(2019-03-26) MIA Memories
MIA Memories
Summary: Schuyler and Callisto discuss the matter of Daxton, and the former's recent, unsettling encounter with him. Later, Besa joins them.
Date: 2019-03-26
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Cafeteria, Coral Springs
Tue Mar 26, 2019

The cafeteria is a large airy room with one wall that is all windows so the view of the cliff and the open ocean is all one can see.. well and whoever is on the patio.

Round tables with chairs are spread out and there seems to be more than enough. In the back is the area where the students line up to be served food by either staff or students serving detentions. Behind this is the entrance to the kitchen, which is off limits to students not on kitchen duty. There is also the plate and tray return window into the kitchen.

It is a spring day. The weather is warm and clear.


Seeing as it's only Tuesday, uniforms are still required. Sky is, once more, in his…at least until Friday, and doesn't seem to be thrilled about it. But then again, is he ever thrilled about anything? He's loaded up his tray of breakfast foods and coffee and has brought it over to one of the tables that he, Rain, and Besa tend to favor.

Sunday evening, he tried to get the message to Callisto that he had run into Daxton but he didn't want to try and break her mental shields or say too much to other students to pass on the information.

A certain fey girl has become accustomed to the uniform by now. Especially in knowing she has just a few more months to go until graduation…. graduation. The first 'mortal' thing that Callisto has ever seen through to completion. It feels funny…. good, truly. It's another tangent of thought — like a tributary rejoining a big river — meshing together with all the rest. But something of interest had arisen just before lights out, this Sunday past… it's only now, going into breakfast on a perfectly unremarkable Tuesday, that Callisto can heed that call.

Sunday night, in a mere five seconds' worth of thought, Schuyler Masters told her that he needed to speak with her. The boy is one of very few in this school who can speak to her telepathically without coming up against a 'you shall not pass' reaction. So at this moment Callisto glides into the cafeteria, selects her breakfast foods of fruit, yogurt and granola. She spies Sky and meanders her way toward the table, her uniform skirts swishing. Hair is tidy and braided back, eyes clear and pensive. «Schuyler,» She emits to him with but a thought.. but always with a touch of hesitation first, to make sure she has that 'permission'. «How do you fare?»

Schuyler looks up at Callisto's mental voice and watches as she joins him at the table. He doesn't even answer the pleasantry but instead offers, «I ran into Daxton on Sunday. His mind was all…weird. He was asking about Unit 23 but I didn't tell him where the Estate was and he seemed to be speaking to someone through an earbud. I couldn't tell who it was. I tried to stop him from being able to hear it, but I couldn't, I'm sorry…»

The girl tries to use her own voice for mental 'discussions' but it can be construed any which way, depending upon how the other telepath receives her. She sounds calm, pleasant and cultured. Sky, as always, 'comes in' as a somewhat stoic adolescent male voice; not bubbly or cheerful. Just as well because he cuts right to the chase with what's been concerning him, even before Callisto can plant her fey ass onto a chair. She stares outright with those bluish-green eyes, tray still balanced. It's like an electrical current.

Then she sits. Her emotions begun to churn and thrum in her chest and guts: anxiety, worry, hope. Callisto inhales gently, sets her breakfast down and pivots to face Sky directly. She's seated directly across from him. Her hands move mechanically to splay out her choices but her mind remains solely upon Sky.

«Do not be sorry. He is.. physically dangerous, and I should not like to think of him harming you. Are you alright?» Callisto 'asks' firstly of Sky, her brow furrowed. «I can provide you backstory, in case you see him again… so he is in town then… where did you happen upon him, in town?» Her heart begins to trip.

Schuyler doesn't tend to be tactful on the best of days, and some things just need to be said straightforwardly. This, he decided, was one of them. «I'm fine. He roughed up my coat a little but he didn't hurt me. I don't think he wanted to hurt me…» from what he could pick up, at least. «He seemed genuinely concerned for the safety of Unit 23 but I thought that was his group? Who would be speaking to him in his ear?» But there are still more questions to answer. «I did see him in town. I recognized him so went to ask for a cigarette. He didn't seem to know me. We were only teammates for a year, but he seemed convinced that he never went to school.»

The fae sits in taut silence — spoken or thought — until Sky confirms that he wasn't in a throwdown with the speedster. Her brows twitch at mention of the coat being roughed up but thank the fates that the Masters boy wasn't. «He doesn't wish to hurt anyone. I truly believe that… for he is, yes, searching.» Callisto concurs, lifting up a pear and biting into it. She chews politely and the good thing about telepathic conversations? She can chew AND 'talk' without sounding boorish. She's still feeling a riot of emotions within; especially the need to talk to Unit 23, immediately. This will happen soon enough.

«He does hail from Unit 23 but something.. happened to his mind, Schuyler.» She confirms what the blonde boy must have already surmised, «Daxton helped to free me from my evil kin. In my mother's death throes she had emoted a word or phrase to him and it.. triggered him. He departed and hasn't been observed since. Until now. T'was either my mother's words that scrambled him, or what put him on the path to go somewhere for someone else to do so.» She looks down, brow still furrowed.

«I know naught, whomever it is that he speaks with. I suspect it has to do with a rather.. unsavory vein of the military. It as if he has been… reset..»

Schuyler nods, «I knew about the Unit 23 stuff some…he talked about it a lot and we saw it when we were living at the Estate.» He takes a bite of his own food now that they have the conversation established. «I couldn't find any sort of recognition in his head. I didn't dig too deep though. But it's like things have been erased.» Or buried deep.

There's a pensive look, «I wonder if he's talking to anyone at all? I couldn't tell…maybe it's all in his head if something's been triggered? Or, as I suspect, he believes that he is doing something for good but is being led by someone who isn't.»

«T'is precisely it. I.. found him a few weeks back on the dreamplain. There are few whom I reveal myself to, in dreaming, but I had done so for him.. to try reassuring him that we are searching, that we wish to help. That I am yet here for him.» A ripple of pain through her mental dialogue, but Callisto does not linger. DEspite everything she looks so incredibly clear-eyed and level… she is of course sad about the state of her boyfriend — or whatever he can be called now — but she seems…. yes, 'clear'. The gorgon pendant is off of her body now and obviously, having her ties to her mother done away with has been good for Callisto.

«He did not know me. He thought me an enemy. So indeed, something has been triggered… that which he knows and what he once desired has either been buried or…» She sets down the pear core, «.. wiped. Forever.» Callisto looks up at Sky again.

«Whatever the outcome I owe it to his team to help get him back, to get this resolved… my personal feelings are secondary to this. I thank you for telling me this, Schuyler.. truly. I am grateful that you were not harmed in the process.» Callisto looks down at her yogurt. «We must inform Unit 23.»

There is a long, thoughtful look at Callisto before Sky offers, «Deleting memories is…hard.» Has he been trying? «Really hard. My guess is that there was some sort of 'reset' done…which, I would imagine, means that the memories were tucked away somewhere. At least, that's what I hope.» Otherwise that's going to be -really- hard to deal with. «If I can help, please let me know. I have no qualms about digging around for memories…» in case she feels too close to the situation.

«I think Unit 23 should be told as well…and told that there might be an attack coming. I hope that he's not actually talking to anyone and that it's in his head, but…» he just couldn't really tell.

The white-haired girl studies Sky momentarily… few would make a statement of such gravity unless they either: tried it themselves or had it done upon them. Callisto takes a deep breath, wanting to know more but wondering if it's her place to ask. At this stage, feeling as strongly as she does… she may as well go the whole hog. «Do you speak from experience? Has somebody attempted to do that to you?» She doesn't check to see if that's the other way around; Sky wiping someone else's memories. That is personal. «You needn't answer if t'is a.. very difficult subject.» She adds.

It's a good thing students know who the mentalists are in their year. Because Callisto and Sky are there, eating and looking at one another… complete silence. It'd look weird to anyone who doesn't know!

«I would not say no to aide from a venerable psychic. Whomever is behind Daxton's current.. situation… may not be of a benevolent sort. He himself is strong and if used as a weapon, be it in town or here…» Callisto shakes her head once. «For his sake and ours, he must he helped. I may not be able to do it alone, for t'is what I wish to do if I get to him.. to dig. Two minds doing the work could be better than one.»

Schuyler is a 'venerable psychic'? Way to stroke his ego! «You just let me know and I'll help as best as I can,» since Sky isn't really a physical fighter, at least he can try and help with this! As for experience, he shrugs, «I've had my mind altered and I still held the real memories despite that. I also have the altered memories still as they did not go away. Same with Rain.» That was an interesting time. «I haven't tried erasing memories yet. That might be a little too much even for me…» and his morals can sometimes be questionable.

Maybe it's just something that Callisto senses! She doesn't look the sort to gush or applaud people needlessly but there you have it. She bows her sleek head once, but there's still a furrow to her brow. «I thank you. I am not so cocky, these days, as to assume I can do all of this myself. But..» A gentle sigh, «Oh, but he has gotten under my skin. I do so miss him. But t'is not my way to sit and wallow and mope… if we cannot find anything to bring Daxton back.. those memories.. so long as we bring him back, fresh and new to start over again… I shall be content with that. I shall not like it, but he does not deserve this..» This selflessness bit is a far cry from what she was a couple of years back.

Callisto straightens, «Well, if we are even as lucky as to find a touchstone memory for him to nudge him back to what once was… t'is all we can hope for. I pray whomever did this to him is not persistent.»

Callisto eats the yogurt in a fell swoop.. she's hungry. Cerulean eyes study Sky's face, «Pray, if there is anything I could ever do for you in return.. do let me know. Have you still been sketching? Trying out those COPIC markers that I gifted you with?» She switches tangents a bit, not wanting this whole discussion to be about her own woes. She looks genuinely curious.

It doesn't hurt that Sky has been practicing with mental manipulation…supervised, of course, in Powers class. When she talks about missing him, he just sort of frowns into his food and lets her talk. He knew that they were sort of a couple…it's not new information. «His mind is fast so having someone else help slow him down would be helpful.» And speaking of fast, they first have to catch him before they can go rummaging in Daxton's memories.

The subject change is accepted, «Thanks, but nothing so far. Maybe help convince Besa that just because we don't see eye to eye all the time, I don't dislike him or his friendship. But that's an ongoing thing.» When she mentions the markers that she got for him, he glances up at her for a moment, «I've played with them a little. I don't tend to use a lot of color, but I'm trying to branch out.»

The girl knows that to proceed, she needs to talk to the Unit. Therefore the topic of the speedster and how they will help him is placed onto the side-burner of her mind. But the look upon Callisto's face is soft with concern as they go off into the territory of Sky's situation with Besa. «Ah, Besa,» Her mental 'exhalation' may or may not be felt. It is not exasperation; more like sadness. «Did the two of you have a quarrel recently? Or a string of them? T'is what I am assuming here. I heard his side of things too, Schuyler, if you wish to hear it.» She never says 'Sky'; always full names. Always eloquently.

She colors at the mention of.. well, color. «No pressure.. I was but curious. You've a style, but I am curious to see what else you can do. Maybe I can learn something from you.» Oh, Callisto wishes to learn how to draw? Her lips twitch, «Yes, there are art classes… but there is something fascinating about seeing someone sketching in the moment.»

«We always have a quarrel,» Sky gives a little smirk. «Part of the nature of our relationship, I suppose. I'd be curious to hear what he told you though…» as Sky isn't always the best at seeing other sides. His views tend to be more negative or 'realistic', as he calls them.

A pale brow lifts when she mentions learning something from him in regards to drawing, «I don't know that I'm a good teacher…» and he hasn't really sketched 'in the wild' lately. Motivation has been difficult. «I was playing around with Watercolors in the Fall…now I'm mostly looking to see what might be missing for college admission portfolios. I'm guessing that some sort of color projects will be necessary.»

«T'is the nature of your relationship, yes. Do all siblings not have tiffs? Even adoptive ones?» Callisto hazards the guess with the barest ghost of a smile. Sky is open to what is to come next and she nods once, «In a like conversation with Besa, he had spoken to me of wanting to be trusted in his actions. To know that friends and loved ones trust his decisions… I suspect that in you both not seeing eye-to-eye here and there, it in turn weakens his own faith in self. Makes him think of himself as powerless and no longer favored. Of course, after what you've told me just now.. the fears are groundless.» She dabs at her mouth gently.

It is just during breakfast service prior to classes, and both Callisto and Sky are seated at the table where Besa and the twins typically dine. Both mentalists are carrying on a conversation telepathically; to the naked eye they're just seated there in uniforms, eating wordlessly. May look odd if folks don't know their gig!

«I pray you both figure it out. T'would be good for you both.» Callisto concurs, tucking a hank of moonpale hair behind an ear. «I would hazard to guess that yes, color pieces shall be necessary. Though I do so like the dramatics of black ink.»
You will now hear messages on channel <Public>.

«As I told him, I don't really trust anyone. I will support him but it doesn't mean I have to trust the people that he chooses to. And I'm also preparing for the inevitable betrayal from them because that seems to always happen,» Sky offers in explanation. «'Tiffs' are one thing. I think we just view the world in fundamentally different ways. It's not right or wrong, just different. Yet I feel that he gets angry at me for not seeing things the way he does. It's just not how I choose to be.» Not how he 'is'…not how he was 'made'…how he -chooses- to be. It's about what he figured though so there really isn't any surprise at hearing the other side of things.

Back to art. «Maybe it's getting to be cliche…the black and white. Maybe I should start playing with crazy color just to keep people on their toes.» Because heavens forbid that Sky be predictable!

Besa's a little late coming in for breakfast, he must have overslept, he's still rubbing sleep out of his eyes. Cocoa is next to him as he moves towards the food. Glorious food. And it may be a coffee morning. Eggs and toast and bacon and sausages….whatever there is, it's on his plate. A sleep smile to the two telepaths as he sits down at the table, but if they're being quiet, so will he.

The willowy girl is rather good at hearing out many different sides to a situation and retaining an unbiased approach. She rather likes Besa; so too does she enjoy Sky. She nods once, «Understood. Well, t'is wise to just keep talking… I do so hope that you can both find a compromise.» She suspects that such a thing will come when they're older… well, in a way. Bit of a murky thing to assume when one of the two is immortal, but it's all about learning new things. Callisto eases back, her tray cleared save for a few bits of detritus like seeds and wrappers.

«I have been experiencing similar with my sister. We have come to know one another better since… everything…. but there are sides to her that I could not liken myself to. Were I to make myself fit her ideals, I would resent her.» That's Callisto's way of trying to understand. She drops it so as to not make Sky uncomfortable. Then.. speak of the devil….

Besa arrives! She looks at the Egyptian boy's laden-down tray and smiles, "Good morning, Besa." She actually speaks; her voice sounds a bit husky from disuse.

«I think I'd resent myself if I forced myself to conform to someone else's ideas of how I should be,» Sky seems to agree with the similarities, however. At least someone else understands.

When Besa comes over, he offers a little wave and a nod before opening his mental voice up to include him, «Did you get to make those phone calls?»

Besa smiles sleepily at Calli and gently tells her, "Good Morning." He's too sleepy to sign language, and his hands are already bringing food to his mouth. Nodding as he chews, he'll finally respond to Sky with a simple, "Yes, thank you." He doesn't say anything else about it, not wanting to aggravate Sky about it. "Did you sleep well?" That's directed at both.

Goodness.. Callisto still feels a bit hungry. Anyone attuned to her mind or emotional flow may yet feel that she is still a jumble, at this moment. She ha ways of contacting the Unit.. do they have any idea of their missing teammate being in the town? Callisto finds a few strawberries that she missed and pops the pieces into her gob; one, two. Did she get enough food?

Sky's question to Besa catches her attention next and she remembers her previous conversation with the latter in the pool. She turns her eyes questioningly upon Besa, wanting to ask onwards but waiting to see if Sky asks for clarification or expanding of that knowledge. She looks between the two boys before addressing Besa's question.

"I did.. well enough. What of you? How is everything going with your cause?" She will ask indirectly instead, wondering about the sarcophagus.

Schuyler just sort of blinks at Besa for a moment before glancing over at Callisto. No answer is given as to how he slept, either mentally, verbally, or via sign. Instead, he just goes back to working on the food that he got for breakfast.

Besa raises an eyebrow when Sky goes quiet (mentally). Did B say something wrong? Eating more quickly, he'll turn back to Callisto, "I slept…long, thank you." As for his case? He has so many! Assuming it's the sarcophagus though, the ancient teen smiles excitedly, "I now have a possible location for where the tomb was she was in when I was stolen from her. I hope there will be remains."

Go figure that upon speaking briefly with Sky over how he and Besa seem to be a pair of ships passing in the night, Callisto gets a tiny glimpse of the dynamic. She looks with concern to Sky, then turns back to Besa as he speaks onwards of what she was indeed wondering about. "Is that what the phone calls were in regards to?" She asks onwards, also sharing the boy's excitement at the favorable find. She looks to Sky next, back to Besa. "Will you all be departing shortly, then, to investigate?" Callisto asks, assuming the boy will be going with the twins.

Schuyler just sort of shrugs. «Rain will probably go along…» whether or not he is invited or deemed necessary for the trip remains unseen for now. «I hope someone goes with him though…for safety's sake.»

Perfect hair bounces as B nods, "Yes." Apparently the phone calls went well. "I will got for part of spring break. I am hopeful that it will not take the entire week. Mrs. Masters said she would open up a portal to join the twins where they end up." His jaw tighten s slightly, more at Sky talking about him as if he's not there than what Sky said, 'I do not know yet if anyone else is going with me or not." He dislikes breaking the twins apart, he knows it bothers Rain.

«I think you must all go.» Callisto says frankly as she, too, opens up all telepathic channels so her voice can be heard in both of their heads. The option is there to block it. It's as bell-like and pleasant as it is in speaking. «Take it from me, a reformed hypocrite… protect and aide one another.» And that's how she, one who formerly dealt with dangerous things alone, feels on the whole matter. She gives Besa and Schuyler a pointedly concerned look, not liking this bit of tension that she is picking up on. Sometimes seeing both sides is a hard thing. «Talk it out, plan. Make this a success for it means a great deal to you. Could help you.» She turns back to Besa and her voice will soon be felt 'leaving' their minds.

"Excuse me a moment, I need to get more strawberries. I'll be just a minute." Spoken now as she takes up her tray but leaves her book bag, she needs to get more before the breakfast service ends!

Schuyler's eyes narrow some as Callisto leaves them to get more strawberries for her breakfast, but he will offer, «It pretty much depends on what Rain wants to do.» If he's asked to go, he'll probably go. «I'm not much help in the fighting department if it comes to that,» aside from hiding and mentally coordinating the two. Maybe searching out for hidden snipers.

Besa now raises an eyebrow at Calli before he smiles amused, "I do not think it is a must, Callisto." He's say more, but he's confused as to why she's so focused on this. He looks to Sky as she goes for more fruit, "Is she alright? She seems…on edge. I do not think it is a fighting mission. It is just a tomb." Possibly his tomb, but just a tomb.

Much as promised, Callisto returns to the two and she's holding a bowl of berries. Looks like she lumped in strawberries and blueberries! Mercifully she does not falter and returns just as the boys catch onto something she may or may not have orchestrated. She's hungry, honest! Seating herself and tucks into the fruit. "Forgive me my apparent.. pushiness. I merely think it to be intriguing, is all. In the wake of all that has happened and is happening, I do so enjoy hearing tale of things coming together." She chews, swallows, looks back to Besa. "I wish you luck in what you may find."

«She got some news about Daxton,» Sky offers to Besa. «Not great news, too…» but then Callisto is back and he gives a little smirk, «I always presume that every mission could end up a fighting mission.» Again, it's part of his 'prepare for the worst' mindset.

Besa frowns in concern, seems like the mention of Calli's boyfriend is enough a reason. He nods to Sky in thanks, turning back to Calli when she joins them. "My friend, what is going on?' He's not even trying to be subtle as concerned hand reaches out to touch hers.

Blast, now it's back to her own situation. Callisto however does not skirt the question, especially when Besa goes and touches her hand like that. "Schuyler encountered him in town… his mind is as addled, or altered, as I originally feared. He is searching for the Unit and I do not know if it is to reunite with them… or hurt them. I do not get a good feeling." She looks to Sky, next. "Schuyler did not disclose the location of Winbarry to him… could not find any recollection in his mind of his previous life. So I fear he has been toyed with." Her expression falls.

"It does not look good." Said simply, sadly.. but not mopey. "Which is why I must pass this on to his teammates, as soon as possible."

Besa's head swivels around to look at the twin, almost. Quick making sure he's ok. Besa's never met the speedster, but after Brier's broken bones, Besa's wary. "I am sorry, Callisto. This is what ailed him before, yes?" He only knows bits and pieces of the others story, things that have been heard whispered in rumors around the school. "He was healed of it before, yes?" Thin fingers squeeze hers briefly, "Do not lose hope. You will find him." Or he'll find her! "Tell them. And then work with them on how to heal him, yes?" Poof! So easy!

Schuyler lets Callisto and Besa chat some about it as he works on the food, but he'll give a little sigh and shake of his head, «It may not be that easy. Maybe it will, but there was no recognition, even when I tried to dig a little. There's a possibility, albeit a distant one, that these memories were erased. They were probably buried quite deeply…and just trying to find them on a chance meeting won't work.»

A slow nod; this is hard to hear. It smacks of what happened to her in the 1970s; what had to happen to save a life. But this time around the memories are richer; fun. All the gaming and go-kart'ing and posing for ridiculous cheesecake photos. Everything in between.. possibly gone. Callisto flinches lightly as if in physical pain, but it passes. "Schuyler is correct. I bore witness, in a way, on the dreamplain.. whereas he saw it live. But we have to try if there is even a glimmer of possibility of something being there." Her mind docks back to what she saw in the speedster's earlier nightmares: the experiments, needles.. did he go back there again, when Malachite first broke him?

«I will have to get this to the Unit… which is what I think I will try to communicate before classes today. They may even wish to speak with you too, Schuyler.» She drops back into open telepathic speech toward both boys. Surely she has a phone contact somewhere to a member; maybe Inferno is on site at the school.

"Thank you both.. I must take my leave to get the wheels in motion. We will figure something out.. we must."

Besa wasn't there, so he doesn't comment beyond frowning. He feels for his friend, "There is still hope. You will find that glimmer, I am sure. Be safe my friend." A hand is lifted gently as she takes her leave and then a soft sigh, he can't imagine how horrible the situation must be for her. He pokes at his food, but suddenly the bacon isn't as exciting as when he first got it.

Schuyler nods to Callisto, «I will talk to them if they want, that's fine.» She knows how to find him, at least…his shields aren't so great so it's not too difficult to try and make mental contact. «Good luck,» is offered as she leaves and he turns back to Besa. «Hope so. He seemed to be in a really weird place. But I'll probably get in trouble for making contact.» Not that he seems to care all -that- much.

Besa nods, not looking up from his lackluster breakfast, "I often do not remember things, but I know I do not remember them. To have a different life…That must be terrible." He sigh, reaching for the coffee, "Perhaps they will ask you for more help."

«I offered it. At least this is something I can potentially help with,» and digging around in people's minds is fun. Or, at least, interesting. «I'd be pretty upset if someone messed with my memories…» and he was when Circe did the thing with Rain while she was still unborn. It took him a long while to get over that.

Thankfully Besa can't read minds or he'd be giving Sky a mortified look. Instead he nods in agreement. "I am sure they will reach out to you then." He sips on his coffee, nose wrinkling slightly. School coffee is never s good as the coffee shops. "He will certainly be very upset, for much time." Poor Callisto, it's going to be a mess, no matter how this ends.

Schuyler doesn't pretend to be Good. His morality tends to depend on his mood. «I'm sure Callisto can help soothe him once he remembers. I mean, if she doesn't, he's plain crazy. Have you -seen- her? And she really seems to care about him.» Important things both, apparently.

Besa's not sure how to take that. He's fairly certain that wouldn't make Daxton crazy, so he just shakes his head, smiling softly, "Yes. Callisto is very wantable." He's told her that! "She does. I am glad she's found someone." Hopefully she can hold onto him!

Schuyler doesn't respond for a moment. When he does, he offers, «Yes. Some people are just lucky like that.» He'll then look back to his food to finish it off before breakfast ends. He will offer, however, «Glad you got to talk with Mom some last night.»

Besa has thoughts on that comment, but he keeps them to himself. He eats more as well, not wanting to waste the food (and he's a growing boy!). "She seems well. Circe is getting very big." That makes the ancient teen grin, he likes being a big brother. "She will too catch up to Rain!" It'll be a few years, but the idea is funny to the Promethean!

«Not for a long while, but maybe. But by then, Rain will be old…» as will Sky. Well, relatively, to a teenager. «I wish there was something we could do about her sight.»

Besa laughs at the idea of the twins being old. It's so subjective. The lighter dies, but his smile stays, "There is. I will heal her." It's what the other Besa did for his Circe. "She will have her sight for as long as I am in this existence." That's not up for argument, in Besa's mind.

Schuyler doesn't look entirely convinced, «That didn't stick for the other Circe that was here…» the older one. But maybe that's different? «You should also check with Mom. When I asked her about it, she seemed to think it was part of the Magic.» Just like anything to try and fix Sky's hearing didn't work.

"No, I will have to be around, is all." No shaking this Promethean! The Masters Family is stuck with him! "Sometimes a price is paid for magic, Schuyler, but if I can pay the price instead of Circe, then that is how it will be. I have been speaking to your mother on it as well. It is part of the reason she keeps some of my blood. Just in case."

Schuyler doesn't look entirely convinced, but, «As long as you and Mom are communicating…» it's not really his business. But better to try and help her early than deal with what Sky had to deal with the few times he was granted the ability to hear. It wasn't fun and now he doesn't have any more painkillers to help him sleep it off.

Besa studies Sky a moment, "I would not do anything to harm her, Schuyler. I love her as much as you do. She is my sister." Before this can turn into an argument he sigh, poking at his plate to see if there's anything else he wants to eat before putting his tray away. "If there is anything I can do to help with Callisto, please let me know, yes?"

Schuyler meets Besa's eyes, «I know you wouldn't.» And it's true. That's not what his concern is about. But he accepts this change of subject as well, «I'll let her know that we're both on-call if she needs us. Hopefully it won't be too stressful for everyone involved,» but that might be unlikely.

Besa's glad Sky let's the topic go. "Hopefully we can help if it is too much." He's done, he decided and stands up, "I should walk Cocoa before classes start. Would you like to join me?"

The invitation is considered and Sky will grab a bagel 'to go' before getting up to clear the rest of the tray. «Sure.» He isn't often asked and even if the two don't really even talk much, it's something.

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