(2019-04-02) Winbarry No More Part 1
Winbarry No More Part 1
Summary: An explosion at Winbarry estates has the students from Coral Springs rushing to help. Unfortunately they run into Tempo.
Date: 2019-04-02
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At 7MP EST an urgent message is sent to the school. An explosion of undetermined originals has blasted Winbarrry Estates, the location of the school last year. Help is needed. Staff will immediately gather as many volunteers as possible and head out. The Teachers are dealing with police, the students are asked to start looking for survivors.

Any students not on school grounds will be sent a text message with the same information to go over to the Estates and help. But also to be cautious.

Anyone at Winbarry has been blowed up. They are buried in the rubble and need to be rescued.

The building itself is no longer a building. There's several walls still standing, but most is rubble. Sirens and lights from the police echo on the remains.

Bryce gets the message about volunteers. He activates his under armor so he can move quicker and runs to the meeting place. He can see the smoke and the fire long before he saw the devestation. He lifts a hand to his mouth amazed at what he sees. Once he got off the helicopter, he immediately moved towards the rubble examining it first before he started to go to work. "B-be careful," he says to anyone around. "Moving the wrong piece of, of debris can cause the rubble to shift onto any, uh, any survivors." He takes a deep breath knowing this is not the time to be stammering. Lifing a hand up, he calls out to the rubble, "Can anyone hear me?!"

It's dark out, so it's hard for the students to find anything specific. The steam rising from a pile on the left goes unnoticed.

To the right there's a subtle moment above the ruble, if the students are alert enough, they'll see a form carefully digging through the debris as well, trying to stay unnoticed.

Dylan knows that this is Daxton's home, so there was no question about his coming. Normally, he would feel that his powers would not be completely useful, but this time is different. He crouches at the rubble and presses his hands to it. As he does so, a section about the size of a double door momentarily phases out of existence. As he does this a couple time, he suddenly shouts out, "I have someone over here! I need some help getting them out!"

Bryce hears the call of Dylan and starts to head over in his direction. Thanks to the under armor, he is able to jog there. Examining the situation when he arrives, he says, "I can try and remove some of the items or try to lift him out. Which do you wish me to, to do?"

Dylan looks up at Bryce as he kneels there. "Lift him out. I can't really do anything but maintain the portal through the debris." Bryce might notice the look of strained effort on the younger teen's face as he holds the section "open".

There's deftly steam rising from underneath this pile. In fact, as the students start removing the chucks of house(or portaging through them!), the temperature rises. It can only mean one Unit member. Inferno. He's almost fully magma, there's no lifting him up with bare hands.

The figure stops from their searching looking up to see who or what the students have found. A vibration and he starts moving faster (inhumanly fast). He has to find them first!

Magma or not, Bryce wasn't planning on using his hands to lift someone out; however, seeing it is Inferno, he knows just how serious this explosion was. "Hold on." He doesn't know if Inferno can hear him or not, but the two words are for both him and Dylan. A thin beam of energy emerges from Bryce's head and extends down below the magma form. A platform, which some call the 'magic carpet' starts to form underneath Inferno. Bryce is sure to include short walls around the edge of the platform to make sure nothing slides off. Once the platform is formed, Bryce causes it to lift Inferno out of the wreckage.

Small beads of sweat form on Dylan's forehead, whether it is from the strain, the heat from Inferno, or a combination of the two. As Bryce lifts the form out of the portal, he sighs, "Thanks." Once Inferno is out of the portal, the teleporter closes the portal. "Is he(?) alive?"

Inferno bubbles, a gurgling noise from the gym teacher is the only response he can give. He's alive, but he'll need to heal. A lot.

Tempo vibrates through the ruble he was poking at, hands pulling up an unconscious Pulse into his arms. Holding her close, he eyes the two students, trying to figure out how to get Inferno away from them.

"Alive, yes," Bryce comments though he then adds, "Thought I would, uh, surmise not well." He then states, "I can, well, carry him for a bit." Bryce uses the psychic platform to carry a manga-state Inferno away from the rubble not seeing Tempo pull Pulse out of the ruble nearby. "We should, uh, get him to the, the triage area."

It's around 7Pm, dark and there's been an explosion at Winbarry. The students were called into help look for survives. Dylan and Bryce just unearthed Inferno and Tempo is nearby unseen as of yet, having just rescued Pulse from the debris.

Dylan chews on his lower lip, still on his knees. "Do you need me to help take him?" He looks up at Bryce who has Inferno on a telepathic construct. "I can keep looking for more people if you don't."

Sky isn't the strongest type and he isn't any sort of telekinetic…but he can look for minds. Maybe that's why they told him to help from the outside. After all, he has no protection from fire. Frowning some, he scans the area, a couple of fingers to his temple as he scans for anyone else that might be trapped. Students…teachers…«I found Daxton, but he's moving really fast.» But he'll keep searching. «Is everyone accounted for?»

Tempo is moving quickly to get in-between Bryce and the direction he's going! "Drop him and leave." Poor Pulse is thrown over his shoulder in a fireman carry, giving all the boys a nice view (She'll murder Dax later, when he's Dax). "You all need to get out of here, now." There's nothing about him that screams bad guy, but there's also nothing about him that feels like he recognizes the students, well, except Sky. Sky is given a glare. He remembers him from the other day. "Before he gets pissed." Who's he?

Bryce says to Dylan. "I can carry him. By using the, the platform, he isn't too heavy. Are you going to be, uh, okay?" He lifts up his hand to his head hearing the telepathic message from Sky, but then he stops in his tracks when he sees Tempo. Something isn't right. That much is certain. "I cannot, uh, just drop him. He is in, well, he isn't doing well and dropping him in this state could be a problem both for him and well, the ground underneath him. My platform can withstand the heat, but, uh, not much else probably can. Be-besides, you are already carrying P-pulse."

Dylan looks over at Sky shaking his head, "I don't know how many people we're looking for, just that there may be survivors." When he sees Daxton, Dylan grins widely, "Oh thank god, Dude. I'm glad that you're okay… " He shrugs to Bryce, "I'll be fine… I can keep looking, as long as I need to." Yeah, that's obviously not true, but his determination is clear in his eyes.

Speak of the devil. «Before who gets pissed?» Sky isn't going anywhere. He crosses his arms and scowls at Tempo/Daxton, «Where are you taking them? We can take them to safety, thank you.» He still doesn't trust him…or whomever Dax has been talking to.

Daxton shifts the unconscious woman on his shoulder, his right arm free. "Put him down Poindexter. We'll take him from here." We? Blue eyes dark to Dylan, but there's no recognition. His free hand starts to go up to his ear, but ehe he stops when a ground shake from the other side of the rubble is felt. "Before he gets pissed." He moves closer to Bryce, "Put him down so I can take him home."

Bryce closes his eyes and sounds like he is reading. "Poindexter. 1) Any person (usually a nerd or geek) who says useless random facts at random times (usually to random people because they have no friends) or 2) a poindexter may also use his superior intellect to change a conversation into a lecture." He blinks his eyes open for a moment and says, "I am not, uh, exactly sure what or how that would apply in, in this given situation." Although by quoting the definition from the dictionary, Bryce may have proven his point. "As far as I am, uh, aware, home is the school which has the, the necessary medical attention to provide for his recovery. The triage tent there is currently staffed with, well, medical personnel for just this situation. For the purpose of, well, speed which is a point I believe that you would argue, we should get him to the tent."

"Dax-Dude, chill out. The big guy will be okay. We're just tryin' to help." Dylan gets up and moves to another section of rubble. He kneels down and presses his hands to the debris. He closes his eyes as another portal opens up, to help him search through the wreckage. This time with no favorable results. He sighs and moves over to the next area.

«This -was- his home,» Sky points out, his eyes following Daxton's hand as it goes towards his ear. It's as he suspected…probably. He signs something…probably mostly for himself, but brings his hand back to his temple, glaring still at Daxton. There's a wince as a silent command is sent to the speedster, but then, actually using his voice, he says, "Get Inferno out of here. Try and get Pulse away too. I probably can't hold him long."

Daxton starts to vibrate, his face twisting in discomfortable. A low noise noise, he's not happy. Fingers tighten on Pulse's leg, she's going to have a bruise.

Inferno bubbles.

Bryce watches as Sky signs and quickly looks back to Daxton. Hearing the directions from Sky, Bryce nods his head. "I can get Inferno to, to the medical tent though I am not, um, certain how to get Pulse from him." Looking to Daxton, he asks, "Could you use your portals to, uh, rescue her?" Bryce will not pause long for an answer as he immediately starts to send the platform to the medical tent as quickly as he can. He lifts his hand towards Daxton just incase he gets out of hand, or mind in this case.

Dylan chews on his lower lip and sighs. He holds his hands out as if prepared to hold Pulse's form. There is a look of concentration, but nothing appears to happen. "I can't… I'm not that good at taking things from people, much less something that big."

Schuyler is totally going to suffer for this later but he's trying to be heroic…kinda. But it's actually good practice with his Mind Control…and it's against someone with a fairly fast-moving mind! An applicable skill…or something. Maybe he won't get in trouble for it if it proves to be useful. "Grab her!" is called to the others as he sends another mental command to the infuriated Daxton.

Daxton vibrates more, enough to shake the tentative hold Sky had on his mind. He's been around mentalist enough to know the motion he did, and to know he's the biggest threat currently. But then there's a slight tug at his team member, and that voice again telling him to drop her. With that he moves, fats. Faster than any of them have seen him move before, before Pulse can hit the ground he's in front of Sky. The sound of bone breaking rings out, even Sky can feel the crack echo in his head as his nose shatters. Hopefully that will be enough to throw the mentalist off so he can get his team out of here.

Bryce was ready, hoping that Pulse would somehow be freed. Before she hit the ground, Bryce extended another psychic platform out to catch her; however, instead of just catching her, he encased her inside a solid box with just a few holes for breathing left. Even the platform with walls ushering Inferno to the triage tent has closed itself around him sealing him inside. He hears the bones of Sky breaking, but he doesn't think that Daxton is going to try and kill him. He already would have done that if he wished. So while Daxton is otherwise occupied, Bryce works to complete the orders given by the upper classman.

Dylan looks over as Daxton shatters Schuyler's nose. "Dude, what the fuck? What part of we're trying to help, don't you get?" At least Bryce is able to do something useful. The young teleporter blinks from where he stood to beside Sky, "Schuyler-man, you okay?" He looks up at Daxton accusingly, "What is wrong with you? Seriously!"

«Not the f…» Sky starts as Daxton suddenly appears in front of him, but the speedster went there. In the face. Sky didn't even have a chance to try and move or deflect. He's on the ground, holding his bloody, broken nose, all mental connections severed due to the explosion of pain.

Daxton spins on his heel to attack Dylan next. He jabs at Dylan's chest. Dylan's had broken ribs before, although it's never been this fast. As he tuns, his teammates are being boxed away (Which just reminds Tempo of the tables they were strapped to when injected with the mind control drugs). On the other side of the wrecked building, a pained roar can be heard. Whatever it is, it doesn't sound human.

Dylan takes the hit to the chest before he can even begin to react. The teen is staggered and stumbles back. His head strikes a chunk of the destroyed building with a resounding crack. His body lies limply on the ground as a dark red pool of blood spreads from under his head.

Bryce knows that he has to do something about Daxton, or he won't be able to help Inferno or Pulse. On top of that, he has to try and help Sky and Dylan. Sending out another telepathic call for help, Bryce turns to face Daxton. He's only done something like this a couple times, but if there was ever a time for a blast of pure pyschic energy, this was it. Bryce's eyes flash a cyan color briefly as a beam of psychic energy charges directly at Daxton's head.

As much as he would want to stay down, the fight isn't over. Sky can't focus enough to mentally help Bryce, but he can try and stagger to the constructs holding Inferno and Pulse to try and get them to the Medical tent.

What the?!?! Bryce's blast isn't expected. Tempo stumbles to the side. It's enough to give him pause. Enough that he isn't able to land his fists on Bryce….yet.

Bryce watches as Daxton stumbles backwards. He cannot worry (for the time being) about what Sky is doing or even the state of Dylan. This will require everything he has. All his concentration. Stopping him means getting help for everyone and possibly even help for Daxton himself. "I'm sorry," he says. There is no stammer, no stutter and no hesitation in his voice. His eyes flash cyan again though brighter this time as a beam of pyschic energy about three feet in diameter erupts from him and slams into Daxton.

The blast catches Daxton in the shoulder. It's not enough to knock him out, but he does stagger back several feet. A growl, he's going to rip the head piece off that Poindexter!

Bryce shakes his head and has to set the platforms down though they are still attached to his head. He doesn't know how many more of these blasts he has left in him, but he has to keep trying until he goes down. Bryce doesn't think that any physical attack from his pyschic constructs willdo much against the speedster. His eyes flash another cyan color sending another pyshic blast aimed for Daxton's head.

If he can't move the constructs, Sky will physically go into the Medical Tent to get some actual help. Maybe they all had mental shields up so couldn't hear Bryce's call…

Daxton snarls, getting blasted again by Bryce's blast again. Damn nerds! It's clear though, he's in some pain from the blasts.

The teachers indeed have shields up, so when Sky come in they start to come out to help.

Bryce's constucts fail as he keeps pushing his psychic attacts. Thankfully, both Inferno and Pulse were already on the ground. From the looks of things, Bryce will be on the ground soon too. He is clearly close to pushing himself too far with his powers. He swallows hard and says, "Sorry," again though seemingly not to Daxton this time. Perhaps to Sydney, his girlfrield. Another flash of cyan into his eyes and one more blast of psychic energy blasts out directly for Daxton's mind. Bryce's under armor fails at this point as he drops to a knee while panting heavily.

Another blast from Bryce, and that's then joined by the teachers that can do long distance attacks. What looks like magic bolt hits Tempo, and then another psychic attack from another teacher crashes into his head. The former Ares goes flying backwards, twisting as a last attack lands, bugs. Bugs everywhere begin to swarm the unconscious speedster….just to make sure.

With Daxton down, the teacher rush to help the students and to get the injured Unit 23 members some first aide.

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