(2019-02-12) Of Fogs and Wendigos
Of Fogs and Wendigos
Summary: A fog rolls in, bring nastiness with it
Date: 2019-02-12
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All day and now into the early evening there has been a thick fog bank sitting a good way off the island to the southeast. The mists that make up the fog bank roll and swirl and there is an occasional flash of what could be lightening but with no clash of thunder following it, it is hard to saw what the flashes are. Whatever the cause of the fog bank, be it just a natural storm or something else the campus has been but on alert, but as of yet, the faculty hasn't restricted the movements of the student body.

At first, Koga had thought nothing of what was going on. Then… something had changed in classes. It was hard to say, but Koga was more alert. A lot more than most had seen him. He was normally pretty easy going, but his gaze every time he was near a window despite staying on class was towards the fog bank. Sometimes even through walls no less. And after classes let out? Koga had stashed his books, changed clothes out of the uniform. And taken off.

Not just at a sedate pace. But at a dead run to the nearest high vantage point to see the fog itself. The young man almost seemed slightly between excitement and nervous as he watched the fog bank now, standing on the cliff and prepared it seemed with an ink brush and a small belt pouch filled with something. He was just standing out there otherwise staring at the fog bank itself.

Having recently finished his job in the commissary, Bryce decides to head over towards the Lighthouse to get a quick bite to drink from the Lighthouse Landing. He purchased a small sandwhich from the commissary and decided to eat it at the lighthouse. As he walked along the edge of the cliff face, he noticed the fog out there. He wondered at it briefly when all of a sudden Koga comes rushing with something with him. This causes Bryce to stop with curiosity running wild. "Good evening, K-koga. W-what is going, uh, on?"

Something like this would give Khai's parents a thrill. Unmoving, somewhat menacing fogbank filled with mysterious lights? Yeah, they'd love it. So naturally Khai is out here getting what she can on camera to send their way in the next parental facetime. The walking cliff tree girl has a fair quality camera set up on a tripod at the edge of the cliff pointed out to the fog. Occasionally she'll look over to where the asian-seeming redhead stands but is otherwise just focused on getting her shots.

There is a bird coasting the air currents.. not a sea gull or the likes of which are typically seen on these banks. Nope, it's a crow; hard to tell from so far off but this birdie has button-like golden eyes. So it's.. Fionnuala! She has a good view of both the fog mass and some of her peers as they observe and approach in their own ways. She circles overhead, wings fluttering as she tries to give the whole disturbance a fairly wide berth. As the fog 'flashes' with apparent lightning, the little bird descends with intent to settle upon a firm perch.

Besa seems to have the same antsiness as Koga. He quickly grabbed the first friend he found, Rain, and headed out. The Guardian is still in his uniform, although on his way over he cast a warmth rune on himself. Speaking to Rain as he walks up, the frown can be heard in his voice, "The teachers said they are aware, but this is…" His head shakes, pretty hair flailing about in an almost frantic way, "I have never heard anything like this before. Not even in Hell." The other students get a nervous nod, but his focus is on the incoming fog. Cocoa has been left inside.

"So what you are saying is that its magic fog?" Rain questions Besa as she struggles to keep pace with him. Now that he is taller than her, even if it is a few inches, its a bit harder. Especially when he is frantic like this. "Well isn't that a good thing…that it doesn't feel like the demonic energies you are familiar with?" as they stop near the lighthouse she finally gets a chance to zip up her coat, staring at the fog bank not sure if she should be worried or not, she is definitely curious.

As the sun sets to the west the fog bank reflects back the pinks and oranges of it. That doesn't make it seem any less foreboding though. It continues to swirl and roil visibly, the hues of the setting sun highlighting the flashes of light within the mists.

It's cold, but Jordan needs to learn how to fly in the cold as well…and today was that day. The fog, however, seems to be a little surprising as he goes to land, hoping to find actual land and not plummet to the bottom of the cliff. Not that he couldn't maybe stop himself, but that certainly wasn't the intent. He aims for the lighthouse and tries to land near the base…probably taking a but of a tumble as his vision is impeded.


Koga frowns, extending his senses it seems. Then he says towards Bryce, "Trouble. Maybe." He says simply towards Bryce, then begins moving carefully. Pulling the ink brush, and a bottle of ink, he sets a piece of paper down as he starts to write on the paper. "In the ways of my home country, there are signs that you look for to know when spirits are about."

The ink brush moves quickly, writing out archaic script as Koga uses his own body to make sure the tough paper doesn't fly away. His voice carries a bit, "To use of Japan, we call the thunder a dragon's roar because it is the most common where we come from. Dragons to use are elemental beings who work with the skies, the oceans, even the very ground and rivers. I have never encountered one, but… from what I can tell? That is no dragon."

He continues writing, not looking up as he starts to work on making more. "What it is, I do not know. What I do hear, what I do sense? If it is not friendly, then I would advise you all to prepare. It could be one, it could be many. It could be two that are locked in combat for all I know. Whether or not we know which to help, I do not know. It could simply be something else entirely. I know that I am going to prepare, however, and hope for the best in this case."

Bryce is surprised at the sudden influx of arrivals. There is a flying, oh, that is Fee. He holds out a hand as a thin beam of energy emerges from his head. The forms into a solid pole just floating in the air 5 feet off the ground and just a foot in front of him. Is that a moving tree that looks partially like she is a girl. Finding himself staring, he stammers out a, "Oh, uh, hi, sorry, I, I didn't mean to, though I did, well, ah, I'm I'm Bryce." He then grimaces when he sees the attempted landing. He knew about falling with flying. He still hasn't mastered flying without his flying 'carpet.'
Turning back to look at Koga, his face becomes a bit more serious. "Trouble?" Seeing Rain and Besa approach, it definitely seems like they are preparing for trouble as well. He then offers, "I might be able to, uh, enter it…investigate without risk of direct physical or, er, magical damage."

The green glow from Khai's literal emerald eyes lights a bemused expression as Bryce greets her. She gives him a little finger-wave and smiling eyes, then looks down at what Koga is painting but is distracted every few seconds by yet more students arriving. Some of them have the 'been there, done that, sick of this crap' attitude that makes her think they're likely upperclassmen. She stays out of their way. Her camera is still mounted on the tripod and pointed out to the fog, but she's thinking of taking it down. It wasn't expensive, really, but Mom would skin her like a Mapinguari if she let it get damaged by negligence.

'Freaky', thinks the little bird. Despite favoring the shape of a crow as her primary 'bird' form, Fionnuala is gifted with rather sharp eyesight and for now she is peering in the direction of that fog bank, backlit by the setting sun. It's oddly pretty despite the, well.. ominous bit.

Then another flash of 'something' catches Fionnuala's beady jewel eye and without having to consider it much — maybe it's better to be closer to her peers — she carries herself by way of a few deft wingbeats to alight upon that which the shy teen provided for her. The black bird's sleek head bobs once, twice as she caws up at Bryce in thanks. Those arriving and having already arrived are given as cheerful a greeting as a bird can muster, then her dark head is turning back to the disturbance. Feathers ruffle.

Besa makes a noise, although it's hard to tell if he agrees with Rain on if that's better. He at least knows // how to deal with demons. His eyes narrow, hand unconciously twitching against his leg, almost like it's itching to do something. He glances over at the pained noise, confused, "Are you alright?" But Koga's words get his attention. "Spirits?" //Dragons? Or, no dragon? Either way, Besa turns back to study the fog, moving closer to the edge of the cliff, as if the couple of feet will get him close enough to be able to tell something else on the approaching storm.

Rain continues to stare at the fog bank off the shore. "If this were San Francisco this would almost be normal." she says in a near monotone. As she speaks her eyes finally leave the odd sight off shore to the odd, yet not sight of her school mates "I'm not sure flying into that would be the brightest of ideas Bryce." there is a questioning look to the mystics that are present, Koga and Besa "What are the chances that the flashes are levinbolts?" which isn't all that different from lightening really, but equally dangerous.

Jordan gives a little shake of his limps as he gets to his feet, "I'm ok…I'm ok. But what's with all this fog?" There's a glance around as other students seem to be here, "Uh. Did I land somewhere I shouldn't? I'm sorry…I can go…?" He looks over to the bird and then at the other students, his eyes widening. "Whoa! You're like…a tree! That's the coolest thing ever! I do that too sometimes!" Back to the other students, "Dragons, what?" Good thing he's pretty.

"I was just sort of flying about…should I have been looking for something?"

The pinks and oranges of sunset slowly fade as the sun disappears under the western horizon. As the last of the sun disappears there is no gradual fade to darkness that usually takes a little while. The whole island is suddenly plunged into darkness making it difficult to see without some kind of supersight or darkvision abilities. The darkness isn't alone, it brought friends named, high wind, and snow. The flashes are all around now and light up the area for seconds at a time, to show what would be considered white out conditions. As if that wasn't enough, over the howling wind can be heard something more ominious, loud growls and the ocassional raging howl that sounds either hungry…angry…be hangry?

Koga brings his hands up, the papers held in them as he tries to concentrate, not letting the small strips of paper go as he seems to consider what to do. Then he turns as he seems to be considering what to do in this case. He calls to the other students, "It is here!" He brings his hand up with the paper, charging them with magic as he attempts to channel his own magic.

Frowning, he seems to consider, then calls to Besa. "I will try to stall the wind!" He whips his hand out, channelling magic through them and making a last few symbols even as he braces before swinging the hand with the papers out and letting them seem to spread on their own along different lines. The sight might be rather interesting to behold, especially as it is a skill that Koga rarely gets to use. Actual prayer talismans used for his magic it seems. In this case, one of his barriers.

Interesting. The tree-girl waved at him though never spoke. That brings up more curiosity but the sudden darkness, wind, snow and howling focus all of his attention. He activates his under armor letting it extend up over his face and over his hands as well to help protect himself somewhat from the elements. "W-what is going on?" He then says to Rain, "I am neither, uh, brave or f-foolish enough to try that. I was thinking trying, well, some Astral P-projection." He shuts his eyes for a moment and then opens them with a bit of a headshake. "Though I am not, uh, proficient at it as of yet." "Stall the wind?" Bryce asks. "I can create a, a wall or even a large column or dome if, if needed." He doesn't know if this is magical wind or not.

In the blink of an eye.. one second there's a bird and now? A dark-haired girl with bright, honey-gold eyes! Luckily there's some sort of mystical subspace into which Fee's attire is 'suspended' otherwise becoming herself in the Holy Crap It's Damn Cold scenario would be awkward A.F. But there she is, mercifully bundled in a bright red pea coat with black tights and black boots with fluffy fire-engine-red faux fur poofing out of the tops around her shins.

"Holy Hannah!" The girl cries out in her singsong voice, lifting a hand to shield her face. Big black wings twitch and spread some and there, in the feathers: Fionnuala's payload of absorbed solar energy, as gathered throughout the day… even when it's been cloudy. Her soft ambient glow joins the harried flashes of energy from the angry forces.. and anyone close to her will feel her halo of warmth.

About to remark further, the terrible sounds cause Fionnuala to gasp.

The unexpected suddenness of nightfall catches Khai off guard while putting her camera away. And then the snow and brutal winds come and she does the first thing that comes to mind: shelter! She's still a human girl in her mind most of the time and hasn't internalized that conditions like this can't harm her new form.
So along the cliff face and inland in a wedge centered on Khai the ground rises quickly in a yard-thick wall of stone about ten feet high. It extends about fifteen-twenty feet away from Khai in both directions and should reduce the white-out conditions somewhat inside its protection. What it doesn't protect against is the fear those growls put through Khai's used-to-be heart. If she can hear them over that wind…
But no matter! She tries to wave her branch-and-vine arms to get the attention of nearby students so they can see shelter is available. Shelter… and perhaps a defensive position against whatever is out there.

Darkness didn't fall, it crashed onto them, and hard. The sudden darkness and the one, two punch of the snow and wind has Rain reaching out to take Besa's arm, not wanting to lose him in what is sure to be chaos. Any responses she might of had are lost for the moment. As the lightening flashes she gets quick peeks at what the others are doing. Koga casting, waving branch-like arms of Khai as she pulls a wall from the ground, Besa pulling his own weapon out. Her own come out at that, the clicking of the truncheons telescoping out lost in the cacophony that surrounds them.

Jordan moves closer but seems intrigued by the howling wind. "This is more than just wind…" he offers, looking off in the distance. The howls and growls cause him to flinch and frown, "Ok, wind doesn't usually do that." He tries to brace himself against the cold, not really seemingly bothered by the wind itself. "This seems…intense…"

The flashes of light cause a strobe light effect, making the movements of everyone seem jerky as the light comes and goes rapidly. When they can be seen at all through the dense fog that surrounds them. The spell of Koga's seems to help, the wind lessens, but still swirls around them, though there is less risk of getting blown over at least. The half circle of wall helps cut it even more, blocking at least the blasts to come from that direction. There are crosswinds as well that it does nothing against. The howls and growls are getting closer, some further, large (in height) shadows and figures, can be seen moving through the fog.

Koga calls towards Jordan, "It is NOT just wind. It is something else." Koga looks to Rain, "I do not think it would be levinbolts. These are too intense for it. Even then, there are only a few mystics powerful enough to handle such a thing!" With the wind lessening thanks to his spell, Koga focuses on maintaing that for the moment as he looks both ways periodically, looking for the papers he used to cast the spell.

"We need to find out if it has a solid form! If it does, maybe we can calm it down somehow!" He finally decides, "That growling and roaring is what I heard before!" Koga starts to look around from inside the rather protective anti-wind spell he has setup. With the ominious shapes showing, he moves to carefully face them without moving his barrier.

Finally, he tries something as he calls over the wind, or tries to anyways, "I am Koga Yamamoto, Bearer of a Tamashino Cloth! I respectfully ask whoever is causing this to show themselves! We mean no harm!" His hands glow with magic as he maintains the spells holding back as much of the wind as he can, looking around carefully as he tries to spot anything through the darkness and snow out there.

Bryce rushes towards the wall that Khai makes. He uses his arm to try and block some of the wind and snow which is making it difficult for him to see even with his under armor. As he approaches the way, he hunkers down beside and lifts up a hand as he does when trying to use his powers, but nothing happens. No beam of energy emerges from his mind. He has to focus; he has to calm down. He glances around to see if anyone needs help getting to the enclosure.

Her wall is doing all it can and although it's only a bit taller than herself it's plenty tall for the others so she turns to those near enough to it to be visible. The one with the paper and ink has made a barrier as well asd is shouting into the wind with words she can't quite make out. One of the flyers is now a glowing young woman. Two others, including the other flyer, are in or near her shelter and don't seem to be in immediate danger. The other two… have weapons drawn and are in defensive formation. She understands why when she gets a glimpse of the larger moving shadows beyond the barricades.
Since defense is something she's more than familiar with, the 8-foot tree-in-stone girl strides over to join in formation with Besa and Rain. As she arrives the stone rises in front of her and forms into a bundle of a dozen granite spears and Greek hoplite-style shield. She picks up the shield and one spear and stands behind Besa and Rain, becoming a bulwark to guard their back.

The shelter gives rise by way of Khai's influence and Fee notices immediately. She knows she is not the most combative; she is a healer, defensive. Keen eyes spy Jordan hunkering down against the cold, "Hey! Pal! Over here!" She calls to him, wings quivering… the sunlight emanating from her body is profound once one is close enough to her. "Bryce! C'mon!" She calls to the boy, too, as she sees him trying to focus and failing. She will start making for Khai's enclosure and whomever follows or joins her will hopefully find solace in her warmth and light.

Besa snarls, memories from his time in Hell tugging but not dragging him down into a flash back, thankfully. "I can try to cast…" He kneels in the snow, quickly drawing out a complex rune before looking up and out towards the storm. He can't tell what's there really, so the rune is broken with the intent of a calm falling over the storm itself. His head snaps up, eyes narrowing as he waits for the effect of his magic to take hold…hopefully.

With the wall at her back, Rain watches the fog, trying to keep watch on the shadowy figures that move around it the thing swirly mist. It's not particularly easy in the flashing strobe effect that surrounds them. She hears the commotion behind her and spares a glance back at the others to see that the bulk of Khai has thier back. "The whole island is covered in this fog." she says mostly to the two near but maybe loud enough for the others to hear as well "The faculty is dealing with more of whatever those are back at the school. For now we are on our own."

Jordan will move towards the enclosure, but seems more curious than concerned. Maybe he doesn't realize that this could be a dangerous situation? But the wind is his friend, usually. The fact that it's growling is a bit odd…moaning is more typical. He hangs back a little even as he moves towards the shelter, frowning a little in thought. Rain's announcement at the Faculty dealing with the same thing breaks a little of his thought, "Do you think it's gotten into town? Should we go protect the people?"

The wind seems to die down completely, in the general vicinity of the students. A combination of the wall and the spells from Koga and Besa tamed it enough that she snow just falls fast, but gently, only ocassionally being blown by a stray wind that finds its way through the various barriers.

The mist and fog is still thick around them and swirls around even without the wind to do so. The howls come from near and far, one seeming to grow closer. The flashes reveal a large creature bearing right down on them, it is tall, even though it seems to be hunched over and running on all fours in a clumsy, gangly..yet very fast, gait. As it gets within striking distance the long claws and the end of each limb are apparent, the face long and muzzle like, looking like a cross between and bear and dog…and has way to many teeth…and if that wasn't enough it's head is crowned with a rack of very sharp, pointy antlers. Khai being the largest it reaches its way to long arm over Besa and Rain to swipe at the tree girl.

Koga's eyes widen as the overly large thing appears. He looks back to the others, even as he ducks to avoid swiping. "Hang on!" Koga says towards Besa, Rain, and… ow. Well, he didn't know the tree girl, but that had to possibly smart. Then Koga spins and brings one hand away from the barrier, letting it fade slightly before bringing his other hand behind him and moving it quickly in well practiced movements.

Perhaps it's something about the literal storm, or perhaps it is just that Koga is genuinely in awe and afraid of the overly large beast that has appeared to bear down on them. His hand circles around behind him before a rather large bolt of lightning is literally flung up towards the beast's presumably head as he returns to resuming the wind barrier spell as quickly as possible with both hands.

He turns to the others still in the wind for a moment, "If I am going to fight this thing, I need to drop the spell! Will you be okay if I do!?"

Bryce peeks his head up from around the edge of the wall as the wind starts to die down. That is in time to see the beast. The creature which clearly has far too many teeth for eating purposes. This is not a creature of nature. "No!" Bryce yells as it goes against the tree girl. She looked strong, but strong or not, tree or not, she was a girl. What if it decided to go after Fee next? He gets in front of Fee and extends his hands towards the beast. He was going to work on the wind in a physical manner, but seeing as that is no longer needed, he focuses his attention on the beast. "Fight the wind" he calls to Koga. "Let those without, well, magic fight." Meanwhile, the beam of energy emits from his head and forms his classic giant arcade claw with three fingers. Unlike normal, he has created this one with three sharp tips and sharpened edges which was the original version he worked on from the scissors he made with Loukanos' help. With this attack claw poised and ready, he sends it flying directly at the beast.

Khai has no anatomy anymore. No skin, bone, muscle, blood, or nerves. But when the antlered bear-wolf that makes her feel small comes out of the fog straight at her she feels the sensation of cold sweat that isn't there and the rush of blood that used to run ahead of her warrior's high back in training. She steps forward to meet its attack, making sure that it has to actually get past her now to attack Besa and Rain, not just reach down. She thinks she's ready to take it on.

But it has just too many directions to attack from. The shield blocks a claw swipe but the antlers get through to gouge lines down her 'face'. She doesn't scream. She tries to reposte with her spear but the claws that are too long by far knock it from her hand, leaving her temporarily weaponless. Weapon and shield and the movement of her immense body make the only sound that comes from her.

Nothing could prepare Fionnuala for what she sees next.. literally what. A gasp shrills in her lungs but that is cut short due to the chill in the snowy air. She overhears Koga speaking of having to lower the barrier.. here is where Fionnuala needs to subscribe to courage a little. She has to step past Bryce a little bit to bring herself into the open. She gives her peer an apologetic look, for she knows when someone is trying to help protect her. Then, stepping forth, Fee 'calls' to the wind as it attempts to gain traction around Koga's barrier. Should her fellow mystic have to lower his wind barrier, hopefully Fee will succeed in picking up the slack!

Her hands extend, palms open and wide, and if she gets that 'grip' she will begin trying to tap into her wind elemental affinity. If successful, she 'wills' the wind to sluice around the main radius of the battle, protecting her peers… but the downside? Fee must focus.. she cannot move, cannot defend herself.

This is a demon! Well, it reminds him a one. It's huge and terrifying and needs to not be attacking his friends! The ancient Egyptian growls, bone khophesh gripped tightly in his hand before he yells some kind of ancient Coptic war cry (For those of you that know the language, it's got something to do with the Beast's looking like a camel's butt.) He leaps forward, moving to attack the creature in what he hopes is a weak spot. It's belly! Good thing he's not any taller than he is! The Promethean lunges forward, but something isn't right and the sword doesn't make contact. Perhaps it's the snow, the teen is not used to fighting large creatures in such conditions.

Whatever is out there it is charging them…and at a pretty fast clip too. The disco light makes it seem to her like it was way over there and then suddenly it is on top of them and attacking. The creature looks familiar, sorta of, but she is to busy trying to get out of the way of claws and teeth to give it a name. With it swinging at Khai and her attacking back and Besa attacking its belly, Rain goes for its other extremeties, one truncheon impacting but the Creature doesn't seem to notice the other missing all together.

Jordan isn't close enough to be in the creature's line of attack, but when he sees that something -is- attacking, he shifts, his skin turning bark-like…not unlike the very tall tree-girl. He's at least still mobile even as he moves to try and protect some of the others as best as he can. He's not terribly skilled in offensive powers, but he crouches, one hand touching the frozen ground, preparing.

The blast from Koga sends the monsterous creature backpedaling a few steps as it roars in pain from the magical strike. Bryce's claw like construct comes down on it and it is forced to hunch down as it rails against claws, roaring again and trying to break free without much luck. There is an artic blast of wind sending snow flying in all directions but it quickly dies as Fiona takes over the wind control from Koga.

Finding the wind dieing down more than what his spell is doing, Koga looks around, then smiles. "Thanks, Fee!" He calls, then he looks up at the creature and it dawns on him. "I know what it is!"

"It is a Wendigo! We need silver or magic to harm it!" He calls towards the others as he moves to transform, bringing his hand upwards as he spins it overhead, barely stopping to make the gesture to make the circle. Rising from the circle is his the armored brave form of Koga as he brings his hands up quickly afterwards, carving words out of the air as quickly as possible before unleashing a literal wave of mystic lightning at the creature.

Right afterwards, Koga gives a metallic, echoing sounding roar at the now named Wendigo as his hands continue to glow with mystical energies. He doesn't need his spear for this yet, but even as he does, the sheer magnitude of the lightning seems to be more intense. "Away with you, Wendigo! Back to where you came!"

Bryce can feel the beast fighting against the claws, but Bryce is determined to do all he can to keep it contained and pierced if at all possible. As he starts to constrict the sharped claws around him, Bryce hears Koga's explanation of what it is and its weakness. Nothing. Bryce doesn't have silver. He doesn't have magic. All he has is psychic. Well, if the claw isn't going to hurt him external, it can at least keep it contained for others to attack it. But there is something else he can try. His eyes flick over to Fee to make sure she is fine as he then sees Besa and Rain attack. Perhaps he can attack internally and give them an edge. He lifts his other hand towards the beast and focuses his thoughts. A blast of pure psychic energy blazes forth from Bryce's mind directly into it in order to do a much neurological damage as possible to the creature. All of it, unseen, though anyone with psychic abilities would detect it.

Now there are several of them fighting the beast. The Wendigo as Koga identifies it. Which puts the fear back into Khai as she's heard of them before from her Dad. But not being the only one fighting gives her a chance to try something. Instead of just taking whatever the earth around her is offering, this time she commands it to give her what she wants then kneels down and plunges her empty weapon hand down into the ground. Reaching… reaching…

When she rises again her left arm is covered in silver up to the elbow. She drops the shield, brings her hands together and the silver flows to cover her fists with spikes extending over the knuckles. She gets right in the Wendigo's disgusting face and just starts hitting. She doesn't care where her blows land as long as they at least scrape the silver into the beast's hide. And every time she makes contact she's shouting at it with her mind. || YOU! WILL! NOT! HUNT! HERE!!! ||

Besa doesn't know what a Wendigo is, and he's not certain if his sword would be considered a magical weapon or not. He's been told it's a holy weapon, so he hopes that's good enough and he again lunges towards it's exposed belly, hoping to gut the beast before it can cause any more damage to his classmates.

Being trapped in the psychic claw that Bryce has captured the Wendigo in makes it hard for the creature to evade any of the attacks that are being thrown at it. The lighting blasts, the mental one and then being pounded on by Khai and Besa has it roaring in pain. The combination is more than it can handle and it slumps into the clawed cage.

It takes a moment or two to realize that the creature is dead, or at least incapicitated and as the students begin to realize that they won, there is a strong surge of cleansing magic felt by Besa and Koga, there is a swirl of warmer, refreshing wind and the fog dissapates as quickly as it appeared. After a moment the reclusive Petra, who teaches the mystical arts and its off shoot topics, rarely seen outside of those classes, floats down, her white cloak swirling around her and the hood up partly covering her face. She personifies the mysterious sorceress stereotype and she does it well. "Are we alright here?" she asks the gathered students before approaching the Wendigo. She stares at it a moment, and her hands move quickly, tracing runes in the air which glow bright and fly out toward the creature which wrap around it and immolates it out of existence. It's a bit smelly but it gets the job done. After that she will lead them all back to the school, questioning them all about what they went through.

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