(2019-03-31) Sunday Sundae Funday
Sunday Sundae Funday
Summary: Dr. Ricci's Sunday Sundae Funday is disrupted by some cartoonish invaders.
Date: IC Date (2019-03-31)
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NPCs: Dr. Ricci, Sundae Funday attendant, random alicorns.
Scene Runner: Gabrielle

Sundae FunDay
Entering Funday Sundae is like traveling back in time to the hey day of the roadside diner. Long and narrow, the room hold 6 booths designed to seat four people each. The booth seats are upholstered in a shiny red pleather and the table for each booth is simple table centered on on thick metal post and topped by white Formica accented with golden glitter. A strip of black and white checkered floor just wide enough for two people to stand side by side separates the booths from a long counter topped to match the booth tables and edged with a bright red plastic strip. twelve stools are lined in front of the counter and the back wall is lined with a large sink, an old fashioned soda jerk station and a long fridge full of ice cream tubs. The menu is written in marker on the ends of a mirror that is exactly as long as the counter and it sandwiches a couple of shelves lined with bottles of flavored syrups and jars of various toppings, ranging from gummy bears, to sprinkles, to cherries. And the cherry on top of the retro-50s decor is a vintage jukebox filled with classic songs ranging from the 20s to the 50s.

Sunday FunDay has been reserved for the Coral Springs students as a midsemester treat sponsored by Dr. Ricci. She is standing behind the diner's counter with the only staff member on duty and as students come in they're told they are free to come behind the counter and serve themselves anything they want at any time. Gabrielle, in particular, has been very excited about this event since it was announced and has been here since 6:00PM sharp. So she's already sitting at one of the booths with a humongous ice cream bowl in front of her, dripping in marshmallow, caramel, and chocolate syrups.

Well, there aren't really a whole ton of school activities to participate in, so when they crop up, you can bet for darn sure a certain someone is going to try and be there. With bells on. So, ten minutes before the shindig is officially supposed to start, Kaylee Blake was present and accounted for, wearing a long-sleeve Prometheus t-shirt and jeans. Never one to feel awkward in a social setting, she's sat herself right at the front of the counter, ready to greet and say hi to everybody else who decides to show up. In typical Kaylee fashion, she's already smiling and trying her very best to contain her glow. She also happens to be wearing her glasses.

When Gabby comes in, of course Kaylee is ecstatic to see her, and so she's definitely greeted and probably glomped. But, Kaylee- being Kaylee- has decided she's not going to start eating or preparing to eat yet, still waiting at the front of the counter behind Dr. Ricci to greet students as they arrive.

Buddy is one of the ones who did not need transportation. He turns himself into a great golden hawk and flies towards the ice cream shop. He isn't exactly sure where it was, but he figures that he will be able to recognize students as well. Finally finding the shop, he soars down towards the ground and flies behind the store. Once he lands, he looks around before transforming into his human form. He is wearing a blue shirt on with little white clouds on it. He is also wearing a pair of blue jeans and a pair of white sneakers though his sneakers are untied. Of course, the only reason that he is looking as well dressed as that is that these are clothes that Kaylee helped him purchase a long time ago. He then runs around the corner and through the front doors as fast as he can. "Hi!"

Go out… or get Ice Cream. There are cons and pros to both of these. But ultimately, icecream? It seems to win out. Cora arrives wearing a school uniform (As she so often seems to… rumor is she doesn't have much of her own otherwise) She's still being… Cora. Which is to say a bit shy and doing her best to stay towards the back and all, but so often that doesn't work well either. Thus, headphones! People will leave her alone if she's got on headphones? Right? So, hands in pockets, eyes darkened with kohl, an gaze towards the ground she waits for some others to get through the line and then gets into it too.

Who's idea was it to drag Koga along? Well, no one is quite sure. The freshman has been literally just dragged along somehow in the whole mess of the things. And he looks more like he would rather be somewhere else. Studying, perhaps, or perusing books of some sort. Or even out doing parkour. He's even arrived simply to see what was going on and if anything interesting was going to happen.

Of course, the odd part is that the teen looks bored and seems to be trying to figure out what ice cream to order once he walks in. Nothing can spell more trouble than a bored teenager. Especially with mystic powers of some sort. Koga is otherwise dressed in his typical casual fashion of brown slacks, a nice t-shirt that looks to have some sort of video game character on one side, and a wind breaker on.

Wow! Gabby is actually waving at people! Specifically at Buddy and Cora. Koga gets one too, even if its a little more hesitant. Then she's back to eating her huge pile of ice cream balls, pulling a plastic bottle full of caramel syrup from her oversize purse, adding a bit more to her bowl. A sign at the counter announces all the shop's ice creams are made in store from all-natural, locally sourced ingredient. But clearly Gabby isn't trusting the toppings to follow those rules too.

As the students begin to trickle in, Kaylee sits and waves animatedly at each of them and offers each of them a personal greeting. Because it's Kaylee. "Hey, Buddy! Great to see you! Get some ice cream, but don't take too much at first! Pace yourself!" Because Buddy probably needs the instructions. And then here comes … Cora?

Pft. Headphones are no match for Kaylee's awesome socialization skills! When Cora walks in and tries to ignore everyone, Kaylee makes it a point to hop off of her stool at the bar and make her way over to the girl. "Hey, Cora! I'm SO happy you came! It's so awesome to see you! Here, you should come sit with Gabby and me and you should totally take your headphones off so that you can talk with everyone!" Because Kaylee is soooo good at ruining things.

Aaaand Koga. … it was probably Kaylee who decided he should be here, because why should he NOT be here, right?! "Koga! Good, you came! It's open seating, so grab whatever ice cream you want and then sit where ever!"
… because, obviously, the adults aren't doing a good enough job of giving instructions or saying hi to people.

Considering as he looks at the ice cream, Koga gives a nod to Kaylee before deciding it seems on Neapolitan with caramel, sprinkles, and who knows what else. Let's just say his ice cream dish is pretty loaded down with some toppings as he makes his way back over to grab a seat. At least that's what it looks like anyways. He still looks half-way dull, bored, and with something on his mind.

Buddy practically bounces around the front entrance for a bit and barely gets out of Koga's way when he enters. "Ice Cream!" He goes to run to the counter when Kaylee give him directions. "Awww…okay!" He waits as patiently as he can, which is barely, until it is his turn in line. "Oh, so many choices! Wow! Um, okay. Let me have, er, that that and that with that and that on top." He points to three different ice cream flavors (vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry) with cherries and sprinkles on top. Grabbing the ice cream he turns away and stops, "Oh, thank you!" he says sounding happy. He then moves towards those he knows better: Gabrielle, Cora & Kaylee and says, "This is great." He then looks at his ice cream cone sideways. "Right?" From the tone in his voice, it sounds like he doesn't know what it is for certain.

Dr. Ricci laughs at Kaylee's almost over the top hosting and leans in to whisper in her ear, "Looks like you have this well in hand. I'm leaving it up to you then. Make sure they don't stay past eight." With that she addresses the rest of the group, "Enjoy everyone, you all deserve it. We will see you back on campus at 8PM sharp."

Gabrielle leans over to look around her mound of ice cream at Buddy's cone, "Rookie mistake, getting a cone. Now you have to eat it really fast so that it doesn't melt all over your hands. Cora, what are you getting?"

No luck it seems! Headphones have failed her today. Life is like that. Cora ends up having to take them off, and the tinny sound of something playing can be heard until such a point as she pauses it moments later. A little worried for sure, but she still ends up nodding. "Hey." Comes the greeting as she starts to pick out her ice cream. Vanilla, with a large heap of strawberry syrup and some dark chocolate flakes put on to finish it up. She shows it off before saying to Gabrielle, "It's Buddy. I don't think he'll have a problem, aside from brain freeze."

When the professor 'leaves it up to' her, Kaylee's smile almost gets wider. She nods adamantly to the professor and tries to look very somber as she ensures, "I will definitely make sure everyone is ready to leave by 8 PM so those who don't have other ways of getting back can definitely catch the ferry." Uh-oh. Kaylee's OFFICIALLY in charge. Cue the groaning from Ares.

As Buddy bounces off of the walls and seems unaware of the fact that he needs to serve himself, Kaylee moves over to assist him, very carefully placing the selected scoops of ice cream on his cone in the selected order. "Now BE CAREFUL, Buddy! If you eat ice cream too fast, your brain will freeze!" she admonishes in motherly fashion. And then she makes her way back towards the front, so she can continue greeting and 'supervising' the students. Notice the quotes around 'supervising.'

Uh-oh. Kaylee's in charge. That can't end well. Koga is at least sitting quietly, musing on something it seems as he eats his ice cream slowly. He's at least seated near the others, but well… yeah. Koga's being very, very quiet at the moment. And very, very thoughtful. Weird.

Buddy looks from Gabrielle to Cora then back to Gabrielle then to Kaylee and then to Cora. He keeps looking back and forth. At one moment, he looks happy and excited while in the next he is scared and worried. "Eat it fast. Right." He then shakes his head, "Don't eat fast. Eat fast. Don't eat fast." His mouth drops open as fear fills his eyes. "Br-br-br-brain freeze! Oh, no!" After a few moments later, the fear on his face goes away and is replaced with a silly look. "Hahahaha. I almost forgot. Buddy barely has a brain so … no big deal!" Suddenly, he opens his mouth wide and bites into the ice cream cone getting ice cream all over his face. He then waves his hand to Koga who he now sees.

After her little speech Dr. Ricci heads back to campus, taking along with her a cone with one scope of chocolate and another of strawberry. Over the next 30 minutes or so students keep steadily coming in until all the booths and the counter stools are full. Every once in a while the attendant disappears into the cooler and comes back with replacements for empty items but otherwise the students are left to their own devices.

About 45 minutes into the event the attendant jumps and spins around, as if he's looking for something. Leaning over he asks the closest student, "Did you just see a pink blur fly by?" but he only gets a few head shakes in answer. But he is now looking around himself nervously.

Cora grimaces when Buddy takes the big bite like that. She definitely fears what sort of awfulness would come from that sort of bite. Especially since she's all about the dainty bites. Almost posh in a way! She's particularly savoring the bits of strawberries, because strawberries. But as the evening wears on, suddenly there's the flash!

She's fashionably late.. but so Fionnuala. There's just something so Fee-esque about how she arrives belatedly to this gathering. Anyone who has been around Fee over the weekend will have been exposed to her sheer happiness. Today is no exception.. she is literally glowing. Spring is Fee's season and so too is the upcoming summer, and top that off with how happy her family has been as of late and yeah…. just imagine. Then there's ice cream. Can things get much better than this?

Fionnuala arrives and just as she's about to ease her way into the lineup within this diner when—huh? The girl is wingless and glowing; she's absorbed a lot of sun and is radiant with it. After waving merrily to her assorted classmates / friends Fee freezes. "Oh hey… wasn't that just the prettiest hue of pink? Did someone throw a sparkler? Are there sparklers here?!" Fee peers over shoulders, lemon-yellow irises aglow with her stored sunshine. Oh Fee. "This is fate, telling me to get strawberry or cherry chip! But… uh…" She's peering toward the toppings on that one shelf.

45 minutes is just about enough for Gabby to finish the mountain of ice cream in front of her. So by the time the attendant starts to act a bit squirrely she's leaning back as best possible in the booth, having half slid under the table to discretely unbutton her jeans. Her eyelids are at half mast, she has a silly little smile of satisfaction on her lips, and she's barely aware of the conversation around her.

When the attendant starts freaking out, Kaylee is quick to make her way over, all smiles and calmness. "Don't worry, sir, I'm sure everything is PERFECTLY all right. In fact, why don't you go ahead and head to the back to make sure that we're still going to have plenty of toppings if students decide to get seconds or thirds. Could you do that for me? Please?" she asks, putting on her 'make men do things' face. Because reasons. And, if that is accomplished, Kaylee will take her glasses off and immediately start scanning the room using her spatial awareness. If something IS here, she's determined to spot it and figure out what it is. … although, mirrors are kind of a problem for her. Stupid reflecting photons. Hopefully, it's not IN the mirror. Because that would be totally undetectable. And tragic. Especially since this pink streak has distracted her from the entrance of one of her most favoritist people in the world, who also happens to be GLOWING and the sister of only the most important baby in the history of the world. But Kaylee's on alert status, now, because she's IN CHARGE.

Gabrielle gives a lackadasical wave in Fionnuala's direction. The few people that don't trigger her shyness deserve acknowledgment, even if she's on the verge of a sugar comma.

Koga appears to be rather oblivious to the pink blur. His senses aren't that good outside of being transformed, and the young man just gives a half-hearted wave at Fi when she comes in before going back to his ice cream. Yep. Ice cream gooood.

Once Buddy started on the ice cream, he goes at it non-stop devouring the toppings, the ice cream and the cone. Once he is done, he is left with ice cream all over his face and hands. Instead of bothering him, Buddy just gets down to work licking his hands. Of course, he still has the ice cream on his face. He licks his hands some more and starts using his hands to try and clean his face. "This is easier when I'm a kitty." He then waves at Fee as she comes in the room. How could anyone miss Fee!?

In the quick moment it takes Koga to look and wave at Fi another blur, this time purple, comes from under his table, glomps away about half his ice cream and disappears back under the table. This also happens at a few other tables, and now people are starting to notice things are not quite right. Thankfully, the attendant has followed Kaylee's instructions and is currently in the storage room.

Poor Fee hasn't had any ice cream yet… plus upon seeing something fly overhead, she's a bit distracted. So much so that she doesn't quite embark upon her usual ebullient greetings of everyone involved. You can bet that Fee has something for everyone! She's staring hard at the shelf, "Kaylee! You rock the tallness.. have a boo at that shelf! That pink thing went up there!" Strange, though, how there is no reflection in the mirror.. no sign of anything pink or glowing or pulsing or….

Was it a figment? A trick of the sugar? Just when she's trying to get her taller roomie / good pal to investigate the shelf, she sees… purple?! The blur catches the corner of her eye and the shifter pivots on a heel, stares hard at the tables under which the little… whatsits.. disappeared. Fee breaks out of the ineffectual lineup and makes her way toward a table.

Cora looks up as Fee arrives, and gives a little wave to her. But she's still seeming to focus on her latest bit of ice cream, she hasn't eaten much all day because of this! There will hopefully not be any weight gained. All the same, she's really letting the others take the lead right now.

Turning back just in time to notice the blur go away, Koga… just stares at what's left of his ice cream. He turns to look at the others, "… lock the door." He looks around again, then shakes his head. He moves to stand up, sighing as he looks considerate of what he might have seen. "So… any ideas as to what they are? I could name a few mystical varieties, but…"

Speaking of mystic, Koga immediately turns his senses that way to see if these things are mystic. Even with one other mystically inclined individual hanging around, the teen should be able to tell that much. Hopefully!

ZOMG! It's … it's … LITTLE PONIES! Now all she needs is for them to be hers and it will be PERFECT! As more of the things appear and disappear, Kaylee holds her hands up and lets herself glow a bright yellow color. "Everyone! EVERYONE! If I could have your attention please! It seems there are some … things … in the area, and they're … well … I'm not sure what they're after. But if everyone could please come away from your booths and come to the center, I'll try and create a barrier and see if we can catch at least one of them so we can figure out what is going on. … also … can somebody go distract the worker? I don't want any civilians getting hurt if this turns out to be more than just some critters seeking a sugar rush." … she did get put 'in charge,' after all, didn't she?

Seeing toys, or at least something rather like toys? Cora suddenly lets out a little squeak and starts to shiver. "Not again, not again…." She starts to breathe quickly but suddenly starts to try to hide under the table even as she starts to fade from view…

Koga blinks a few times, then moves his hands slowly. And finally he swings his hands out to snatch one of the little critters with a mystic barrier orb. Strange symbols swirl around the outside of the orb as he holds the spell in place with one hand.

Bringing the barrier closer to where he can look into it, Koga stares at… well… whatever he caught. And he shakes his head, "They appear to be miniature winged unicorns… but they do not appear to be harmful so far."

Since the things seem to be going after the ice cream, Kaylee simply makes a 3-wall box around one of the booths where the students ACTUALLY LISTENED TO HER and vacated. Then, when the thing jumps out again, she closes the 4th wall (instead of breaking it, for once) and puts a bottom and top on her cube and then literally squees and claps as she catches it. Now, hopefully it's friendly and tameable and lovable and huggable and ….

Buddy finally sees the little colorful things flying through the air. He leaps over at one almost like a frog might, but the thing just makes it through his fingers before he can close his hands. "Awww." He then turns to look at Koga. "What! Uni-corns! No way. They aren't really real animals. No fair." He hears Kaylee and starts to head towards Kaylee but stops next to Cora seeing her panic. "Co-Rah! Buddy will keep Co-Rah safe." He smiles at her.

Poor Cora is just sliding beneath a table to hide right/ when Fee is looking //under that table for purple fluff! She pauses as the girl begins to fade.. poor Kaylee, trying to rally the lot of 'em.. but Fee now has good reason not to pull back. "Hey—you OK, Cora?" She asks in a whisper, nearly bonking her head on the underside of the table.

"I think it's HER." Cora whispers from whatever… invisible place she is right now. Because she managed to pull it off at least! Even if she's just like, hiding under a table and trying to be hidden. Even as the others are talking to her too. But she does start to crawl over towards where the rest are fortifying things.

For her part Gabby also slides on the table along with Cora. But in her case its because she's to damn full to be bothered with living cartoon characters that are doing nothing worse than stealing ice cream. And who could blame them? Curling around the table's metal post she asks Cora, "Its comfy under here, isn't it? Even if it's getting a bit crowded. Oh, hiiii Fee, hiii Buddy."

Above the table the alicorns are swooping and spinning in the air and the diner has started to look like a scene from the Animaniacs. As Koga examines the one he's caught a pastel blue alicorn hovers in the air, standing on two legs with her hips swaying back and forth innocently. She taps Koga on the shoulder and when he turns to face her, she pulls a pie three times bigger than she is out of thin air and smooshes it straight in his face! The one in the mystic bubble takes advantage of this to pulls a red, oversized mallet from equally thin air to bash open the bubble's walls and fly back to join the aerial cacophony.

At this point, nothing sweet is safe from the dozen or so alicorns and anyone trying to catch one suffers similar cartoon worthy pranks as Koga. In Kaylee's case, two alicorns, green-apple green and sunshine orange respectively, cooperate to fly over a bucket of ice cold water and dump it over her!

"Her?" Fee whispers hastily, then clues in. "The… oh! No, it…" The girl is about to remark that there's an altogether different 'feel' to this situation …. there's no real malice to be discerned.. but the Cora is moving away from their little makeshift bunker. The shifter isn't stupid and she follows suit, peering over a shoulder. Oddly enough, Fee doesn't seem frightened or put off… moreso mystified.

"Maybe-" Too late. A florescent pink alicorn hurls two cupcakes in the direction of the sunshine'y girl and catches her right between the eyes with the dessert.

As Kaylee is making her way over towards the boxed pony, clapping and really looking quite giddy, she's absolutely NOT paying attention to her surroundings. Which is why she doesn't notice the two 'corns flying at her with the bucket of water. Or the water being dumped over her. But, being drenched in ice water, she DEFINITELY notices, a high-pitched shriek coming from her as she shudder and flails a little. And, being as how she was wearing a Promethean long-sleeve tee, the now soaking wet fabric clings to her. Luckily? She's wearing undergarments, which are kinda-sorta visible now, and thankfully NOT embarrassing at all. Other than the fact that they're undergarments. But it's already been proven that nobody pays attention to Kaylee, anyway, so no worries, right? RIGHT?

"Her?" Buddy pops up quickly and looks around on high alert, which is really high sugar alert at this point. "Who, her? Is one of them a her? Are they all her or is her them?" Buddy sounds very confused by this. "Hey, that's not." Seeing his friend Koga get pie in the face and then Kaylee get ice water dumped on her combined with Cora's fear makes Buddy very angry. "Stop that!" he yells, but his anger gets the better of him. A roar erupts from his mouth even as the rippling wave rolls over his body turning him into a large brown kodiak bear.

Gabrielle peers out from under the table where she's still half napping. Who's in charge? Oh! Right! Kaylee. "Kaylee! KAYLEE! Big, angry bear over here!" Does she try to help or even come out from under the table? Nope! She just shifts around so that she can rest her chin on her hands, twisting in those painful looking ways of her's to keep her over stuffed belly from being put under any pressure, and just watches the shenanigans as if they were a TV show.

Cora still ends up staying invisible. Even her ghostly fires haven't appeared. But the fact is she's still invisible, so she did something right! Even if she's still not totally aware of such a thing yet. She finds a place just outside of the puddle that is surrounding Kaylee and looking around, but otherwise paralyzed by indecision.

"Hello? Hello? Oh bother, what a terrible waste of dessert—" Fee pauses, Kaylee's scream immediately putting her on alert. She's just hastening to wipe the cupcakes from her eyes.. she looks like a flailing girl with cupcake 'bug eyes'! A few more small desserts join the barrage and Fee falls over into a booth.

Koga blinks a few times as he sees the new pony and ends up rather handily pied. The teen rubs the pie from his face. And he just stares at it, then takes a lick of some off of his finger to see just what he was hit with. He turns to look at the one that had a cartoon mallet. "Huh… and to think I thought that was funny when I was younger." He comments.

Frowning at the various pranks being used, then he looks and stares at the well… drenched Kaylee. And blinks a few times. "… so I got pied, you got water bombed… um… can I try to zap them now?"

Just like anyone else that has been aggressive towards the little cartoon invaders, Buddy immediately becomes the center of attention. 6 alicorns make a circle around him, hovering in the air out of paw reach and their horns begin glowing. Do they shoot him with energy rays? Mystical unicorn horns? Ethereal lightning bolts? Nope! Suddenly marshmallows in all colors of the rainbow start shooting out from the air right in front of the glowing horns, quickly starting to bury the bear in a barrage of soft, sweet treats!

"Okay, that is SO NOT COOL!" Kaylee says, flicking her hands out as water continues to drip from her. Frowning distinctly, Kaylee takes a second to wring some water out of her hair. Then, shaking her head, she looks over at Koga. "I got drenched when I tried to catch one. Before that, they didn't seem at all interested in me. I'm gonna go ahead and try to play nice," she says. Then, she shouts at nobody in particular. "Hear that? PLAY NICE!" And then she'll plant her fists on her hips and try to look stern at the alicorns. Because Kaylee is actually probably the perfect person to handle cartoon insanity, given she's definitely the most animated student in Coral Springs most of the time.

What the hell? Koga ends up getting pelted with marshmellows. Those little things don't hurt so much, but he's having trouble fending those off… and well, he has enough apparently. He raises his hand up and makes his transformation motion. The glowing ring drops down over Koga and he just flat out vaporizes the marshmellows around him. His metallic echoing voice as he emerges in full armor sounds more than a little annoyed.

"Right. What she said." He brings his hand up, and tries to weave a quick spell to zap the critters with lightning. Always works. Riiight?

Cora ends up standing up next to Kaylee and her illusion drops, her inherent niceness stepping in despite her fear and everything else as she takes off her blazer to hold it out for Kaylee to at least help hide something. Of course, she's much smaller, so it's not really great, but it at least it's something!

Its only been about 45 seconds since the first pink blur appeared in the air. But the diner looks like the mother of all food fights has broken out in it. Which is pretty much exactly what has happened. And all of the real sweets are pretty much gone, either splattered around the walls and the guests or eaten by the alicorns. Mostly eaten by the alicorns.

Gabby lets out a little squeak as lightning flashes in the rooms and scootches a little farther under the table. The target of the lightning, a midnight purple alicorn, floats in the air for a moment, all four legs pointing straight out. Her hair stands on end, she flickers in a cloud of lightning for a moment, skeleton showing through the flashes on and off, then she just floats there, smocking and singed. A few seconds later she shakes herself out, goes back to her normal colors, then pulls out a circus cannon, which she uses to shoot mountains of confetti at Koga!

Buddy-bear starts to flail wildly as the marshmallow storm starts to bury him. But simply candy confections could never stand up against the raw power of an angry bear. Plus, said angry bear is technically still hungry. Buddy-bear rises up on his back legs to throw most of the candy off of him while eating a big mouthful of them. He swats through the air trying to hit some of them like flies.

"KOGA STAND DOWN!" Kaylee shouts at the boy. "That's an order, and so help me if you don't follow it …," she says, glaring at the boy … as he gets a confetti cannon fired at him. "Hmph. Serves you right," she adds. She then grimaces at Cora and looks down at herself and the fact that her t-shirt is kinda-sorta see-through at the moment. "Oh gosh!" she exclaims, and she's about to do something about it, when Buddy gets in on the act. "Ohmygosh, BUDDY!" Shaking her head, Kaylee moves to climb up on the counter. "That's it." And then she'll flash a strobe light bright enough to hopefully disorient and deter anyone who's still trying to fight … and also everybody else, unfortunately. Angry Kaylee is Angry.

Cora… SCREAMS at that light. And actually falls down backwards and curls up in a tight ball shivering in pain. Even her skin looks a little bit more red now, and it's not a blush either. She's panting and legit in pain and out of it now. Holding her head, eyes clenched tightly shut.

Koga at least sees the bright light, but well… he's buried under confetti and having to work his way out of that. Which is quite tangled, and he's having trouble with it. He seems to consider, growls a bit towards the alicorns, then grudgingly nods at Kaylee to show that he is standing down before going back to working on getting out of the confetti pile.

The bright lights cause Buddy to drop down to all fours again and shut his eyes. It is very hard to cover ones eyes with bear paws. He roars unhappily and shifts his head in the direction of Cora's screams. He can't see her, but she sounds like she is in pain. And he is too big to go off just pouncing around to see what happens especially when he can't see. But what if he didn't have to see. A rippling wave turns him into one of his most comfortable forms: the German shepherd. Still with his eyes clothed, he starts to sniff his way to Cora whimpering for her as he goes.

Just as if it was a dream and the dreamer had awakened the alicorns are suddenly gone. Not just them but anything they used in their pranks. Marshmallows, confetti, cupcakes, pie, water. It's all gone. Kaylee is dry as a bone, Koga is pie free, Fi is no longer cupcaked. That, however, doesn't mean there isn't a HUGE mess in the diner. Real syrups and toppings are dripping from most surfaces and the students themselves. There's sprinkles all over the floor, chocolate chips stuck to the ceiling, and the walls look like someone they're bleeding, there's so much cherry juice and pieces of cherry running down them.

Almost immediately after Cora's scream there's a small flash of light, much less intense than Kaylee's, from under a table. Then there's another one immediately where Cora fell and, in pretty much the same instant, neither Cora nor Gabby are anywhere to be seen.

What. A. Mess. Frowning, Kaylee scans the area, her hands back on her hips. She shakes her head, barely even noticing that she's not wet anymore, and hops down from the bar. "Koga. Buddy. You're in charge of the cleanup. I have to go make sure I didn't kill Cora trying to get you two to follow instructions," she states flatly as she starts marching towards the door.

Koga transforms back, and he blinks a few times. He looks around, then towards Buddy. "… what just happened?" Yep, Koga is just genuinely confused as he stares around at the mess. Literal mess and grumbles a bit as he starts to look for something to begin clean up, oh and the worker to see if they survived the chaos.

Conveniently, the students trying to distract the attendant failed miserably. So he's peeking around the corner when Kaylee give the boys instructions to clean the place up, "There's cleaning stuff in the shed behind the diner." He points at the back door with a trembling hand, "I think I need to go have a lay down…" And with that he walks out in a daze.

Buddy-doggy keeps sniffing his way towards Cora when suddenly her smell disappears. He drops his head low and whimpers. The doggy peaks one eye open and then, when he sees it is safe, he opens the other eye. His eyes are open just in time to see Kaylee giving her instructions. He shifts his head to the side looking confused. He has the 'I did something wrong?' look on his doggy face. He barks at her as she leaves and then turns to look at the mess. Time to get to work. And there is one way safe way for a doggy to clean up any food related mess - Buddy-doggy starts licking up whatever he can get to.

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