(2019-03-24) Underage and Telepathic
Underage and Telepathic
Summary: Another student has a run in with the MIA speedster.
Date: 2019-03-24
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head towards Downtown Shady Cove
Downtown Shady Cove Shady Cove
Sun Mar 24 21:42:25, 2019 — Sun Mar 24 18:42:25 2019

Businesses line both sides of the street, anything from the Chamber of Commerce, the Police and Fire Stations, a newspaper office and Post Office. Several others create the down town area, stone benches lining the sidewalks on each side of the street. A small movie theater only hosting a single movie every two weeks. Further down is a teen only club, somewhat nearby a bar and grill.

It is a spring night. The weather is warm and raining.

The rain, despite the warmer weather, is keeping a lot of people home this Sunday evening. It's not so late that students have to rush to the stocks, but they're starting to make their ways there. Daxton is not a student, so there's no worry about curfew. In fact the speedster is taking it slow today, walking around normal pace and learning (Relearning) the city where his Unit is. The Unit he has to bring back, or neutralize. He's nursing a bottle of Mt.Dew, the lightweight jacket won't help him with road rash is he trips while running, but it does help him to blend in with the local townsfolk.

The rain is annoying, that's for certain. Sky was out and about running some errands with an umbrella and his long, black duster-coat when he catches sight of a somewhat familiar face. He didn't do too much with the older super-powered one when they were at school together but he definitely saw him around.

Sure, the school said not to engage and to inform, but this -is- Sky. After a moment's thought he approaches the alumnus and actually speaks, albeit a little softly, "Hey…do you have a smoke?" It's a start, at least.

Daxton sees the ares (Although he doesn't know that's what he is) and smirks. It's the type of smile that doesn't quite reach his very blue eyes. A head shake, "No man, sorry." No recognition in his voice either. "I think there's a convince store at the station that sells them."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sky=Telepathy/Empathy Vs Daxton=Mind
< Sky: Good Success Daxton: Good Success
< Net Result: Sky wins - Marginal Victory

Schuyler smirks as well, but his is a little more smug. "Underage…they won't sell them to me." The lack of recognition is interesting…probably why they didn't want for him to be engaged. But then again, would there be that much recognition? They were only teammates for a year. There's only a little mental scanning that goes on then…to see if there is any sort of recognition or what, if anything, might be going on.

An amused snort and Dax nods, "Sucks man, sorry." He might actually have given the teen smokes if he had them. Brian washed Dax isn't a douche, he just wants to make everyhting as it was, per orders of his superiors! The speedster narrows his eyes as Sky eyes him while mentally eyeballing his brain pan, "You alright? Need something besides the smoke?"

Schuyler wouldn't be an Ares if he didn't take risks…he wouldn't be Sky, even! So, switching from his audible voice to his mental one, he offers, «I thought I would be a little more memorable than that. You don't know who I am, do you?»

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dax=Physical Vs Sky=reaction
< Dax: Good Success Sky: Good Success
< Net Result: Dax wins - Marginal Victory

This is the point that is Dax had hackles, they would rise. A complete change in his posture happens, in a blur, to a very defensive stance. "What the fuck!" Fists are suddenly in Sky's duster's lapel and Sky's being shoved against the nearest wall, "Who are you?!?" He has no recognition of the telepath.

Schuyler can't really run from a Speedster, even if he could tell that the grapple was imminent. There's a little wince as he's shoved against the nearest wall, «Watch the coat, ok?» It wasn't cheap. His nose wrinkles at the lack of recognition, «Sky Masters. We went to school together. Who messed up your head?»

Sky Master? No, that means nothing to Dax, "I never went to school!" Damn it, more about this damn school! He snarls, "Fuck your coat, where's Unit 23?" That's his main concern, his main driving goal is to find them He knows they're nearby, which makes it almost worst!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sky=Telepathy/Empathy Vs Daxton=Mind
< Sky: Good Success Daxton: Failure
< Net Result: Sky wins - Solid Victory

«Sure you did,» Sky offers and lifts his hands to try and pry Daxton's off of his coat. «And I'd rather not, thank you.» As for where Unit 23 is, he shrugs, «I don't know. Probably where they've always been.» Such a snotty teenager. But at least the continued conversation lets him try and poke about some more in Daxton's mind to see if he can 'correct' anything…

Daxton's frustration is growing, there's a sense of danger about him now, a passer by frowns at the teens, it looks like they're about ready to start fighting. "Where are they?" He doesn't know about the Estate, it seems. There's ton of conditioning that's happened to the boy, it would take a lot of reconditioning to correct him. Sky can pick up he's worried, scared, not of the Unit, but for them.

Schuyler is prepared to try and stop the other teen before it gets violent…or -too- violent. Since he can tell that Daxton doesn't seem to know about the Estate, he doesn't mention it. But he'll offer, «Pretty sure they're just fine, wherever they are,» as maybe that will help assuage some of that concern. «What happened to you?» While he could probably dig around in Daxton's mind, the middle of Shady Cove probably isn't the best place.

Daxton's fingers tighten on the coat and he pushes the other teen into the wall harder. "They're not fine!" How can they be fine, they're broken orders! This daon kid doesn't know! "Nothing happened to me! Whatever manipulated me away from the Unit is gone, now I need to get them back before-" His eyes widen slightly and then he snarls. Sky can't hear the voice that's in Dax's ear piece, but he can probably tell that someone is speaking to him, asking where he is. One hand releases Sky's coat and lifts to his ear, "I'm here. It's not them." So…he's not alone.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sky=Sensory Powers Vs Daxton=Mind
< Sky: Failure Daxton: Success
< Net Result: Daxton wins - Marginal Victory

Schuyler winces as he's pushed more against the wall but his eyes flick over to Daxton's ear as he catches that there's something else going on. He tries to dampen Daxton's hearing, but it could be the stressful situation or the wall biting into his back, for the power isn't quite in his control. He's also been focusing on other powers so this has fallen by the wayside. «Whomever you're talking to, they're not your friends.» Maybe it's not entirely true, but his friends wouldn't let him not remember, right? He can't even reach his phone to alert the school. «If things don't line up right, maybe you should wonder why? Maybe you'll start remembering…»

Daxton's nose wrinkles, frustration apparent. He still talks to whoever it is on the other end of his ear piece, "No, just someone from the school." His coat is let go and Dax takes a step away, "No…he knows nothing." The finger drops, and this is directed at Sky, "If you do know, tell them to return, I don't want to hurt them." He doesn't want to remember, he just wants his teammates back! And then he's gone, moving faster than humanly possible.

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