(2019-03-22) Meeting Gero
Meeting Gero
Summary: Just a nice, well-meaning, harmless boy helping a flustered girl deal with anxiety. Honest.
Date: 2019-03-22
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Mug Shot Coffee Shop, Shady Cove
Fri Mar 22, 2019

The barista is generally busy with orders, but most times still manages a wave of welcome. A large sign serves as the menu and orders are taken just beneath it. It's as lovely inside as it is on the outside. Rounded, wooden beams support the upper floor. The walls are packed with all sorts of travel memorabilia, most likely all collected by the owner. Tourists seem to be some of the more catered to clientele here, the drinks and atmosphere with the added food as a bonus.. Several small tables dot the area with a few larger ones thrown in for bigger groups.


<FS3> Grace rolls Presence: Success.

Friday afternoon… classes have ended a bit early today on account of the weekend encroaching and Grace has ushered herself out onto the town rather early to 'see' to a few things. In coming to understand that part of herself that typically alienated her from the public, she now feels ready to find real work. The hours for extra credit, helping to run Lighthouse Landing in the safety of the school, has taught her how to be a better server / barista / people-dealer-with'er (yeah totally made that up) and THEREFORE? Grace is going to try this employment thing again. In places that suit her skills. Another girl in Athena ended up finding work at Cocoa Loco and might they.. might they consider taking on another?! The confectionary just seems so right!

The short girl handed in her resume and fled, took herself over to Mug Shot (the site of her first attempt at a job that folded BAD) and settled in to have a hot drink. The late afternoon sunshine is crisp, but promising springtime warmth. Enough to roll out some of the outdoor seating! Grace is at a table overlooking the street, zoning out, worrying at the handle of her mug with a twitchy thumb.

Daxton's been casing the area, but sometimes caffeine is helpful. The speedster is dressed casual, a light windbreaker and jeans and is handing over cash for some triple threat of a drink. He looks healthy, in fact he's probably more fit than before. A bright smile to the woman who's handing over his drink, if she recognizes him, she doesn't react. A quick sip, but not so quick that he's outing himself as a speedster. Piercing blue eyes scan the area for a seat, and he too decides outside is best. He can keep an eye on the street, just in case any of his Unit show up, or any of those students with powers.

<FS3> Grace rolls Enhanced Senses: Good Success.

The casually-dressed speedster, arriving to the cafe, gets a brief glance from the wolf girl. Her nostrils twitch and her senses detect a scent of masculine health from the teenage boy. Grace's eyes flit back to the road and she remains still and anxious as Daxton gets his brew. Seeing as how her arrival to Coral Springs occurred close to the end of the students' stay at Winbarry, she hadn't brushed shoulders with Daxton at that point. Or really even had much of a look at him. Long story short she doesn't recognize the older boy at all as he settles into a chair outside of the cafe. A car squeals it's tires closeby — someone goosed the accelerator too enthusiastically — and Grace jolts at the abrupt sound. Her thumb twitches. She forgets herself and that jolt of fear-based power causes her to snap the curved handle of the mug.. OFF of the mug. Grace realizes this as she hears the piece of ceramic shatter onto the ground. "O-oh no.. no!" She cries out.

Daxton tenses and sits up watching the car and then turns to the girl and her franticness. Brain washed or not, he's not the type to sit and just watch a girl fret. He grabs some napkins from a nearby table and heads over, "Here you go. These mugs are weak, don't get upset about it."

Weak mugs. Sucks that this guy heard her do it. The poor ruined cup in the girl's hand begins to leak from the cracks left behind and Grace trying to set the thing down, watches the mug carefully. "I-I'll pay for it, I swear." The younger girl says, expecting to see a barista coming out to bus tables only to see her wrecking the wares. But 'lo, it's Daxton, and Grace looks him full in the face with her eyes wide. Irises are a bright scarlet.. either some funky contact lenses, or she's powered. She inhales sharply. "You saw it all?!" She frets. He's older than her and looks well-put-together… of COURSE he saw! Is he judging!?

Daxton smirks, "You don't have to pay for it. They have this type of thing in their budget." Her eyes are noted, so she's powered. Huh. He smiles that bright grin of his, slightly boyish, "Yeah. I've broken a dish or two in my time as well." He lifts his hand, showing of a vibrating hand briefly.

He seems nice though.. kinda big brotherly. Though Grace isn't immune to a nice boyish smile and very blue eyes… she blushes. Had she not already been seeing Con she would have been utterly conflagrant with fluster, otherwise. Nonetheless, she's suitably pinkened and anxious. She watches him raptly, waiting for him to jeer or poke fun.. but he doesn't. Grace can slowly, slooowly be observed settling. She's a very tidy-looking girl, dark brown hair pulled back into a clean plait; fresh-faced; maybe a bit preppy in her dark slacks and blouse. Job-hunting clothes. The vibrating hand is noted and Grace's brows furrow. "A-are you anxious?" She asks, obvs. having no clue of speedsters and how things work. "I mean—-oh, ah.. that was forward. I'm really sorry, it's been a weird day.. I'm a bit mental."

Someone walks past too closely: a barista coming to bus some tables. Grace freezes and sniffs the air lightly. Catches herself, turns back to Daxton. "My name's Grace."

Pink cheeks are a good thing. That's all the speedster was going for. If she likes him, she'll be more likely to be helpful. A soft chuckle, "Not particularly. You meeting someone?" The clothes are noted. "Mental?" That's never good. He turns to eye the barista , but it's Graces behavior that is really interesting. "My name is Gero." He lifts his drink but then tells the barista, "Grace's mug was faulty, the handle broke and she almost cut herself. Can she get a new one?"

"N-nice to meet you, Gero." Grace offers politely, calling upon her manners that her mother at least gifted her with. She eases back into her chair and notes the question as 'Gero' suggests to the barista that Grace be given a new drink and mug, tout suite. Red eyes watch the abashed girl move off with the sopping mug and swivel back toward the speedster. "Not right now. M-my boyfriend should be off in an hour and then we're going back to school for the night." She explains without any guile whatsoever. "I'm in town trying to find work, my nerves kinda got the best of me. I hope I didn't do a number on my first impression as I had done to that mug.." Said in a whisper, to herself. Ahem.

"What do you do here, in town? Are you a student?"

Daxton nods, "Cool. Job hunting can be a bitch, good luck." He laughs, it's warm and it's clear his not really worried about her breaking of the mug. "Back to the school? You go to one around here?" His hair is short, almost a buzz, "I'm way past graduating. Just coming to visit some friends."

He's just so earnest and open and friendly.. one of those all-American boys with a fresh face. Nothing suspicious at all. Grace hasn't an ounce of mentalist abilities to her to disclose otherwise; only that pesky ability to sense fear. Fat lot of good it'd do here. So there's no way of knowing that there is much, much more to Daxton than she could ever surmise. Her stammering starts to ease as he plies her with 'innocuous' questions. "I do, I-" Blink.. oh crap. While the presence of powered students is well known, along with the scattering of such specialized schools… Grace has been treated a bit shabbily in the past on account of having 'strangeness'. Is this where the buck will drop and this friendly boy will get mean?

"U-um…" She looks down into her lap. "Coral Springs, a-actually. I'm a bit off." Said in a whisper.. she doesn't say 'gifted' or 'powered' or the like. She's still trying to see her skillset as beneficial.

Daxton's definitely not afraid of a girl that can break mugs. "That's the Super school on the island, right? Cool." A glance to see if the waitress is coming with Grace's drink, "Your boyfriend powered too?" He reaches up and scratches his chest through his jacket before taking another sip of his won drink.

"It's a Super school." Grace says lowly, and does not go beyond that. She's been told to never disclose any real sniff of an idea of where the place could be located. The way she watches Daxton's face, both apologetically yet with a sense of.. resolve.. means that she will not say much more on the location. But to look at her, so tiny and anxious and freaking out over car tires and mugs breaking… what can she do? No way she can be scary. Interesting too, she will not hold eye contact for more than a couple of seconds. If Daxton were to get too close, or be inclined to watch her too intently she will become more anxious. And not in a flustered shy girl sort of way.

Grace looks away suddenly, watches the street for five seconds, looks back at Daxton's shoulder. "Yeah. It's a superpower in itself for him to put up with me sometimes." Her attempt at humor. Finally the replacement drink is brought over and Grace nods her thanks to the skeptical barista.

Daxton nods, he doesn't need a location. His targets don't live there, just some work there. He's been narrowing down the search of where their base is. "Cool." He doesn't push for more info, instead he chuckles again, "I doubt he'd say that. You seem nice. Unless he's a dickwad, I'm sure he appreciates you." A bright, slightly flirty smile is flashed to the barista, "Thanks. We really appreciate it."

The barista flutters away, blushing… a real blush, not the embarrassed one that Grace wielded. The wolf girl turns to watch the girl go as she sips her drink, before peering back over to Daxton. "Thanks.. he's definitely not a dickwad. He's.. o-one of the kindest people I've met. Period." Said in earnest, though Grace isn't one to gush. She watches the froth swirl atop her drink. Still totally unsuspecting of Daxton's fishing for details. "T-thanks for not being all.. judgey… over my saying what I am. Some people can be a bit cruddy like that. You almost look like someone who could go to that school, you're so fit-" Blink, flush. "I-mean-that-in-a-completely-observational-way." Grace flails out.

"L-like.. you just have really bright eyes, is all." Kinda like Con's.. brighter, more piercing. Whereas the metalbender is… gentler. "God.. I hope I find work." Grace whispers, still doggedly avoiding eye contact.

"Good." And it honestly sounds like Dax means it. Just cause he is a brain washed killing machine doesn't mean he's a jerk! "I'd think that that's gotta be nice." To have someone like that. He takes a deep breath, a weirdly thoughtful expression flickers across his face, like an almost memory. But then it's gone. "People suck, don't let other's judgement's get you down." But then she's commenting on his physicalness and he's smirking again. "I promise I don't super powered eyes. They're just blue." As mousy as she is, he'll suggest, "I think I saw a bookstore around here. Maybe try there? Book people tend to not be as aggressive."

"It's nice… it's something I never expected would happen to me. I did things leading up to coming here that made me think I would never be somebody's… someone. But then the right person comes along." Grace smiles a bit at the memory. ".. i-is persistent enough to get to know you, see the best in you a-and make YOU want to know them. Then it's history."

A sentimental look, melting into grateful. "Silver Fable? I might try that too.. the place I went for today, I-I'm really hopeful for it. Just part time. Weekends. And-" Her watch chimes once. ".. OH! I'm sorry.. I need to go meet Con now. T-thank you for helping me out with the mug, Gero. Have a good time with your friends, ok?" Grace bids as she finishes her drink, sets everything aside neatly as Mother taught her, and gathers her things up to leave for Main Street.

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