Runner: NA

Coral Springs Courtyard, Coral Springs
Sun Apr 21, 2019

The path leads up the hill and into a large cobblestone courtyard surrounded by four buildings. In the center of the courtyard is a greenspace, landscaped with flowers that spell out Coral Springs. In the center of the greenspace is a large statue, a memorial to the lives that were lost during the attack on the previous school. In the distance the tip of a lighthouse can be seen. Between the buildings is a view of the ocean. It seems the school has been built on the tallest cliff of the island and has a lovely view of the open ocean to the southeast.

With the view between the buildings it almost seems like you can take to the skies and FLY. Maybe if you had wings, or some other way to FLY you could.

It is a spring night. The weather is warm and sunny.


With escort Daxton has finally been given permission to leave the power restrictive area. He's had a shower recently, a change of clothes. Unit 23 is nearby, some closer than others. AfterThought floats next to the speedster, their shadow tentacles seems to be glaring them along just fine. Dax has been quite, no eye contact with people, but he does seem to breath easier as soon as he was able to feel time the way he's supposed to again. Or maybe it's the fresh air and sunshine.

A certain fey girl was continuously present throughout the previous days. Either as a silent, watchful presence in the background.. or someone who was actively (yet carefully) partaking in Daxton's recovery. She came to know of a favorite body wash of his, for example, in the 'Days Before'. This was mysteriously provided when he was allowed to have showers. There have also been a multitude of what Callisto came to know of as his favorite snacks and suppers being sent into that room. All of these tiny nuances… they all add up, don't they?

At present the girl can easily be found in the courtyard, settled away with her back to the sunshine and her body overshadowing a tablet in her lap. Look at her getting all tech-savvy! OK not really but she appears to be browsing some manner of site that is based upon a location in Thunder Bay. The sunlight feels nice. Footsteps catch her attention and she looks up from her seat, spying Daxton and AfterThought. A quick inhalation and Callisto makes to slowly stand, watching them, hair silver-white in a corona of sun.

Schuyler had to make a stop in town before packing up to head back home for Spring Break so he's just stepped into the Courtyard with a reusable bag full of items. He makes it into the area the same time Daxton and the others do and he arches a pale eyebrow, «They let you back out?» There's a glance to AfterThought, «Is he still all messed in the head? Need any help with that?»

Daxton frowns, there's a voice in his head! His head swivels around before landing on Sky. Well his blue eyes land on Sky's chest and then lower to the ground near his feet. He says nothing.

Afterthought's head lilts though, "He is doing much better. Fresh air is good for everyone." A soft smile to the deaf boy, "You have permission from Inferno, but you would need to ask Tempo." Tempo frowns, gaze shifting towards AT, unsure what she even means.

She 'heard' snippets of Sky's query in her own head, but as Callisto hadn't been focusing she didn't get it all. Instead her piercing gaze looks between the three assembled. She is still standing in a sleek-fitting dress of sorts; it's made for sunny days. The tablet is held screen-down in front of her abdomen. To Sky, she turns. «Tempo is incensed with anyone entering his mind. Perhaps I can serve as a translator, Schuyler?» She asks of the Masters boy. «Speak to me via telepathy of what you would like to say to him, and perhaps I can voice it for you. I do not know if he knows ASL.» She offers to Sky.

Callisto turns to look upon Daxton next, "Hello Tempo. T'is beautiful out… I am pleased to see you here." … he smells nicer, too.

«I don't really care what he things,» Sky offers with a bland sort of smile at Callisto's warning, but he looks to AfterThought for a moment and then at Daxton. The smile grows a little more amused as he can't even meet his eyes but he shakes his head at Callisto's offer to help translate. «That won't be necessary, but thank you.» There's a brief clearing of his throat before he speaks, "I'm supposed to ask if you would like help remembering things. Your head is all sorts of messed up. Do you want to live like that or would you like help getting back to who you actually are?"

Daxton can't meet anyone's eyes. Afterthought's kind smile fades, clearly not fining any amusement in whatever Sky is. "You should care." They slowly reach over and touches Dax's back.

Daxton glances at Calli, but then back at Sky's feet as he speaks. "Fuck off." A vibration runs through his body as he crosses his arms. "I don't need help from anyone that doesn't care what I think." He's had too many people in his head that don't care.

It goes without saying that Callisto favors Sky, has a sort of understanding with him as a fellow mentalist.. but she cannot help the flare of protectiveness that flickers in her guts. «I care. Schuyler, please-» A blink as the mental exchange shifts, and Daxton says his piece. Her silver lashes flutter downwards upon her cheeks as if pained, but she quickly opens her eyes to look between the trio again. After everything that a 'lack' of permission has caused in her life to date — damn her mother — … the fey girl sees fit not to push any manner of envelope.

She steps aside, indicates the sunny pathway… the chairs and table she vacated; the open expanse of pathway and land. Mana for one who has been cooped up. "Sit. Walk. Take in the sun." She bids softly, before turning her gaze to Sky. How will he react?

Oh, we're going to have to play -this- game. Since Daxton obviously heard his mental speech, Sky goes back to that. «I will clarify: I don't care what you think -of me-. If I cared what people thought of me, I'd be a wreck.» So he just doesn't. He also looks to AfterThought at that clarification. «But you don't want help? Fine.» He shrugs and starts to move towards the school.

Daxton doesn't say anything else, his current thoughts stumbled over themselves, some mean, some terrified. Callisto's legs are looked at, not wanting to say anything.

AT's head tilts again, "It's not about caring what people think then, but being kind, Sky." They're not going to beg for help, Inferno has a no begging rule, but AT will watch Sky shrug and turn. "Why did you offer to help him?"

The willowy girl watches Sky depart, her brow furrowed. She recalls when the boy used his powers to help save Daxton one other time when he was lost at sea. Helped to locate him. Callisto observes helplessly as Sky prepares to depart and AT moves to engage him… and it is in her best interest to keep the speedster calm — or try to — as the androgynous goth elects to speak with Sky; ask him questions.

One more worried look and Callisto turns to see Daxton standing there, looking down at the ground and perhaps her feet. She takes a risk and holding her tablet to her stomach, she reaches forth with her free hand to very gently… try to touch his elbow. If Dax does not flinch away her fingers will settle there. "Come, let me show you something. We shall not move far from AT, not at all.. but you must look up." Bid gently to the troubled boy, her neck craning to get a look at Daxton's face.

«Kindness is overrated,» Sky will offer but he does look to Callisto. «Mostly for her…but also because I -can-.» Help. Or he thinks he can. He's also not going to beg to help either. «I also don't like seeing people who's minds have been messed with. Even if he broke my nose, it's just not right.» He'll glance over at Callisto as she tries to urge Daxton to look up before he looks back to AfterThought.

Daxton turns a little more towards Callisto. There's not a flinch at the touch, but he also doesn't look up. "Look at what?"

AT's head shakes gently, "It is only overrated when you do not have it." Do they mean giving or receiving it? A deep breath, although the thin figure doesn't seem to move much with it. "It is nt right what has been done to Tempo. If you wish to help him, I will speak to him." AT doesn't know Sky well enough, but is guessing that perhaps he's just not a people person at all. "Tempo has been trained to kill, I am glad it was just your nose."

"Schuyler is good-at-heart, Tempo.. he has helped others." Callisto offers; at least to her observation. "I understand that this was not an ideal approach. You are safe. He will not trespass. T'is entirely in your own power and scope to protect your mind." Callisto explains of Schuyler; it is all spoken in a whisper. She 'overhears' Sky's words in her mind — the Masters boy's dislike of mental tampering — and Callisto gives Sky a soft, knowing look over a shoulder.

Dax does not flinch away but he does not look up, either.

"Look to the southeast, toward the sighing sea. The sun yet has a couple of hours remaining to it's reign but t'is a beautiful sight. Look up, even toward the greenspace and how it bends to the sun and breath sea. There is open space. Why don't you try running?"

Schuyler isn't going to try and get analyzed by AfterThought right now…if they want to try and approach him with that later, he might acquiesce. Maybe. Depending on his mood. Pale eyes slide back to Daxton briefly, «I don't think he meant to do more than get away from me. He may have been trained to kill, but I don't think he would have done it indiscriminately.» He actually gave Daxton a level of trust in that even though he was mentally holding Daxton frozen in place. «The offer is there if he wants it. It can't be fun living in a world where you don't know the people who care for you,» that last gets another glance towards Callisto.

Daxton's arms tighten, "I….can't." can't what? "I've never been able to protect my mind. If I could.." Well, if he could, he'd not be in this position. He will look towards the sea and the pretty colors of the island, "Pulse said she'd run with me later."

AT then smiles again, "He always tried not to." That's said with a weird affection. The Unit 23 member glides over to the speedster, reaching a thin hand out to him, "Tempo….I will assist Sky. Please let him help." He lets them take his hand, eyes trailing on the shadows on the ground. "It will help the Unit, to have you whole again."

A twinge, but Callisto remembers AT's words at the first instance of that awful, useless mortal emotion of 'jealousy'. But to her credit she bows her head affirmative, "T'is a fine evening for it." She concedes and even manages a smile.

She studies the sea, gaze held in profile for a time as she considers, but then AT's words catch her attention. "And for what it is worth, I shall be there too. I shall not interfere but I can vouch for the safety.. for Schuyler's skill." She offers gently, looking between Sky and AT.. giving space as the latter reaches for Daxton. One more reassuring look, and she turns her sleek-haired head back toward the ocean. The sight of water always calms Callisto.

The offer of help and assistance isn't met with resistance. Actually, he wouldn't mind the help, especially from people who know Daxton better than him. Sky gives a nod of agreement as both offer to help try to get his memories back. «It'll help you too,» he offers but then shrugs. «Let me know if he agrees. I'm around for another day or so.» Before they head home for the break. «No one should have their mind messed with,» is offered again. With that, he'll continue his way back to the school.

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