(2019-04-19) Makes You Wonder How the Other Half Lives
Makes You Wonder How the Other Half Lives…
Summary: Syd went home with Kaylee for Spring Break. Thanks to Ms. Sunshine, she got invited to a party. There’s alcohol. Underage drinking. Even Kaylee. gasp
Date: 2019.04.19
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So, it's the first Friday of Spring Break, and the last First Friday of Spring Break of Kaylee Blake's high school career, along with several of her friends. Which is why they're all currently out in the humongous back yard of a nearby friend's home, listening to music around a bonfire. And yes, beer is available for those who are interested, but no SERIOUS liquor. Parents are RIGHT OVER THERE!
Kaylee is currently sitting on a chair, tallie in hand, laughing at something one of the boys has done- there are probably a dozen kids around, all high school students. And, since Kaylee introduced Sydney, everyone has just taken it for granted that Sydney is 'cool,' even if some of them are very interested in her metallic body and what that means for … well, teenage stuff. So she's probably gotten or is getting lots of questions, though nobody is probably going to be OVERLY rude about anything.

Sydney sips her beer thoughtfully. Party. The music is top 40 instead of headbangin' metal, but hey. It's music. It's got a beat she can work with, most of it. And the dancing she's done seems to have gotten her some interesting conversations, anyway. She flashes a smile at the latest guy to flirt with her, and wanders over toward Kaylee. "Thanks for getting me invited to this. I haven't been to a party since the 80s. Literally." She sips her beer, trying very hard not to get drunk tonight. Drunk steel girl=poor guest, in her mind.

"Of course! I mean, you wanted to come back with me for break, why would I NOT invite you!" Kaylee says, happily. "I'm just glad you and Cora decided to come back with me! Every other break, nobody really seems to want to come visit with me, so there's never anyone here to help tell stories about school and stuff. I mean, not that we can tell ALLA stories or anything, but at least everybody sees that I'm not just making everything up!" And she'll hold out her beer can to clink against Syd's before she takes another drink.

"So … how do you like Blades so far? I mean, we haven't even really SEEN anything yet. My mom will give us a tour tomorrow, if we want. We can hit up the spa, or the country club over in Seaport. … can you DO spa stuff? I mean, you probably wouldn't get any use out of a mask or a mud bath or anything, huh? … can you get massages or ANYTHING?" Kaylee asks. And it's pretty easy to tell that, while she's certainly far from drunk, drinking definitely makes Kaylee a little louder and more sing-songy than normal.

Sydney moves her beer to her other hand and holds out her right hand toward Kayla. "Feel. I can do spa stuff. I can get a massage. The mud bath might make me rusty, but that's no biggie. I get rusty anyway. Country club… I dunno. I've never been to one. What do you do there?"

Kaylee reaches out and pets, then rubs Sydney's arm kinda like you would … something you hadn't ever felt beforee? "Oh! … WEIRD!" she chirps, grinning. "I always thought you'd feel- ya know- like metal!" And more beer. At the question about the Country Club, Kaylee shrugs and leans back in her chair, stretching her legs out and crossing them. She's wearing simple blue jeans and a tank top underneath an orange button down shirt which is buttoned about halfway. She's got her hair twisted into braided pig tails. "There's lots to do. Tennis, swimming, the sauna, pool, basketball, badminton, golf …. I mean, haven't you ever seen like Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore or any other movie with smarmy rich people who hang out somewhere that they don't want REGULAR people hanging out at? … it's seriously prett much like that. Except you can come with me so they can't keep us out."

Sydney feels remarkably like skin. A little smoother, hairless, and unusually warm, but pliant and soft like you'd expect. It even feels like she has bones underneath. "I'm a non-Newtonian fluid. Flexible at low energy, hard at high energy. Hell, I used to have to sleep in the tub because I'd kind of melt while I slept." Syd sips her beer. Her hair is pretty much as usual. She's been too busy to figure out and memorize a new style for it. By contrast, her legs are bare. If it weren't a bonfire she might be a little chilly. "Never played tennis or b-ball, saunas and pools are great… and I have no idea what badminton is." She thinks about it. "You know, I did see Caddyshack when it came out on HBO. I dunno, I guess I just figured I'd never see anything like that, you know? I wasn't even regular people. I was one of those kids from the bad part of town that even regular people didn't necessarily like. I mean… living at the school is like living in someone else's hotel room, it's so nice." She looks at Kaylee, then back at the fire, and sips her beer some more. "It's good to see you guys party too though. That's not so different."

"Kids are kids are kids, as my dad always says!" Kaylee announces, holding her beer up. Because that's, apparently, what you do when you quote your parents. She snickers and grins, afterwards, highly amused at whatever joke she thinks she just made. "There really ISN'T a bad side to Blades. Or Seaport, really. Like, I don't think I've ever even SEEN a homeless person, here. But, we're still a PREEEEETTY small town, compared to places like Thunder Bay! But it's nice, because even though there aren't that many of us," Kaylee indicates by gesturing at all of the gathered teens. "We're all pretty good friends, for the most part. There are a few stinky noodle faces that I grew up with, but you can generally ignore them and they don't get invited to hang out with the rest of us."

Sydney nods slowly. "Yeah… we all start out the same I guess. Except for the whole parents thing." She sips her beer. Sighs, and slams down the rest of it, then crushes the can into a solid aluminum nugget in her hand. "Just so you know… Thunder Bay is a small town. I grew up outside of Chicago. Different world. You go out in it, be careful, ok? Like you were on a mission, at least until you're used to it." Because everyone who isn't made of metal is fragile and vulnerable, right? Nevermind that Kaylee could blast airliners out of the sky… "So what makes a…stinky…noodle face?"

"Well, I'm going to school in Storrs, So … no big city life for me, yet!" Kaylee says, grinning and wrinkling her nose at Sydney. "But I've been to Chicago! I've even been to New York City! That's where I was when my powers kicked in! And then I got WHISKED AWAY to Coral Springs," Kaylee says, complete with hand gestures. Obviously, the beer is starting to get to her. … did they not eat much before they went out?
"And a stinky noodle face is a person like Daxton or Bronwyn or Grayson or Tabby! They're stinky because they're not very nice and they're noodle faces because they always make these weird faces at me! So stinky noodle faces!" Clear as mud, right?

Sydney laughs softly. "Okay. okay. I've met Daxton like once, and Bron is kind of nice but awfully full of herself. I can see that you and she wouldn't get along. Kinda rub each other exactly the wrong way." She sits down next to Kaylee, on the ground, wrapping her arms around her knees as much as her figure permits without cheating. She looks over the crowd, then down at the aluminum nugget in her hand, then at Kayla. And chuckles. "You're drunk already?"

"I AM NOT DRUNK," Kaylee pronounces. And, after a moment, she adds, "Yet. Almost, though!" And then there's another giggle. "Just cuz I'm so tall doesn't mean I can't be a lightweight!" she accuses. "Plus, I don't ever drink on campus or near school, so! Never gonna learn to hold my weight if I don't try!" Then, she snickers again and sighs. "And I'm not just buzzed. I'm happy, too. But I would call Daxton and Bronwyn stinky noodle faces even if I was totally sober. I really, REALLY don't like to say bad or mean things about people, so that's about as harsh as I get."

Sydney gets up quietly. One might wonder if she was offended by something, but she's back in a minute or two with another beer. Two of them, in fact. She sits down where she was and pops the top on one with one finger. "Nothing wrong with being a lightweight. Getting plastered three times on one sixpack saves a lot of money." She offers the unopened beer to Kaylee. "So… you're going to college on a sports scholarship… what then?"

"Ohhhhh no," Kaylee says, waving her hand and holding up the can she's presently got, swishing what little is left of its contents around in the can. "Have to eat or dance or SOMETHING before I drink any more. I still gotta walk home and you would not BELIEVE how disorienting three-dee vision is when you're drunk," she explains, chuckling. And then she takes the beer from Sydney and tucks it next to her in her seat. "And then maybe I'll play in the WNBA or join a super team. I'm not sure! I mean, I've got four more years to figure it out."

Sydney thinks about that and sips her new beer. "No, I probably wouldn't. I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do. I mean super-team yeah… that's an obvious choice… but damn, I'm tired of being poor."

Kaylee grimaces and looks very sheepish at Sydney's last comment. "Oh gosh, I'm sorry. … I'm not making it worse, am I? I know it's easy for me to say, since I've never really gone without anything while I was growing up. … but I can promise you that material possessions can't really make you happy. At least, not the way that having loved ones can!" she says, reaching over to give Sydney's shoulder a gentle rub if it's allowed.

Sydney leans over to rest her head on Kaylee's shoulder a moment. It's allowed. Definitely. "No arguments there. Definitely no arguments there."

Awww! Kaylee will give Sydney's shoulder a squeeze. … and then she stands up. "OKAY!" she announces. And then she wobbles a little, but steadies herself. "It's my Last First Friday Night of Spring Break in High School, and gosh darn it, I am going to have fun! So enough moping. Let's Dance!" And then she'll try to pull Sydney up so that she can follow her towards the group of teens that are doing what passes for dancing these days.

Sydney wont resist more dancing. Her moves are probably more like the chaperones would dance in a private moment than her "peers" but… alcohol isn't called a social lubricant for nothing, right?

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