(2019-03-20) Pool Meditation
Poo Meditation
Summary: Besa and Callisto enjoy a peaceful float in the Coral Springs pool.
Date: 2019-03-20
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Pool, Coral Springs
Wed Mar 20, 2019

This large glass enclosed room is dominated by a long Olympic size swimming pool. Strangely there is no hint of chlorine in the air, just the tang of salt water. It's a salt water pool and the water is clear, clean and during the cold months heated to a comfortable temperature, much like the room itself.

The pool is a zero degree entry pool at one end and increases in depth along its length to 8 1/2 feet at the other. At the deepened are two low dives and along is length are a few ladders to make getting out easier. There are NO slides or a high dive.

The room is floored in a mosaic of earth tone tiles and there is an entrance to the gym and the locker rooms. Furnishings include patio chairs, and a table or two, along with the required safety gear.

It is a winter evening. The weather is cool and clear.


After classes sometimes it's just nice to relax. Besa's been in the water for almost an hour, he's finally slowing down on the laps, floating on his back. That perfect hair halos around his head and the teen sighs, arms outstretched. Cocoa is laying near the ladder to the pool, watching her boy.

Thank goodness for small mercies, Callisto leaves the itty-bitty-bikinis for town beaches and summer vacation. Here it's a practical one-piece which dips low in the back and arches high at the hip and is all about aerodynamics, baby. Tip-tip-tip; she's padding along the side of the pool, making for the deepest end and ready to take her first plunge into the depths for what will be a series of laps and exercises. The willowy fey girl is not unaware of another body in the water and she slows, silver-white braid swaying as her head turns to spy Besa. Callisto is not one for startling or scaring others in the water so she doesn't do anything as brash as a cannonball or such.

Standing poised with a glance to Cocoa and then back to Besa, she waits for another few seconds before announcing herself. She sounds mellow and kind, "Besa. Well met." She does not jump in yet, making sure not to startle Besa first.

Besa's head lifts, he grins and turns over on to his stomach to move closer to Callisto. The scars on his left forearm stand out on the water. The anent teen is starting to fill out, not enough to not still be lithe, but maybe Bron's obsession with his butt isn't completely unwarranted. "Hello my friend. How are you today?" He seems calm, maybe he was doing some light meditating?

The girl is as slender as always, all leg.. Callisto isn't a big eater but she is a meticulous one. Stupid fey genetics. She studies the Egyptian boy with a thoughtful eye, indeed noting his filling out in a beneficial way yet not so much that it goes against his natural stature. Healthy. Growth. Her lips twitch with a slight smile.

"I am… well enough. Fixing to get a few lengths in. You looks relaxed, I pray I did not interrupt meditation?" She checks first, still not yet making to dive in until she is certain the boy wasn't in a 'zone'.

"May I disrupt the peace a little?"

Besa chuckles softly, "Oh…no. I am just…floating." He smiles warmly, "It is not my pool. You may swim as many laps as you wish." He scoots a little to the side to give her room. "I was just relaxing. It is good to not focus sometimes, yes?"

A bowing of her head, braid hanging… and once sure of her clearance (so she doesn't spear Besa) Callisto takes position. It takes seconds, and with barely a sound and disruption in the surface of the pool… she dives in! She arrows her body down, down down…. goes as far as she can. Ten seconds. Nearly twenty. Callisto surfaces, exhales forcibly but not in a guffaw. Everything she does is graceful… at least in the areas that she's good at. Put her in a go kart and it's another story. She blinks the salt water out of her eyes, grateful for the lack of nasty chemicals. "Do you rather enjoy swimming?" She asks companionably. Hard to tell with her flush from holding her breath and the water, but Callisto looks very well-rested. Besa didn't even have to give her any calming runes as of late. She eases back to float alongside the boy.

"I do. It is something that has not changed , in any of my lives." Swimming is swimming, it seems. "With the pool, it is accessible even in this cold weather, unlike rock climbing." His head tilts, pretty hair, even when wet, flops into his eyes. "How are you doing?"

"I have never before done this…. rock climbing." A pang.. it feels like something they would have done on a date, before—hnnng. "T'is something a body can do in a city, yes? People these days seem to have equipped rooms with a literally wall of rocks, to scale… but they wear harnesses. Have you done such a thing before?" Callisto asks, tilting her head carefully so her face doesn't submerge, watching Besa.

She considers his question, "I am well enough. I am working to keep my mind at peace as we wait and prepare.." Besa would know what she means. Callisto is making an effort to not speak of Unit business lest she worry too much. There's nothing she can do right now other than remain on standby and keep in the loop. "There has been…. goodness, though, amidst it all." A little smile, water beading in her lashes. "What of you? What's new?" She kicks her feet gently.

Besa's nose wrinkles, the way it does when he's judging modern society, "I am sure there are gyms for it, but I prefer climbing on actual rocks and cliffs." His arms sway gently as he stays afloat, "The school's gym has one with a harness…I do not like using it. When I climb without it I get yelled at." The ancient teen won't push it, he just nods, "I am glad you have found goodness. Nothing is very different for me." He kinda sounds like he wants it to be? "I have not found any more pieces of my sarcophagus."

The faerie recognizes that look, and she chuckles to herself. Seems she's abandoned her lengths for floating and chatting for now, though she spins in the water and 'hovers'; feet straight down, kicking smoothly. "T'is hard, these days… people have become rather sensitive." She observes, and her tone isn't patronizing. Simply commiserating. Though Callisto, as of late, hasn't acted out any strange fey customs of old days in the modern society. Callisto considers if her imminent question is too 'personal', but goes for it anyway. "You, Besa… you have.. chosen your own family, have you not? The kith and kin of the Masters twins, and the twins themselves? Like siblings?" She asks almost shyly as she whirls slowly in the warm water, braid following her body like a sleek sea creature. A pause.

"What is this, regarding your sarcophagus? Whyfor do you seek pieces of it? Forgive me, I am very much out of the loop. Is everything alright?" Callisto watches him.

Besa nods, acknowledging that teh Masters are his family. "Yes, they are my family. Why?" Oh! She doesn't know! He turns to face her more, a strange look on worry and excitement crosses his face, "The Egyptian government was able to give me three pieces. When I placed them together, two of them fused back. I believe If I found all eh spices, ti would be whole. I…" Now his brow furrows, knowing no one understands why he wants this. "It is mine, Callisto. And it was taken from me. I was taken from her and….and if anyone was to break it, it should have been me."

"I have found a family much in the same fashion." Blink, a hand lifts from the water. "I am not being so presumptuous as to say that my tale is just like yours but.. I mean…. in finding a family while my true one proved futile. It feels as if another piece of a puzzle has fallen into place and…" Her cheeks redden, she looks down into the water at the murky outline of her body underneath, rippling and moving. "I have discovered what a real mother is.. and what it is like to have one care for me." Well, that's a Big Deal in Callisto's world! Given what birthed her. "It is… nice." Said in a near-whisper, before she looks up to listen with interest to a scenario that she knew nothing about.

Besa's words widen her eyes. "That is.. incredible!" She straightens again, arms akimbo as she keeps afloat. "T'is only right that you desire it back. It sounds like an intimate thing. What shall happen if you are to recover the entire sarcophagus? Are you meaning to break it again? Will it be whole? What will it mean for you to have it back?" She asks, mystified.

Besa only kinda gets it. Mrs. Masters has been very kind to him, but he's never thought of her as a mother (unlike the Alt Best who referred to her as Mom). "I am happy for you. What a blessing it is." An intimate thing? That makes Besa smile, "I have spent more time with her than anything else on the planet." He keeps referring to it as a her, although that may not be on purpose. "I do not know. All I know is not my dreams of Hell, my lost brethren, and my sarcophagus." He lifts a shoulder as he floats, "He really doesn't know what will happen, just that he as the desire to make it happen.

"You refer to the sarcophagus as female." Callisto notes, and has the sense to say this gently. Purely from an observational, curious place… not derogatory. "Is there symbolism there? T'is like a vessel for your safe passage into the After, is it…. 'she'.. not?" She's trying to understand! Trying! And by her tone and expression, Callisto is genuinely intrigued.

"So there are more pieces out there? I should like to help you if I can, after…. well, regardless of what happens with my current plight." Callisto feels a wave of worry, hope, dread, resolve… what state will she be in if they find Daxton? He finds them? He gets killed? Mind-wiped? Recovered?

Callisto's look softens, "You've helped me so very much in my journey; if there is anything I can do with my skills or resources… do ask. Are there other students at your side in this effort? Dylan?"

Besa freezes a moment, which causes him to lower in the water some. His cheeks turn pink before he clears his throat, "I…do nto know why I keep calling it a she…But I do." That pretty wet hair is sticking to his head perfectly as he shakes it, "No, that would be a burial ship." A deep breath and he looks back at her, although his cheeks stay pink (it's bugging him that he doesn't know what he keeps saying that it's a she), "I should think so. It was either broken with a weapon or the lid was thrown…I really do not know, I was wrapped at the time." He smiles warmly, "I would gladly accept help…can you dream of where the other pieces are?" He's mostly joking…mostly. Mention of the boyfriend has him looking away at Cocoa, "Tom has been…busy with school work." Maybe. Besa's not really sure, he just knows the Ares is very busy and hasn't spent much time with the Guardian.

What Besa will receive upon looking back at Callisto is a look of acceptance. Not understanding, but acceptance of him doing as he does. Saying what he says. Callisto may be a youngling in numerical years compared to Besa but she has been around awhile still… rituals, traditions.. they're all so important. "The world changes in the blink of an eye. Each time we lay our heads down to rest, upon awakening it has progressed that bit more. Who am I to ever judge, Besa, why one does what they see fit. I see you looking shy and you needn't around me. There is a reason in your soul.. that is explanation enough.

She floats closer but not uncomfortably so, merely to keep their conversation private… even if there's nobody around. He has her full attention. "I can… search. I found Daxton that way…" A sad look, hastily passing. She continues, "I need minds to connect to… someone who could know of a location? An agent? I can try. But it's hard. Not impossible, but difficult." Hesitant though.. it may be beyond Callisto's scope still. Daxton was a miracle, when she found him. Her features fall further at mention of 'Tom' being MIA. "You've not had much time together? How long has it been? I should like to think that the seeking of something so important to you would yet be a priority."

Besa sighs, relieved at her words, "Thank you….I feel foolish sometimes, I am so out of place." His expression shifts, brow furrowed, "Oh…Callisto…I am sorry. Do not search for rocks until you have your heart back, yes?" And honestly, he has no idea where he would even direct her. He wets his lips, thankful that this isn't a chlorine pool, "I say him…several days after Valentine's Day…. I still have his gift to give him." Ouch. Cocoa gets another look, "I do not expect him to help me…he is very busy. But…I would like to see him.." Now he's feeling foolish about this! "I keep going over in my head if I have done something wrong…I am not the best at dating."

"T'is not foolish. You are an old soul. T'is like any instance of setting forth in a new world, learning languages and customs. So too is being anachronistic. What matters is that you yet persist in your attempts to learn and belong. There would be a problem if you were like my darker kin…" A sad smile. "Remaining as you were, unchanging, unyielding. Give yourself credit." She casts a playful little splash of water his way, but only like a finger flick's worth.

When bid not to divert from her cause to find her.. 'heart' .. Callisto blushes and nods. "We are close.. I suspect. I feel it in my intuition. But it is not a safe feeling." A deep breath, she remains on topic. A topic that troubles her as Besa admits to not seeing Tom for well over a month. "What!" She flops back, floats, peers over her bosom at him. "To be so busy as to not even receive a gift? To visit? To—" She shakes her head and thrusts up out of the water, peers at Besa in her intense way. "T'is nothing you've done wrong. Perhaps not his wrongdoing either. It is new for you both, yes? Mayhaps you should have said something to him sooner; he should have made an effort to see you. Talk to him. Who is the best at dating anyway?" She asks softly. "Nobody. Never."

Unyielding…there is a certain appeal to it, but Besa nods in understanding. His nose wrinkles at teh splash, bit all she gets in return is a smile, "Do not doubt your feelings, they are a strong weapon." Those cheeks deepen pinker and he looks away, he knew he was doing something wrong! "I have dated before….I messed that up too." But he offers, "I will try to speak to him soon, if I can find him. He is hard to discover sometimes."

"I have dated before. I made an abysmal failure of it." Callisto tries to relate, to show Besa that even immortals can be dumb as dirt when it comes to something so mainstream. Such a failure that she had to wipe her first lover's mind clean to save his life. Gods above, what if it has to happen again? Blue-green eyes study the boy then.. she pinkens, his skin eases… he pinkens, she relaxes! It's like a trade-off of fluster! Callisto sees fit to change tact soon so that the both of them can end this session of splash-splash on a good note. "Talk.. see where it goes. Learn, even if it is… difficult. I pray it shall work out." She means it too. In the discovery of her Light Callisto is all earnest and hopeful now. Hmph. Silver lashes flutter as water laps at her chin.. the salt water feels so nice on her skin.

"Have you another few lengths left in your endurance, to join me? I should make an honest maiden of myself and do what I set out to do. Cocoa can be our coach."

"I do not think Whitely cares for me at all now." Does Besa still care for him? But back to the boy who he hopes still cares, "I will leave him. Note if I can not find him to speak to directly." A glance at the dog and a deep breath, "Yes, I think that would be enjoyable."

Cocoa's tail wags from where she watches the two, even vigilant incase her boy needs her.

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