(2019-04-06) Treasures Recovered
Treasures Recovered
Summary: After the Pony Land adventure Gabrielle heads to the Art Room to fix some tears in Mr. Dustypants but is quickly interrupted by Kaylee and Sierra. The conversation leads to Sierra receiving an invitation to the SCA event Kaylee, Cora, and Gabrielle have been planning for.
Date: IC Date (2019-04-06)
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Gabrielle is sitting at the sewing machine in the back corner of the room, putting some final touches on Cora's dress for next weekend's SCA events. Or so it seems. She has the dress on the table but on the dress there's a fuzzy, furry thing that she scrambles to hide under a mound of scraps as soon as she hears even the slightest noise.

With the SCA event coming ever closer, Kaylee was curious as to the progress on the dresses being made. And, since Gabby wasn't in her room- Kaylee checked!- she heads to the art room to see if maybe she's there. Because where else would she be on a Saturday night when the weather is nice out? Thankfully, Kaylee's lack of guessing actually pays off for once, as she makes her way into the art room. And, having passed Sierra on the way, Kaylee entreated her to come along. Thankfully, nobody has to read the litany of sentences Kaylee has been bombarding Sierra with since she bumped into her. "… and I had ONE last idea for the backstory for our characters but we're almost here so lets see if Gabby is here working on the dresses or if she's not then I can tell you all about it when we go try and figure out where she is." And oh, look. There's Gabby! "She's here!" Kaylee cheers, grinning as they walk into the room. She's not wearing her glasses, which is probably how she knew Gabby was there right away.

Sierra just found it easier to agree to come with Kaylee than try to actually listen to what the other girl was talking about. She has her promise ring back from the pink unicorns (and was probably trying to put it back on when she was waylaid, so she hasn't done that bit yet) so the Latina was actually in a good…ish mood. Though she did manage to get out, "What's SCA?" A wave to Gabby, having seen her not too long ago in cartoonland, before she peers over the clothing being made. And the strange lump under some material.

OK, so Gabby might be a good fighter, maybe even a good thief thanks to the silence of her incoming teleportations. But spy? Nope, she wouldn't make a good spy because she's not a good liar and has no chill at all. Evidenced by the fact that she's now leaning over the sewing machine's table in the most uncomfortable position imaginable so she can block from view the material hiding what she was really working on. As Sierra and Kaylee walk in she smiles at them and start by answering Sierra's question, "The Society for Creative Anachronism. Basically, think a more realistic renfaire." Then she continue by asking Kaylee, "Did Sierra tell you we found everyone's missing items?"

Blinking, Kaylee turns and looks at Sierra. "You DID!? Why didn't you say anything, Sierra! That's wonderful! Where were they?" Kaylee asks, smiling and glowing a happy yellow. Nevermind the fact that since they've bumped into each other, Kaylee hasn't allowed for the other girl to get a word in, let alone a sentence. But at least Sierra should be totally filled in on the dresses Gabby's been making and all of Kaylee's opinions on medieval culture and which movies portray it best and …. Yeah.

That's exactly the reason that Sierra didn't mention it. No way could she have got a word in. Nothing unusual there to be honest. Though she will just shrug apologetically to Kaylee's question. "They were in a Cartoonland which we went to via a portal in the laundry room." As you do. "Renfaire?" God, they are such nerds…but so is Sierra. "Does that mean girls /have/ to wear dresses and be ladies?" There is very evident distaste in her tone at that idea. Sierra would have to go as Joan of Arc at the very least.

Gabrielle waggles her head a bit side to side, "Well, most girls do. But no, you don't absolutely have to be in a dress. At least not the whole time. I wear leather armor for tourney." She shifts around a little bit to she ends up pushing the scraps and watever they're hiding between the sewing table and the wall, letting her sit back up like a normal person. "I have your dress fininshed, Kaylee. Want to show it to Sierra?"

"I'm not a dress wearer" Sierra grumbles to Kaylee. How long have they known each other! "Tourney? That sounds cool." Though looking at the dresses she muses. "They don't look much like armor. Yeah, I'm sure they're gorgeous." She's not even trying to sound enthusiastic, she's just sounding like herself. A shake of her head at Kaylee's excitement before she offers her hand to the tall girl. "My name's Sierra. I thought we had met before but maybe not."

Gabrielle goes around the table and comes back pulling two dress maker's forms. One of them has Kaylee's dress on it, a fancy affair in sapphire blue, raw velvet and white linen. On the other is something that looks a lot like a mix between and medieval dress and a set of leather armor. "So this is Kaylee's and this is my dueling outfit for tourney. Are you any good with swords or other medieval weapons, Sierra?"

Kaylee blinks at Sierra, confused for a moment. Then she laughs and playfully bats at Sierra's hand. "Oh hush, Sierra. We've known each other for years!" she says, shaking her head. Obviously, she doesn't get Sierra's implications. And then Gabby distracts her with a dress and she turns and claps, turning to face the dress. Reaching into her shirt, she pulls her glasses out and puts them on. "Ohmygosh this is TOO PERFECT!" she decides, grinning and starting to glow a soft yellow color.

Oh look, Kaylee's dress is of the upper class/princess variety. Sierra is not one bit surprised. No, seriously, not surprised at all. "It looks lovely" she remarks in her flat tones. She won't be heard over Kaylee's own squeals and yellow glow anyway. Still, all this swanning about as ladies causes the Latina to yawn a little. "So when is this big event?"

Gabrielle smiles at Kaylee's reaction. After letting her friend enjoy the dress for a few moments she turn to Sierra, "Its not really a big event. Its just a mid year, regional tourney. I invited Kaylee to come along then Cora saw us getting Kaylee';s dress ready and she seemed to like the dress so much we invited her too. And now you're getting roped in too. If you want to…" The last part of the invitation has Gabby reverting to her normal shyness as she looks down at her shoes instead of at Sierra.

"Is Cora's dress almost ready? Should I go get her, too?" Kaylee asks, still glowing her happy yellow. And then Gabby invites Sierra and Kaylee grins. "Of course wants to! The more the merrier! Isn't that right, Sierra?" Kaylee asks.

Resist, Sierra, resist! Sure, she wants to roast the pair for even suggesting it, but she promised Saoirse that she would be nicer to people. Get more involved. "Only if I can go as a warrior" she grumpily accepts. She does have a god inside her who is very used to medieval living; war, slavery, human sacrifice, the whole thing. And she is totally a nerd who plays Assassin's Creed.

Gabrielle nods in response to Sierra, "You can go as a warrior. You can even fight in the tourney if you want. I can loan you equipment. But there's a lot of really good fighters so if you're not pretty good yourself you're going to end up all bruised up." In response to Kaylee she holds up the dress she';s been working on, which looks finished, "Almost. But its close to midnight and the event isn't until next weekend. So maybe we don't need to wake Cora up?"

"Oh! … oh. Yeah, you're probably right," Kaylee admits, nearly moping because she doesn't get to go share her glee with the other girl. Just then, her phone plays part of the Sesame Street theme and she grimaces, pulling it out. "Oh shoot, guys. I just got a message from our Vice Captain. Because everybody's items have been found, we're trying to redistribute them back to their original owners and they could use some help." Putting her phone away, Kaylee sighs and 'looks' wistfully at her dress for another moment. "I REALLY hate to leave, but a Captain's work is never done. Thank you so much again for the dress, Gabby. It's really super duper amazing. And Sierra! I'm so happy you're coming with us! It's gonna be so much fun!" And then she'll offer glomps to anyone who'll take one, and then just goes ahead and glomps anyone who does't, because friends must be glomped. "Have a good night, ladies!"

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