(2019-04-01) Sunburn by Kaylee
"Sunburn by Kaylee" or "When Kaylee Flashes" or "Kaylee's Not-So-Hot Flash"
Summary: Gabrielle visits Cora in the Medbay to see how she's doing after the events at Sundae Funday.
Date: (2019-04-01)
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Med Bay
The medical wing follows the curve of the exterior of the building, with each room on the ward shaped like a wide pie slice, with a Plexiglas wall on the narrow end, and double doors that can form an airlock if needed. Any privacy needed in the rooms will have to come from the curtains therein. Each room is equipped with a bed with a monitor screen at the foot, and built in high-resolution open MRI and ultrasound scanners. The nurse station inside the perimeter of the ward has duplicate screens for each patient bed, and a vast array of information and realtime data. Along the walls outside the rooms, an overhead track has small, busy robots rolling to and from stocker closets, retrieving drugs, shipping samples, and so on. Two transparent operating theaters flank the entrance door, each a table much like the ward beds, tele-operated surgical robots capable of microscopic precision, life support equipment, and more of the stocker robots for handling of tools, samples, and discarded tissue. There are six cylinders built into the interior wall, plumbed with insulated plumbing clearly labeled Danger: Cryo-Chambers.

Cora has been kept in the infirmary for observation as much as anything. After last night's blast of light? Well, she's been hiding out and milking it too. No classes or something! And better, a chance to just avoid the day entirely and hide in the dark. Or at least under her blankets. Because that's how she's laying at the moment, since none of the Professors or others are here. The lights in her room are out, and the drapes closed, and even some blackout ones in place to help for the moment.

Gabrielle has been trying not to teleport unnecessarily so when she comes into the med bay she actually does so through the front door. In have hands is a small plate, covered with aluminum foil. Once she comes in she stops at the door, looking a little confused since the med bay is empty. And it shouldn't be. "Cora? Cora? Are you here?"

Cora continues to hide out under the blankets. There's a bit of a tensing when someone talks too. But after a few moments she finally says. "Yeah." Yep, definitely coming from under the blankets. Probably with back towards the door too - it's just a bit darker that way and right now she's trying to stay in the dark as much as she can!

Gabrielle takes a few more steps into the room taking the aluminum foil off the plate she's carrying. As soon as she does that the smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies wafts through the room. "Ummm… Is it this dark in here on purpose?" She takes a moment to let her eyes adjust to the darkness but waits to go towards Cora's bed until she knows if she can turn on lights or not.

"Yeah." Cora says. "The light hurts. Is it night yet?" There's a bit of a fearful edge to her tone as she says that too, and also some longing for the night it seems. But other than that? She mostly just sounds distant and withdrawn.

Gabrielle leaves the lights off as she slowly makes her way to Cora's bedside. "It is. Its about 8 o'clock." Using her foot she hooks the leg of a nearby chair and drags it closer to the bed, "I wanted to see how you were doing. I'm sorry I brought you back the way I did without asking or warning but I wasn't sure how badly you were really hurt so I didn't want to risk that you might need emergency attention." She plops into the chair and offers up the plate of cookies, "Oh, and I made you chocolate chip cookies. I hope you like chocolate chip…"

Cora's still hiding completely under the blanket - or at least enough so only her nose and mouth are really not wrapped up in the covers. Like she really doesn't wanna move right now. "It's like.. a sunburn. And my eyes hurt. My head hurts." Cora answers. "I don't do well when it's really bright. I even hate the summer sunlight, or bright winter days." Which given Kaylee and Fee are her friends, might just be a problem! "But yes, I like cookies." She appends after a few heartbeats pause.

Gabrielle nods as she listens. "I'm sorry that happened. But… It's really dark in here right now. I mean, I can barely see enough not to bump into everything in the room. Why are you still hiding?" The plate of cookies is held uo so that all Cora would really have to do is peek her hand out from under the covers to grab it.

The room Cora is in is dark, other than the light coming from the hall with the door open. Gabrielle is sitting near the bed and there's cookies on the table beside it. Something was said, and there's a moment of silence to follow, but suddenly a weird, ghostly green-blue light appears. It's rather like a will-o-the-wisp in the way it flickers around there. It seems to be above Cora to give a bit of illumination. It still leaves her under the blanket, but it at least makes it possible to see something in its soft glow! "Because apparently light hurts me. Talk about pathetic."

Gabrielle snorts from her chair next to Cora's bed. "You sound like Buddy. We're all weird here in one way or another. So light hurts you? Pretty much anything I put in my mouth hurts me, if I'm not super careful." She smiles at the younger girl, motioning at the will-o-the-wisp light, before finishing with, "All we can do is learn to work with what we're given. And that is pretty cool and very pretty."

Walking down the hallway, Bryce limps along heading to the entrance. There is a bit of a grimace in his steps and finally he stops to take a break near Cora's door not realizing that she is in there. Hearing some voices, he knocks lightly on the open door without opening it further or looking in. "Um, g-good evening. Is, well, is everything okay? Oh, um, it's Bryce, by the w-way." As if people wouldn't recognize his unusual speech pattern.

Cora sighs as that all is said to her, and seems to curl up more tightly. "At least that's not something one of the nicest people you know could do by accident in a crisis and leave you even more worthless than you were." Another sigh. She doesn't have time to say much else when she realizes that Bryce is here now too. "Hey Bryce." She calls out, even if she's yet to turn around or uncover her eyes.

Gabrielle nods, "You're right. I could be stabbed. Or burned to a crisp. Or lasered. Or frozen… My point is, all of our powers are dangerous in their own way and we all have weaknesses. That's what we're here to learn about. How to use them, how to shore up our weaknesses, and how to avoid hurting our teammates." Pushing the plate of cookies a few inches closer to the hidden girl she smiles a little wider and adds,"But, enough about that. I sound like some sort of weird sensei. I don't know about you but chocolate *always* makes me feel better. Won't you try a cookie?" As she finishes that sentence she hears Bryce and spins around, curling into her chair so she can peek over the back at the newcomer, only showing the top of her head and her eyes.

Bryce steps into the room and just stays by the door. His circlet flashes briefly and his clothing gets a bit fuller. He stands without leaning now and says, "I, I hope I am not int-interrupting. I didn't know that, well, anyone was injured. Are, are you okay, Cora?" It is hard to tell who the other girl was in such low light and he didn't recognize the voice though his memory is tied more to his sight than his hearing. "Um, hi. I'm, B-Bryce."

"I've still got a really bad headache." Cora answers. Sitting up now, but leaving the blanket over her head so it hangs to cover her eyes. Even in the ghostly, flickering light of her will-o-the-wisp like flame her face is obviously red compared to her usual state. "Am I ever OK?" She asks, more self deprecatingly than anything. "Kaylee flashed me last night, and it turns out bright light is more than just annoying to me."

Gabrielle's head peeks a little higher over the back of the chair, showing her nose now. Probably because its a little hard to see in the darkened room. "I've seen you around. I'm Gabrielle." Considering the low light situation her blue hair looks black, making one of her more identifying features almost invisible.

Bryce shuts his eyes for a moment. When he talks, it sounds like he is reading something, "Gabrielle Hartman, Junior, Athena." He blinks his eyes open and his voice goes back to normal sounding, at least normal for him with all his stammering and stuttering. "I recognize your, uh, hair." When Cora asks if she is ever okay, Bryce actually thinks that he is supposed to answer. "Well, uh, I think so. I mean, before, well, a while ago you seemed happy if shy, but recently I think you have been, er, struggling so probably not in the last couple weeks I would imagine. Do you know which component of the, the light affects you so?"

Cora continues to sit there almost like a ghost now too. Though at least she's sort of facing people now! And reaching for a cookie, albeit half blindly since it's kinda hard to see through the blankets and while squinting. "No, just… light. Kaylee's light. Bright Sunlight - I've always burned easily, now it's apparently because of something more."

Gabrielle blinks in surprise at Bryce's recitation, "Yes… That's me." She then notices Cora blindly reaching for a cookie and subtly rearranges the plate to make it easier for her to find it. "So? How many times have you heard sunblock jokes?"

Bryce lifts one hand to his chin as he thinks. "Just s-sunlight? Hmmm. It is theoretically p-possible that, well, that there are just certain wavelengths that you are, well, susceptible to. If we found … " Bryce stops suddenly and then says, "I'm sorry. I, uh, I tend to get carried away with, uh, research t-topics. This is m-m-more than a research topic. I can do some, well, research though if, if you want me to." Bryce shakes his head and says, "Um, I do not think, oh, you mean C-cora. Sorry." At her surprise that he knew that about her, Bryce said, "I saw a list of some students a while back ago. Your n-name was on it."

Cora shakes her head to Gabrielle. "Not really… No one here knew it. And my parents and brother could be mean in other ways." She sighs softly. "Bright lights. Any bright lights. Not that I've been in them much." Cora explains. "But I even hate the brighter lights in rooms, not that they bug me as much. I've just always been more comfortable in the dark."

After Cora has a cookie Gabrielle grabs two and offers one to Bryce,"You have a good memory." Even for Gabby its hard to stay shy around someone that sounds so nervous, even if they really aren't. "Cora, we have some of the best most experienced teachers and staff anywhere. If anyone can figure out a way to make things easier for you, its them."

Bryce nods his head towards Gabrielle. "Th-thank you. Not many people, uh, appreciate it." He shrugs a bit and then says, "I will go and, uh, let you rest. I know that I still t-tend to make you, uh, well, hmmm, uncomfortable. If you wish me to do some research and m-maybe some experiments, p-please let me know."

"You don't have to go." Cora says, softly. But then says. "I just know I don't wanna deal with bright light for a long time. That really hurt. And it was one of the nicest people here and now I bet she's gonna feel awful because she couldn't know and now that makes me feel awful and…" A sigh. Cora shakes her head and then takes a big bite of cookie.

Gabrielle smiles gently, even thought Cora can't see it. "Cora. I know Kaylee. Yes, she'll feel bad about it. But if she knew that you were feeling bad because she was feeling bad then she would feel bad about it which would just make you feel bad too and that would…" OK, word circle. With a shake of her head Gabby pops herself out of the vicious circle, "Let's just say that the best thing you could do right now is let her fuss over you all she wants. Enjoy the attention and that'll make her feel better."

"See? Everything's just complicated." Cora says exasperatedly. At least after she finishes chewing. She's polite like that! Despondent mood or not. "I don't think I was awake when she came by if she did." She adds after that. "I'm just… really not much more used to people than Buddy is, honestly. My parents kept us on the run all the time. I rarely got to be around anyone but them."

Gabrielle finishes off her own bite of cookie before answering, "Well, you're safe now. All I can tell you is that I've made my first few real friends ever here. I think you can do that too." Sliding the cookie plate with its last three cookies close to Cora's bedside she gets out of the chair and is almost about to pat Cora's shoulder when she remembers, sunburn. Stopping herself she just says, "Well, I have to go get a paper finished off before its due tomorrow. But I'll be back to see you after classes, if they haven't released you yet. Is there anything you want me to bring you?"

"No, thank you though." Cora says to that. "I'm fine. At least I was able to sleep today too." The freshman clings the blanket back around herself. "And my head hurts to much to read too. So there's not much I'd need. I imagine the teachers are gonna be here again soon too."

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