(2019-02-11) Just Dropping In!
Just Dropping In!
Summary: Koga needs some advice, Fionnuala conveniently faceplants her way onto the scene to lend aide.
Date: 2019-02-11
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Gym, Coral Springs
Mon Feb 11, 2019

This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Climbing ropes hang from scaffolding near the ceiling, ready to be climbed, though they can be tied off to keep them out of the way. Exercise equipment and weights are off to the far end. The floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side of polished wood bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome overhead. The dome itself is spectacular, made apparently of sickle shaped carved marble and brass leaves, it can nevertheless iris open to let the bracing sea air and sunlight in, as needed.

It is a winter night. The weather is cool and overcast.


Koga, after classes, and looking lately a combination of nervousness and flat out irritation (which isn't normal for him) is currently hanging out in the gym. Almost no one is around, and he is just well… laying on the mats under the climbing ropes at the moment. Looking up at the ceiling of all things.

All and all, it's a bit of odd behavior for the normally semi-upbeat if quiet mystic and he has a lot on his mind it seems. He's even checking his cellphone at the moment, as if trying to figure out something and not paying much attention to the world at all. In contrast to the weather outside, he is in a pair of sweat pants and a tank top with tennis shoes on as if he was planning to work out but ended up distracted.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Body: Failure.

Poor Koga, all introspective. In the span of seconds when he checks his phone, it's at that precise moment that Fee Reid — surprising silent on one side of the gym doing stretches — decides to do 'something'. Like math, she's kind of the shits in gym class so lest she flunk, she needs to collect some manual hours. That means: doing something of her own volition, after classes, for an hour or so at a time. So her fellow Mystic languishes, uncertain in some sort of inner battle… and Fionnuala fights a battle of her own.

The ropes wiggle—-

Suddenly a body FLUMPS down onto the mat about a foot away from Koga.. that's a whole lot of Fee in sweat pants and a camisole and she's winged; it slowed her fall some. But she missed a rope and DOWN she went. Fee lies belly up.. "I'm ok."

Poor Koga.

Koga blinks a few times. Then he looks upwards at where the Fee landed. He blinks a few times more. The expression is almost comical on Koga's face. And he is just staring at her for a second before trying to hide his phone. Kids these days always forget the off button!

Then he nervously smiles, and says, "Nice of you to drop in?"

Oh, poor Koga. He really should have watched what was going on, but he seemed to be looking for something and well… seeing a Fee having just splatted on the mat can't be that good! He says to her, "You sure? I can help you to the nurse's office."

"I meant to drop in. You looked so lonely down here." Lies Fee, but she's good at covering her tracks when she messes up. In seconds she pushes herself up to sit, wings twitching and quivering. A few fluffy black feathers skitter across the mat, flung forth from the force of her graceful landing. She looks herself over and checks off a mental checklist.. out loud: "All limbs pointing the right way? Check." She gawks hard at Koga, "Seeing only one of you? Check. It's February 11th today, winter… my name is Fionnuala." Nod, nod. "All good! No brain damage!"

Oh Fee. Her amused smile softens into something kind, "Really I'm ok. I'm just a clumsy oaf and I wish they would just pass me with pity marks. But here I am."

Keen eyes noticed something during her fall to doom, "Whatcha up to? Did I interrupt something?"

"Um… uh…" Koga then gets a small sound, something like one of those Final Fantasy games from his phone. He looks at it quickly, checking something. Those keen eyes might even catch a look at it. Delivery notice from Amazon of all things! And it's definitely not for him considering it's some sort of plush dragon thing from the pictures.

Then he seems to remember that his phone is in view, and Fee is right there. And… well, his face turns crimson. "… worrying about a package?" He finally admits. Seriously, Koga looks like a tomato at the moment.

"For… um… Valentine's Day…" Yep. Koga can't get any redder. And he looks like he just wishes he could be elsewhere.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Enhanced Sight: Good Success.

The girl with the riotous black hair — and it's really asunder following her flop and Fee gives zero effs — does not intend to be nosey. When Koga glimpses his phone she sees a familiar logo… Amazon? Did she just see a-

Before she can even ask Koga answers for her. The blush causes the girl to grin widely.. not in a cruel, derogatory way but just… it's Fee.

But she listens, doesn't barrel forth with too many questions. Instead she sets herself to rights, smoothes her feathers, rests her palms onto the mat and eases back some. Purely relaxed position. "Really! Oh, I love Valentine's day! But.. oh, hey!" She leans forth, pats Koga's elbow. "It's ok! Who is the lucky person getting this cute little stuffie!?"

Koga mutters some Japanese words that /probably/ aren't kind. And he is still that cherry red. And looking very much like he wants to explain, before finally sighing.

"… Erica Warrens." Oh, now Koga is in for it. He just knows it. "… and please do not tell her? It should be here in time for me to figure out how to get it into her room. Even if I have to use a bit of magic."

The blushing young teen grumbles, "I swear I miss the Japanese version… it gave plenty of time to find out who likes what chocolate and do it that way…"

"Erica..?" Fee blinks, tilts her head. Drops her voice. "Erica.. Erica.. Sophomore, right? Hm.. I think I've shared a couple of classes with her.. but I'm afraid I don't know her well." Admitted easily, "She's a.. shifter, right?" She's looking for clarification, but purely in her innocuous way.

Koga's blush doesn't ease at all and Fee lifts her fingers to gnaw on a thumbnail contemplatively, her pretty golden eyes glittering. "Were you wanting to ask her out, Koga? You guys a thing?" She smiles sweetly.. forward much?

Fee puffs up, ready to offer a suggestion.. you can just see it.. but a question digresses her some, "Japanese version..? Of V-Day? Ya'll have your own holiday? What's that all about?"

"Yes… she, um… well… we went on a date around Christmas…" Koga admits. "We both liked it, so decided to keep at it and see what happens." His face is still that crimson color.

Then he seems to consider, "Oh, the Japanese version? Umm… well, the ladies give chocolate to the men… then a month later we do the same back."

He looks considerate, then shrugs, "A bit easier… I… have never been this nervous about anything. I want to take her out to dinner, but I want it to be perfect…"

The dark-haired girl listens, wings fluttering gently as if in conjunction with her thoughts. Her lips twitch and pull into an earnest smile at the talk of dates, "Good for you, Koga! And good for her too! You're a good catch!" She exclaims, "And I bet she is too, even if I don't know her very well. She'd have to be to catch your eye." Remarked next without even a shred of guile.. Fee doesn't fabricate compliments, she means them. Even about people she doesn't know!

"Well that's pretty cool.. what an ice breaker. Sometimes fellows get a bit nervous and don't end up asking the girl out.. then everyone misses out. Not to generalize.. I mean.. I really liked Ollie for awhile til' he asked me out but if I could have given chocolates first, that would have saved a whole bunch of worry.. so… hey, that's great. We should bring that over here." Fee chimes, her smile as bright as her eyes.. then she becomes ponderous.

"Don't expect perfection, Koga. You'll put too much pressure on yourself and if ya'll end up getting steak instead of chicken it'll be needlessly hard. Just go have fun! Where are you going for dinner?"

Koga smiles, "Well… we did have a push to go out… I… umm…" Then the mention of an ice breaker has Koga laughing a bit. "… funny you should mention ice. We went ice skating for our first… well, date."

He gives a grin, "I want to make her happy… and if you wanted to, do we not have social studies or something? It would be an interesting practice on it. Alongside Valentine's Day… um."

He blinks at the expecting perfection comment. He looks considerate, then nods. "I… do not know yet. It seems like everywhere is booked. If it was not so wintery, I would try a picnic, but well…"

"How sweet! I kinda went on one of my earliest sorta-dates with Ollie to the roller rink.. not quite as fun as ice but still a hoot." Fee recalls with a fond look. Koga's proclamation to make his intended 'happy' causes the slight girl to positively glow.

"Well, here's an idea… it's going to be nuts in town and it's a real bother to get into Thunder Bay. The big city takes away the romance. Why not have a picnic on one of the upper decks of the school here? Y'know the topmost floor of the team dorms.. maybe ask Miss Annalee if you can have free run of part of the kitchen, or for her help in making something special. Then have a picnic here! It's covered! And people will surely be respectful of your space."

A shy look, "I know the school isn't ideal but there are some really romantic places here.. even in winter. There's also Lighthouse Landing.. not many people go out there. The view is really, really pretty."

Koga looks considerate of that one. "It would be easier… and I swear we need to weather proof the top of the dorms. Miss Annalee would probably be happy to help out. I will have to try. The upper areas are definitely a lot more quiet, and less hectic than the whole big city."

Koga smiles, "We did have a nice few moments on top of the Ares and Athena dorm. Hot chocolate and watching the snow fall." He admits, looking for a moment lost to the world.

Then he blinks before looking at her. "Wait, who is Ollie? I do not think I met him before." He makes a bit of a face, "Bad enough I think Besa and Rain are seeing each other or something… what next? Madison has a boyfriend and I did not notice it?"

The winged girl doesn't seem too intent on interrupting the smitten boy from his reflection. Fee will simply sit companionably alongside Koga, allowing him to reminisce, small delicate fingers preening the black feathers of a wing as the appendages are still out-of-sorts from her awesome reflexes. "Think about it anyway." She supplies once Koga returns to Earth, smile big and bright. "It sounds like you're both into the little, simple, magical things and that's the very very best, ever." Said frankly as if Fee is an authority on love. Or even like.

Her expression warms even moreso, "I started dating Ollie not long after the original school was destroyed. He really is just wonderful.. he's alumni now, he graduated last year. He's just the sweetest, most considerate guy." Said with ease. Fee doesn't pull any punches when it comes to singing honest praises.

"You would like him.. if you're ever at Mug Shot, he works there part-time." A beat, Fionnuala giggles gently. "Naw… Rain and Besa love one another like brother and sister. I'm sure of it." She is, too… unless she's been tricked! Fee has never really picked up on romantic connotations. Then Madison… Fee tilts her dark-haired head as she pushes to stand. "Madison? Oh right.. super shy girl with the braids? I've been trying to get through to her some but sometimes my happiness scares the shy ones." Fee muses affectionately.

Koga smiles, "Oh, tell me about it. She was always shy back in Japan. I had her opening up some, but well… then she moved again." He shakes his head, "Her powers probably do not help that much, I guess? Not my place to tell that one. Um…"

He rubs the back of his head, "Wow. I should try to get to Miss Annalee pretty quickly and see if she is willing to help, huh?" He makes a bit of a face, "The only things I really know how to do are make noodles, okonomiyaki, rice, and a few others… unless Erica likes the okonomiyaki, I do not think I could cook that well…"

Koga gives a small grin, "So do you need help far as the workout or rather… falling gracefully?"

"You'd better flag her down this evening. She's probably planning tonight's supper and/or all of tomorrow's! She's gonna be busy so you'll wanna get her attention." Knowing Miss Annalee's kind heart and motherly way, surely Koga would be helped out. Fionnuala stands and stretches in earnest, the motion allowing her wings to both expand in a black pair of arcs and any feathers that haven't been smoothed down… this finishes the job. She only glitters mildly with solar energy.

"I'm alright, Koga.. I think I'm done here. That was the universe telling me to stop for now. Maybe I'll go do some aqua fit in the pool over there.." She squints playfully at him. "Now I don't need no help getting in there." Ah, remember when Koga hurled Rain and Fee into the drink? She didn't forget.. but she takes it all in good humor. "Go find Miss Anna.. maybe she'll even make some cupcakes!"

Koga smiles, "I better go do that. I might have to volunteer some time in the cafeteria for the help, knowing her. At least I can earn it there." He grins a bit, before rising to his feet. He stretches as well, wincing a bit. "Owowow… my leg fell asleep…" He moves around walking it off, pouting a bit. "I guess I am not used to sitting like I am meditating a lot any more…"

Then the pool is mentioned and he actually pouts a bit. "Oh, come on… Iain dared me to do it. I had no idea you two had problems with water." He says.

The girl holds a hand out to help steady Koga if he needs it, eyes glittering with mirth and sun. "Oh, trust me.. I'm not mad! Honestly it wasn't a life and death phobic thing.. Rain is very protective of me," Said fondly. "I just had a bad experience with pool chemicals as a kid… turns out our pool here is salt water and wouldn't you know, I love it. But back when I was little my skin reacted badly and I was a red, scratching, oozing horror for like three days. I assumed there was something in that pool," She indicates the direction of the in-house school pool. "But.. nope.. it's really pleasant. Rain, though… she's not big on deep water where you can't see your feet."

A kind pat to her friend's shoulder. "No hard feelings.. but I'm gonna go make an honest maiden of myself and have a swim. No more aerial acrobatics. I'll see you in awhile, Koga… and hey.." A mischievous look. "If you need someone to sneakily deliver that cute little dragon plushy you're looking at on Amazon.. I can do it."

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