(2019-03-25) A... Special Cake
A… Special Cake
Summary: It's Constantine's birthday! A frazzled Grace effs up the birthday cake.
Date: 2019-03-25
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Path, Coral Springs
Mon Mar 25, 2019

This path runs along the periphery of the island heading southeast and around. It goes through knee high beach grass and there is a combination of sand and soil underneath. On one side waves crash against a rocky shore where large boulders causes waves to soar upwards and shower down onto the sand below. On the other are sparse stubby trees, with equally sparse grass and shrubs around them.

It is a spring day. The weather is cool and overcast.


Constantine was one of those people that, when one didn't really pay attention to a calendar that much, would absolutely forget that it was his birthday. Regardless, spring is in full swing, and the day is absolutely gorgeous, with a slight chill that hangs in the air from the wind's own gentle breeze. To that end, Constantine is out and about for the day, taking a seat on one of a pair of rocks, wearing a simple black tanktop shirt and some gray cargo pants. Blue eyes look to the horizon, and perhaps in thought.

….or at least he would be if he wasn't doing some sketching.

He's currently sketching what he sees before his eyes. The vast ocean, some seagulls in the air as they dive and hunt for certain kinds of fish.

All in all? He seems at peace. He finally cut his hair to a more manageable length, back to it's very well done short hairstyle that comes down to about his jaw, but not too much so. He does wonder where Grace is. He hasn't seen her at all today…

A one Grace Halleson has been a very busy wolf girl as of late. Once she felt ready to find proper work, there were a few evenings after classes where she spent the hours pounding the pavement. There were some bites; others that she wouldn't touch unless she were desperate. There had been a message left on her phone this morning but it resulted in her hasty departure from the school to see to something 'in town'. It had to have been punctual and brief because the girl got BACK to the school just in time to give supper a lick and a promise. Grace was out of the cafeteria like a shot.

For reasons.

Poor Constantine may have been left to wonder if the girl had overlooked his birthday in her frenzy…. not so. She spent a few hours in the kitchens last night, citing 'that she had to help Miss Annalee'… up to something.

As Constantine wiles away a peaceful moment, Grace is speed-walking to join him. She's carrying a box of sorts: small-ish, cake-sized… covered. There's a bag slung over a shoulder and something inside is jangling. She's loud in her approach as she negotiates the path, her arms full as her ponytail trembles in the breeze. She approaches Constantine, cheekbones flushed.

Constantine had almost begun to whistle before he hears the sound of jangling and the heavy steps of Grace approaching. His face lights upon when he catches sight of her, not even thinking that it's his birthday. Setting down his sketchbook to approach Grace, he's almost running. "Hey! Let me help you with that. Is everything okay? You're carrying…a lot." and of course, Constantine would even examine her face, beautiful as she is, to make sure everything checks out just fine.

She passed!

Aside from her blush. "What is all this?" he asks, reaching to help her with things so she's not just lugging stuff around.

<FS3> Grace rolls Baking: Failure.
<FS3> Grace rolls Cake Decorating: Success.

Though the girl can manage the bundle of things, weight-wise, it's still a few awkward things to carry at once. She gives Con a shy smile, finally, and holds out the bag to him. To look inside is to find…. cutlery? Two plates?! A cake server?

"Just this, I got the rest," The girl says quickly, before she presses a kiss to the boy's cheek. "Happy birthday Con. I didn't forget. I was nailing down work b-but most importantly, I had to kinda…. stealth!bake your cake." She indicates the box in her hands. Her cheeks flush.. she looks embarrassed.

"Just… u-uhm…. I may have rushed too much… please don't think less of me when you see what's in the box." She holds it, still sealed, a bit closer to herself as she flushes to the roots of her hair. Uh oh.

"Are you sure?" Constantine accepts the bag, putting it on his shoulder but he has no idea what on earth is in it. It might just be silverware and plates and the like to eat the cake, but for now? Constantine blushes at the kiss to his cheek, his eyes looking to her own as she tells him happy birthday…and how she speed baked a cake.

Oh Grace.

Constantine smiles so beautifully to her as he accepts the box. "You made me a cake?" He didn't even care what it looked like. He does open it though! Only to discover that the decorations looks amazing!

That is the only part of this cake that appears good. Constantine still smiles so warmly at Grace, setting the cake softly aside, and the bag, so he could embrace Grace proper.

The goods are set down and Grace eases into the embrace, this time craning her kick to kiss his mouth properly. Proof that she's not so down on herself as much: this time last year she would have destroyed herself for messing up a cake. Arms freed of her frankencake she wraps them around the boy's middle and gives him a squeeze of a hug. "It'll taste fine," She is trying not to laugh. "I was moving too fast.. uncle Vee always told me that to rush baking is a travesty. So-so like… it looks a bit like a…"

To look into the open box is to see a chocolate cake that… deflated in the middle. One can artfully call it a ghetto bundt cake; to a more vulgar eye it looks like the cake has a butthole. o.o; .. but the shiny rich chocolate icing — homemade — is on point and so are the hand-prepped and masterfully tempered chocolate decorations. Grace looks up quickly to the MUCH more favorable view of Con's face.

"I bumped the pan when I was doing a stab test and i-it went down like a busted tire." She explains

The cake has a butthole! But first, Constantine gives his girlfriend and love of his life the smooch she deserves. It's a lingering kiss, and one that will last until she wishes she pull away. Afterwards, he looks her in the eyes and gives her a hug in return. Finally, the box is given a more intent look by Constantine, and he just turns his head to the lovely girl in his arms.

"You didn't have to make me a cake…and you know full well I'll love anything you give to me." he rests his forehead to hers. "I love you." then, another brief kiss to her lips before he turns to the bag. "Shall we take a bite to eat?" it will probably taste horrible, but….you know, there's just something about cake.

YOU see it, ya eat it!

"It'll be dense," Grace observes, "G-got the ingredients down just… the technique sucked. Serves me right." The girl admits with a sigh. She's turned out nicely today: long dark swishing skirts (reaches her ankles) and a matching camisole, over which she has donned a woolen cardigan. Her hair is cinched up into a high ponytail with a matching cream-colored ribbon. Respectful, clean, feminine. Not at all fancy. The essential Grace.

The warm greeting has put her at further ease and she gives the landscape a quick glance before kneeling to pull out the serving tools. "Of course.. I promise it'll taste fine; won't poison you. It's just uggo as sin." She says with a quiet giggle… she punches a bright blue candle into one side of the butthole cake and lights it with a Bic lighter. Then, holding the sad-looking thing up with her hands splayed beneath it's serving plate, she bids Constantine: "Make a wish and blow it out.. then we can cut it and put it out of it's misery." A wink. Grace is in a good mood.

"That's fine. It's pretty much me, doing my studies." He laughs, and Constantine happily walks with her to the cake, setting out the plates and making sure they can eat while still remaining quite comfortable. Eventually though, as she brings up a blue candle, he laughs, smiling to her beautifully. He moves to the side so he doesn't blow it in her face.

"You're the only wish I've ever had." he smiles then, a romantic at heart, before he considers. Then blows out the candles.

"Let's eat."

"How are those studies going?" Asks the quiet girl as smoke swirls from the candle, once Con's breath whooshes it into nothingness. Smoke and his wishes rise, curling, toward the heavens. The girl shuffles and adjusts to seat herself next to where Constantine originally hunkered down before she trundled along. She studies his profile the whole time he blows out the candle and smiles so fetchingly at her. So beautiful. How did she get here?

Then he goes and calls her.. her.. his 'wish'. Shy, shambling, beastly Grace Halleson of the butthole cakes. Her lips twitch at their corners in the sweetest smile and she indicates their spots. "Sit, I'll serve."

Assuming Con listens to her, she cuts the cake and serves the boy a fine wedge. To taste it is to realize that it tastes rich… actually quite good, very chocolatey. The cake is not fluffy like traditional loaves but dense, like a poundcake. She seats herself beside the blonde boy.

"What were you drawing?"

Constantine looks her in the eyes, humming just for a moment. "My studies are going well. My only bad grade is a C in Biology. I'm just not good in that class. As for what I was drawing..well, just the horizon. Managing what I can see and just…putting it on the paper. It's not that great, but hey, after we finish the cake, I'll show you."

When Grace settles in beside him, Constantine leans against her lovingly, looking her in the eyes. As soon as the cake is served, Constantine takes a bite and BOY is it rich. But thankfully, Con doesn't seem to dislike it. To him? It's just another piece of delicious cake.

"This isn't bad at all." He smiles. "It just looks funky." Constantine winks at her. Is she certain he wasn't just being nice?

"You can say it," Grace snorts as she carves out a piece of cake. "It looks like a butthole. I interrupted it while it aerated. It's ok." Grace giggles as she curls her legs beneath her body, perched contentedly on a patch of earth alongside the path. She listens to Constantine, mostly enjoying the sound of his voice; also legit listening to his WORDS. She shovels the cake in and pauses to consider, "I wish I had one whit of a-ability to draw. Once we both eat the last bites, you show me, ok?" She implores and upon doing so, looks at Con expectantly with those grave, big scarlet eyes.

She watches Con eat and considers, scraping her plate, "Say, Con… what do you want to do when we graduate? I mean it's like… a couple of years away… but… aside from Santorini…. that's when we're older… but what will happen in-between?"

Constantine then seems to laugh. "Okay, okay, fine. It looks like a butthole." he winks at her. "But it's okay. You worked hard on it, and so it's good enough for me." He continues to eat the cake, chuckling just a bit. "If you want. I wouldn't mind." he looks her in those pretty red eyes of hers. "What do I want to do? Like in terms of job and stuff?"

Constantine ponders this. "I dunno. I might work construction or metalworking…someplace where I could subtly use my powers without causing a ruckus. As for me and you? Well…."

Constantine gives her the biggest smile.

"The only thing I know for sure is that I don't want to be without you." he finishes his slice of cake, and sets his plate aside so he could just focus on her.

The girl nods sagely at that, "I can see that." Re: the metalworking / construction plan. She doesn't make a big kerfuffle over Constantine eating the fugly-albeit-tasty wreck of her birthday cake. The rest will probably be tossed to the fishes.

She's just finishing up her plate when Con sets his down and Grace looks at him thoughtfully. "I want t-to go back to school.. like.. culinary school. Maybe I can get hired on, someday, at one of those ritzy hotels. Make a mint. Maybe feed tourists in Santorini and net us a discount on wherever it is we stay." Remarked idly. Would they live overseas? Constantine and Grace and their odd powers? A blush. "Do you want a family someday, Con?"

Constantine seems to smile very softly, though Grace's desire of going to culinary school to learn to e some kind of chef at a hotel makes him smile. "Head chef, perhaps?" Because Constantine dreams big. For himself and for others (which isn't ALWAYS good but….) He does look surprised at the question.

"Yes. I really do." he reaches for her hand to hold it. "Do you?"

It's hard to imagine at 16 years of age.. but not impossible. Grace is still, technically, a kid herself.. with all of the hormonal wiles and desires and irrational tendencies. But there you have it. But there's a vein of maturity that runs throughout her which makes it easy to answer the following question: "O-of.. yeah.. I mean, of course. W-when we're ready." She looks down at hi hand taking hers. A blush.

"I think.. what has me, what I inherited.. those kids would be safe.." She doesn't have it in her to say 'their' kids. Not yet. It's still so far off yet not too far at all. "It skips generations.." Said in a whisper as she turns to face the water.

Constantine smiles very softly to Grace, though the thought did occur…they did…have…uhm. Is she…?

No, no…that's not possible at this stage right? There's no way!….right? Con then seems to sigh. "Oh, o-of course. Absolutely."

Though his eyes remain on Grace, he seems curious that she talks about her bloodline but…. "Are you worried that your children may have your abilities? They could have mi-" he cuts himself off. FAR too early to assume that far into the future right?

No way at all… Grace is still quite… well, no worries at all. The brunette confirms this, "We've been careful.. w-we are all good. But.. someday.. after we graduate… after…" She trails off. Feels like an eternity. She blushes and nods once, "I-I am still figuring out what I'm capable of. I hope I know the ins and outs of it by the time we're.. ready to… well." Blush.

She leans into Constantine, studies the horizon. "Take out your sketch book and work on whhat you had going, before I came a-around with the butthole cake." she requests, snuggling closer and not thinking further on that terrifying and exciting 'future'. "Whoever they'll be…. someday.. t-they'll be amazing." Big thoughts, re: their eventual kids.

<FS3> Constantine rolls Sketching: Good Success.

Constantine does indeed pull out his sketchbook, apparently having been sketching the horizon. The seagulls still quite there, some half-drawn. But…he keeps his attention on Grace as she snuggles close to him, his head resting on hers briefly before he just gets working once again. This piece of artwork was….wow.


But Constantine chuckles. "Yeah. I think so too." he wants to ask if she thinks their future children will have her powers or his, or if they'll have her eyes…or his ears…or her nose…

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