(2019-04-04) Stuck Here
Stuck Here
Summary: Callisto seeks Daxton on the dreamplain… the results are questionable.
Date: 2019-04-04
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TP Room 1 - Dreamscene
Thu Apr 04, 2019


It is a spring night. The weather is warm and stormy.


Callisto spends 1 luck points on Finding Daxton… again!.
<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic+50: Great Success.

It's been a wild ride since everything went down at Winbarry. Between the fray at the school, students buzzing with rumors and speculation, and the raw worry for the survivors and Daxton especially, Callisto's mind has been busy. Were Malachite alive and able to leech her fear and unrest, the vile emotional vampire will have had enough sustenance to power her in spades. Mercifully — there are some mercies in this situation — … the bitch is dead. But.. the fact remains: Callisto has no physical clearance to go to Daxton, to see what she can do to help.

.. but always, there's another avenue. One that she was highly reluctant to traipse and to this day, still is. But the fey girl, desperate for some idea on what is happening… tonight, on this warm and stormy evening, must try. The willowy girl has laid herself down to rest in her dorm and long after the sun has set and rendered the room dim, long after Boomie's breathes have deepened and lengthened into proper sleep… Callisto meditates. Surprisingly.. her descent into the layers on consciousness, into that supernatural space where her ilk are able to reside and even tamper…. Callisto dreams. And searches.

She is still in body and in dreaming, eyes closed… searching. Trying to find any inkling of the speedster's sleeping (or drugged) mind… surely he is being held at the school.

Callisto doesn't have to search long. Or far. The speedster's mind can be found in a bedroom. Not his, but ti's clearly in a. House. There's skateboard posters on the wall and the Ares is sitting on his bed, legs folded playing Mario Cart. There's a cast on Daxton's arm, with names written all over it. He looks younger, happy.

She expected far worse than this… and Callisto doesn't see fit, just yet, to reveal her presence upon sighting and latching onto Daxton's subconscious mind. Time enough for that.. she can't risk disturbing him. Upsetting him, wherever they are holding him. The edge of Callisto's worry infuses itself into the dreamscape a bit, but hastily she pulls it back. She must. Not. Make herself known… not yet.

So it is a clear view that unfolds before the fae and she pauses, her spectral 'dreamwalking attire' (diaphanous dress, colorful monarch 'wings' at her shoulders, overlong swaying hair.. etc etc.. pretty LSD trip, basically) swirling around her invisible form.

Callisto feels a catch in her throat, and drifts closer.. she is right beside him, looking upon him.. eyes dropping to the cast to see whose names are scrawled there. Pale eyes slide toward the game on the screen and the lurch in her heart is almost painful. What is this? Where?

The names are hard to make out, they've been on there for a month or more and the sharpie is fading. One of the name looks to be the name of one of the people he played the shot up games with online. Daxton laughs, his voice not carrying the same weight it usually does. He just threw something at another car and they spun out. Soon enough the race is over and he reaches down over the bed to grab a can of soda. When he straightens up, there's a grimace of pain. He rolls the sleeve up on his tee shirt, exposing where his Unit 23 tattoo should be. Instead of the tattoo, there's a burn, about the same shape. It hurts him, but he rolls the sleeve back down and cracks open the can.

Oddly, Callisto remembers a username of sorts on one of the ridiculous games that Daxton played in the basement—nope nope don't go there. That basement is now rubble.

She instead turns to watch Daxton again, studying him as he must have been before things got difficult. Before the Unit (she presumes here, but the burn in lieu of the tattoo puzzles her), before girlfriends who would walk away and then a girlfriend like her who invited all manner of chaos to his life. W—ok Callisto, stay the course. When the edge of the dream ripples again she controls herself, focuses, looks at the boy's face.

«Daxton,» Callisto's voice is soft, casting itself into the dreamscape for the gaming boy to hear… she does not reveal herself, but settles alongside him. «Can you hear me?»

Daxton's head perks up immediately. He doesn't looks scared, more confused than anything. He hops off the bed and then is looking around the room. "Jill? …did you sneak a walkie talkie in here?" How did he not notice that? As he looks, he unconsciously touches his shower again. It hurts.

'Jill'? Must be an early adolescent girlfriend. Maybe this is her bedroom. This is a private memory and Callisto doesn't see fit to 'look around' the room but instead, keep her focus upon Daxton as he responds to her telepathy. Callisto's gaze softens, fringed by unnaturally long silver lashes. «I am not Jill.» Her voice is pleasant; as fluting and pleasant as it is in waking and speaking. But in dreaming and in psychic communication Callisto can push the full brunt of 'calmness' into every word. «I am a.. friend of yours. You're a bit older when you meet me. Perhaps it feels odd to hear me. But we play Mario Kart in that future too… and.. heh,» Sad amusement shimmers in the dreamscape. «… I destroy you in every race.»


«Are you okay, Daxton? Is there any way that I can know that you're.. okay?» The unseen girl swallows hard.

Daxton, believing he's alone, makes a goofy face. Ohhh…big scary girl voice, not Jill, "Is this her sister then?" Why is she pranking him? But then she's explaining and there's something that doesn't feel right in his stomach. His hand reaches up again to his shoulder, which hurts, and he turns to start for real searching the area. But now it's nota. Bed room. It's a cold windowless room. There's a bed with straps on it, and a closed door. "I don't believe you." About being friends or winning at Mario Kart? "I…I think I'm lost. Can you tell my parents to come get me?" His voice is deeper than it was, but still not the one she knows.

«Not her sister.» Remarks the disembodied female voice again, but it sounds slightly amused. Then Daxton's guard is up and he's moving searching, and Callisto waits… briefly worried. Was this a good idea? She has no control over what happens and how the scene shifts; she is leaving this dream to progress of it's own volition. Only when/if it approaches nightmare-territory will she intervene.. or try to.

Now the room is not what it previously was. Even if he doesn't believe her, Callisto still wishes to remain by his side. «I know naught how to reach your parents. But I'll keep you safe here, alright? I meant it when I said I was your friend.» Callisto tries to reassure the slightly older (she assumes) version of Daxton.

Callisto looks around, pauses to stare at the bed with straps. Feels dread bubbling up. She's still hidden.

"I don't want to be here." The cast on his arm is done and he's moving to bang on the door, "Hey, creepy lady! Let me out!" Daxton doesn't seem to have his powers, all his movements are just normal fidgety teenager speed. He looks around the room, but somehow those blue eyes keep avoiding the bed, those straps.

She appears then, makes herself visible in all of her finery, but is perched and seated upon the bed. "Nobody will put you here. I will keep them away." Callisto now speaks, lips moving, voice the same. Silver-white hair flickers and lifts around her body but her gaze looks sad and kind; wistful. To look at her is to see a teenage girl but at the same time she looks… well, like an elf. But her voice is young and so is her expression.

She rests her hands upon the straps, keeps them covered and pressed down. "I will not let anyone hurt you, ok?"

Daxton flattens himself against the door, eyes wide as the girl appears. This is so weird, all of it. But then he frowns, confused, "Are you a Fairy godmothers or something? You look like something from one of Ophelia's books…" He doesn't seem distrusting go her, just confused and wanting to get out of there.

A blink, and the frue-frue of dark fey dream attire is gone in a flash. No, she's not naked (it's not that kind of dream) but now she's seated in more 'modern' attire that Daxton, as she knew him, will have seen her in. Tight black denim, a flowy sort of cream-colored peasantry top from another age, and her hair back and braided to dissuade the 'floaty' illusion. "Is this better?" Callisto asks offhandedly. "Fairy… Godmother?" A quick laugh, his innocence touches her. That he was ever innocent; she knew he was, once. "Not really… my name is Callisto. As I said, we meet… quite a number of years from now, I believe. Tell me now where you wish to go; what was your favorite place?"

Woah. That was fast! "I guess? I mean, you can wear whatever you want." In his dream. Too bad it's not one of those dreams! "Callisto? Like from Pirates of the Caribbean?" She doesn't really look like a pirate though… He's not following the time table, really, can you blame him? "Okay…future …friend. Why am I here? I was…." There's. Frown as he tries to remember. Was he playing video games? Or going to ROTC? Again his hand raises to his shoulder, and he actually makes a pained noise.

She tilts her head prettily, still poised upon the ghastly bed and hopefully continuing to distract from it's ugliness. Callisto? In a… what? Callisto blinks, "I know naught of a… Pirates of the Caribbean. T'is a movie? A play?" She asks with genuine curiosity. Perhaps it would have been one of the series they thought about watching… he was turning her into a real video game / movie-goer. Callisto shakes her head gently, "T'is a nickname… I had chosen it for it's symbolism. My real name.. racial name… t'is too bothersome to pronounce." She says honestly.. it's like meeting him all over again. Callisto wants to protect this younger Daxton.

"You have never before seen this room? It is not familiar whatsoever to you?" Callisto prods gently, standing from the bed but still standing in front of it. "Do you know of anyone who could have brought you here—" A pause, Callisto goes to him at the pained sound. "Does it ache, or burn?"

A play? Why watches plays? "You think your name is to bothersome. That sounds horrible, you should be proud of your name. Unless you're like…related to Hitler or something." As for the room, he shakes his head ,"I…I don't know it feels like…something bad. Like a horror movie." He doesn't seem scared of her when she approaches, instead he looks down to his shoulder, the place his tattoo was is bleeding through the material of his shirt, "It hurts."

"Hitler…" A scowl; she was alive during that scoundrel's chaos. Callisto shakes her head curtly, "Nay. No relation to any one of that sort…" Though her Mother was perhaps no better. His words surprise and.. oddly… 'touch' her. Callisto nonetheless draws closer and pauses, looking at him. Is he taller than her here, still? She is 5'10" and well-poised in her height. Daxton's alarm at the pain worries her and Callisto holds her palms outwards, held just at his upper arms but she does not touch him. Cerulean eyes flit from the bloody patch back to his eyes. "May I look at it? Please?" She whispers, looking and sounding worried. What will happen if she tries to phase him out of here, into another dream?

"I do not like it here either. I can try to remove us from this space, if you will trust me."

Well, that's good. She's not Hitler. They're about the same height, so when he looks at her, it's direct eye to eye. "I guess? This is way worse than when I broke my arm…"He'll turn so she can try to look, but the blood is making the sleeve stick to the wound. Teeth gritted, he grunts. Ouch. "Do you have a key? The door's locked." Did he actually try to open the door, or does he just know it's going to be locked?

Dreams can be so incredibly lucid.. Callisto will not move to pick or pull anything from the wound but as she presses her palm just over it. Again, where the tattoo should be. What is this, what does it mean? She watches the boy, expression soft. "This is a memory, Daxton. You are no longer here. You've the ability to move away from this, to escape.. I swear that you do. You are not truly stuck here. I do not have a key but I've the ability to help you get out of this place. It shall be harder if you think yourself stuck here; if you commit yourself to the memory. But I can promise you that this is not your fate anymore."

She looks to the door, takes a deep breath. The colors in the room seem to soften, some… not to signify the scene being shifted, but it's just her trying to sense what is 'beyond' this part of the dream. "Here. You needn't remain in this memory." The girl holds a hand out to him, but it's entirely up to him to take it. Would he?

Daxton's expression saddens, "The door's always locked Callisto. I don't get to escape. I'm always here." The lights flicker, even as she softens the room. "You shouldn't be here. It's not safe." When she looks back he's the Daxton she knew, taller than her and muscular. He's looking at her though like he's upset, "It's too late. I have orders."

She watches him and there, he's painfully familiar. Callisto looks stricken, deeply upset.. but not due to fear. The missing of him. Even the recent memory of him, conditioned to seek and gather (or kill) having her by the throat really doesn't register anymore. "What are these orders?" She asks in a pained voice, no longer the tone that she used prior.. that forced, level calm. This is a tone for Daxton alone, one that is worried for him and deeply caring. She's no longer speaking like an acquaintance. "It's never too late. What are these orders? To stay?"

His shoulder is now actively bleeding, the sleeve soaked all the way through and it's starting to trail down his arm. He's ignoring it now though. Instead he steps close, into Callisto's personal space and reaches to cup her face, "I have to bring them home. I have orders." He sounds almost like he's asking for forgiveness. The ever present dog tag is around his neck now.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Dreamweave: Success.

Oh Gods. He recognizes her. He has to, if he's.. is he..?!

The rush of something to her chest is anything but Dark fey.. it's almost human. Her lips press together, nostrils flare once with the abrupt breath that is a sort of sniffle. Emotion, on her part.. it makes it hard for her to focus. He's right there, or at least that part of his mind. The one she thought gone… but he's speaking of orders. The drug is still in him, it must be. But-

Her own hand lifts to rest atop his and though she does not have the focus (yet) to abolish this terrible room.. suddenly.. within it along the walls like a projection, swift flashes of visions. Callisto tries to grab at snippets of memories… to show him..

A quick vision of Daxton in a blue racer jacket, sprinting with a girl on his back. Dark hair, an amused expression given to joking and carrying on. (He spoke to her of Felicia calling him the Daxi-taxi, running her to work)

Daxton eating banana bread with an androgynous person scolding him for taking it too soon. (She tries this vision again.)

Pulse frying hamburgers.

Then a beach, and a conch shell. Her own hand holding it.

It's all Callisto can manage, she breathes deep. "You do not have to. Not anymore."

<FS3> Daxton rolls Mind: Failure.

Daxton's breathing increases, the images that are flashing in his mind are not expected, nor apparently wanted. His hands pull away, almost like he's been burned, "S-Stop it! That's all….wrong." Wrong? "I don't get that. We don't get that. We can't disobey orders, if…." He head shakes and he takes a step backwards, "They're going to send others, if I can bring them back, no one gets terminated. We can…we can be a team again." The speedster looks on the verge of tears, "I have orders." Apparently orders can't be just disregarded.

"We will face whomever else comes." Callisto says firmly. Who is 'we'? The two of them? The remnants of Winbarry's Unit 23, the school? The images do not flash onwards, they're still in that room with the bed, but the fey girl is using whatever time she has left to her to hopefully speak to Daxton. If and when he wakes of his own volition, wherever they are holding him.. she prays to whatever powers that feyfolk 'pray' to that he will remember some of this.

She moves a bit closer and reaches for him, shakes her head lightly. "No more images, just come to me." Callisto bids softly, her expression pained and sad for him. "I'm going to do everything I can to help you. Y-you cannot.. you cannot understand yet, exactly how. But I promise you that I am still here for you. As soon as I can be, I will be. You are not alone, Daxton." Callisto says, her look beseeching. It's a look of longing that she's given him before. "I promise."

Daxton doesn't move closer, but he also doesn't pull away. His face is pretty pitiful, he fighting tears. Another quick head shake, "They'll kill everyone, Callisto….I tried…" He did try, as best as he could with the order, to not hurt anyone. And then something she says seems to break him, a sob escapes and his broad chest heaves as he denies, "I…I'm not Daxton anymore. I've not been him in a long time…"

A long time? Since the code word was spoken? How did time 'feel' in that span of weeks? It pains Callisto to see this.. not in the discomforted way that tears would have caused, many many years ago.. but now it hurts her heart. She wishes she could feel this but instead she will go to wrap her arms around him smoothly and hug him tight. "You are Daxton." She says gently… says nothing of what happened to bring him to them. No mention of Winbarry, what happened there.

"In reality you are with us." She says softly, "Your teammates yet live. As far as I know Burden… did you not always wonder where he was? Burden has been recovered also."

Hopeful things.. but Callisto reaches up and with the gentlest touch (even in dreaming) she makes to wipe tears from his face, should the sob finally loosen them. "You are Daxton. And if you've further doubts I shall help you become him again."

As soon as he's hugged the teen collapses, sobbing in her arms. "I killed them." Is choked out, over and over. "I tried to save them, but I killed them…." Eventually he trails off, his arms loosen from around her, and at that point Callisto would recognize he's gone catatonic.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Dreamweave: Success.

"No!" Callisto begs; unless there's a whole other host of people whom she didn't know about that he 'killed'. Or does he remember Winbarry—does he think..

"Daxton!" She cries, and now more than ever she tries to hold onto him. He's clinging to her, weeping, doing what she has never before witnessed him doing… not even close. Even as his arms drop and he slips away, Callisto holds fast. "No, no no! Daxton!"

She tries to shift the dream away, to get him out of this room. Get rid of this damned room! Maybe that will bring him back to her. She tries to pull from her own memory.. to bring forth the beach, Thunder Bay, anything.

But then, Callisto has lost him. Lost the dream. She wakes up, presses the back of her hand against her mouth so as to not wake Boomie, and keeps the sob as quiet as possible.

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