(2019-03-28) Morbid Happy Thoughts
Morbid Happy Thoughts
Summary: Besa and Loukanos have. talk about the future.
Date: 2019-03-28
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Metis/Prometheus Lobby

This is the lobby of the Metis/Promethius residence hall. The walls are nearly 2 meters (6 feet) thick, and that there are no windows wider than 10cm (about 4 inches). For all that, it's cheery and bright inside, lit with high-quality LED lighting. The travertine floor is covered with warm rugs, there's a fireplace with holographic fire when it's on, surrounded by comfortable La-Z-boy overstuffed sofas. At the other end of the room is a hallway leading to the girls' halls, and stairs and an elevator leading to the boys' halls upstairs. There's also a counter, staffed 24x7 and post office boxes. The defensive turrets in the room are carefully hidden, as are the blast doors that can close to protect the residents. There are rumors of defensive turrets, too, but if they're there, they're cunningly hidden. The lobby's cream paint is accented with Metis green and Prometheus yellow trim, and the emblems of both teams are prominently emblazoned on the wall.

Weeks into spring and the weather has seen minor climbs into the warmer season. Nestled into a comfortable couch in a seemingly uncomfortable slouch, the school's resident god has a look a peace on his face that would suggest an evening nap before dinner - if he slept, that is. The signs of the new change in the earth and skies show on his form in subtle ways. His skin is bronzer, his hair more golden, and across his face is a rosy flush. That lavender smell is more prominent but not yet overwhelming.

Besa's been very happy with the weather, he doesn't like the cold at all. So the shift to spring has him in a better mood as well. He and Cocoa are coming in from being outside, his perfect hair looks windblown, Cocoa is panting and her tail is going full speed. The ancient Egyptians still wears his winded coat, but it's unzipped and ready to be changed to a lighter one soon. A warm smile, "Loukanous! My friend! How are you this evening?" He moves closer, a spring in his step, "Are you resting?"

A single eye opens, and Loukanos regards Besa with a mild grin. "Perfectly content," He tuts slightly at the notion that he is resting. Besa should know him better than that. "And you?" Besa happy is not a common enough sight, though Louk understands it's a reasonable consequence of literally going through hell. "You seem cheery."

Besa smirks, "I did not say sleeping." He knows he doesn't sleep. "We just had a nice walk." Well, run and then tumble. But Cocoa's happy, and so is Besa! "I am well. I like that I can feel the warmth from the sun finally." He moves closer, "I suppose I am. I am hopeful for my next visit to Egypt to find more of my sarcophagus."

The smile shifts, and Loukanos tilts his head pushing back against the couch. "You are returning to Egypt? For your sarcophagus?" His eyes have the glint of someone who knows they are missing something but cannot figure out what. "When is your journey, and why do you require more of your sarcophagus?"

"I will, yes. During the spring break." He smiles gently, clearly Hppy about the idea. "The Agent believes they have the location of my last tomb. That would be where she was broken and smashed. My hope is I will find dust and small pieces there." A head tilt, studying his friend, "Because she is mine? I wish to be the one to decide her fate, yes?"

"She? You have determined that your sarcophagus is female," Perhaps there is a cultural difference here in matters of life or death or a divine one. Loukanos looks more confused than before. "Her fate." He repeats slowly. "Ah, and who is this Agent character? I do not believe I have ever head you mention her?" Is she the sarcophagus. Louk frowns.

Besa's cheeks flush slightly, maybe he's slightly embarrassed? "Yes, it is a she." There's a nod, "Yes, to be broken in pieces or whole. She was mine. If anyone was to break her, it should ahem been me." The promethean moves over to sit down, "Agent Haddad. She is an Agent of the Egyptian government who is assigned to me. She is helping me."

"Okay," There is no hint of judgment in his voice, only the slightest bit of confusion. "That seems fair and just. I wish you luck on your journey. Gods know that you have been troubled greatly in trying to restore what is yours." Loukanos smiles and shifts to allow Besa room on his couch. "I will admit that talk of death used to make me uneasy before knowing you."

Besa seems to relax, he's been questioned so many times on the why, it's nice to have just support. "Thank you." He sits down, Cocoa moves to lay at the boys' feet. "I would assume that gods do not have to deal with death so much. Not as much as mortals do anyway." He'll admit to his friend, "I look forward to death…eventually."

"What a morbid thought," Louaknos says matter-of-factly again without judgment or true weight. "The gods are intimately acquainted with death, less so with the finality of it. My sister courts it…I was always the other side: life. Demeter guards that cycle of life and death, no matter how much she hates the latter, she breeds it all the same." He sighs. "I have seen more of it than I would have cared for. Perhaps this is why my mother no longer desires me."

It is, literally morbid. Besa chuckles softly. "Perhaps I should have you put in a. Good word with Hades when my time comes, yes? For it to have a finality." He reaches over to place a hand on Louk's forearm, "I do not understand ho mothers should be," He has no memory of his, "But she is missing out on something wonderful with you, Loukanos. I am honored to be your friend and part of your life." He'd offer to help send a prayer up, but he doesn't think his Egyptian beliefs would help. Or who knows, maybe his verbiage may get her attention.

The godling faces Besa and offers another mild smile, moving his head until it is on Besa's shoulder. "I despised her, but that was a childish hatred. She is a goddess, and I grew comfortable with the notion of a 'normal' mother during my time here. A fantasy, more fantastical than any of our powers. There is no such thing as a normal goddess." He goes quiet then releases a breath. "How long is eventually, Besa? And how certain are you that it will be the end then?"

Besa leans his own head over, so his cheek rests against the top of the godling's head, "I do not think there anything as a normal mother either." His fingers continue to pet Louk's forearm, "I would like to live a life, leave my mark on the world that does not hinge on my death." Marriage, love, a house, career…he doesn't say those things, but they're silently there. "I do not know for certain. I hope though that I am allowed to rest." He smiles, but doesn't stop trying to comfort his friend, "Eventually."

"That does sound very normal," Loukanos chuckles on things left unsaid. "I do not know what I want with my life. I must find a purpose soon else immortality will be painfully dull." His eyes close again. Eventually. He considers, then accepts this as the best answer he will get from Besa. Hopefully, it is nothing to worry on.

"Can you imagine? A normal life." How exciting! "You will find it, my friend. Something to be passionate about, to carry you through the years." A gently nuzzle, he knows the worries Louk has, he has them too. If the ritual doesn't work, he'll live long after everyone he loves dies. "Perhaps we will become old men together, yes? You can drive me around when we go camping."

"I loathe to disappoint you, but I doubt that I could get old even if I want to. Of course, I could alter my appearance superficially, but it will not be as special," Apparently, there's something special about being old to Loukanos. "I have never held the wheel of a car nor do I have a desire to, Besa, but I am more than willing to sing while you drive."

Besa chuckles, "I am sure we can quest to make you age, if you wish. To some deep cavern or highest mountain." Now it's Besa's turn to sigh, "I can not drive. I will never be able to drive unless Rain takes my powers away. The curse is….always active I fear. I will never have a phone or car I fear."

"Did you not go with Schuyler that one day?" If Loukanos struggles to remember now, perhaps immortality will not be that bed as memories come and go. "Even so, we walk then. I do not tire easily, and you have been building your endurance. We can see more of the world that way."

"That was when my powers were switched with Grace's. She had my curse and I had her's." Hiking the world though doesn't sound terrible, so he nods in agreement, "That sounds nice. Perhaps we can find our purpose while traveling, yes? Sometimes I think I would like to heal everything I can…"

"Ah, yes," Loukanos has unfortunate recollection of that affair. His voice goes soft. "Save everyone. All the children and sick and suffering. Cleanse the world of pain and hurt. If you keep going, perhaps you could. What a dream." The image of a bloodied and drained Besa persists in the godling's shinning head, but he dares not interrupt Besa's fantasy - not this time.

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