(2019-03-01) Bullseye in a Hurricane
Bullseye in a Hurricane
Summary: Callisto turns to the dreamplain to search for signs of Daxton. Miraculously, she finds him. Kinda.
Date: 2019-03-01
Related: A few weeks after this log.
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TP Room 1
Fri Mar 01, 2019

Physical location: Winbarry Estate


It is a winter night. The weather is cold and flurrying.


Callisto spends 1 luck points on Casing out the Dreamplain.
<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic+50: Amazing Success.

The entirety of Friday evening was spent in Oridove Aine's consult. When classes ended — to Callisto's credit she's still somehow keeping up with classes — she packed her weekend bag and was off the premises, onwards to Winbarry to see what she could possibly do to help out. For updates. And even.. yes, to take her 'paddlings' from Unit members who still weren't happy with the fey involvement in Daxton's life… and the mess it caused. As Callisto pledged, she was going to be there.

And with Callisto came Oridove. The two sisters sat in the breakfast nook of the estate, even with the sun down, discussing what had to happen next. They would start with trying to help in the way that they knew best; what originally caused much of this trouble. How Malachite originally got in.

Meditation, discussion, elaboration and guidance. For once an elder fey sibling is helping Callisto. Which brings us to now.

It's late, this Friday evening… in about twenty minutes it will be midnight and for some reason, that omniscient hour holds much importance to dreamweavers. Callisto has installed herself into the basement of all things.. she's stretched out on one of the couches, surrounded by gaming equipment and other such things… Her hands are resting upon her waist, body outfitted in a simple night gown as she rests. The gorgon head pendant is no longer resting upon her breastbone. Deep in a meditative state, stepping forth into a sort of lucid dreaming…. Callisto begins casing out the dream plain. Searching. Calling out. It's the strongest she's ever been, without the pall of her mother's threats.

The rest of the Unit is basically giving the fey space, or maybe they're giving themselves space when it comes to the fey, hard to say. Inferno tells them what little they've found out, which is mostly where Dax isn't.

It's a miracle, but Callisto somehow throws a dart in a hurricane and gets a bullseye. She's entered a dream, and it feels like Daxton. The wind is whipping around as the young man blurts across the horizon. He seems to be searching for something. The unit uniform seems almost identical to what he's worn in the past for Unit 23, but this outfit…The emblem doesn't look like Unit 23's . Whatever number is on there isn't legible, but that's most likely from dream sight. He stops briefly, blue eyes scan around intently. His hair's been buzzed very short.

What a stellar metaphor! Because that's sure as hell what it felt like.. those odds.. when the fey girl laid her pretty head down to rest. To dream.

And then.. there he is. Could it be? Is it that easy? Had Callisto's turmoil and terror been so acute that her abilities were strengthened? Her subconscious, tethered powerfully to the rest of her mind, appears in the dreamscape and it takes Callisto a few moments to acclimate herself. But then… movement. A blur on the horizon of the dream. Callisto hears and feels it all on multiple levels here. But suddenly every part of her cannot move.. she stares. No secrets or stealth here.. her presence is powerful here and if Daxton is able to 'see' her, Callisto is visible. But will he know her?

She begins moving forth, steps straight-up that of a snail's pace compared to those of a speedster. "D-Daxton?" She calls out.. emotes. Will he hear?

Of course he'll hear her, it's his dream. Those blue eyes turn, she's not close enough if this were real life, but he can see and hear her. And she can see him tense as she starts to approach. That's not who he's looking for. He looks…bigger? Maybe it's dream self, but he looks bulkier. Fist clench and he drops into a defensive position after drawing a rather aggressive looking gun. "Identify yourself!" While he's keeping an eye on her, he's also clearly casing the area to make sure she's not alone.

Slow now. Easily done, Callisto isn't naturally fast. In dreaming she is outfitted in her dark fey finery: a diaphanous black, silver and champagne pink number that looks to be pulled from some manner of D&D compendium! Hair is long and loose and flickering in that windy dreamscape. She tries to school her emotions; heart is pounding. Anyone observing her body in the waking world will see her twitch and stiffen, breathing becoming faster in her astonishment.

That and in this dream he's aiming a gun at her, looking terrifying. Deadly. Callisto harbors a healthy, honest fear of firearms. Eyes, brighter in this realm, flick from the gun barrel to the boy's face. "T'is I." This isn't promising. "Callisto. Come closer, I will not harm you. I will not move a muscle." Said as she is, well and truly, alone.

"Yeah, okay Elvira. I think I'm good here." What the hell kinda vampire is she? In some ways, he sounds exactly like he should, but not. There's some thing missing from his voice. His stance shifts slightly, the hand steading the gun hand drops a little lower to support the hilt more, like he's expecting to have to fire. "Where are they?"

"Elvira?" Callisto asks, tilting her head inquisitively. Yeah that pop culture reference went right over her head. There's bigger things afoot here… though she knows that a fired bullet will not hurt her here, instinct runs deep. Maybe it's this unnervingly focused, militant Daxton aiming it at her that is causing much of the unrest. A deep breath; her bearing is calm but her expression looks nervous. "Where… are 'who'? Your teammates? Inferno? Afterthought? Pulse? Felicia?" She starts rattling some of the names off… he doesn't recognize her, that's fine.. but those names. Will they do anything? She looks back toward the gun, hands still resting anxiously at her sides, skirts rippling in the currents.

Daxton's lip curls in a snarl, she does know! "Tell me where they are!" There's a hint of panic, or worry, although it's rattling in his chest. Worry for them? Or about them? "Inferno, Afterthought, Pulse, Trek, Burden. I need a location, now." She can practical feel pressure being put on the trigger.

"They are looking for you." Callisto says quickly, putting as much honesty into her features and tone as she can. The feeling of it may even begin to infuse the 'air' of the dreamscape. She lifts her hands to clasp them gently at her collarbones. "Daxton. Where are you?" She implores, feeling that pressure but trying to focus. It's hard, and scary. He knows their names, of them.. and that's heartening, even if there are signs of him no longer knowing her. It's too familiar. A hard swallow. "They are fine.. safe. But they are looking for you. In Shady Cove." Said gently, as she tries hard to stay calm.

A flash of fear, but he covers it up quickly with another smear, "Stop calling me that! My name is Tempo!" Shady Cove?!? Where the fuck is Shady Cove? Blue eyes narrow, something doesn't feel right, but the soldier can't pinpoint it. He will once he wakes up, dreams always feel weird. They're safe? WTF?!?! "Why haven't they returned to base then? What have you done to them?"

"New Hampshire." Callisto narrows it down. "There is a school there, from which you graduated recently… they are your teammates. I have not done a thing to them." Callisto pauses, her hair flickering and swaying of it's own volition. "They are safe enough," As safe as Unit 23 can be. "Doing as they must. Of their own volition. I have not done a thing to them. I am hear, searching for you, on their behalf. But mostly because I.. I.. wish to find you. We know one another, Daxton." Yeah no, she's not saying Tempo. This may or may not go well. At least she's not approaching or moving toward him, and it's kinda weird with that heart-in-the-eyes look. The Callisto of two years back or so never thought she would look at someone that way again. But she's scared too.

On the couch, she's curling up some.

"I have not done a thing. I but wish to help save you. Something happened."

Daxton's eyes flicker towards the unnatural way Calli's hair is moving, this doesn't feel right. There's that flash of fear again, but this time it's clearly at the fact they're looking for him. And now there's a new person hunting him down? Graduate? What the hell is she even talking about? He takes a step backwards, gun leveled at Calli's chest. "That's all I needed to know." He has a location now to target. The trigger is pulled.

She wishes to plead, and bargain, and tell him of things. Fun things, things that happened, where he was himself. Or the boy whom Callisto assumed to have been 'himself'. Daxton. But she's dealing with Tempo now. There's no time or place for sentimentality. Her mind came through for her tonight; so, too, did Oridove. Callisto needs to take her bounty and run, and right when the bullet 'strikes' her in the dreamscape her physical self gives a great lurch. A shriek.

It's still fresh. Pushing herself up in a frenzy, if the wail hadn't caught anyone's attention upstairs… Callisto fairly scrambles off of the couch in a motion that undermines all of the grace that she is known for. She sprints up the stairs toward where she hopes she can find AfterThought.. or even Pulse.. anyone. Once there she will tell them, be it one Unit member of ALL of then, of what she found. The Daxton she encountered.

And that he's on his way back… for what she suspects will not be a good reunion.

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