(2019-02-13) Buddy's Project
Buddy's Project
Summary: Bronwyn and Cora help Buddy with his project after a dark day at the school.
Date: 2019-02-13
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Given the last day's events, things have taken a rather dark turn at the school. Especially with classes cancelled. Cora's been hit somewhat hard and looked for a place to hide that isn't her dorm - too many coming to check on people there! That and roommates. But this room? A classroom that has some happiness associated with it? That's different. And Cora's here. A book set on the desk in front of her, but she's not reading. It's closed, and her head is down, resting on her arm even as she stares off into space. Her headphones are around her neck, not listening now it seems. Just staring off into space blankly.

Bronwyn is in her own little world. One where she is the new Madonna, or Lady Gaga for those of a more recent vintage. As such, she isn't even aware that classes have been cancelled. In she walks, iPad in hand, headphones blaring her own music into her ears that she sings along too. At first, she is confused by the lack of students, but maybe she is just early. Besides, her BFF is here so she will go and sit down next to Cora. "Hey. Have you seen all the fog? Oh my god, could the weather in this place get any worse?" Earplugs pulled out as she rests her iPad on her desk. "I hope we do poetry again. That would help with my lyrics. Not that they need help. Hey…why are you looking so glum?"

Cora blinks a bit as she looks over at Bron. "Huh." The blinking continues. It's a bleary and somewhat vacant look from the petite brunette girl. "There's no class today. Aren't you like, ahead of me too?" She asks. A pause for a moment or two. "People were hurt too. I don't get what happened, but I missed it too, and I couldn't help them, and people got hurt." She sounds seriously messed up right now.

Buddy walks into the classroom in a very unusual way for him. First, he is in human form which is starting to become more and more common, but odder than that, Buddy is holding blank, lined school paper. He also has a pencil stuck over his right ear. Walking into the room, he looks really worried. "Oh, this is not good." When he sees the two girls in the classroom, he is surprised that someone else is in here at the moment. However, after having a stunned look on his face for a second or two, finally waves his free hand and says, "Hi, uh, girl peoples."

"I just thought that they'd put you up a year" Bronwyn shrugs, "This is when my English class is usually on. No class? Nice of them to tell me" she sniffs. "Wait, what? People were hurt? Doing what?" It seems she missed it too. "Hey, don't be silly. It's not your fault. This school is packed with people way more powerful than us. They're the first line. And second. Probably third too." A look around to see a human Buddy. "Oh, hey, Buddy. How are you doing? No classes today, so we're just hanging out. You can join us girl peoples if you like."

"I don't know. Just… something happened, and it was bad enough to cancel classes and someone else told me the last three places this school was at were all destroyed and now I'm really scared." Yes, Cora is good at blabbering! Or at least run on sentences as it was. She looks over then as Buddy arrives, "Hey Buddy." A pause, "Glad you're ok."

Buddy nods his head vigorously as he says, "Oh, I would like to join you especially girl type peoples. Girls tend to smell better and look better too." Buddy nearly bounces over to an empty nearby chair and literally hops into the chair. The desk he picks is a bit closer to Bronwyn than Cora. He sits in the chair more like a dog would than a human would as he places his blank papers on the desk. Taking the pencil from its place over his right ear, Buddy says, "Yeah, there was some scary sounding stuffs last night, but Dr. Pretty… uh, R-Rychi? said I shouldn't go. She said I'm not ready yet. I came to keep working on a project I was given for my remy-dial classes."

"Girls are def much better, Buddy" Bronwyn grins as he joins them, though the smile is gone with Cora's words. "This school has been destroyed three times? Wow. I was here for the last move. Nothing was destroyed." She reaches out to take Cora's hand and give it a consoling squeeze - she can think of others sometimes. "It'll be fine. This is probably the safest place you can be." A nod for Buddy. "I must have slept through it all. No one asked me to come and help though. I would have…but no one asked."

Cora listens to Buddy's bit an almost - ALMOST manages a smile at it. But she does seem to move her head along in a sort of nod like gesture in agreement with Bron's bit. "And we seem to be more likely to shower." It's a bit wry. Then, she squeezes back tightly as her hand is squeezed. "It's just… just scary. And makes me feel like I'm bad at this. Even when this… thing attacked a bonfire last weekend, I probably messed up and make sure it got away because I didn't know how to help against it."

Buddy looks a bit concerned at Bronwyn. "Oh, well, I'm a boy type person. Right?" A brief pause. "Right. Well, if girls are better does that make Buddy bad?" His eyes grow large and take on a puppy dog look to them. It looks like he might cry if the wrong answer is given. Suddenly, Buddy whips his head to look at Cora. "I'm bad at lots of stuff. Some people even say so." He looks down and gets quiet for a moment. Finally, he resumes, "I'm supposed to be working on a project, two even, but it’s not going well, but the teacher peoples said that's why this is a school. Maybe that is true for you too."

"Showers are important" Bronwyn nods solemnly to Cora. "How can you be bad, you've just started. Don't be silly. As Buddy says, we're here to learn. And since none of us have graduated, we're still learning. Still getting better. You don't come out of the gate perfect. Okay…my first single was number one, but my Dad was also singing on it." A roll of her eyes at Buddy. "Not everything is good and bad, Buddy. Just because girls are better, doesn't mean that boys are bad. They have their uses too. And if people say you are bad at things, then they suck. And you shouldn't listen to them. Do your best, and you will get better."

Cora looks a bit chastened by what both the others say, even as she continues to lay there with her head on her arm at the desk she sits on. "It's just like… like… if I can't stop even friends from getting hurt, I just… just feel like maybe I don't really belong here. Like I wasn't good enough for it. Too weak, too… not good for it." A little sigh. "Sorry." She adds, "Really though, learning or not, failing sucks."

Buddy leans forward a bit though making sure to stay several feet from Cora. He is leaning so far forward though that the desk starts to tip forward. He moves with feline grace and speed to catch himself by jumping over the desk top, landing on the ground and pushing the desk back in place only then to hop back into the seat. "You'd have to be like, I don't know, not even super strong, mega giant super ultra strong to stop people from getting hurt. I heard that some of the like bestest guys were fighting and they had trouble to." He then looks at Bronwyn with a confused look on his face. "Not everything is good and bad? I, I don't get it. Oh, maybe you both can help me with my project and my qu…uh, thingy with questions."

"Not everything has to be opposites, Buddy. Life is shades of grey, not black and white. The people who want to make things opposites are usually not very nice people. Not flexible in their thinking. Frightened." Bronwyn is getting her teenage wisdom on. "You belong here, Cora. We all have to learn to be the heroines we want to be. Sure failing sucks, but it also teaches you things. Why don't we help Buddy with his project? Get your mind off all this. Never dwell on an issue, you will sink into it."

"Kay." Cora says, it's with that same sort of distance she's had. Before she finally sits up and starts to move over closer and try to get an idea of what Buddy is displaying on his desk if she can. "What do you have to do?" She asks Buddy. "Like Bronwyn says, we can help as best we can."

Buddy looks a bit worried as Cora gets closer. Is he worried about her having cooties or something? Or maybe it is something else entirely. He doesn't scoot his chair though. Instead, he brings the pencil into writing position though his manner of holding the pencil looks more like an elementary student than a high school student. It looks like he is trying to kill the poor thing. "This first one isn't too bad. Just I have to ask a bunch of folks some questions. Well, really one. I need to find out what the top cutest or cuddliestic animal is, well, what other people think it is, but it can't be one I can already turn into. The next one though…" he looks around almost conspiratorially. "…is really hard."

"Hmmm…a koala bear?" Bronwyn suggests with a shrug. "They're small enough to cuddle. Though I hear they pee a lot when you hold them. Pandas are pretty cute but you can't pick them up to cuddle. Arctic foxes are pretty nice too. Who wants you to change into a cute animal?" She also tries to peer at Buddy's questions. "What's the next one then? I like really hard."

Cora thinks on this for a while, her lips pursing and thinking hard. "I mean… I don't know. I like Bernese Mountain Dogs, they're so big and fluffy and such. Or Red Pandas, they're suuuuuper adorable looking. though I doubt you could cuddle them."

Buddy starts to scribble down what he can as they start talking; however, his spelling his absolutely horrible. He sticks his tongue out of his mouth as he ends up drawing a little picture by each label too. When he is done, he wipes his brow and says, "Whew. Oh, Dr. Pretty Hair wants me to get this. She says that I've been focusing too much on aggressive animals recently and need to see benefits in other animals too." He shrugs. Then, the hard one. He sets down his pencil on the paper and holds his hands out in front of him. "Okay. Get this. I have to like learn names. And….AND!…be able to write them next to people's pictures." He makes it sound absolutely crazy.

"Oh, yeah, the Bernese is a good one" Bronwyn nods to Cora. But she's keen for the hard question. Sitting there with bated breath and trembling excitement. There is a bit of a letdown as the question is revealed. "Oh…okay. That's an important thing to learn. Let's start with an easy one." She gestures to the other girl. "Cora. Have you got her picture?"

Cora nods to this. "Yeah, I'm Cora. This is Bronwyn." She adds, pursing her lips and looking thoughtful for a moment before adding. "It's not that different from learning all the sorts of animal names. I bet you know a lot more of them than I do. Just, erm… think of us like you would animals? We're all different, but it helps so you can call us. It's no different from how you give names already. I mean, more girls here than Dr. Ricci have pretty hair."

"I know names are important," Buddy says though his tone doesn't quite match what he is saying. His tone comes across as though he knows that they are supposed to be important though doesn't really know why. "Dr. Rihcky said that I should learn to use peoples nameses. It is just really hard for me. Names just don't make any sense to me. Someone decides to choose what you will be called when they don't even know you or what you are like? Nick names make so much more sense to me." He then gets up and says, "I should try to find more people to get their names and animal choices." He picks up his paper and waves. "Bye. Thanks for the help."

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