(2019-02-11) Professor Folgers
Professor Folgers
Summary: There is a weird new physics teacher…is he good to the last drop?
Date: 2019-02-11
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Science Room

Despite the brick and concrete walls of this room, the rest is technologically sound. From the state of the art science tables to the drop screens over the windows. Even the projection system to show information is above and beyond any high school elsewhere. The inner most wall is lined with shelves holding needed materials and tools, half of which are locked and marked dangerous. Each table has access to a water supply and a burner. Stools instead of stairs surround the tables. Most seem set up for two students.

With news that they were having. New teacher for physics, the class room is buzzing with an excitement. Who is this new teacher, will they be fun? Entertaining? Harsh? It's always a toss up, but it's pretty standard anymore that the teacher here at Coral Springs are usually as special as the students.
Besa's been quite all day. He stayed out late last night, almost didn't make it in before curfew. A rub to his eyes before he sighs, meditating on all the troubles that have presented themselves to him is tiring. A glance over to the twins at the table next to him nd he offers a soft smile.
Even five weeks into the semester Rain is still wondering why she decided to take physics. It's not like she is ever going to use it in her future. Despite that she has her book open in front of her and is going over the homework assignment that they will be turning in today, just to triple check to make sure everything is correct.
The news of a new teacher has her slightly concerned, you never knew what you were going to get, and breaking in a new one is always a tedious chore. There is an almost inaudible sigh from the teen as she looks up from her work "We should get some caffiene after this Besa. You look like you are about to faceplant your desk."

Schuyler is also skeptical of any new teachers, Science or not. He was skeptical about the new Science lab and meant to ask Conner to take a look and see if there was anything 'odd' about all of the high-tech stuff that was installed. One good thing about a family member who is a technophile…they can tell if some place has been bugged pretty easily! Granted, he finished his Physics homework probably before the weekend even started, but it's still a class. Meh.

There's some random doodling on his notebook before he looks over at Rain and then Besa, «Big date night?>

Besa takes a deep breath, but will nod in agreement, "I think tea may be in order, yes." He does not want to plant his face. "No….Not a date." He's not had a date in some time, Dylan has been…distant. "I have been meditating on the roof using the stars as focus."

About this time the door to the class room opens. All eyes are up to see the new teacher, but there's no one there. Down all eyes go, to about 3 get from the ground where they land on a weird blob. It's (he's?) shuffling in, making wet, squishy sounds. It's eyes are bright and dilated, one blue, one green. A lopsided grin is given and a very fast intense and fast paced voice companies this….teacher, "Oh! Oh, ah! Look at all fo you! Wonderful! You're goin to learn so much! This is the cream!" He (it?) moves over to the front of the room, wiggling a little bit in excitement. "Sorry I'm late, there's so much here to take it!" A very strong scene of coffee clings to the new professor.

"Maybe during our break or lunch even you should grab a nap." Rain suggests "At least if the caffiene doesn't work." she turns the page in her book as the commotion at the door starts. Not being up front, but not all the way in the back, she has to stand up some to get a look at who is talking to them. She is as surprised as the rest of the class and glances between Sky and Besa with a surprised look

Schuyler doesn't hear the commotion, but he sees the students reacting and gets their thoughts regarding the new teacher's arrival. He stands some as well when Rain does to peer over at the new teacher and he blinks a couple of times. There's a frown, however, as catching his thoughts is proving to be difficult at best. He also gives a sigh and sits back down. «Great. Just great.»

Besa can't help it he makes a very confused and slightly freaked out face. Is that a weird new type of demon? What is it?!? Why is it so…friendly? He does pay attention though and sits up straighter.

Seems this teacher has a way of getting peoples attention, all students are looking at him. Well, between the glances at each other they are. If anyone as sleepy before, that seems to be…fading. "Alright, we're gonna get the Q&A does first, then onto leaning!" The creature hops up onto a chair and then sits on the table. All his limbs are lanky, but he does have a small pot belly happening (Yeah, he's naked, luckily there's no genitalia to be seen). Grinning widely at everyone, those mismatched eyes never blink, "My name is Professor Folgers. Now's your chance to ask. Hands up!" A head tilt and the weird liquidy flowing 'hair' on the top of his head flops as he quickly asks Sky, "Mister Masters, is my mouth too odd a shape for you to follow? Should I sign?"

Rain continues to stare at the professor, and she is surely not the only one. There is a look around as several hands tentatively go up. She isn't sure she wants to know the answer to those questions or the various ones that are going through her own mind. When Folgers calls on her brother and asks him pointedly about his communication preferences she looks to him.

Schuyler gives a little blink of surprise as the new teacher calls on him specifically. He stands back up slowly as he thinks about what he's going to say. He'll offer both in sign and mentally, «I'm not sure that I'd be able to see your signing unless I moved to the front row. Lip-reading with teachers is always hard,» because they often turn away and some words may be difficult to interpret. «I might be able to get information from the other students,» if they're understanding the work.

The professor's feet swing freely as he fields questions. What is he? Where did he come from? All the typical questions he seems happy to answer. "I was born when a research left a mug of coffee to close to an experiment." He shrugs, still grinning, "It's not my field of expertise, but I'm glad it happened!" And then, "Yes, I identify as male. Yes, I'm alive. No, I'm not from Columbia. Yes, I have a special citizen ship." There's a nod, and one of his dreads drips a brown liquid onto the table. "Well then, everyone up! Let's all change seats, shall we!" He stands on the table, hands waving around to get people motivated. It seems to work, people are gathering their things and standing to move to different tables.

Besa seems almost in shock, he keeps looking over at the twins. But he too stands, picking up his pile of stuff. A deep breath and he's feeling more energized at least.

A perplexed look comes to Rain's face as the professor suddenly has them playing musical chairs. Now she raises her hand as she remains seated and keeps her belongings spread out on her part of the table "Why exactly are we moving tables sir?" she asks. Seems she is just fine where she is.

Folgers grins, fingers flying in ASL as he speaks, "It's always good to shake things up. Get the blood flowing. Change things up! Sit by someone you don't normally sit by! Someone not or your team! Go on, physics makes friends." Oh boy, he's an enthusiastic teacher. The scent of coffee grows stronger.

Besa smiles over at the twins, "It is not a terrible ting, yes?" He'll move closer to the front, still near where he thinks the twins will end up though. He's not completely anxiety free, and he doesn't bring Cocoa to the classes where she could get hurt.

If Rain wanted to sit by someone else she would of done so without all the prodding my teachers. "I like where I am sitting." said more to herself than anything. And she has to sit next Sky in case he needs interpretation. True or not that's her story and she is sticking to it. "How about you sit there Besa." she points to the table in front of the one she hasn't gotten up from.

Schuyler gathered his things but pauses at Rain's comment about liking where she's sitting. There's a moment where he seems to consider something but then offers, «You can stay if you want. If I missed something, I'll still get it from you.» Mentally, at least.

Folgers happily watched th chaos , nodding to himself and dripping steadily. Whatever is falling from his /hair/ seems to absorb back into his body.
Besa gives a confused look to Rain but he'll move where she tells him too. Cause that's what he does.

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