(2019-04-17) Understanding Ponies
Understanding Ponies
Summary: Better weather means more outdoorsy things… and charlie-horses.
Date: 2019-04-17
Related: References to the Alicorn plot.
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Back Field, Coral Springs
Wed Apr 17, 2019

The back field hasn't seen much use yet. Clearly it will in the future, but at the moment it is a large meadow with tall grass, overgrown shrubs and wildflowers blooming in it during the spring and summer.

It is a spring evening. The weather is warm and sunny.


<FS3> Callisto rolls Physical: Failure.

Simply put, it's a beauty of a day out there. Classes have ended for the day and stretching ahead of the student body, now, is… Spring Break! Starting tomorrow actually but now that the day's lessons are wrapped up.. they are free.

Especially Freshmen and Sophomores. But too bad for Callisto, she is a Senior and most of her days off will either be spent working, or supplying her patience and time to help get Daxton back into sorts.

At this time however Callisto is taking some time just for herself. The days of sunlight are longer and even after supper there is still ample light casting it's warmth and ambiance down upon the grounds below. It's just that sort of golden splendor, as it wanes into a sunset, that makes the skies all-the-more beauteous. It's the best time for Callisto to show herself out onto the grounds to meditate… and plan.

So at this hour of roundabouts 6pm, Callisto is set up in the meadow beyond the main buildings, long legs curved lotus-style beneath her body, hair twitching in the warm breeze. Lashes are closed but her brow is just barely furrowed, signifying a troubled train of thought. Suddenly her calf muscle cramps up into a doozie of a charley horse and the fey girl's eyes fly open. She eases forth and clamps her palms around her left calf, lips pressed into a tense line of pain. What the hell?!

Great minds think alike. Even if one of them is kind of a one-track mind. For once Gabrielle isn't teleporting around. Instead she's walking out of the school, swords strapped to her back, a bunch of boards over her shoulders.

Once she seems Callisto she slows down and watches the girl thoughtfully for a moment. Until she gets a cramp. Once Calli's eyes are open Gabrielle saunters over to her and asks, "Do you want some help with that?" The question might sound confident but her eyes are firmly glue to the tip of her sneakers.

The startle at being discovered is a double-whammie for Callisto who thought she could just ride it out in peace. She's never had something like this before! She's always been good about stretches and not going into physical activity 'cold'. As the slim muscle goes utterly batshit within the confines of her flesh the fey girl tries to understand why. What—oh wait…

… Callisto didn't drink much water today. Classes were busy and she spent much of lunch getting details on how the speedster has been doing. Then afternoon classes and straight into this… not one recollection of drinking warm water as she is typically good about.

So hearing Gabs, Callisto looks up immediately with a flushed face. "Ugh-" She exhales, looks apologetic. "T'is awful… should I try to stand? What is this called again..? T'is a… charlie.. mule?" The muscle twitches beneath her palms.

Gabrielle drops her boards off to the side with a clatter then slides down to a cross-legged sitting position right next to Callisto's legs. "Well, technically, its a cramp. But some people call it a Charlie horse too. I don't know why. And you could walk it off or stretch it out but it goes away easier if someone massages it out." Dancer, gymnast, fighter… Gabby's had her share of cramps and muscle seizures, so she knows what she's talking about and she at least sounds confident about what she's saying. "I can show you a stretch that'll work well or I can massage it for you. Your choice." As confident as the first thing she said came out, that's how shy the offer is.

It's not often that Callisto experiences this. Even as her calf throbs, the birds continue to sing and the sunshine settles upon her shoulders almost lovingly. The very meadow in which the two girls meet up is fairly illuminated with the glow. It is after supper on a sunny, warm Wednesday evening. Though the hour creeps up on 6pm, there's still enough sunlight left — that mellow, soft evening sun — to allow for an idyllic bit of rumination in the back fields.

Unless you're Callisto who, due to not drinking enough water, is being afflicted by a charlie horse and is doubled over in discomfort. Gabrielle has joined her and has seated herself alongside the fey girl, offering assistance in the form of either advice or physical aide.

Callisto turns to look upon the smaller blue-haired girl. "A stretch would be a good idea.. what might you suggest?" Asks Callisto in a strained voice.. she isn't going to put Gabs in the uncomfortable position of having to massage her leg.

Gabrielle goes over to the nearest tree and puts the ball of her foot against the trunk. Then she grabs the trunk with both hands and pulls herself towards the tree, getting her hips as close as possible to it, which with her freakishly ridiculous flexibility means she's just plastered flat against the tree. As she physically demonstrates the stretch she also talks Callisto through it, "And once you're as close to the trunk as you can get with your hips you can change where the stretch is strongest by rolling your hips *gently* from side to side."

Once she's finished the demonstration she goes back to Callisto, where she sitting next to the pile of boards Gabby was carrying around, and offers her a hand up. "Got it?"

Besa's out walking with Cocoa. The teen is going slow, his bandages are gone from the stabbing, but he's still moving gingerly. Cocoa though, she's hyper, and happy, barking and dashing back and forth. As soon as she senses anyone Cocoa darts towards the students. She makes it to rem well before Besa, but her tail slows, whining softly as she senses Callisto's pain. From further away Besa can be heard calling her, "Cocoa! Do not bother people!"

The white-haired girl watches the display with no scrap of shame or shyness. As far as Callisto is concerned the body is both a tool and an art form and however one sees fit to use it, all power to them. It's clear that Gabrielle is versed in the dance — for art and for attack — and even as the biting cramp becomes a nasty, tight ache the fey girl takes in the pattern. A slow nod of her head, "I shall try." Agrees the girl and when Gabs reaches out to help her, Callisto takes the hand and stands. "I—ow.." She hisses her discomfort, stumbles lightly. "Gods, I have never before experienced this. Is that not foolish?" She's trying to make light of it but it feels as if her muscles in that part of her leg have become tangled, taut cords. "Alright, I must get to the tree-" Another voice…?

Barking, and Besa. Callisto knows that the boy will worry, "I shall try your stretch. Please reassure Besa and Cocoa that all is well." She asks gently of Gabs, and smiles lightly. "Thank you." Another thought occurs to her… she actually owes these two an apology.

For now, Callisto eases her body in toward the tree, tresses still quivering in the warm breeze.

Cocoa comes into view first, rushing towards the teens, sniffling worriedly. Soon enough Besa is visible as well, "Hello? I am sorry….Cocoa, come here now!" A frown forms on his face, confused as to what is going on, "Is…everything ok?' Is the tree alright?

Gabrielle waves hi to Besa but sticks next to Callisto. She doesn't actually say it but she's staying close enough that if she needs to she can support herself on Gabrielle's shoulder, probably using the shorter girl as an ambulatory cane, given the differences in their heights. "Hi Cocoa. Hi Besa. Callisto has a cramp so I'm showing her how to stretch it out. How are the two of you today?" Not that Cocoa can answer, but Besa can. For both of them.

The mentalist is a good listener.. she emulates Gabrielle's instructions to a T, though once or twice she needs to hold onto the smaller girl's shoulder to maintain that balance. It's all quick touches and before long Callisto presses the front of her body — chest and hips — th the tree and begins the careful swaying of hips. THe tree is getting a trunk-dance! c_c

But as she arches the afflicted leg and pulls it carefully.. carefully… the biting in that muscle begins to alleviate. Callisto exhales sharply and sighs with relief. "Ah-" She relaxes, "That did it."

She glances over a shoulder at Besa and Cocoa. "Good evening Besa, Cocoa. Forgiveness, I've had my first 'charlie horse'. T'is not my idea of a good time. Gabrielle rescued me." Said as she tosses her hair back quickly. "How fare you?" Asked as she sways her hips in the other direction.

Besa's eyes widen slightly as Callisto does….that to the tree. He clears his throat and glances away, "I am well, thank you for asking." Thankfully the sun is setting, so the slight blush on his cheeks isn't as visible.

Gabrielle grins at Besa's reaction but hides it behind a little *coughcough*. Once Callisto has finished stretching out her calf and is in no danger of falling over she goes back to her stack of boards and starts putting them together with some bolts adn nuts she pulls out of her pocket. Which is the perfect excuse not to look at Callisto as she says, "Ummmm… So… How've you been feeling lately, Callisto? Like, moodwise?"

Mercifully the girl eases back from the tree and when she returns to her original point of meditation, Callisto eases down and seats herself upon her arse, legs stretched out in front of herself. She'll be downing some glasses of water later and pissing her name all night but at least she won't have to deal with that pain again. Cerulean eyes firstly study Gabrielle's work, "What is this, that you work upon?" She asks with earnest curiousity. But then the other girl's latter question segues completely into that which Callisto has been ruminating. She slides her gaze over to the blushing Besa, then back to Gabs. Now she has the grace to flush delicately in her cheekbones.

"I've been better… still much to see to, but I am.. aware now." Of what? Her brow furrows. "I ask of forgiveness, from you both, for the problems that my powers have visited upon you. I should have known of this byproduct of my… abilities… t'is not unheard of in my kind. But I am truly sorry about what they… the… t-those…" A deep breath. "What the creatures have done, the inconveniences."

Besa studies Gab's board as well, better than studying Callisto! "There is nothing to ask forgiveness for my friend." Beside being annoying, it wasn't really a problem.

Gabrielle actually has to swallow as the conversation reminds her of Pony Land food and makes her start to literally drool. Once she's cleared that obstacle she agrees with Besa,"Nothing to apologize for. In some ways it was actually kind of fun." Pausing for a second to swallow again she finishes, "But it made it really clear you're unhappy about something."

IN other news, she finishes assembling what is now clearly a very crude wooden dummy, which she carries a few feet away and slams into the ground, driving it a few inches into the soft dirt. The boards that make up the dummy are all marked up with dents, clearly results of being hit with the wooden cutlasses Gabby still has strapped to her back.

"Fun..?" Callisto was moreso subscribed to the fact of it being annoying.. but it helps to hear that. She watches Gabrielle for a moment and indeed surmises the girl's truth. "Well.. I am relieved that you had taken it in good stride. Upon finding out I was.. mortified." She admits, leaning forward to knead her fingers into her calf muscles. "I was grievously unhappy… disappointed in myself. So it manifested in my very subconscious awakening in an effort to fix the problem. T'was a part of my mind that I hadn't even lent a shred of thought toward.. not since childhood." A long time ago.

A blush… no longer a pinkening but a deep reddening. "They continue to exist in my dreaming but in knowing of them now I can keep them contained to my dreams. I have never before had dream magic affect the waking world. I must make sure to not let my moods grow that dire.."

A soft laugh, "They meant well.. they were so deliriously happy, were they not? Almost too much… but when I discovered that they were taking peoples' things…"

Fun is not how B would describe it, but he's glad that Gab had fun. "What are you doing, Gabrielle?" He's seen dummies before, but never seen one assembled before. The ancient teen lays a hand on his stomach, the three new scars ache gently. Cocoa walks over to Callisto and sniffs her, just to make sure the elf is okay. His perfect hair bounces as he nods to Callisto, "It is alright my friend. They were very….sugar coated."

Gabrielle adds dreamily, "And the food was soooo gooood" followed by another swallow. Unsheathing her practice swords she stands with the dummy between herself and everyone else so she can practice without giving people her back, which would be rude. "I don't have space to keep a practice dummy in my room so I cobbled one together that I can take apart and put in the closet. Staff was getting unhappy about me using the swords on the ones in the gym. And, Callisto, they were *borrowing* things. They should have asked first but they were giving it all back after sucking the joyu out of them." Because that sounds any better.

Out of thin air, Dylan just blinks into existence, about four feet from the ground. He is laughing at something as he does so. He lands on the ground a little bit roughly, which causes him to laugh even harder. When he looks up and sees the small gathering, a wide smile spreads across his lips. "Oh, hey girls…" To Besa, the grin widens even more, "Hey Babe!."

The.. food? Callisto looks boggled. Did the dream energies actually affect peoples' senses? Was it an illusion that literally gave students the impression of eating? She looks skyward almost woefully, so confused is she, and that is when Cocoa checks on her. Slender hands lift to give the loyal pupper some good scritches. "I must talk to my sister." Said in a low whisper. "She will know more. I have… never before experienced that… I wish not to cause others more grief."

Then, a wild Dylan appears! She smiles at his greeting, smiles even wider at the boy's greeting toward Besa. "Good evening Dylan. How have you been?"

Besa's nose wrinkles, he didn't try the food, believing it was weirdly influential. And he definitely disagrees with Gab's statement that it was alright to suck the joy from objects. It's a terrible thing! Turning as his boyfriend appears, 'Tom! Be careful!" Although he grins at the boy, "What is so funny?" The pet name makes him smiles brighter. Speaking of pets, after noting Callisto gives her love, Cocao will do to Dylan to get her pets. It's a toll that must be paid!

Eeep! Boys appearing from thin air! Sure, Gabrielle might do it all the time but it doesn't mean she's used to being on the receiving end of it. Which means she ends up using her wooden dummy as a hidding place, peering around the side of the board that serves as the dummy's head, quietly watching the exchange to avoid drawing attention to herself.

Dylan stands up, brushing off his knees from the dirt. He is laughing, "Oh, I have been in town at the old hospital playing around… I kind of got into it with some of the townies, so I was playing tag with them… well, I was playing, I don't think they thought it was very fun." He is practically beaming. "Hi, Callie, how are you doing?" He peers over at Gabrielle, "Hey, there."

Funny how the girl hardly even seems bothered by the manner of Dylan's arrival. Could Callisto know the boy well? Be accustomed to how he comes and goes? Gabby is painfully shy, Callisto studies Dylan for a few heartbeats, making sure he didn't hurt himself in his arrival. She uses a tone that a patient girl might use toward a mischievous younger sibling, when speaking to 'Tom': "I am.. well enough." Answered, and then.. "Be careful. Of that hospital, for it's structure is not sound. And townies? Maple Drive folks? They tend to get tetchy. Do not be going and getting yourself hurt." But she smirks.. Dylan amuses her. She watches Cocoa going to the boy and Besa's brightening. It's nice to see.

Regarding the ponies' campaign of joy-gathering: "I do not like the sound of that… even if they were borrowing such things, t'is not wise to deface others' beloved belongings. I spoke to this 'Thlipsi' of my desire to not see such things come to pass again…" Blink, Callisto digs her fingers into her pearlescent tresses, roughs them up a bit. "Fates, how mad I sound! If these beings speak to me in waking, then I shall take other measures… but… I shall not condone the taking… borrowing of items." A softening of those eyes and she lowers her hands into her lap. "None of it shall happen again. I swear it."

Besa's brow furrows, dark eyes roaming over Dylan to make sure he's not injured. Stepping closer, he reaches for the boy's hand, "You should not tease people, Tom." There's not much of a disapproving tone though to his voice. "Do not fret so, Callisto. Everything is well." Seeing the hiding Gab, "Gabrielle, do you know Tom? He is an Ares, and is a very good person." After a moment he grins, "His powers are much like yours!"

Gabrielle edges her head out a little more to the side so that now her whole face can be seen. For a few moments she mumbles something to herself them force a 'friendly' smile, "I've seen him around. Hadn't had a chance to meet him yet. Hi… Tom?" She ends up sounding a little confused. Maybe she's heard a different name for the bopy around campus. but that's how Besa's introducing him so that's what she goes with.

Dylan offers Gabrielle a wide smile and a nod. "Tom's a nickname… My real name is Dylan Sawyer… so you know Tom Sawyer, like Mark Twain…. Nice to meet you Gabrielle." He looks over at Callisto, "Oh, I won't get hurt… but the chance of it is enough to make it fun." He chuckles with that impish laugh of his. Yeah, in many ways the young teleporter does have a very fae attitude about a great many things. He heads over and gives Callisto a quick hug and a smile, before he goes over to do the same with Besa, though that hug is a bit more lingering.

Fey-like is right. There's a variant of fey — typically Dark-aligned — known for their mischief. Callisto's eyes twinkle mysterious. "Puckish." Said with a snort, and silver eyelashes flutter closed as she eases into a bit of breathing. Seems she can still meditate / unwind and the voices of her classmates / friends only prove to help her along. "I would be a hypocrite to slander the old hospital. There are favorable memories there." What?!

Seems Callisto has a touch of mischief to her as well. "Is this sky not amazing? Look at the sun. T'is like an aquarelle." She turns her head sleekly toward the horizon, beyond the meadow. No wonder there's been no ponies. Callisto is at relative peace.. for now. Eyes are closed in concentration to afford to Besa and Dylan privacy in their greeting.

Oh Dylan, Besa tugs gently on his hand, "Do not get hurt." Besa's get enough scars this month, TY. The hug is held onto a moment long on B's part as well, he likes getting hugs from Dylan! The sky is studied before the Promethean agrees, "It is very pretty. Is everyone ready for spring break?" Oh! That reminds him, "Ashton has invited you to come along to his grandparents lake house, near the end of the week, Tom. If you would like. I do nto know what your plans are with your grandmother." He lets Gabrielle sort out her shyness for now.

Dylan leans against Besa. "Mostly plan on just hanging out with her. I think that we have some tribal stuff, but I'm not sure about that." He pauses and grins at Callisto, "Puckish… I kind of like that." Yeah, he would. "Puck.. that could be my superhero code name…" He looks at Besa, cocking his head, "I know you are friends, but it's a weird friendship you gotta admit, but it sounds like it could be cool. I'll need some way to get there though."

"Puck." Laughs Callisto softly, before she quiets and contents herself with listening to Spring break plans. She already knows of her own.. and she's complete okay with it. She turns to observe the shy Gabby for a moment, but sees fit to leave her be to process the situation. Instead she turns back to observe the two boys, though she doesn't look to be immersing herself too much in their conversation. Privacy and all. She leans forth and rubs her calf muscles again, looking pleased at the pain abating.

Besa shifts so Dylan's not leaning against anything that is still achey from the stabbing. "That sounds nice." What he would give to do tribal stuff, but unfortunate, all his is non creepy priests things. And that's not good. His own head tilts as he questions Dylan, "Why is it weird? I am cursed, everything about me is weird. You can come with us, and then you will have been and can…power back and forth, yes?" Besa's only read some of the great bard's work, Midsummer hasn't made the list yet. But it will, and then he'll get the name!

Dylan shrugs, "I don't know.. It's kind of weird considering your past and the fact that he's part demon." Dylan doesn't know that he is the son of the demon that claimed Besa's destiny. "And he seems nice enough, but I don't know… I just find it weird… " He nods, "Yeah, once I'm there I can come and go as I want. That makes sense."

Callisto is meditating and Gabrielle, who usually reacts to social stress by running instead resorts to her own form of meditation; controlled violence. So she steps back from the dummy slowly and starts filling the air with the rhythmic sound of dense wooden swords hitting the lighter wooden boards that make up the dummy. Belatedly she answers Besa's question, "I might go home with Kaylee. Or to my home. Or I might stay here. Or all three." Yep, teleporting can be nice like that.

Ah, that. Besa's dark eyes lower, "I…had my reservations," he'll admit that, "But Ashton has proven to be a true friend. I trust him." The rest of those details can come out later! "There is a beach, and we will have food and perhaps a bonfire!" What more could teen boys want? A small concerned look flickers on his face when Gabrielle starts attacking the dummy. "That sounds nice, Gabrielle. I hope you have fun."

Dylan looks over at Gabrielle, as a light suddenly turns on over his head. "Oh, you're Gabby! I keep being told that I should talk to you!" The young teleporter practically vibrates! "You're a teleporter like me!" He looks over to Besa, "Sorry, Babe, I got distracted." Not a difficult thing to do. "So um yeah, beach, bonfire, that all sounds great. I'm sure that I can arrange it."

Gabby is doing a sort of half split, right leg extended out all the way to the side, left tucked tightly under her body as she dodges and imaginary swipe. Her counter is a slice upwards from the floor up along the midline of the dummy. Something that would have caught a real life person right between the legs. She freezes in this pose as she hears her name, going red in the face when she hears that people have been talking about her. "Umm. Yes. I am. And Ashton is a nice kid. Visiting him should be fun." Gabby, the subtlest one of them all.

Besa lets go of Dylan, "It's alright, go speak blinking with Gabrielle." He understands. If he ever met anyone with his power set, he'd want to speak to them too! Instead he'll carefully crouch down, trying to mask the small wince of pain as he does, to pet Cocoa.

Dylan's head snaps around, "You're still hurting." It is not a question. He frowns. "Are you sure that you should be travelling around over break. Maybe you should stick around here in like the infirmary." He sighs a bit dramatically, "I know you won't, but just my opinion." He looks over at Gabby, "So, how does your skipping work? Do you just want to go somewhere and poof? Cause that's what I do… problem is that I can only go somewhere that I know."

The graceful fey girl is still deep in the throes of meditation. She must have found the peace she came here for, since her muscle is no longer hurting like a bitch! She is yet a content and focused presence, even as her 'peers' chat. If anything their presence comforts her further.

Gabrielle goes back to smacking the dummy around with her swords. Mainly as a way to avoid eye contact. But she does answer Dylan's main question, "I'm not a super scientist of anything but the way they explained it to me after some testing is that my center, a specific quantum particle, couples with an electron in the space I'm going to and instantaneously my body breaks down at the sub-atomic level in the space I'm and I reform in the new space at the same instant." This whole explenation is rattled off like a parrot would imitate a human talking, with only the barest understanding of what it all really means. "And I can only teleport somewhere I know too."

Besa's not going to argue, "I am just sore, Tom. I was stabbed with a trident." He keeps saying that, like being stabbed with a. Trident is different than being stabbed three times. "I wish to go and not spend my week alone here. I have things I must accomplish." His boyfriend's sigh gets an eye roll but he'll tell Cocoa, "He worries too much, yes? I will not heal just laying about doing nothing." Everything that Gabrielle just said completely goes over B's head.

Everything that Gabby says goes completely over Dylan's head too. He just blinks at the girl. "Um… yeah." He arches his eyebrows, "So um.. you poof from one place to another… Can you carry other people with you? I can only to some place that I can see… It would be really convenient if I could skip other people with me, wherever I want to go."

Gabrielle hesitates a moment before going back to hitting the dummy, spinning around it in a way that at times looks more like dance than combat. "Well… Yes. Kinda. Most people don't like it when I do it. Getting ripped apart and rebuilt can be… Uncomfortable and unsettling for people that aren't used to it." Not that anyone has volunteer for the experience more than once up to now.

Besa frowns gently, "It does not make me unsettled when Dylan ….moves me." Well, besides the time he punched him, but that's different! "Perhaps if is…different what the two of you do?"

Dylan's eyes widen, "Oh! So you beam people like on Star Trek! Okay, we don't operate the same way. I don't know for sure, but I think I do it more like space folding from Dune. So it's like a weird super step from one place to another, for me there's like a sensation of speed and acceleration." He looks over at Besa, "I know I over react, I just worry about you, Babe. Anything wrong with that?"

Gabrielle finally comes to a stop and even smiles slightly at Dylan, "That's a pretty good comparison." Sheathing her swords she hugs her dummy and adds, "but if I'm going to visit Kaylee and my parents I need to pack. It was nice meeting you and we cna compare more notes after break. Have fun, boys!" With that she pops out, leaving behind a flash of light about as bright as a camera flash and a literal *pop* of imploding air.

Dylan's explanation isn't much better than Gabs! Besa's brow furrows, sometimes his ancient shows through. Cocoa gets more pets until Dylan dresses him, "No." A soft smile, "There is nothing wrong with that." Gabs gets a wave as she pops away, "I will speak to Ashton about when we will leave for his grandparents, yes? So you can make sure to meet up with us to go there?"

Dylan grins that Gabby agrees with his idea. He nods, "We'll definitely have to talk more later. Nice to meet you, Gabby." He watches her disappear and blinks. "Wow, it's cool to see someone else do that." He turns and crouches beside Besa. He reaches over to scritch Cocoa, "Sorry girl for ignoring you…. " He looks over at Besa, "Okay, so just tell me where you are meeting up with Ashton to go to his grandparents' place and when and I'll be there."

Besa grins up at Dylan, moving his hand so there's room for both boys to love on Cocoa. "I do not know for certain, but I believe here at the school. It will be after I go to Egypt, and after speaking time with the twin's family." His fingers brush aghast the other boy's, "You will send greetings to your grandmother for me, yes?"

Dylan grins, "Of course I will. I'm sure she will ask about you. She really likes you." He nods, "Here at school works for me… Just give me a call. So um… is there anything that I need to pack for at Richie Rich's lake house?" Yeah, part of Dylan's problem with Ashton is the economic difference in their lives.

"And I her. She has a good soul." B laughs, "I asked him the same thing. Something to swim in, a nice shirt in case his grandparents with to die with us. One of your school shirts will be fine, I am sure." The ancient teen sighs before starting the slow process of standing up. "It is getting late, yes? Perhaps we can watch a movie tonight?" And snuggle?

Dylan nods, "I think I can handle that." He grins, "Yeah, it kind of is… the wardens will want us in our cells all too soon. But we should be able to squeeze in a movie first." He grins over at Besa, "and maybe a little bit of more squeezed in too."

Besa reaches for Dylan's hand, partially to hold it, partially for help up. "Yes, as long as the squeezing is gently, I would like that very much."

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