(2019-04-10) Staying The Course
Staying The Course
Summary: More work with Daxton's plight.. it's not an easy road.
Date: 2019-04-10
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NPCs: Afterthought, Pulse
Scene Runner: NA

TP Room 1
Wed Apr 10, 2019

High security (overseen by Unit 23) holding room in an obscure part of the school, inaccessible by students.

It is a spring night. The weather is cool and drizzling.


So yesterday, Callisto got a glimpse of exactly how things have been for the Unit and their dealings with 'Tempo'. It was simultaneously what the fey girl expected and at the same time worse… it was hard. Upon departing the depths of the high-security holdings where Daxton is being monitored, Callisto found herself bothered deeply. Sleep came surprisingly fast though and the dreams hard to track. Blank space. One would think this to be a good thing for a girl whose mind never rests but when Callisto cannot mark her dreams, it concerns her.

Still, with her evening free again, the girl again made her way back to the med bay with duffel bag in tow. She will have mentioned this idea to AfterThought before they parted ways yesterday as a sort of 'heads up'; anything to pick away at Daxton's mind to see if the boy they all knew was still in there. Damn that drug.

So now, on this cool Spring night as drizzle collects mournfully into fat droplets on all of the school's windows out, the lithe girl is back in the med bay waiting to be collected and brought down. She looks anxious and hopeful…. what she has over a shoulder seems heavy. She promises that it's harmless. Oridove came through quickly for her on this one.

AfterThought, after getting the ok from Inferno, brings Callisto to Daxton's cell. They'll knock gently on the door before punching in the code and opening the door. Daxton is on the bed, some as before, dressed in PJs again. While he's not had a shower, he's cleaned up some. Blue eyes dart from the TV screen towards the floor near Calli and AT's feet. His brow furrows, maybe he saw what was hi her hands?

And so it begins again. No dress this time; Callisto is dressed casually though her casual is still pretty stylish. Flowy light-colored muslin pants which are loose in the leg but tight at the waist; a tank top which is complimentary to it. Hair braided now, clean. She looks determined by also a touch anxious.

'You are fortunate that I had the time to search for this. Do you understand how deplorable pawn shops happen to be?' Her sister snarked at her when they met at the docks after classes, handing this 'bundle' to her. Callisto promised to pay her back; Oridove didn't even comment. Now, Callisto is here.

"Hello Tempo," Callisto offers, shouldering the bag. She strides in airily as if she, too, belongs here. "What are you watching?" She studies the television from afar, brow furrows.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Mind: Success.

Daxton's voice cracks from his throat being dry, "Talk show." A glance to AT, before he's back to looking at Calli, well, more like looking at her knees. He shifts on the bed, unsure what she's doing with a Nintendo, much less why she'd bring it here. "Why are you here?"

She's near-soundless in most of what she does, when she's dressed in such soft things. Callisto wants to look as innocuous as possible. She kneels close to the television, cranes her neck 'round the back to check out the input/output bits. Another reason Callisto went the route of a retro Super Nintendo from the bowels of Thunder Bay: setup is easy, she couldn't be trusted to negotiate anything more modern. c.c

.. and especially important: this old relic cannot send or receive wireless signals.

"Because I wish to be." Said simply. "I suspected you would enjoy the distraction." The faerie offers before beginning to pull out the goods: the system, looking pretty decent for being nearly 30 years old; two controllers and cables; about five game cartridges. She takes a deep breath, looks to Daxton. "Shall I set it up? Would you like some water?"

Daxton frowns openly at Callisto and what she's doing. It feels like a trap of some sort. Although AT is back to sitting in the corner, just observing. Seems he's been stared at a lot lately. Sharp blue eyes try to make out what games, but then she's asking questions and he averts his eyes, "…sure. I could use a soda." That's not water.

A trap? Well, it's the flimsiest trap possible… Callisto's psychic abilities being deadened, again, place her at an immediate disadvantage. Sure, she's getting better at her physical reflexes but that.. yeah. The games? Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Mortal Kombat II (ugh), Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Super Mario World. Surprisingly good choices, on Oridove's part.

She peers over a shoulder at Daxton, tilts her head. "Are you interested?" Asked again, matter-of-factly and without guile. Soda? She turns next to AfterThought.

"IS soda alright, AT?" She asks of the mentalist, studying their features.

AT studies Dax, almost like they're trying to figure out his angle. But then there's a nod and a hand is lifted to whisper something as the ear piece is touched. Soda it is. And maybe something else, AT is talking softly.

Dax wets his lips and then shrugs, "I guess." He is. A small shift, at least he's not pressed against the wall today.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Mind: Failure.

Slender hands pull out and untangle the RCA connector cables — the red, yellow and white trio of hate that confound many — and another deep breath is drawn. Ugh, Callisto hates this cable. She looks sheepishly to Daxton before sliding to peer behind the television again. "Excuse me. I must try to hook this… up." Oh God.

Shit. Okay there's about six ports behind here. This television is not as old as the one that was demolished at Winbarry. So-

The talk show on the screen fizzles out into white noise and Callisto curses softly. "Oh blast, whyfor must they make something like this? White to.. oh.. there.."

She flushes, peers over the back of the television at the tentative boy. "Can you aide me?"

Daxton's fingers twitch, oh…what he could do with those cords…He takes a deep breath, eyes closing a moment to try to ground himself. It's so hard without his watch. But then she's asking for help…from him? He actually glances to At, almost like he's looking for permission before he slowly stands up. Nothing is fast now. He steps over to where Calli is and reaches for the cords.

AT tenses, but doesn't move.

The fey girl shuffles aside… it seems this is some manner of exposure therapy without even being called such. What a way to die, garroted by SNES cords. Strangely though Callisto isn't even considering the threat.. not outright. She watches Dax briefly glancing to AT before she looks back to the television. She shimmies out from behind the set, availing to Dax the connectors: red, white, yellow. There's the cable nub. It's quite primitive. But in her state of anxiety Callisto loses her nerve in figuring out what goes where.

She steps aside as Dax reaches her and holds out the cords to him. The moment of truth.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Mind: Failure.

Daxton reaches for the cords, but then a wave of pain rolls over him. He grimaces, tensing at the withdrawal. It's bad enough he reaches to the wall to support him. Any excitement he may have been hiding to play the games is gone.

The girl starts, makes to reach for him. It's instinct. She doesn't even think. There's the presence of mind to drop the cords down in some vicinity of the bag but then all Callisto sees is the boy's pain. A hand glances his elbow, hovers there.. she wants so badly to hold that elbow but Callisto is careful. Catches herself. She can't help her worried tone and expression though. "Dax—" Gasp. "Tempo." Shakey voice, "Come, sit.. m-may I help you?" She, too, has forgotten the idea of innocent fun.

"The drink will be here soon. Something cold."

Daxton's teeth are bared and he grunts out, "No." No what, exactly. "I…I want to go home…" He pushes off the wall to stagger backwards slightly. AT gets to their feet. "My dad…he'll pay whatever random you want, you can let me go…." Oh boy. He may not have the memory of being a super soldier, but that training is still there, he keeps both AT and Callisto in view, not turning his back to them.

The girl eases back, looking hurt. But this… she knew this would be coming. There is a burning of something in her heart, then.. what Dad would put their kid into this circumstance to begin with? Callisto is assuming this to be his 'dad's' fault. Her brief, tremulous look of nerves melts away into a truly sad look. Callisto doesn't trust herself to remark on what will or will not be done in regards to a 'ransom' and what could coax a rescue that surely will not come. It's all just too sad. Why can't parents be normal; human or otherwise, why are some of them just such assholes?

"I.. cannot.. your dad.. I cannot." Callisto says softly, giving AT a thoughtful look. She is worried for them, too. Callisto makes her way over to the bag in preparation to replace the things into the pockets.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Mind: Failure.

AT gently steps closer to Daxton, "Tempo…do you remember me? I am your teammate. We can't go anywhere, but food and drinks are being bright, and Callisto has brought a video game for the two fo you to play. You should enjoy it while it is here." They're voice is smooth, calming. Like maybe they're done this before, not just for Daxton.

Dax looks at the goth and shakes his head, there's no recollection, although their words do seem to calm him some. "I don't understand. Where's my mom?" There's still no eye contact, but he sounds more focus, weirdly enough. His hand raises to run across his head and he grimaces again. His hair is gross dirty!

Wait, who is Callisto to curse Daxton's family? Her hands thrust into the bag but pause there. Her mother. Damn her. Damn her.

All of this, because that foul thing had to say a word.. words.. to Daxton. Mere seconds. It has become this. Teammates hurt and struggling, their home rubble, Daxton suffering some terrible drug. Malachite must have known how bad it could get. Okay maybe not but she knew… knew something..

Callisto realizes she has squeezed her eyes shut, breathes back into herself. Focus now. Even if AT isn't talking to her, their smooth voice is calming.. the byproduct of AT merely speaking to mollify Daxton just.. Callisto looks up, resolved. She isn't making to pack the system up entirely, but instead she watches Daxton again. "AfterThought cares a great deal for you, Tempo. T'is a-all for a greater good. Please trust their words. Should I try this again?" Asked softly. She does not know what to say, regarding his mom.

Daxton's not dumb, he catches son that they're not mentioning his mom, "IS she ok? Are the twins?" Please let them be ok! He swallows , arms wrapping around himself so his hand falls on the shoulder with the tattoo. "I don't care." He does and doesn't, which makes his head hurt. Maybe food would be good. When's the last time he ate, right before ROTC started, right?

<FS3> Callisto rolls Presence: Success.

She looks to AT quickly, wishing telepathy were possible. Should they fabricate things? What does she say? Callisto has to improvise quickly.. too long deliberating and Daxton will read into it. To hesitate is to reveal that a tale is being woven so Callisto must speak candidly and hope for the best. "She is alright. So, too, are the twins. Nobody shall harm them, I swear it." She says firmly, her words flowing naturally without hesitation. She's not imperviously believable, but she's not sounding as if she's struggling either. Her nerves are still a bit rattled but she's recomposing slow-but-sure.

"IF something were to happen to people so dear to you, your teammates would see to it that you know. They would help." Callisto looks to AT, back to Daxton. "They will be okay. T'is imperative that you let us help you so you can be well for them." She holds the cords, hesitant. "Please, Tempo."

"Are the here, can I see them?" For the first time, there's hope in Daxton's voice.

AT will respond as they move terse the door, "Not yet, Tempo. But soon. Your mother knows our here and wishes you to recover." Of course they've talked to his mother.

The teen's shoulder slump, he wants his mom! Looking slightly defeated he'll go over and take the cords from Callisto. He's still warm to the touch. Without really having to figure it out, he hooks the system up.

"I've a sister who has access to some pretty fascinating books. What say you I ask of her to bring one for Ophelia, when you see her again? For you said that she favors fantasy and fey, yes?" Callisto prods quietly… if Daxton is interested, she just might be voluntelling Oridove to go on another scavenger hunt. Oridove with the family riches. Oh, the elder fey may balk but she was there when both she and Callisto pledged to Inferno to help.. to make this right. It was on Cedar Island, the site of the wrongdoing… Oridove promised.

Daxton moves to set up the old system and Callisto nods gently, "T'is true. Let us help you in lieu of your mother and your siblings, until it is time to see them again. And it will be." The faerie bids, kneeling at the duffel bag to root out the cartridges.

Daxton glances over in Calli's general direction, "…I guess, yeah. She likes all that stuff." He tenses, but not from pain. They can't take his families place! Turning back, he tries to focus on setting up the system.

There's a knock on the door and AT goes to get it, keeping their attention mostly on Daxton. It's Pulse with a tray that has a large paper cup with some kind of soda and a plate of fries with ketchup on the side. The ketchup's already been salted, just like how Daxton likes it.

The Speedster holds up the tray, peeking into the room worriedly. She doesn't even glare at Calli, dark eyes for Daxton only, "I have pop n' fries, Tempo."

The fey girl is silent, watching the proceedings much as AT does. She can only file away the decision to contact her sister later on, to appeal for such a thing. In that big big city, with her variety of connections, surely…

Right when she's picking up the cartridges, Callisto looks up and toward the door as the other speedster arrives bearing food. The de-powered mentalist watches apprehensively, sliding her cerulean eyes back to the male speedster. Is it strange, how raptly she awaits his reaction? How nervously? The question she had posed to AT at Winbarry, not even two weeks before it was destroyed, riots around in her head. 'What if? What if?'

Blast this Light blood, introducing insecurity to Callisto's personality. It was never there before! She drops her gaze back into the bag, ponders. Stares down at Mario's stupidly happy, grinning face. She listens.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Mind: Success.

Daxton looks at the tray before lifting his gaze to about Pulse's shoulder, "…Wendy?" The former Ares sounds tired and afraid. He trembles and then starts to move towards her. AT tenses, ready to intervene in necessary, but Pulse just starts there in the doorway, smiling softly as he calls her name.

It never used to sting before. Holy crap this is new. Dark fey jealousy is typically possessive; what Callisto feels is not that. It's something that dances a tango with her guilt, gives a merry twirl to the missing of what 'was'. The girl quickly zips up the duffel but doesn't make to take it. Daxton's response is the clincher and suddenly Callisto finds herself needing to depart. Gracefully.

Her lips twitch like a light blinking on, off.. she's trying to look pleasant but one like AT will recognize the look. "W-well.. ah," The willowy girl doesn't feel it to be her right to contest a thing. Not now. Will it ever be again? Wow, this bothers her!

"Wendy. Can play this." The girl says hastily to AT, indicating the bag. Her mood is jaunty.. "It—t'is… she." Cerulean eyes are actually.. is that a shine?

"I shall take my leave. I must take my leave." Callisto bids to AT.

AT's eyes narrow and there's a shake of the head. Don't take this personal, he doesn't recognize them either. Sometimes. It's all jumbled.

Daxton has moved over to Pulse, hand reaching out to touch her arm, "Wendy…Something isn't right…" For Callisto to leave, she has to walk by both speedsters. "They took my powers…" Is he being punished?

Pulse hears the stammer, and while the Latino soldier really dislikes Callisto, she also really cares about getting Daxton back to normal. Even if that means he's with her. "Tempo…Callisto's a friend. I vouch for her. And AfterThought too. I swear to you, we're helping you, si?"

Hnnngggg. Between AT's response, and her inner Oridove scolding her — she can hear her now, even without telepathy! — .. Callisto pauses. She slips past the speedsters, gazing straight ahead at AfterThought as if the androgynous team member is a beacon. A reminder. She's just about to alight upon the door when she-

… sweet Fates did she hear right? Is she hearing things?

Callisto pauses, turns to look at Pulse warily at first.. then the clarity reaches her expression and that pained, confused air to her melts away some. She is confused but mainly? In some off way.. touched. Something in what the Latina says puts the fey girl back on course. Reminds her.

A soft inhalation, Callisto studies Pulse for a time.. then she makes her way back toward the duffel bag.

"T'is true.. she is right. It starts with this." She indicates the fare. "Eat your meal, Tempo. We shall play this until you're finished." Says the willowy girl, blinking hard to clear her eyes as she fishes the Mario Kart cartridge out of the bag.

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