(2019-03-09) A New Family
A New Family
Summary: Sometimes the best family is the one you choose for yourself.
Date: 2019-03-09
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NPCs: Marigold
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TP Room 3
Sat, Mar 09, 2019

Back fields, behind the school.

It is a winter day. The weather is cool and overcast.

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It was Saturday and Brier had been spending the morning showing his mom around Shady Cove, taking her to the various shops and of course showing her the cat house! Now it was early afternoon and they had returned back to Coral Springs for a group meditation session. Bringing out three blankets, the hippie is wearing his typical loose fit comfortable attire with his hair pulled up into a messy bun.

The location Brier had picked was a field behind the school, not too well frequented but definitely peaceful and a good setting for their meditation. Laying the blankets out for each of them to sit on he stretches his arms over his head, looking towards his mom "I figured you could take the middle seat. That way you can guide if you want…and if you're okay with that Callisto?" He looks to his friend.

It appears that the weather has been in the favor of those who sought to show Marigold around town. Callisto, with a lull occurring in the tense process of finding Daxton — or in this case waiting to see if/when the Speedster will show — saw fit to join the hippy duo. It was good for her heart: seeing Marigold's exclamations of interest and amusement at the sights; seeing mother and son pal around and soaking in the light of that relationship; being included in that fun and acceptance. Regardless of everything paining Callisto lately, it felt nice and for a few hours.. she felt Light again.

Til' it was time to return. to the school. Meditation sounds like a fine idea but that is when one must turn inward. Callisto's inner universe is… still turbulent. She, too, is turned out casually… casual for Callisto anyway. Tight black Lulu lemons, a loose-fitting t-shirt and over it all a thick woolen cardigan. Hair, also, is pulled up into a bun though the sheer excess of it makes it hard to keep contained. As Brier sets up and speaks to her, she nods once. "Of course." She concedes, moving toward the blanket that is to be hers for the session and preparing to settle in.

Marigold's hair is left free hanging, her typical attire unsurprisingly similar to her son's but with her own style to it as well. That being said, it transitioned easily into meditation ready wear. "Of course. I'd be happy to act as guide." Sitting down on the middle blanket, she crosses her legs and takes a deep breath in before exhaling slowly. Brier sits on his blanket as well, to Marigold's right, following the same action of a deep inhale to relax. Once they were both seated, the woman looks from Brier and then to Callisto "If it's alright with both of you I figured we'd start with some tapping and then head into guided visual meditation."

A pretty pair, the two of them. Callisto always appreciated that flower child look and these two fit the archetype perfectly. In appearance AND behavior. Even in the imminent fear of settling into introspection and breath, how the reminders will fly at her… Callisto exhales contentedly. She knows she is safe and in good company. That nefarious part of her feels like a thing of the past and there's something else there.. something that thrives off of this. Right here.

She folds long legs beneath her body, Lotus-style, and rests her hands in her lap. A deep, deep breath in… and another nod. "Certainly." Was that the tiniest bit of a tremble in that third syllable? Very VERY subtle, easy to miss. Visualizations? Oh shit.

She's not running though; Callisto is on board!

"Perfect. We'll begin with the Crown Chakra on the top of the head…then just watch my movements to the next Chakra spots if you need and follow along. Close your eyes once you become comfortable enough." With that, Marigold closed her own eyes and began leading them through the art of tapping, either with one hand or two depending on the location. The top of the head (Crown), middle of the forehead (Third Eye) and then on either side temples by the eyes, above and below the lips to then just below the neck (Throat), one either side on the collar bones (Heart and Solar Plexus) and finally ending with tapping just below the ribs one the left side (Sacral and Root).

Each series of taps was delivered with the three middle fingers on either hand to center and concentrate the pressure. The motion was a rhythmic continued tapping that flowed right into the next Chakra spot. After they got that rhythm and pattern established, Marigold had them repeat after her sentence by sentence. "Today is a new day. Full of new opportunities. Full of new chances. Yesterday may have been hard. Today will be better. Because I am older. I am stronger. I am wiser. Than I was yesterday. Even if things don't go my way. I will use things to make my path. To go where I want it to. Because I control my life. I control my destiny."

The tapping again continues through the same locations and rhythm as Marigold speaks in a calm soothing tone, continuing with the proclamations for them to repeat. "I control my heart. It is full of love. I control my mind. It is full of peace. I control my will. It is full of determination. Today is a new day. Today is my day." She then falls silent, letting her breaths fall back into the same rhythmic inhale and exhale as before.

Competently, Callisto follows along; both in knowing of what Marigold is guiding them along with, and what to do with her hands. Breath. Mind-

Ok.. the mind is having some trouble. Is she wiser than she was yesterday? Perhaps. DOES she control her destiny? She'd like to think so. She is here and free, mentally and physically, but at what cost?

When it comes down to the final handful of proclamations, Callisto's voice can be heard wavering. Love and peace and determination.. it's all there but it's all muddled. Eyes close with the theatre of her mind left to her, with Marigold's voice yet reaching her, Callisto is seated.. at apparent peace… but an acerbic sort of grief wends it's way into her chest at the mention of love and peace. The weight of all that has happened hits her and her voice falls away at 'Today is my day'. Her lips press together into a moue and her eyes, still closed, begin to leak. Damn tears, damn them!

She is silent the whole while, eyes squeezed shut.

If either of the meditating hippies catch onto Callisto's emotional journey through the meditation, neither of them break their own concentration or move to disrupt her at the moment. Instead, after the Chakra and proclamation exercise, Marigold gives them all a moment of quiet breathing before speaking again. "Keep your eyes closed. Keep your breaths steady. Allow your body to relax. Now…imagine you are surrounded. Surrounded but safe. You are inside of an egg. Surrounded. Safe. Warm. Feel your body that has been growing. Protected. Strong. Feel that strength moving through your body. Pulsing through your limbs."

Brier's eyes stay closed, but with the visualization prompting, his breath inhales and exhales more freely. His body is relaxing more fully as he focuses on the imagery. Marigold's words continue "You know you are safe in this egg. In your home. However, you also feel another energy. A calling. From outside of your egg. It is the world. Beckoning you to come be a part of it. So you work up your courage. Feel the nervousness, but also feel the excitement. The determination as it fills you." The woman takes an inhales and exhales herself, voice holding it's own rhythm to it as she speaks.

"Tap. You strike your beak against the inside wall of your egg. A line spreads across it's surface as a crack begins. Tap. You strike again. Tap. A stream of light comes through. It's such a glorious and welcoming warm light. Similar to the warmth of your egg, but different as well. Finally, after pushing and tapping and continuing to work towards that world that is calling you. You make it. Shell pieces fall around you as your former home is gone, but the new home around you fills your senses. With it's dazzling light. With it's brilliant sounds. With it's vibrant colors." Marigold's voice remains soft and the smile that is now on her features carries over to be heard in her tone. "Then you look. You look at yourself. On either side of you are strong broad wings. Dazzling with their own colors. Showing off your own light. Spread them. Feel their power. Feel the heights you can take yourself to with your new found strength and beauty."

Breathe, breathe; down further, deeper into the well of her mind. What bird is Callisto? Did she ever see herself as a bird? Not these days.. her wings are too heavy with grief. Just when that shell is cracking in her mind's eye, it does not admit sunshine: all she sees is darkness. Peck peck, further still… black.

Then her.

She sees the terrible features of her mother.. all moonpale and awful and beautiful and cruel. Black black eyes, lips pulled back into dry laughter. Then a snarl. Bird bone break easily and Malachite can make short work of this fledgling.

Callisto's breath is broken by a cry and she claps her hands to her face, hunches over as if in pain. No longer in that zone.

With Callisto's cry, Marigold is swiftly up and moving in front of the girl. Crouching down she gathers her son's friend into her arms and gently rubs a hand along her back. Her hold is protective, but not restrictive. She then just starts rocking back and forth, looking over to Brier and just giving him a nod. An unspoken understanding. The hippie boy is up and heading back towards the school. Leaving the two ladies alone. The hand that had been on Callisto's back now moves to rest against her face gently, the other arm still wrapped comfortingly around her and keeping her in that rocking motion. "Shhh…it's alright, Sweetheart. You're alright. I've got you."

What a juxtaposition. A visualization of her dead, evil mother… then this. Callisto feels the arms around her and her eyes fly open, tears streaming. Streaming! How did she accumulate so many tears?! When did these infernal things show up! Suddenly now that she's gone beyond her typical 'letting of a few here and there' she just can't stop them. She hitches once, all calm gone… the visuals gone. She's never had that safe 'egg'.

"I—" She sees Brier departing after a sort of subtle communication with his mother, now it's just Callisto and Marigold.

"I destroyed everything!" Callisto cries out suddenly.. four words to summarize all of it. Stemming back to the 1970s. The grief goes THAT far. A sharp breath and she slumps into the kind woman's arms, shakes and weeps. Callisto does not weep, usually. But here it is. Depending upon one's tastes Callisto can be a beautiful being but here? Sloppy, teary, hitching and gasping grief. "I destroyed!"

While Callisto breaks down in her arms, Marigold just keeps that same hold and comfort. "Brier hasn't told me everything about you, Callisto…but I know enough to know this." She doesn't pull herself away from the other student, but still speaks to her. "You are kind. You are compassionate. You are loving." She continues to rock with her if it is helping, hand moving to rub her back once more. "I know that I'm glad my son has somebody like you at this school he considers family. That I consider family. I don't know everything you have had to face, Callisto…but I need you to know something. You are loved."

It's so alien. Callisto has been hugged before; typically by the rare instance of friends in her life 'before' Coral Springs and especially after, in forging connections. NOW she has (had?) a boyfriend… trusted friends… and once-upon-a-time, back in the 1970s… her first brush with what could have been called love. But this is a first.. the first EVER. Hugged by a mother. Despite herself, emboldened by the new feelings and this acceptance — Marigold's words are a salve — and she hugs the hippy woman tight. A deep sigh.

"But I've done terrible things. Then and now. I—" Being told she is loved stops her in her tracks. Callisto's eyes flutter closed, lashes now just wet spikes as the tears STILL fall.

".. oh, but I am scared." The hardest thing to say, of all. Feeling 'loved' gives her the guts to say so.

"You can't control the past, Sweetheart. You can't change it. All you can do is learn from it and move forward." Marigold slows down in rocking before stopping, now that Callisto is starting to speak. Her voice still holds that same gentleness to it. "Why are you scared, Sweetheart? Explain it to me…"

Sob, sob sob. Feels like it's never-ending. Truth-be-told it's been there all along and Callisto has finally found her way into that reservoir. she doesn't even know what grief starts where and how it all ends. It's congealed like something that's been left to molder and grow, get worse. But finally once she gets it out the ability to speak and be coherent returns to her and she feels a bit lighter… after painting poor Marigold's shoulder with tears.

"What if I fail?" She asks softly, watching the other woman's face. She will not slather Marigold with the entirety of what's happened… Marigold does not deserve that. "For if I do, in what's to come.." Even that she isn't sure what it will be, "I shall be hated. I never cared about such a thing.. until now."

"You have so much guilt and grief weighing on your soul, Sweetheart. As much as you let others depend on you, you have to find those who you can lean on in return." Marigold then pulls back enough to look at Callisto fully as she voices her fears. "But Callisto…what if you succeed?" She then shakes her head, "Those who truly love you, could never hate you. They may not always be happy with you…but the love will always be there. So just focus on giving your love and trust to those who return it." At that moment Brier comes back, holding a thermos. He offers it out to Callisto as he crouches down by her side, "I brought some tea…"

Oh God, it all makes sense. How many people have told her this, in some way? Even the one who is, lately, at the center of her turmoil. All that similar message. But hearing it from a mother is huge. Did Marigold just kinda-sorta pull her into the fold of her family? Seems so. Callisto inhales deeply, letting the words sink in.. no longer having to contest it all. She accepts it…. and the final piece falls into place in her hand: a thermos of tea. Callisto can't help it, she laughs lightly… but in a surprised way. "T-thank you.. truly… always…"

Something else comes to the fore of her mind. Does she have the guts to say it? Maybe it's time she learn. She draws deeply of the tea and looks to Brier and Marigold, relieved but drained. "I love you both." Said simply, but meaningfully. Like an observation she's been trying to name.

As Brier comes back, Marigold lets him and Callisto talk, staying close but moving apart enough as well. "We love you too, Sweetheart." The hippie boy just grins at Callisto's words, appreciating the significance of them. "Welcome to the family." With that he leans forward and gives her a hug. Then his tone goes as serious as it can for him, "Don't worry…everything will work out and we'll be here for you every step of the way."

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