(2019-04-09) Meeting Again
Meeting Again
Summary: Callisto finally sees Daxton again face-to-face after the Winbarry calamity. AfterThought oversees.
Date: 2019-04-09
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NPCs: AfterThought
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TP Room 1
Tue Apr 09, 2019

High security (overseen by Unit 23) holding room in an obscure part of the school, inaccessible by students.

It is a spring evening. The weather is cool and raining.


It's been a weird series of days for Callisto, as of late. Nights have been spent in the sorts of slumber that could effectively be called… well, dead. Dreamless, deep, steady. Callisto often dreams; sometimes she won't even opt to control her dreams but instead see where they go. There have been some strange ones though… hard to grasp or control. It's nothing that she considers as dangerous though (clearly she hasn't been spoken to yet, re: the alicorns) .. besides, the elegant girl has bigger concerns.

It's time to see if she can see Daxton. Worst that can happen is she get turned away—wait… no no. WORST worst thing is she gets in there to see him and he relapses into Tempo-mode and breaks her neck. But enough time must have passed now, for his body to work out the drug… right? Right…?

It's early evening, just after supper. The girl has made her way to the med bay to pose her request, to see if there's anyone who could — or will — receive her to even just see the speedster. To confirm that he is here and ok. The staff in the wing has left her standing there, waiting anxiously…. waiting to see if her plea will be heard. Callisto misses him terribly. Oridove is still confounded by her.

Eventually AfterThought shows up, the shadow manipulator looks tired. "Come." That's all that is said. And then AT will lead Callisto down, into parts of the school she's never been, parts she won't be bale to get to on her own. They're clearly underwater with how many stairs they've gone down, but who knows how deep. The goth is quiet, sad. Finally they say, "He is not as dangerous, but do not aggravate him." That's not comforting! Finally they reach a hallway with several doors, there's no windows. "He is here." Thing fingers touch the door before typing in a code to open said door. It cracks open with a mechanical hiss. AT goes in first, just in case.

Then… AfterThought is here. Hey, it could have been Pulse. But then again, the gentle demeanor of the androgynous member of the Unit is anything but relaxed. S/he seems wan, tired… but alive. She goes as bid, descending into depths that other students don't typically wander, her movements preternaturally silent. Even her footsteps are measured and as subtle as possible. She's not in uniform, with classes out.. but rather, an ankle-length maxi dress of a sedate, calming series of blues. Hair is loose. She has made herself look as utterly innocuous as possible. The fey girl makes to ask of AT, what she can do to help… what she can say or do.. but then she arrives to the.. the area. AT precedes her and quietly, worriedly… Callisto follows. She smells clean, and nice.. like some sort of flower.

The door opens and the room that Dax dreamed about is there. Well, mostly. If there were straps on the bed, they seem to have been removed. The speedster is curled up in a corner of the bed, knees to his chest and blue eyes on the TV. But he's very aware of the door opening and At entering. As soon as Callisto enters, she can feel something about the room. A power dampen of some type. It's hard to say if it's magical or not, but there's no powers used in here. Which may explain Daxton's stillness.

Daxton is dressed in very plain looking PJs, his hair is mussed and he needs a shower.

She can smell a young man's sweat, mere years away from this fussy 'adult' business. 'He needs a shower,' She thinks to herself; it's not in a judgey way but just matter-of-fact. Her poor, handsome guy. She remembers Thunder Bay when they had all of that fun and how well-put-together he was and now this. Her fault.. it has to be. Callisto musters her mind, swallows hard… none of that now.

The dampening effects of the room pass over Callisto immediately and make her very nearly defenseless. 80% of her power is in her mind and with the field diminishing it's ability to protect her… well now. There is a pained look.. a sad one… crossing Callisto's features. She looks to AT and then back to the bed.. strides forth.

Says nothing. She lowers herself to seat herself at the end of the bed (she's brave) and follows the restrained speedster's eyes to the TV.

AT moves over and sits down in a. corner. They watch, but aren't going interrupt unless needed. They're been trying all day to get through to the boy. It's upsetting.

Daxton's shifts slightly, he knows someone else came in with AT and is now sitting on the bed, but whatever mindless commercial is on has his attention. A non speedster tremble goes through him, he's still fighting the drugs. They linger.

The girl places a gentle hand upon the boy's ankle.. nothing too forward, nor is she going to just sit there and be too formal. There's something kinda nice about having her own abilities dampened…. a reduced awareness. Feels nice and clear. Silver lashes flutter as she stares at the television unseeingly, not even caring to see what the commercial is about (what is a Slap Chop?) … her head turns to look upon Daxton. The tremble gives her pause.

"Do you know me, Daxton?" Asked softly. Callisto can sound very kind when she needs to.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Mind: Failure.

Daxton's head turns away from her and the TV. He feels warm. And then he just says, "Tempo," and then he says a string of numbers. Calli may recognize them. They were the ones printed on his dogtag. Which is strangely not around his neck, nor does he have on his normally present watch.

"Tempo." Callisto echoes, her gaze softening. She recognizes enough of those numbers to know from whence they originate; Lord knows she was in close quarters with him enough to spy the tags. Cough.

It's nowhere to be found. It's ingrained into his mind. She'd better not go calling him 'Daxton'; that will aggravate him, as AT warned. She hasn't brought a thing with her; this is purely for 'testing the waters'. If she can return, Callisto may be able to help more. May.

"What do you need, Tempo?" She asks innocuously, her hand not moving from his ankle. Too warm.

There's a long moment, and then he frowns, head turning slightly. There's no eye contact though. "Need? I need to be released." He's failed his mission and has been captured. That's going to earn Daxton reprimands. And reprimands always hurt. always.

"You may stand down." Callisto says firmly.. but carefully. "You will not be harmed. Things are different here. You will not be punished." She proceeds carefully, worrying about saying even the slighted Wrong Thing. A quick glance to AT; their presence reassures her. Callisto does not need privacy here. She turns to look to 'Tempo'. "Your physical state has become worrisome, Tempo… you needn't be punished but you need to be cleaned. Will you allow yourself to be cleaned up, and changed into something fresh?" She asks carefully…. more or less a polite way of saying 'Tempo you prolly haven't showered since Winbarry got creamed.. it's time now.'

"Tempo, it's time to stand down."

AT just watches.

Tempo though, he shifts again. And finally says, "They won't let me." Let him stand down? Or shower? A small head shake, whoever this is, she doesn't have the authority (no trigger word) to get him to stand down.

She keeps her voice perfectly, clinically calm. Oh, if she could use her powers now… but could she have a hope in hell of finding the precise word(s) to pull the boy out of this awful state? She watches Daxton move and leans forth some, not enough to get into his bubble too aggressively but to try to pin him with her very intense eyes. "This is a special case." Is he eating, even? Is he doing anything to take care of himself? Callisto can at least try to break through for that. "I may not have the authority to divert you from your mission but I certainly am able to see to it that you care for yourself. Tempo, your physical condition is sub-par. You need to be cleansed. You need to eat." Callisto sits up straight, does not skulk.

Daxton actually shrinks backwards, away from Callisto and her leaning. Special case? They took away his powers! Still not looking at her, his nose wrinkles though when she comments oohs condition, "Fine. Lt me out and to a shower." Cause that's going to end poorly. The power dampening is just this room.

AT will finally pipe up, "He has been eating some, but we can have more brought if Tempo wishes."

"Do you require more sustenance, as well?" The girl asks quietly. She needs to play it by ear, here; improvise. She's not going to push showers until there's appropriate 'backup' present to escort him to the facilities. She will do so to help herself, somehow, if needed. She straightens again, taking AT's cue. "What of food? You must surely be hungry. What say you to something like… tacos?" She offers gently, feeling a little pang in her guts. A touch of sadness. Tempo wouldn't hold as much sentimentality to tacos as Daxton would.

She turns back to AT, back to the addled speedster. "Food, also, is necessary."

Daxton takes a deep breath, eyes traveling back towards the TV, "Why would you give me tacos?" That seems too nice. Tempo likes tacos. He and Pulse used to- he stops himself, eyes closing at some hurtful memory. He shifts again, into the corner more.

AT lifts. Hand and whispers something as they touch the ear piece in their ear. Tacos will be gotten, although teh shadow manipulator doesn't seem hopeful.

A deep breath, and Callisto nods. "Because. You need to eat." She says simply, glancing over a slender shoulder at AT as s/he orders in what will hopefully be a good spread of the meal. Poor kitchen crew, having to pull tacos out on-the-fly. Callisto reckons it will take about a half-hour.

The girl stands, smoothes her dress and moves toward the television, her form moving like a breeze. She gives Daxton space and yet, turns to look upon him. This is hard to see. Will he ever, ever know her again?

Even if some semblance of him comes back, no longer thinking himself to be a mission failure … if it means that she—

The fey girl flinches, visibly. Daxton isn't the only one mentally pulling his hand back from the flame of a painful memory. "Move, stand.. clear your mind and prepare yourself to eat. T'is one thing to rest there, but it is not good for your mind. Move, move."

Daxton snarls, although he's not looking at Calli. His gaze moves to the door. "No. Why tacos?" But then she's demanding he…move? What? "I can't. You took my powers away from me." Not good for his mind? Are they trying to get info out of him? He don't believe he knows anything of value. "Whatever you want, I don't have it. You may as well just put a bullet in my head."

"Because. Tacos." Callisto watches him, brow furrowed. "I rather like them, so I am biased. Plus, t'is a full meal. You need to look after yourself." The girl says gently, trying to keep calm.. please, keep calm. Then he says something that hits her between the eyes, to which she shakes her head. "I did not take your powers.." She will not go on to say that neither she nor AT are powered currently, either. She studies Daxton, trying so hard to keep the care from dominating her gaze.. but it's there. She's trying to keep her voice calm but the eyes are another matter.

"I am not here to dredge anything from your mind. I want nothing from you in that sense. Nor will I even so much as lift a gun against you." Like she'd handle one anyway.

"I want you to be well. I want to look after you." Said firmly.

Good thing he's not making eye contact! A small, slightly amused chuckle. It's kinda pathetic sounding. But it's there. His hand raises and he rubs his face before leaning his head against the wall. Eyes closing he'll ask, "So what? You're like the agent they're sending to get on my side. To befriend me?" It makes sense send a pretty girl, have her act like she cares, wants to help. "You want to help, get me my tags and watch. Let me out of here."

"I am not an agent." Callisto says gently, watching him as he leans. She lessens her hasty looks to AT; she does not wish to seem as if she is convening anything. She's not. She's trying to reassure the other mentalist that she is treading carefully but it's hard, when her heart hurts. She lowers her arms so that they may rest at her sides. A slow shaking of her head. "I can do neither of those things. What you may not believe just yet, Tempo, is that you knew me, once. Much as I know you. We were.." Getting close, she would like to think; she won't say 'dating' and really throw him. ".. friends. I swear it. I pray as you… a-and you will.. understand.. that you shall remember me." A breath. Damnit.. tacos, c'mon.

AT's dark eyes are on Daxton alone. They're clearly worried for the teen.

Daxton sighs, and angry expression flicks across his face. He wants his tags and watch, damn it! He knows what took them. Why there's nothing in the room be can use as a weapon. "If we were friends, you'd help me out of here." Ah ha! Caught her in a loophole! There's. Weir tone in her voice though, one that's hard to fake and his eyes open and while he doesn't make eye contact (his gaze ends on her shoulder), it's the closest she's going to get. After a long moment, "What are you?" He's spotted the ears it seems.

The girl is randomly remembering her sister's suggestions on how to bring Daxton 'round.. none of which are really helpful right now. Such a Dark faerie response… it's a page that Callisto just can't refer to, in how to do this. Oridove's voice echoes in her mind: 'Just shag the sense back into him.'

Easier said than done. c.c

Callisto does not force the eye contact, she turns her back to him and moves toward the television. There is a very obnoxious commercial on and she leans forth, presenting the smooth line of her back to him, looking for some manner of volume control of this feckin' television since there's no remote. Nothing whatsoever to resemble a weapon. Poor Daxton. Though in how Callisto turned her back to him right there, he could easily physically overpower her if he really means business.

Callisto toggles a button and is rewarded when the infomercial's noise is reduced some. Her hair flickers as she eases back. "I am of the fey folk." Said softly, "Trust me. I was your friend. To bring you out of here would mean your harm. I do not wish to see you harmed. I wish to protect you."

But eyes flicker up, sudden panic that she may me taking away the only stimuli he has. But it seems to be just the volume, which he can turn back up when needed. "Fey folk?" What does that even mean? She looks like an elf! "Everyone keeps telling me to trust them." He looks again first quickly at AT and then the door, "The only reason I'm going to be harmed is because you took my powers and won't let me go." He tenses as another wave of pain rolls through hmi from the drug.

AT winces in empathy, they've been there. "Would you like water?"

He takes a few measured breaths before nodding.

"Elf. Pixie," Don't ever fucking call her a pixie. "Spirits. The fair folk." Callisto offers the different terms and pulls away from the television, indeed leaving it on. She just doesn't want to hear about the miracles that the Sham-Wow can work on stains. Ugh. She looks imploringly to Daxton, before moving to seat herself again at the end of the bed upon which he had curled previously. Still looking utterly.. well, harmless. "Those who bid you to trust them, especially now, want only for you to be well. Your best interests. An-" The wince causes her to look up suddenly and Callisto can only watch him, brow furrowed. She looks worried. That drug.. will it have caused permenant damage?

AT speaks up and the fey girl is silent, eyes rivetted upon Daxton.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Mind: Success.

Oh man. He's being social worker'ed by Lord of the Rings. His sister would freaking love this. Ophe…. He reaches up and rubs his shoulder, where his tattoo is. "Ophelia likes that stuff…. She always had books…Made wings….."

AT's in the middle of ordering a glass of water but freezes at Daxton's words. A glance to Calli and a nod, this is a good thing for him to talk about. Safe. Healthy.

Perfect. Callisto tries to mask her excitement at the sudden point of good memory. Cripes, if she were able to manifest her powers here, she could access that fey glamour and get those wings. Flightless, but beautiful. But alas.. the dampening prevents a feat that might have thrilled Daxton's younger sister. Callisto rests her hands in her lap, looks down at them briefly before reaching up, pushing a thick sheath of hair over a shoulder. "Speak to me of Ophelia. A relation of yours?" She asks with earnest interest… not going to say 'sister'; then the boy will wonder how she knows.

"There are quite a few of us… varieties. I am a mixture of two breeds. Some can look rather wild." She smiles genuinely, eyes alight. Like Oridove, bone white and angular and fierce as a blade. Almost alien. What do those in her father's side look like? Callisto can only surmise, ".. some, this Ophelia would surely enjoy. Wings and all."

<FS3> Daxton rolls Mind: Failure.

Daxton swallows, unsure if he should share. Will he be endangering her? "She's….my sister." Bleu eyes lift again to the TV, but his arms stay wrapped around him in a self hug, "She always liked…. Magical stuff like fairies." Something else was there, it's clear in how his face contest, but then it's gone. No mention of his brother for now! "So…you're half elf half pixie?" Weird.

He gives her something (known already, but Callisto is good at keeping her cards close to her chest) .. so it's only fair that she concede, "Half dark faerie, half light." The girl admits, reaches down to smooth her skirt. "Each have their own… specialty, both of which I am trying to understand. But t'is not important. We do exist and your.." A pause, then added tenderly, "Sister… will have been intrigued. There are some that wield magic but t'is not the art of throwing bolts and spells, as one might expect." Callisto does not elaborate further… "T'is old, old magic.. but I digress…"

A gentle sigh, Callisto watches Daxton though hopefully not too intensely. "Is she significantly younger? A little child? Or older? Have you other siblings?" She asks, then pauses. "Forgiveness… I rather like hearing about life with siblings. I've.. some.. but we are not close."

So she's a yin yang fairie? Dax listens, but isn't watching her. There's been no eye-contact with anyone. Rubbing his face again he'll mumble, "She's younger…" A tremble again, this time mostly in his left arm.

There's a soft knock at the door and AT rises to get the water. It's a large paper cup, no ice. But the water is thankfully cold as she hand it to Calli to give to Daxton.

Every movement, watched; every inflection, noted. Callisto would perhaps be a good social worker if she were to get into the field. Cripes.. if she's taking this mortal life seriously (and she has been) she'd better figure out what to do next and where to go…

There will be time for that. There's the matter of seeing if Daxton, will be there with her in the process, someday. Someday?

A deep breath, then a pause as the knock sounds. Callisto watches AT as s/he comes forth with the cup, which she takes and holds out to Daxton. She tilts forth just the tiniest bit, trying to see his eyes. "Here you are." Her hand holds the cup steadily, waiting for him to take it. "I had a younger sister once. WE.. lost contact." Callisto says, but there's a sad little glimmer in her gaze. Lost contact because that sister is dead. She was a good girl.

Daxton keeps his head down, but he'll push off the wall and reach for the cup. Even his fingers are warmer than they should be. It's not so much. Fever as it seems the drug is burning through his system. Or maybe it's withdrawn from the drug. Who knows? The cup is Brough to his lips and he drinks slowly. He wants to gulp it, but knows everything needs to be calm, slow, if he's ever going to get out of here. Slow, but he drinks the entire cup. His free hand lifts to wipe his mouth, and then that hand is lifted to wipe his face. The cold water feels nice.

She eases back and waits as the boy drains the water. If she even so much as grazed Daxton's fingers with her own in the transaction she felt the heat. Is his body trying to metabolize the poison that they put into him? Is it the drug creating that reaction? A bit of both? Even in this moment of simply having a drink Callisto just senses (even without psychic ability) that Daxton is deliberating his escape. Her heart sinks some but she does not give in. She turns her pale bluish-green eyes to AfterThought next. "Are you doing alright?" She asks of the mentalist softly, knowing this cannot be easy for them either. Callisto stands and eases back from the bed, once again not wanting to infringe upon Daxton's space but she offers a hand out to take the cup if the speedster is finished with it. "Would you like more?" Asked tenderly.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Mind: Failure.

AT's dark eyes are on Daxton, red rimmed from crying. But there's no tears now. Only worry and determination. "I will be, soon." Hopefully. "Miss AnnaLee has offered to let me use the kitchen here. I think I will Mae muffins."

Hearing his teammate say something so utterly mundane has Dax turn his head to look at AT, well, in that direction anyway. Unfortunately, the drug seems to be blocking any ice memories of them cooking. Instead he'll nods, yes, to more water. His lower lip is chewed on a moment and then has says, "And a washcloth."

"Banana muffins." Callisto maybe makes a suggestion there. She watches AfterThought again and the look in the softhearted mentalist's face, missing their friend, is painful to see. This only serves to bolster the fey girl's resolve.. there are so many reasons to bring Daxton back. Somehow.

Callisto pads over toward AT and rests her hand upon their shoulder. Water, and a washcloth? She nods once, "It shall be so." She looks to AT, "Would it be quicker if I were to gather these things? I suspect my mobility is limited here, not being.. of your unit." Callisto looks over to Daxton, again.

"I should like to help more. Spring break is upcoming and I shall devote this time to doing whatever it takes to help." She means it. Risky business, being willing to place herself in this powers-deadening space over and over again, if they will allow her to.

AT's head dips. They're aware of what Calli's trying to do, "Perhaps. I will have to see what ingredients are there." So for the offer, she gets another nods, "Ask Inferno. He will get you everything."

Daxton's eyes are back on the TV, but he's listening, taking everything in.

The willowy girl nods, and bows her head contemplatively. She does not make her offer lightly. She is ready to offer herself up to sit here, however long.. however silently. Callisto silently deliberates what she could possibly bring.. say.. to help bring the boy's memory back. She turns to face the wall briefly and finally allows herself to rub her face gently. It's going to be quite the road ahead. But Callisto is more than willing.

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