(2019-03-08) Meeting Marigold
Meeting Marigold
Summary: Brier's mother comes to check in on him to see how he's been doing… Callisto finally gets to meet her.
Date: 2019-03-08
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NPCs: Marigold
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TP Room 3
Fri Mar 08, 2019

Docks, Shady Cove side.

It is a winter afternoon. The weather is cold and fair.


It was Friday afternoon. Which meant freedom from classes and to go into the city…but for a certain hippie it also meant something else. Excitement! Because earlier in the week he had gotten confirmation from his mother that she was able to come visit! So here he was, sitting on a bench just off of the pier, arms resting on his knees and one leg bouncing with anticipation. His eyes watch…waiting for something. He's already in his casual wear, his typical attire though still dressed warmer for the weather. His hair is left free hanging as a hand moves to push some of it out of his face.

It hasn't been an easy go for Callisto lately, but luckily she's become better at compartmentalizing her woes while in school. It's hard though. When under her mother's shadow much of her unrest manifested as weariness, fear, fatigue… but in this case, with Daxton's plight intensifying… Callisto nowadays has been edgey. Constantly vigilant for news. Guilty. THAT emotion was usually only brought to bear in the privacy of her dorm because people just shouldn't have to put up with her woes. Callisto still falls into her lone wolf tendencies here-and-there.

But how could she not be excited for Brier at the prospect of his mother visiting? Granted the fey girl possesses a distinct sense of curiousity toward the woman as well, given the sheer love that Marigold and her son share. Callisto, not in doubting Brier's tales, just wants to see how such a being exists: a bonefide good mom.

The soft footfalls of her approach: she's in a pair of black palazzo pants which are snug in the waist and hips over which she has donned a thick cream-colored blazer. Her hair, too, is left to hang loose and free.. the whole moonpale mass of it. She quietly moves to seat herself alongside Brier, "You must be over the moon." Remarked fondly.

Brier looks over as his friend arrives, the grin full on his features. "I can't believe she managed to get a flight…" His brow furrows a moment "I hope she didn't spend too much." Flights weren't cheap! Plus their savings weren't abundant anyways. The excitement is still there though. "I told her I was fine and that Besa healed my arm…but I guess she's still getting used to the idea of other powers. Probably just wants to see and make sure for herself." Yep. Mom. He offers Callisto a smile then "I know she'll be totally stoked to meet you! I can't wait. You two will love each other I just know it!"

Here is where Callisto wishes she were still rich—wait.. in a way, she can be again. All it would take is one appeal to Oridove, who is now the family head, and…. no. Somehow, in her gut, Callisto just doesn't feel right drawing from the massive riches that her dark fey kith and kin amassed during their decades.. centuries.. of diablerie and greed. But oh, had she the capacity to reimburse that kind woman and her son the cost to come here. Callisto would in a heartbeat. Brier speaks in his merry, excited way and Callisto's lips quirk up at their corners with that touch of sadness and… earnest interest. Happiness for Brier. She still cannot compute the notion of a mother taking an interest in meeting her.

"I pray that I do not say or do anything uncouth." The girl near-whispers, her clear blue-green gaze moving toward the town.

"Well…I'm not really sure what uncouth means but if it's bad then you have nothing to worry about!" Brier gives a reassuring grin. At that moment a cab pulls up, and the hippie's head turns and it's almost as if his blonde hair moves quickly to look with him. "Mom!" As if that explanation was needed, but the exclamation was obviously more for himself. Before the woman even has the door fully opened on her cab, her son is up and has moved to take the handle and assist.

In the next instant, a high pitched joyous laugh sounds from Brier's mom as he has her in a full embrace and has lifted her off the ground. "Brier! Put me down! I have to get my bag out of the car!" Setting her down, the hippie shakes his head "I'll get it don't worry, mom. You've had a long trip. Besides…there's someone else waiting ta meet ya!" Leaving him to retrieve her bag from the car now, the woman shakes her head with a continued soft laugh as she makes her way to where Callisto is seated.

There was no denying this woman was Brier's mom. Her blonde hair matched his in brightness and almost in length, hers kept just a bit shorter but also hanging freely. Her smile spreads as she sees the other student seated on the steps. "You must be Callisto. It's so wonderful to finally get to meet you, sweetheart." Her tone had the same energy and joy that Brier's did to it, but in a more free flowing way.

The willowy girl remains seated on the bench, watching the cab pull up. The water can be heard sighing behind them as the ferry that shall bear the lot of them to the school grounds idles slumberously not too far off. Within a half hour the next sailing shall be slated. More than enough time to get Marigold from cab to boat without having to rush her.

The chilly winter wind sets Callisto's silver-white hair to lashing to and fro as the cab idles and Brier is over there like a shot. The sight and sound of the reunion causes the fae's heart to trip along, hastened by the awe and intrigue at seeing one of her closest school friends seeing his dear mother again.

Callisto is as still as a statue, barely even breathing, so transfixed is she. They look so much alike, those two; in the best way. Marigold's laughter breaks Callisto out of her reverie and she stands, hands clasped at her waist. Even in this moment she forgets all of her own drama, so astounded is she by the sight of a mother lovingly receiving her son, and vice versa. Then Callisto is addressed. She startles, then immediately bows her upper body in respectful greeting.

"I-I…" Since when was she a sweetheart? Callisto blushes. "T'is a pleasure.. to finally meet you. I've heard nothing but good things."

The smile spreads at Callisto's manners, but as the young woman was bringing herself back upright she'd see Marigold stepping towards her. "I appreciate the manners. Now. Come here." With that her arms open wide to envelope Calli into a hug that was fierce but comforting. Giving a squeeze, Marigold speaks to Callisto if she allows the hug. "I have been waiting to give you one of these for awhile!" She knew enough to realize that Callisto could probably use it as well!

Now this Callisto should have expected.. but at the same time in the moment of being grabbed up she did NOT. That part of her that is forever doubting of her capacity to love others and show it.. it screams and rails at the back of her mind. She's just a trouble maker! It's her fault that the Unit is minus their teammate; that her boyfriend (will he yet be called that ever again?) is… whatever happened to him… his mind changed. Altered. Reset. Callisto still cannot understand.

Even the thought of what she sees as HER fault and doing causes that familiar searing sensation to lick at her composure… and then Marigold hugs her.

It is Callisto's instinct to tense up, expecting disaster. But then the woman's hold is so earnest and caring that she can be felt easing, arms lifting to hug a body that is assumedly shorter than her by a few inches or so. Then a soft sigh, a quick blink. "Thank you. Your son has been a great source of salvation and sanity these many moons. I know naught how I could ever repay the both of you for.. all that you've done." Callisto says gently, eyes feeling a bit itchy.

Brier steps from the cab now with bag in tow, his mom's purse hung over his shoulder for full effect too. However, as he turns he sees the greeting between the two women and he just lets them have a moment. Marigold seems to know well enough not to hold on for too long, eventually breaking the hug but keeping that eye contact and genuine smile as she looks to her son's friend. "You're welcome…but remember. Kindness isn't a currency. It's a free and flowing resource in the Universe and we are just the vessels it pours from if we allow ourselves to be filled and refill others."

Real men carry purses! Hey it's a thing these days, surely; man purses? Murses? Either way it doesn't even seem surprising for Brier to be lugging his mom's.

Callisto wants the hug to continue.. has she been that affection-starved? When does she get affection-starved?! But she's grateful too when the hug ends so she can maintain that scrim of composure that is preventing her from just giving in to the relief of someone.. caring? No strings, no drama or history.. just care. Callisto breathes deeply through her nostrils, takes in that calming breath.. uses one hand to rub swiftly at her eyes — so tingly — and the other to dig into the front pouch of her own snazzy purse. She pulls out the piece of hematite that Mari had sent awhile back. "Trying my best to stay grounded." Said weakly, a clearing of the throat. Stronger now. "I've a lot to learn and I've learned much, to date, from Brier." She looks past Mari to the boy, offers him a sad little smile. She absorbs Marigold's words almost desperately beneath the guise of troubled composure.

"How was your journey?" Asked smoothly as she holds a hand out to Brier, offering to help with any luggage.

Stepping up to where the two women are, Brier offers a smile to them both and then gets another hug from his mom. Because mom! "I still can't believe you're actually here, mom. I mean I'm glad…but whoa!" Marigold smiles, "Well a friend had Plane Mileage or whatever those things are called and she let me use some to get the ticket. So here I am!" Perhaps is offered knowing her son's financial worries too and she reaches out to squeeze the shoulder that had been attached to the broken collar bone "And I believed you, but I still can't believe it! I can't even tell it was broken." Brier then rotates it some as if to prove it. "Yeah Besa is awesome!" Moving to take the purse from Brier then, Marigold looks back to Callisto with what she says and offers a small nod. "Of course, Sweetheart. Staying grounded isn't always easy, but it is always helpful. I'm glad that Brier has a meditation buddy too. Maybe we can all find a spot somewhere while I'm here!"

Even Callisto, who was once not very versed in the ways of modern travel, has to giggle at that one. Plane mileage? The fey girl smiles a bit at that, "Plane mileage. I've been working on that, myself. There's this card I can use to get points.. I just started this year." Not just a new cellphone but a aeroplan credit card? She's moving up in the world. She watches then as both mother and son interact again; when Mari touches the shoulder attached to what was a nasty break, Callisto feels her guts wrench again. Guilt. Her fault. Well, Malachite caused it but Callisto will take the blame. It's a nasty, frustrating cycle and as she feels her eyes itch again, she looks away toward the dock and awaiting ferry. Sweetheart. The word does strange, not unpleasant things to her mind.

"I'll go get our names down for the sailing so we can get seats. Take your time getting on, they'll wait." Callisto smiles.. a bit shyly, and moves on ahead to secure passage to the school grounds. Like any ache or pain, she needs to walk off the lump in her throat.

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