(2019-03-30) Chokehold
Summary: Callisto experiences firsthand what has befallen Daxton.
Date: 2019-03-30
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Maple Drive, Shady Cove
Sat Mar 30, 2019

This area of town has fallen into disrepair, there are a few abandoned houses, a large broken down hospital that is no longer in use and an old park. Next to the park there is a skating park in surprisingly good repair, local kids see to the upkeep of their skating playground. The street has several potholes and the grass on the sides of the road is tall and unkempt.

It is a spring evening. The weather is warm and drizzling.
(Eventually clears.)


Just like that another Saturday had come to bear… it's Spring and therefore the weather has smartened up (mostly) and turned up the temperature a bit. Not hot but a pleasant warmth.. though currently a haze of mopey rainclouds have moved in, obstructed the sun some, and have begin to deposit a fine drizzle over the town. Luckily it's still warm as the moisture falls so it's not too bad!

Callisto didn't have to work today and she has been taking the time, in town, to keep her eyes peeled for any activity in regards to her missing, mind-wiped boyfriend. She's not so stupid as to case out Maple Drive at night so it is on this tepid, drizzly, partially-sunny late afternoon that she is giving the derelict neighborhood a onceover. The rain caught her unaware so her attire — black leggings, black camisole and a long pale blue cardigan — has wilted some in the light rainfall. Hair, too, is damp and hanging as she fishes into her bag for a hairtie.

Callisto, standing in the main 'drag' of the downtrodden Maple Drive, nonetheless pauses to give the area a slow glance. Maybe she'll check the cat house too before she makes her way out of here.

Daxton's been casing the town for the past two weeks. He's one been able to talk to a few of the students from the school, and the locals are tight lipped. The speedster for some reason has been drawn to the abandoned hospital building. The Unit 23er was inside when it started to rain, so he's now hanging out in the doorway, dressed in casual clothes and a tan lightweight jacket. It's all very…local looking. Nothing about him stands out, on purpose. Arms folded, those sharp blue eyes study people passing. Spotting Calli, he keeps watching her. Something about her form is familiar.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Success.

The mentalist is keeping herself fairly low-key… needing to retain all of her endurance and awareness just in case she is accosted. If only she knew.

Still, she can't not have even the barest mental fingertip upon the 'pulse' of her surroundings. It's not a strong awareness; if a skater kid is loitering a few yards away Callisto feels that tiny 'twinge' of his thoughts. She is a being of grace as she strides along, though her gait stops as the hospital comes up on her radar. There's a… is someone there? Maybe another delinquent. But…. the feeling of someone watching her. She pauses then and turns her head just so.. toward where she feels that gaze; that ripple in the psychic aether…

… holy shit. Cerulean eyes meet sharp blue.

Daxton only vaguely remembers the dream, and even less about who he was trying to shoot in it. But that amount of grace isn't humanly natural, so his hackles are raised. Even with that tension in his body, he doesn't move, not yet. He can run if he needs to. Either way or at her. Training has him aware that just because she's lithe doesn't mean she's not dangerous. The soldier's hair is sort, near buzzed and he seems to have put on some muscle. Training.

Good thing the speedster hasn't a huge level of mentalists' abilities to him… he would feel her inner forecast just drop; swirl, thrum. Callisto feels absolute confusion, relief and worry all in one hastily-forced pill to swallow. Her smooth gait has stilled and now she is as still as a statue, staring hard at Daxton. Her hands lower slowly.. she's weaponless, motionless. It's not natural, her level of stillness.

He looks bulkier, cleaner… more dangerous. He's been conditioned… Callisto can tell. She does not approach but does not run either. "Daxton—" she calls out, her tone awed. Eyes wide.

Yeah…stillness is not the speedster's friend. And it definitely doesn't make him trust the elf. At her voice, at the calling of his name. His birth name. He pushes off the doorframe, but doesn't move closer. A hand raises to his ear, but the older teen doesn't say anything yet. Finally he'll just ask, "Who are you?" There's no warmth to his voice.

This is harder than Callisto expected… she did her mental preparation for the possible event of this. But with how he watches her, looks at her, speaks to her… that tone. She winces visibly but hardens as the boy seems to be making to open a connection to.. that other Unit? Suddenly her soft, mildly sad look hardens. "Do not waste your time talking to whomever is at the other end of that headset. Talk to me. For we knew one another. Once, we did; we knew one another well." A soft look. "And t'was a good thing. Do you not remember me..?"

Daxton actually snorts, it's definitely reminiscent of the way he used to be. "Riiiight." He'll just listen to the chick that is ordering him to do dangerous things. And she's claiming to know him well? Ha! Instead of answering her, he'll ask again, "Who are you?" His hand goes up and he answers some unheard question, "Negative. Another student."

Ouch. Okay Callisto expects this, but damnit the tiny nuances of how he once was doesn't help matters. But she needs to realize that this isn't a simple matter of mind control.. this is the work of a drug.. and whatever else is being spoken into Daxton's ear through that earpiece. Like it or not she has to be ready to defend herself if… she doesn't know if she can hurt him but… but but. So many buts.

"My name is Callisto. I met you at Winbarry, over a year ago. We bonded." After a lot of awkward interactions, eventually they did. "You aided me in a most grueling situation… which resulted in this. That which you are now." He won't believe her but she is being honest, eyes watching what his hands do. Still she does not move even as the clouds part, the sun returns, the rain ceases. Hair is slick and silvery in the returning light. "Your mind has been changed. You are no longer who you once were, whom I had once known. I wish to help you." Was that a note of brief desperation in her tone? Hastily squashed, but the gaze can't be helped. It's beseeching.

Winbarry? That's not the name of the school. Blue eyes narrow at the verbiage bonded. What does that even mean? Is she an alien? His luck she's an alien. Strong fingers twitch, him being retuned to Unit 23 is a result of her? That makes no sense. "I don't need your help." Well, maybe not after this. Daxton's hand reaches up to his ear and he just says, "Winbarry." His gaze stays on her, but he's clearly waiting to get a rely over the piece in his ear.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Callisto=Psychic Vs Daxton=Mind
< Callisto: Success Daxton: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

"Winbarry." She says nothing further… Callisto is not stupid enough to go closer, to think that a glancing moment of physicality will bring him back. This is not a cheeseball Hallmark movie… she doesn't want to get shot. But damnit she will try. If he doesn't move away — unless he goes aggro — maybe she can… she has so many images, so many memories even in that brief time. If she were to foist one into his mind, how would Daxton react? It takes a mere 'push' but she is so rattled… it may not even work. But she reaches out with that powerful mind, tries to touch down into Daxton's… a couple of seconds' worth, it's all she can manage.

If the boy receives anything.. there will be no real physical repercussions. It won't hurt. A flashing of an image which may or may not hold in his mind's eye: Daxton, hair a bit longer and body language relaxed. Stealing a piece of banana bread from an androgynous-looking being in a kitchen. Callisto, unknowing if her 'nudge' worked, prepares herself. Heart pounding in her throat, practically.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Daxton=Physical Vs Callisto=Physical
< Daxton: Amazing Success Callisto: Success
< Net Result: Daxton wins - Crushing Victory

Calli clarifies the name. That's all Daxton really needs as he takes a step outside, probably to leave. But then there's a flash of….something. What the Fuck!?! Before the elf can breath he has her pinned against the nearest wall, string hand gripping her throat tightly. "Where are they?!?" They as in AT, or the whole Unit? Does it matter? There's anger, frustration and worry in hi voice, his eyes are sharper than normal. "Get the fuck outta my head! If you try that again I'll snap your neck, do you understand?"

<FS3> Callisto rolls Energy: Good Success.


There's a time for being sappy and longing and worried, and then there's the act of not dying. Here's where the Dark faerie lineage comes in: it keeps Callisto's mind safe. Because were she to subscribe entirely to that feeling 'side' of her, the one capable of loving others (that Light parentage) … this would just about wreck her. Her nerve would be lost. But as she is bodily checked (part of her, a masochistic part, expected this) and held by the throat, there is an instantaneous reaction in her body. Her fair skin, already immaculate (the bitch) seems to take on a glow. A warmth. IT's not a pleasant warmth but the preparation of something should Daxton make on his threat to try breaking her neck. It 'crackles'; reminiscent of the feeling of pins and needles in a sleeping limb… Daxton may feel that prickling in his palms as he holds Callisto there, but she is not attacking.

She mines forth that resilient Dark steel in her gut: "They are where they must be, searching for you. You. They want—" Christ, that pressure. One long leg lifts and she tries to press a knee into his chest, to fight him off.. feels like a wall. She stares hard. ".. to HELP you. That whom you listen to in that earpiece, they do NOT wish to help you! They are not your family!" The ends of her hair begin to twitch and sway.

Daxton's hand twitches, not expecting the weird feeling. A snarl, "Stop it, damn it. I just want my Unit!" Searching for him? "They're flagged as deserters. It's not just me. They have to come back with me." Or else….or else they come back in pine boxes. "You don't know who I'm talking to, bitch. If you care about them at all, tell them to come back with me."

There's one ability that she has that, most likely, would get him off of her. Save her life in a heartbeat. Callisto has in that strange fey brain the ability to inflict the very same torture upon another body that her mother was capable of. The ability to reach another person's nerves and fry them.. make them hurt.

Damn her mother. Damn her. She caused this. Then there's this!

"Don't. You. Dare talk to me like that!" Callisto snarls out, trying to wrench free. She's getting angry but there's tears in her eyes. "They are NOT deserters! Neither were you! You all lived together, worked together… you deserted that which controlled you and made you into weapons in order to live a better life and help others with your powers!" She barks out, well aware of the pressure at her neck. "They are not deserters!" The faerie hollers out, eyes sad and wild. "You lived a life that was better than this! This! Unhand me now and never, never again call me that!"

"I do wish not to hurt you! I never did then and I shall not begin now!" Callisto tries to shove him off of her, but he has the upper hand in strength and positioning.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Mind: Success.

Something flickers, just briefly in the speedster's eyes. "Stay out of my way. I don't want to hurt anyone." But he will. The pressure on her neck doesn't increase, but his fingers don't let up either. He could easily snap her neck, what did they teach him?!? "You can't hurt me." Not any worse than the conditioning did. Suddenly she's let go and he's about 20 feet away, "Just stay at your school, Elvira. Tell all the students, stay on your island."

Did he recall something? He's held onto her before, though in vastly different circumstances. Yes.. vastly. Callisto is both hyper-aware of the fingers on her throat but still not bringing herself to attack. The 'shock' technique still makes her skin radiant; the mind raze? Never. Even now. She could never… never against him. But he definitely could snap that pretty neck and Callisto wouldn't feel it. "I won't hurt you. I—we will save you. Just you see." The girl pants out… there's the barest 'edging' of something in her vision. Breathing is a bit hard.

Then he's back and away from her. Callisto slumps but does not fall, stares hard after him. Any pain is kept well and deeply buried, in a private part of her mind.. she'll revisit this later. Not here. She says nothing back to him; promising nothing more. She can't risk going to Winbarry tonight; as soon as she gets back to the school, she's texting someone instead. This hurts bad … but. Always but.

Daxton doesn't believe her. He doesn't need saving. A deep breath, and then his eyes dart to the side. Another lip curl and the space he was at is vacant. He and whoever he's been talking to have a Winbarry to google.

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