(2019-02-09) Time Echoes
Time Echoes
Summary: Days after Malachite's fall, the Unit and fey sisters visit the site of the battle to search for clues in regards to where Daxton could have gone.
Date: 2019-02-09
Related: Few days after this log.
NPCs: Unit 23 members, Oridove
Scene Runner: NA

TP Room 1
Sat Feb 09, 2019

Cedar Beach / campground, site of this log.

It is a winter night. The weather is cool and overcast.


It was perhaps the longest few days of Callisto's life to date, the span of days between the destruction of her mother and 'now'. What a terrible juxtaposition of emotions: relief, elation, clarity… all stemming from the end of the evil faerie matriarch. But then the distinct tarnish to that coin: Daxton's absence. Callisto's turnaround from relief to worry was swift. She pledged to the remaining Unit members her involvement — as much as it took — in helping to find the male speedster.

So fast-forward through about three days after the showdown and once again, a Unit presence is being brought onto a rather harried patch of land on Cedar Island. There is the splintered foundation of the ramshackle cabin that Malachite had blown asunder; there are still footprints in the earth from brief battle. Rain and wind dispatched the iron dust so Callisto needn't worry about ill effects.

Or her sister. Oridove, recovered now and having taken her leave of Winbarry, is along with the group. Glamour down, she moves toward the foundation of the former cabin, her white hair swaying of it's own volition behind her body. She is a picture of her dispatched mother… almost.

Callisto, clad in her Metis team uniform, pads ahead and indicates the precise spot where her mother whispered to Daxton. She looks remarkably clear-headed, despite her fierce worry. "T'was here." Said gently as a chill late-winter wind slithers amidst those assembled. Cerulean eyes will turn to observe Pulse, first-and-foremost. The female speedster's acute worry over Daxton wasn't lost on Callisto.

Inferno is not looking well. The Leader is blaming himself, although even he knows it's not his fault. The Fey should have never had the trigger word! Hell, even Inferno only knows some! He's struggling along, not letting anyone help him. But the heat radiating off of him is concerning, as is the bouts of steam.

Pulse isn't upset. She's pissed. She knows who to blame, all the damned faeries! Callisto included! She's ahead of everyone else, immediately going to where the student points to. "Everyone shut up so I can concentrate!"

Afterthought walks between the two Unit members, glances back and forth. They look lost, thin fingers intertwined and writing with worry. A low voice, like melted butter whispers, "Be careful, Pulse…Please." Finally those black eyes turn onto the two sisters. Like AT is waiting for something.

Oh, Callisto knows well the direction of Pulse's anger. As if she hadn't done the same to herself, in the times in between! But it is with this new clarity of thought.. it's hard to explain… she is able to skirt that train of thought. Pull a level and send it chuffing off, elsewhere. At least Callisto knows that to further mope is to cause further harm. Regarding the dispatch of the evil fey, her part in that debacle is done. She stands there, braid swaying in the cool air, ready to be directed or railed at or come what may. It's time for her to help them, though as Pulse barks out her demand the mentalist's gaze slides over to Inferno next. Then AfterThought. She felt their gaze and she returns it calmly.. though with a furrow to her brow. «We'll fix this. I promise. I shall do everything I can.» She emotes mentally to the shadowbender, while maintaining absolute silence so Pulse can do as she must.

Oridove stands in that bit of wreckage and peers over a bare, alabaster shoulder. Black eyes lift to the sky as she inhales deep. She looks pensive.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Time Echos +1: Good Success. (+roll for Pulse)

Pulse does tot eh spot closest to where she believes everything went down. Going down on one knee, she steadies a hand against the cold ground. And then goes quiet. And still. Too still for a speedster. Callisto's seen this before, and Daxton never liked it. Never wanted to talk about what h saw, what he experienced. The flow of time shifts for Pulse, slows and then starts to flow backwards. All the way to that fateful moment that that bitched whispered seething dreadful to her Tempo. And it was dreadful. A command to return to base, but not home. To return to the people that created Unit 23. To return to the fold. All this rushes at poor Wendy, who herself is frozen. It's unnatural to see a speedster like this.

During her stay at the estate, Oridove observed whatever measure of the Unit members' comings and goings she was privy to. She was able to see how not one, but two speedsters existed in one household. Just the day-to-day bit. So then Daxton disappeared and all that was left was Pulse and for that time, Oridove (just before she left) got to see what an anxious, frustrated speedster was comprised of! So yeah. The stillness of the woman catches even Oridove's attention as she, the oldest (by far) of the two sisters, mentally 'cases out' where her mother once resided. To make sure she is truly gone. She is.

Callisto makes to take a step forward, but pauses… she knows that Pulse does not dig her. To go to close or to touch her lightly would likely not end well. The question is writ profoundly across her elegant features. Soon followed by a touch of fear.

After only about 10 sounds for everyone but Pulse, the speedster gasps and falls forward. Luckily her powers are on hyper drive and she catches herself, "Shit." Blinking, she looks up, past Callisto to Inferno and repeats, "Shit." She starts shaking , the ground around her picking up the vibrations, "They have him. Fuck… How …" Her brown eyes turn accusingly towards the two fey, "How the fuck did she have the codes? How did she know what to say to trigger his programing to return to base?"

Inferno sighs, he feared this. He pulls out a phone, that looks like it may not make it through the night, it's looking….soft…melty.. and starts dialing someone. He's got contacts to dig up.

Afterthought though. Poor, poor Afterthought. Tears form in the corner of those black eyes and the thinnest member of Unit 23 falls to their knees. Dark shadow tentacles form and wrap around them, protectively.

The elder fey watches the reactions all across the board, the only thing undermining her unnatural stillness being a slight furrowing of her brow. Black eyes are rivetted upon Pulse, and she seems to glide forth… her mouth opens to address the question, "She—"

"No." Callisto interjects.. has the gall to cut across her sister. An older fey. Pulse's scathing look reaches the both and Oridove simply gazes back at her, before remaining — surprisingly — silent to let the younger one explain. Callisto, once sure of her ability to answer (technically it was Oridove's right to slap her for speaking out of turn.)

Callisto watches Pulse before answering, "She was in his head." Said calmly, though those who are astute may yet detect that tremulous undertone of grief and fear. Her light. "She had the power to delve deep into his subconscious. In this.. hounding of him, she found that code." So that's what it was. Callisto's eyes glitter with tears. "What can.. what do we do from here? Tell me what to do to help with this. Anything. Can anything be done?" Callisto pushes onwards, nostrils flaring with a deep, desperate breath. Oridove's sleek head turns toward AfterThought as they drop, and she takes some near-weightless steps toward the androgynous Unit member. Out of all of them, even her sister, the elder fey worries the most for the softhearted mentalist. AfterThought's baking has secured Oridove's allegiance.

The vibrations don't let up, Pulse just stared daggers (SCATHING) at the two. It's Inferno, stopping between dead ends, who answers, "We regroup at the Estate, then we start scouting known bases. We do that till we find the one he's at, rescues him, then we beat the programing out of him." Uh….what? Well, it's not like that have the ability to override the override.

To Callisto's credit, she does not look away. No, she's not watching Pulse in challenge.. it's just a softer, more profound look. She knows.. she SUSPECTS a great many things. She'd be damned stupid not to have noticed. "He will be found.. and saved." Callisto offers, but pauses. Wait what? Wind up there hot shot.. beaten…?!

The willowy girl turns to look upon Inferno, her eyes wide and troubled. Well, what did she expect? At least she's not so naive as to assume Daxton will be recovered by way of sunshine, rainbows and all that other garbage. "Let me help you." She implores to the Unit leader. "Allow me to help clean up the mess that I.. my kin.. have created." Hey, at least she owns it.

Oridove goes on staring right back at Pulse. "Save your valuable energy. It will do you no good expending it into the universe." Well, that's what she sees the vibrating as. Her tone is calm and level.

Pulse's lip curls into a snarl that's a pretty good match for any underlie look. She's Hispanic after all, she knows evil looks! Instead of heeding Oridove's advice, she's suddenly not there. She does what speedsters do when too upset for anything else. She runs.

Afterthought is still wrapped in shadow arms, but stands. The shadow is almost like an armor, the Unit 23 member's stance is defiant, "We must begin tonight. The long he is there, the…" AT doesn't have to finish, they all know the longer he's here, the less likely they'll get him back.

Inferno just levels a red glowing gaze at the student. "Yes. I will do whatever it takes to save him. Even if that means killing him. It's better than leaving him under their control." A few steps are taken closer to the fey, maybe to make his point. He is a living volcano currently, the phone is melting and he's starting to drip magma. His voice is more gravelly, but still in command, "You will help." Ok, maybe Pulse isn't the only one blaming Calli. "Both of you." That's an order, Fey sisters!

A physical flinch at the 'k' word. Kill? Oh no no no. Callisto feels her guts wrench and her lips press together rightly, tears streaking down past her nose. Despite she does not shy away from Inferno's intense heat and how nonetheless intimidating he looks, even if he's been unwell. She bows her head with a grace, even in her own turmoil, that doesn't desert her. "Of course." Spoken softly, "Of course." No need to order her. "Whatever it takes." Spoken again, almost like a mantra. What, exactly, is 'whatever' in Callisto's mind? Sacrifice? Of her new livelihood? What?

Oridove does not have the capacity to look as heartbroken and resolute as her younger half-sister. Instead her black eyes burn like coals in her angular face, and she — an approximately 350-400 year old dark faerie — bows her head also in deference to Inferno.

There's a moment when Inferno waits, making sure the Fey agree before he nods, "Let's go home and start planning then." There's a lot of planning to do. A lot of bases to tick out. It could take them months after then shake down and get the location on any new bases. Precious months they may not have.

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