(2019-03-22) She's Got Nefertiti Eyes
She’s got Nefertiti Eyes
Summary: Syd, Koga, and Cora hang out.
Date: 2019.03.22
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The School's library is one of the largest buildings in the school. Five stories tall and the size of a 747 hangar, plus a basement, its built in a long line of square clusters of of dark polished hardwood shelves, with desks and reading chairs of the same wood. At the center of each cluster, surrounded by a wrought iron and polished brass railing, is an opening extending from the ground floor to the skylights above, that sunlight (albeit carefully filtered to protect the books) might reach the inside of the library.

And what a collection: thousands upon thousands of books, some quite ancient, on every topic imaginable.

There are more. Around the perimeter of each cluster are robot dumbwaiters (stocker robots) and the ubiquitous brass robot tracks run around each floor of the library well above head height. Students can request books from the archives in the basement, and the stockers, along with the tracked robots overhead, will see that the book reaches the stocker closest to the student.

Theres still more. A battery of desks with ultra-thin computers and keyboards provide access to a vast electronic library, stored below in vaults that could weather a nuclear detonation, and checked out to student iPads.

Physical books are as easy. Pick up a book and carry it out. The RFID embedded in the book is paired with the RFID in a students ID tag. Best have the book back on time. Students who fail to often serve detention shelving books by hand.


Sydney is apparently having a slow day. She's sitting, leaning back in a robust chair, watching the stocker robots. Occasionally she types at a keyboard, and one might suspect she's making work for them for her own amusement.

Koga has arrived in the library with what looks like a very thick, definitely not standard library book. And by thick it's probably older than any of them. And the amusing part is that it's written in some sort of language on the cover.

Otherwise, he has a new messenger bag it looks like. One with a Bleach character on it with frozen wings. Those that know it would recognize Hitsugaya on it. Probably a favorite of his as he waves at Sydney, moving over to her. "Hey, Sydney. I think I was told that I could find a map of the island in here? Do you know if it's true? I completely forgot to get one so I could work on this class project some."

And Cora? She's in the Library and hiding out in a corner or another - complete with a book on hand. This one a rather large one full of fashion plates and such. It looks to be a fashion history sort of thing from the Regency Era, or at least that's the pages she's got it opened to as she looks over one of the things on said page. She continues to rock her new look with the Eyptian Style eyeliner, even if she's continued to have the avoidant shyness she's been prone to lately.
Sydney starts, looking away from the stocker robots, and up at Koga. She turns to her computer. "Hey Koga. Um… How big a map do you want, and digital or on paper?" Syd tries to be good at what she does

Koga considers, "Hm… either works. I think paper might be better, though. Easier to mark landmarks and what I need there." He rubs the back of his head.

Shrugging, Koga grimaces as he moves to set the book on the counter. "Ugh… and no, I am not returning this. Ms. Petra would kill me, probably… worse, turn me into a toad or something."
Sydney nods. With a few keystrokes she sends the map to the poster-size printer. "Ok. Coming up on printer one-oh-eight." She pauses and looks at Koga. "Uhmm… is it safe to even have that book out on campus? I was told to avoid magic tomes and rites if I don't know what I'm doing. Which I don't.

Cora looks up from where she's sitting and perusing her fun little project, whatever it is. It's definitely not homework at least! It's a gaze towards Syd and Koga. Maybe even a little bit of curiosity in her otherwise so vacant expression.

Koga gives a small wave at Cora as he notices her, looking to the right printer, then to Sydney. "Oh, it is fine. Ms. Petra said I should study it for the project. Plus well… I need to expand what I can do? That is a hard one to explain, I guess." He smiles. "Ah, I will be right back…" He moves over to the printer to grab the piece of paper and come back with it, "Hey, this could be what I need. I will have to make sure everything is where it says, but it might help out with the project."

Koga sighs, "So what have you been up to? I miss running into people with all the class work and now this to work with…" He looks a bit downtrodden by that. "I probably need to apologize to Erica and send her some gift or something with the way I have been neglecting things."
Sydney nods. "It should be accurate. I mean it's an annotated photo from some flying power or other dated… mmm… September 2018." She glances over, eyes caught by the flash of Cora's. She smiles and waves. She doesn't shout - library - but she's happy to see the other freshman, and it shows. "Don't take romantic advice from me. You could catch a disease that way." Some times it's hard to tell if Syd's serious. The subtle clues get lost in the shiny. Apparently, that's said with a straight face.

Cora tries to muster something like a smile to wave back to the others as they notice her and greet her in turn. It's pretty weak though, even by her standards. But it at least looks like she's trying! Which given how avoidant she's been of late is saying something.

Koga shakes his head, "Oh, it is fine. I am sure I will think of something." He looks at Cora carefully, then asks, "Are you well, Cora? I like the eye liner, by the way. Nice look for you."

You say, "Come on over, we don't bite. Honest." She looks at Koga. "I don't bite. I mean I nibble sometimes, but that just means I like someone… do you bite?""

Cora just shrugs at the question. "I'm fine." She admits. Even if rumor might say she's been even more shy than usual! And for an already shy girl to have rumors like that probably says something. She ends up hesitating a little bit as Sydyney beckons her over too, but finally takes a deep breath and picks up her book to go over, hugging it to herself.

Koga shrugs, looking at Cora, then to Sydney before he looks back to Cora. "Well, there was that time when I was berserk for a while, but that was when I first gained my powers as well. I still do not remember what I tried to bite into, or know if I can even bite things in my other form." He shrugs.

"… I am joking. Seriously." He says after a moment or two.

Sydney raises an eyebrow, but then chuckles when Koga admits he's kidding. "You totes don't want to know what popped into my head when you said that." She looks at Cora. "Still rocking the wedjat eye look? It looks good on you. You have the facial bones for it.

"Yeah." Cora says, actually blushing a bit as still more compliments are given to her look. "I love it too. I always wanted to do something like it, but… my mother never really taught me makeup." There's one of those sour looks. "Imagine that, Super-villain parents who still won't let their daughter wear makeup until she's 16."

Koga shakes his head, "I think that is all parents. I know my mom has make up she uses specifically for ceremonies or rituals when called for." He says towards Cora, smiling. "Besides, now that you can, you can make your own look. I am still slowly discovering my own in my case as well. Like I tend to use cargo pants mainly. Having all the pockets are pretty handy."

Sydney mms, noncommittally. "I dunno." She thinks about it more and adds, "Some… people… get weirdly protective of kids they know. Sometimes not even their own. Even super-villains. Probably a sign they're still human."

"Yeah." Cora agrees. Shrugging. "Exactly. I can now. So I will. I might suck at most parts of it, but at least Besa taught me how to do this, I'd say that counts as really authentic too. Right?" She asks. "How are you two?" She inquires after a couple heartbeats' pause.

Koga looks at the book he brought in. "Other than probably regretting asking for a class project, and I still need to confer with Fi and Besa on it… I can say I am mostly good… well, except for class work." He shrugs himself, rolling his eyes, "But is that not everyone?"

Sydney nods a little. "Yeah… homework up the butt. I'm writing about Iron Fist, and it's like "whaddia mean I can't write what I know? I know him better than anyone from those times!" But they're making me do research. That might be how I got caught up in the whole thing with the FBI. I dunno. They didn't tell me what they wanted, just asked me questions, ran some strength tests, went through my book on all this…" she knocks on her metal skull. "It's like they're afraid of ghosts or something. But. I do have a phone interview with Ms. Ultra scheduled. That'll be awkward."

Cora blinks a little bit at the way Sydney describes that stuff. "I'm doing mostly good on it all." She says, though there's a certain gravity to that 'mostly' she says. "But other than Powers… and some math tests, it's not bad. Phy Ed isn't very fun either, but it's easier now than earlier." Admit it or not, that Physical Therapy she's had to do has helped!

"… am I the only one out of us three that enjoys the phys ed?" He looks between the two, blinking a few times. Koga shakes his head. "I know my worst class so far has been history… I swear that I am going to regret it when we reach the world wars or the like. Natural born Japanese citizen and all…" He shrugs.

Sydney shrugs. "I like PE. I don't mind writing the paper, it's just I mind that I really am the authority on this subject and they won't let me put anything I know. If someone interviewed me, they could use me as a source…" Syd ponders that.

"Try being European…" Cora pauses a moment, "Never mind, you probably get it too. American History is so boooooring compared to the history in other places. My hometown has houses older than the US." She says sheepishly. "And I like history!"

Koga shakes his head, "Eh, Japanese history is a bit better. I am glad I adapted to the school system a bit well. I will probably have to change schools eventually. Once I figure a way to go from Japan to here and back, or decide to stay in America. I do not know which I wish to do at the moment."

You say, "Which one do you want to do?" Syd looks at Koga. The idea he might leave seems to have come as a shock."

Cora looks up at the time then, and lets out a little squeak. "Sorry. I've gotta get going. I'm supposed to meet up with Dr. Calvin tonight." She doesn't sound exactly thrilled. But she's obviously going there too! "Nice seeing you both. Hope you have a good weekend if I don't see you again before it's over." And with that she starts to head out.

Koga seems to consider, scratching the back of his head. "To be honest… I do not know yet? I was hoping that I could simply use my portals to go from here to Japan, but… well, it is harder than it looks and I have not tried it. I mean to over the summer so if anything happens then I can have Ms. Petra and my parents on hand at both my destination and where I started."

Koga seems to consider, then shrugs, "I can basically connect two entryways. It only seems to work when I am at full power, so I have to be transformed to use it. I could, for example, connect the closet over there with a cafe I know well across town. The main thing is making sure I have the image of the two entries real well. Location, state of it, the usual environment… like there is one in Egypt I could use from a trip there with Besa, Rain, and Ashton. But… the farthest I seem to be able to reach before feeling a well…"

Koga hesitates, looking unsure how to describe something. "It is like… I am pressing against something usually. I worry that if I use it to cross too far, it will end up having some effect I am unprepared for. In most cases, magic has a price to pay for when you mess with something like this. I think the price is small for what I usually stick to, but the larger the distance the more I feel as if magic is about to hit me with something."

Sydney nods. "Yeah… kindof would expect that, too. Maybe just… get airline tickets? I mean… last class to Japan verses… rift in spacetime to hell or something… seems like a pretty small price." Syd looks at her watch. "I need to get going. Dinner. You staying on campus this weekend?

Koga shrugs, "Unless I can catch Erica and she wishes to do something, yes." He pauses, considering, then nods. "I should probably sit down with this and see what I can find out about distances and the like to talk to the others about."

Koga waves, "See you around." He moves to a table to sit down, with that large book as he starts to look at the map among other things.

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