(2019-04-03) Hello Abbie-Fenn!
Hello Abbie-Fenn!
Summary: Fionnuala introduces Rain to the newest member of the Reid family.
Date: 2019-04-03
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NPCs: Flora Reid, Abigail Reid.
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TP Room 2 - Reid Home + Neighborhood
Wed Apr 03, 2019

Off of Broadway Avenue in Shady Cove.

The Reid Homestead.

It is a spring day. The weather is warm and clear.


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Driving: Failure.

Just last night, Winbarry got blown to smithereens and Fee Reid was present with other healers, ready to help. Plus seeing Winbarry, their former haven after the old school got destroyed…. now wrecked, itself? Sad, sad times.

Therefore today students were given the option of either a study day or the chance to head into town. There are logistics to work out re: Winbarry; teachers are distracted. Fionnuala, needing some grounding after that fiasco.. opted to take that day pass and invite Rain along to meet the new baby!

In a bid for normalcy Fionnuala leaves her beater of a car parked in a sort of long-term parking lot close to the docks. It's just easier that way for when she has to go home, lugging belongings that make flying hard. It's a 1972 Volkswagen Beetle that is sorely in need of a new paint job. That will be Fee's next task when she saves up enough. For now? Passengers are treated to a little old soldier of a car with a faded navy blue paint job and various scabrous bumper stickers from previous owners. An old faded one reads: 'I Brake For Bigfoot!'

The interior is surprisingly clean and tidy and Rain Masters is a brave girl indeed to drive with Fionnuala. The girl does quite well getting through town… but once she turns onto suburban Broadway the excitement at the prospect of introducing Abbie to her bestie steals her focus. She overshoots the driveway and… PLUNK! Fee's car nails the trash can and sends it sideward into the Reid yard like a fallen casualty. Fee parks and gawks at it.. "Oh, bother."

Being the generous person she is, Rain has already sent a bunch a baby things to Fiona's mom. And thanks to her own mother having a baby in the last couple of years she knew what to send. Honestly, she probably went overboard, but this is one of the few way she shows her affection. She throws money at it.

While Fee may be excited, Rain is apprehensive. It is no secret that she isn't a baby person. Her relationship with her sister Circe is proof of that, though there are extenuating circumstances at play there.

"Fiona!' She exclaims as the trashcans are hit "And I thought Besa drove bad." Wait? What? Besa drives…and doesn't kill the car with his tech death touch?!

It's been fabulous — and lucky — that the Reids had another girl. The few things that were kept from back when Fee was a newborn were once again useful! But not plentiful. Abigail was a bigger newborn than Fee had been so some things just didn't fit, period! Then came the glorious gift from the Masters family.. specifically: Rain! To this day Flora Reid is still floored by the generosity. Suddenly what was lacking for Abbie was of utterly no concern.

Of concern though… is Fee's driving. RIGHT at the finish line! She at least pulls the beetle into the driveway and kills it, peering sideward to the poor can. Luckily the bags didn't break open! She turns to look at Rain with a rueful grin, "Sorry.. I was a bit antsy. How the heck does Besa drive, though!? And not kill the car's electronics?" Upon looking at Rain she can see a bit of that anxiety.

THe brightly-dressed shifter gives Rain a gentle squeeze on the wrist, "Trust me, it'll all go just well. She's a really sweet baby." Said happily as she eases out of the car and moves to set the garbage can to rights. Note: the can has multiple dings.

Rain eyes the trashcan a moment. "More than once?" She is thinking maybe she of drove. "I take his power so he can drive. He really likes to drive." She tells her friend. She isn't one to use her powers, she is loath to use them even in class, and she certainly doesn't speak of them, so it says something that she is willing to so Besa can do something he enjoys. "Sweet has little to do with it. Izzie was a sweet baby too, and so is Circe." Though the latter is precocious.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

"I do get it though.. thank you for coming out here with me." Fionnuala offers, meaning it. She knows details here-and-there of what the birth of babies — especially the latest being Circe — has meant for Rain. "You won't be pressured to hold her or make goofy faces and sounds, I promise." Lights of amusement in her face as she puts the lid back onto the can. Reaches into her purse, pulls out a little tube of hand sanitizer.. immediately gets that going between her fingers. The warm, semi-clear Spring weather has boded well for Fionnuala and even without her wings manifested, the energy still has plenty of places to manifest from. It skitters across her shoulders, throughout her tresses… her irises are a bright lemon yellow.

"Plus, Mom wanted to thank you for your generosity. You should see how cute Abbie looks in some of the dresses!" Her giddiness sends sparks outwards to die harmlessly upon the ground. Fee leans into the car, hauls a bag of laundry from the cramped back seat and locks up. "I'd love to be there with you guys when you help Besa drive.. I'd love to see him do it. He'll be leagues better than me." Said with a giggle as she shows Rain toward the Reid family's lovely, sunny little piece of common suburbia. It's as welcoming and pretty a property as one might expect.

That's good, because Rain doesn't do goofy. There may be a personality in there that does, Legion sometimes, but the really silly, goofy one hasn't appeared yet. Thankfully!

She helps Fee pick up the can and then follows to the house and inside. There is a nod at the comment. Rain was smart and didn't get any true designer baby clothes, they were on the lowest side of high end, she didn't want to make Ms. Reid uncomfortable or anything "I am glad she liked all the things." well as much as she can be glad about anything that is.

"Next time Besa and I go out driving I'll let you know, you can come along with us."

Oh, pray to the fates above that Fee is there when/if the personality ever pokes through. In the meantime the dark-haired girl does enough 'goofy' on any given day to cove both of 'em!

"It's been perfect." Fee remarks again, "Did you know that I can already tell what color she's going to look best in? No joke. Yellow, and soft green… and oh, lightest of the blues. Periwinkle." She rattles off, schlepping the sack of clothes over one narrow shoulder as she finds her house key on the fob in her hand. As the two teens stand there, the sun is at an angle to positively pour itself over the house and yard. The family may or may not have chosen this homestead for that reason~

Then the door opens and the clean breath of the house exhales upon them and Fee shows her bestie indoors. "Mum! It's just us! I'm here with Rain-"

Quick footfalls, Flora comes ambling into the foyer, carrying a bundle and looking anxious. She looks to have healed with ease from childbirth, thanks to her shifter powers. "Is everything ok? Are you both alright?" The woman asks in her Scots brogue, looking between Rain and Fee with golden eyes. "Hello my loves, pardon th' fret. Just.. with what happened to that old mansion out a ways. I worry."

"She must have a warmer skin tone than you have." this is wear Rain's impeccable fashion sense comes in. She knows all about matching colors to skin tone, and the proper makeup…etc. She, sadly can't wear yellow, her complexion is to cool and just ends up looking jaundiced when she does. Hence no one has ever seen her in the color. Good thing she isn't in Prometheus.

As Ms.Reid greets them she puts on a faux smile, something she doesn't bother to do at school, but she knows parents and how they worry, and Fee's mom looks worried "I'm fine Ms. Reid." she assures the woman. "I didn't take part in the rescue mission. My brother did though, received a broken nose for it." she makes sure the door is shut behind her before continuing "How have you been?"

"It's ok Mum, it's really ok. It's been dealt with, it's going to be alright." Fee says warmly to her mother, reaching out to pull the worried woman into a hug. Flora and Fee are of the same height and the latter resembles the former in the shape of her mouth and nose, along with the haircolor.. though Flora has more curls. The sunny spring day has meshed well for her too because she's far too radiant for a new (for a second time) mother to take credit for. Flora angles herself carefully so as to not squish the bundle between them, and poor Rain might want to +roll Reaction here because the older woman reaches for her next to try hugging her!

"I'm glad you're alright too… I'm sorry for Sky. A right bother, is a broken nose. Hoping it's been set before it could heal crooked!" Flora gasps, and if Rain allows the contact she will give the Masters girl a squeeze. If Rain doesn't? Flora won't hold it against her. "I've been well.. I'm blessed with a good sleeper, here. Fee had me up at all hours back in her day.. wee Abbie is kinder with the shut eye. How about yourself, dear? Anxious for summer holiday?" Sings the older Reid, as Fee makes gimme motions for the baby with her fingers.

<FS3> Rain rolls Reaction: Good Success.

Rain has probably been around the Reid family enough to know what is coming and she came prepared for this very instance. A pretty wrapped box from the Coco Loca is quickly pulled from her purse and pushed at the woman and she takes a slight step back, as Flora tries to hug her. Deflection by chocolates…here is hoping it works. "I got these for you. Fiona told me you like the hazelnut ones." though who knows if Fee actually told her that.

"Besa will be healing it for him once he recovers from all the other healing he has done." a hand is brought up to her own face, not quite touching her nose "It still hurts. Hopefully he will get it healed sooner rather than later."

Oh.. Fee sees what Rain did there. What a smooth move! Her lips pull into a grin and she chuckles quickly as the defense works and Flora accepts the box of chocolates with a look of excitement. "Oh..! Oh my..!" Flora trills and looks the box over. "From Cocoa Loco? Then I know they will be amazing!" In the excited notes of her voice, one can hear Fionnuala plain as day… though the mother's accent is much heavier than the daughter's. It's just, the player doesn't want to bulldoze her way through typing a Scots accent!

"These will be brilliant with tea.. you hold onto Abbie there dearheart, I'm going to get on making a pot now—" Flora whirls on a heel and smiles brilliantly. "Thank you again on the goods for babe.. it's all been fitting just right." With a flourish Flora is off to the kitchen.

This leaves Fee, holding the little body in one of the very receiving blankets that Rain sent out. Carefully she nudges off her flats and pulls back some blanket to look into the tiny face, "Hullo Missus Abigail-Fenn! I'm here a whole two days early! I brought someone for you to meet~" Fionnuala sings to the baby girl and angles herself so that the newborn can peer out at Rain with honey-gold eyes and nosey expression. She's fair, but there's the barest scrim of what will be red hair dusting her perfect little scalp. "Say hullo to your auntie Rain!"

"Your welcome Ms. Reid." Rain replies in a silvery sincere tone "Tea would be lovely." its like she is a different person…she is being pleasant! She watches the older woman hustle off to the kitchen and she visibly relaxes and she takes a breath. She has gotten used to one Fiona…two is a bit much for her still "She's adorable." she states but not in that 'OMG! It's a baby' way, more as a fact, like she was telling Fiona that Alaska is a large state. "She looks more like your father?"

Tea it shall be… and good thing about the Scots, they know their tea! Maybe a different tact compared to the Brits but Flora takes her tea seriously. She will be out of their hair for a bit. Fionnuala begins to glow (literally) at Rain's compliment toward the baby. She knows Rain well to know that it's not a flippant opinion but an earnest one… she's just not a goofus about it. Abigail has plenty of her people in her new little life to fawn and coo over her. The baby is so new that her movements are still pretty involuntary and not-at-all coordinated… Abbie is months away from that fist-chewing, cooing, moreso interactive stage. For now the newborn merely peers sleepily from the folds of the blanket, not making a peep.

Fionnuala deposits a series of kisses to the tiny face and wraps her up again snug, holding her easily to her bosom. "She favors Da, for sure… red hair.. he tans fast in the summer months. So I bet she'll be able to wear yellow~" A giggle as Fee feels a pinkie finger being squeezed by the baby's own palm. "She's positively, utterly lovely~" Sings the elder sister to the younger.

Fee sobers then, "I'm sorry about Sky.. you say Besa was going to heal him up? I hope that boy doesn't overexert himself.."

For as pale as Rain is she tans pretty quickly in the summer as well, she doesn't burn at all, being half Italian does have its perks, even though she doesn't look it at all. She will have that in common with the baby! "Let's hope that is the case." she looks from the baby to Fee "She will be a crow too?"

Very neat and unexpected.. Fionnuala has bore witness to this in the summer! She would also say that being blonde (or even half-blonde with the brown dyed half) is a dream with tanned skin. Fee however, in any measure of sun.. just doesn't tan easily. She doesn't burn. Comes with the territory as a sunlight-nomming being! She gathers up the baby again close to her chest and makes to show Rain into the sun-drenched sitting room. Once there Fee will seat herself in an armchair across which a broad slat of sunlight drapes itself. The sisters settle there and the moment the sun touches the baby, Abbie actually cooes happily. Fee, used to how nice the energy is to and for her body, merely smiles.

"No way of knowing… she could be anything. Though there's lots of birds of prey in my Da's side.. we won't know til' she's much older. Kindergarten or so."

And Rain still won't wear yellow in the summer, tanned skin or not. Maybe she just doesn't like the color. "Guess we will have to wait for that surprise." she says as she follows Fee into the sun room and takes a seat near where Fiona has parked herself "Is there any birds that she definitely won't be able to shift into…say a parrot? Peacock? Chicken?"

"Surprise, it will be. She might end up with two forms.. who knows! It's really up in the air." Fee chimes, looking down at the wee one who has begun to doze already. Movement can be heard coming from the kitchen as Flora finishes up; there's the tink-tink of a spoon lightly touching a mug. Fee meanwhile laughs melodically at the prospect, "Highly unlikely… but like, a tiny possibility that she'll snag something completely unlike her immediate family. I don't want to jinx her.. I don't know how I'll be able to handle her if she was, like.. a blue footed booby or something." A giggle; she leans forth to plant another light smooch to the baby's glowing cheek. "Aw heck, you'll still be a beauty, even if you're a blue-foot booby or a chicken…."

Here's hoping that doesn't happen!

"As long as she doesn't turn out like poor third-cousin Colum.. he ended up being a turkey! Right pain come Thanksgiving…"

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