(2019-02-09) Fire and Ice(Water)
Fire and Ice(Water)
Summary: Well, it was supposed to be a relaxing bonfire on a cold, cold beach kind of thing. Then the monster showed up.
Date: 2019.02.09
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Scene Runner: sydney


The trees given way to tall beach grasses, which give way to white sand and then crashing waves as the surf rolls onto the beach. Small birds can be found darting through the foamy waves as they search out food. Above larger seabirds fly and dive into the waves for similiar purpose. In the really early morning otters and seals can be found playing in the waves or sunning themselves on the sandy shore.


So… it's winter. The steel girl is always cold, frequently rustier than she'd like, schoolwork is bone crushing, she's barely had time to share words with her boyfriend… this would be a good time to light up a bowl. Whiiich the steel girl doesn't do anymore, she reminds herself. She wanders out to the beach, gathering some of the clutter of driftwood that's washed up until she's got a good sized pile. Let's see. Surrounded by wet sand, nothing else combustible for twenty yards… she reaches into her pocket and withdraws a bottle of Zippo fuel, sprays the smaller kindling with it, and flicks open the Zippo she got from who knows where to light the fire. Woof. It's not a healthy fire yet. The wood's too wet, and city kid Sydney doesn't know the first thing about laying a fire, so what happens when the Zippo fluid goes out is anyone's guess.

How about calling a mystic for one? Koga had been wandering the island a bit. While he was happy with his girlfriend, he had a bit too much on his mind lately to pay proper attention to her. And that just frustrated him to all ends. Even with the idea that he has Valentine's Day hopefully somewhat down… well… the guy's still nervous about that alone.

Add in danger to a fellow student beyond the normal, evil loli-girl wearing entities, a recent visit to Egypt of all places, and the usual work load? Koga was probably just about frustrated and he had made his way out to the beach so he could, hopefully, get some alone time to perhaps practice his tai chi or do something to get things off his mind.

Of course, his wandering in his otherwise winter trenchcoat was what brought him in view of a Sydney starting a fire. And that has the young man curious as he makes his way over, "Sydney? Interesting way to start a fire. Lighter fluid?"

Sydney looks over at Koga, still holding the bottle of lighter fluid next to the fire while she fumbles the lighter back into her pocket. Much, much too close to the fire. "Oh hey Koga," she says, and then the burning fluid she sprayed on the driftwood reaches the bottle in her hand, melts through relatively quickly, and woof. Syd's whole left side goes up in flames. "Gahh! What the fuck?

Fire will always attract a fire god. And Sydney will always attract a Sierra…not it that way. The Latina senior trudging across the grass towards the glow of flames before a little hesitancy at the appearance of sand. Why does it always have to be sand? "Syd!" she calls out, a little wave before she is floating over the evil grains and heading for the bonfire. Cold doesn't really bother someone who can turn into flame so she is dressed in jeans and t-shirt - a blue hue in honor of her house. "Hey, Koga" she upnods before realising that Sydney is…on fire. "You okay, Syd?"

<FS3> Koga rolls Mystic Spells: Success.

Koga just blinks a few times, then turns away whenever Sydney goes up in well… flames. "Hello, Sierra. Um…" He glances at the small fire. "… is that wet driftwood?" He asks the metal burning girl, who he is trying to not look at. Not that he knows a thing about powers being uncomfortable in some cases. "I… hm. You know, I do not think that will last long."

His own outfit is jeans, a red shirt, and a winter trenchcoat. But at least he's keeping his coat away from the fire. Yep. He seems to consider, then pulls out what looks like a small strip of paper before checking it and making a few quick motions with his hands. "Well, with this many, we might as well make it a regular bonfire, right?" A small series of blue lines wraps around the strip of paper in his hand.

Then he grins, and says, "Fire in the hole." Said strip of paper is tossed at the small driftwood fire.

Erica makes her way down to the beach. She is in tank top and jeans, though hard to tell for sure as she does have a winter jacket on. She spies a few familiar faces and one on fire…"Um hi." she says and gives a little bit of a wave. She does seem to be heading mostly towards Koga.

Sydney is, well, on fire. The flames quickly spread over her not-quite-flame-retardant Ali-Express coat. "Oh maaannn" She certainly doesn't thrash around like someone in agony as their flesh is burned. She IS a little distracted to notice Erica at the moment, though.

Sydney looks more annoyed than in pain but, since she is a good friend, Sierra will do a little of her mumbo-jumbo. Muttering some ancient Aztec under her breath, she holds up a hand towards Sydney fingers outstretched, then pulls them together into a fist. At the same time the flames flow from the metal girl's body, forming a fireball around Sierra's hand. "That better?" she deadpans, the fire still swirling around her hand.

Koga turns at the sound of Erica… and about that time the little bundle of rolled up paper surrounded by glowing lines of mystic energy happens to hit the fire. A small whoosh comes out as the fire ignites better than it should with driftwood. And gets a good bit larger as well. Koga takes a step back, raising a hand just in case. He's not fire proof like the other two, after all… or well, able to control it in one case. Then he looks over as he hears Erica, waving at her, "Hi, Erica!"

Looking back at the now bigger fire, Koga scratches his head, "… maybe I put a little too much into that? It was only supposed to dry out the drift wood?" He looks slightly puzzled, then shrugs. Looking at Sydney finally, he asks, "Are you okay, Sydney?"

Erica smiles as she reaches Koga and leans up to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Hi." she says with a happy expression on her face. She nods to Sydney, "Yea, what he said, you okay?" she asks and then glances to the fire in Sierra's hand.

Sydney peels off the molten nylon and batting of her coat - the denim of her jeans being sterner stuff entirely and harder to burn. Her t-shirt is pretty singed, though. "Uhh… I think I'm out of lighter fluid…" she says weakly. She looks at the fire, then at Koga, and then at Sierra. "Thanks, hotstuff." Her voice is a tiny bit quavery. "I always figured I was fireproof, but… you know. Never actually tried it. She nods to Erica as well. "I'm ok." She looks back at the fire. "I guess I'm warm, for what that's worth…"

Apparently there's a bonfire. And apparently that was enough to make Cora curious enough to leave the dorms! She comes walking along the path towards the beach with an eerie, flickering blue flame lighting her way as it dances around in front of her. She's got a heavy winter coat, hat, and gloves on to help shield against the elements.

In all the world, in all of history, there have been many, many gods, some whose names have long been forgotten. But something in the combination: fire on the beach after a blood moon, burning human sacrifice (It's not a particularly bright god) magic, and the action of another god(ess) have combined. It awakens. For those whose eyes are not dazzled by the fire, a patch of ocean begins to glow as it laps in waves toward the shore.

<FS3> Sierra rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Koga rolls Mystic Senses - 1: Success.
<FS3> Cora rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Erica rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Sydney rolls Alertness: Failure.

"No one touch Sydney for a while. She may need to cool down a little" Sierra smirks before a quirk of a brow at Erica kissing Koga. When did that happen? Sheesh, the things you miss when you hide in your room. And the girlfriend's room. "No probs, Syd" she winks at the metal girl before juggling the fireball as if it was a rubber ball. "What am I supposed to do with this? Anyone want drying out? She looks at Cora and narrows her eyes a little. "Do I know you?"

God radar activate! Her guest wants Sierra to look out at the ocean. And when she does… "What's that?" Her none fiery hand pointing at the glow in the ocean. "Do we have any ocean students now?"

Koga smiles as Erica kisses his cheek, then blinks a few times before he turns to look at the ocean. "Um… I do not know of any? The last I knew of was Ronan, but I think he was in the dorm room I share with him?"

His eyes even briefly glow before fading, "It looks like some sort of magic, maybe? Could be the fire, though." He looks at Erica, smiling before he looks at whatever it is in the ocean. "I hope it is not a zombie again."
She can walk on it but is aware of the danger."

Erica blinks a little and cocks her head to the side, "What is it?" she asks as she looks out at the sea. She cocks her head to the side and looks at Koga and then back out.
Cora gets a rather suddenly shy look when Erica speaks to her, the unfamiliar girl completely shocking her too. She ends up crossing her arms rather tightly and saying in a soft voice, "No." A pause, her voice high pitched, and quite weak sounding. "I'm Cora." She adds. But any further introductions of conversation is cut off by looking over towards this strange thing in the ocean.

Sydney is… oblivious to the ocean. "Oh hey Cora. Welcome to the party." Then Sierra points it out, and pretty much everyone else does as well. Syd turns toward the water. "I don't see anything…"

The sound of the waves stills a moment, then one comes ashore. Far ashore, dousing the fire and our heroes in icy, glowing, slimy water. It doesn't quite recede either, A bulge of it rising up over the crest of the wave as it goes right on churning from ocean to beach. It gathers itself up, and lays hold of Sydney's ankle with a watery, glowing, very strong tentacle. Mutterings in some long dead, ancient language pour forth. If it's trying to spell cast, it's failing miserably because nothing (beyond, yanno, glowing water, waves not obeying physics, and like that) happens. A mass that could be a head rises over the curl of the wave.

<FS3> Sydney rolls Physical Vs 7: Failure.

"Seriously, Sydney? Did your eyes boil away from the fire?" Sierra is her usual deadpan self as she moves closer to Sydney to point out the glow once more. "There. See it? Something in the water, coming this way." Then the metal girl can't miss it as they are drenched in cold water, extinguishing Sierra's fireball and making her look like a drowned, and angry, cat. Steam rising from her as her body heats up. Her own fires will not be so easy to put out. "Syd!" she yells in alarm as the water grabs the other girl's ankle.

Koga ends up well… slimed. What the? That has him blinking a few times as he looks to check on Erica, then back at the thing that already has Sydney? And it put out the nice fire! Koga raises a hand upwards as his fingers move to an almost rocking out before swinging around over his head. Just as quickly the mystic circle of light drops over him as Koga changes to his armored form and starts towards the thing. He starts to move his hands, then pauses as he notes Sydney being in the way of anything he could throw.

The armored form of Koga calls to the others in it's metallic echoing voice, "I can not fry it while it has Sydney! We need to get her free!" He brings his hands up instead, trying to form a barrier to try to trap it.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Koga=Mystic Vs Monster=Physical
< Koga: Good Success Monster: Great Success
< Net Result: Monster wins - Solid Victory

Cora continues to look between the new person, and then the others. Then it is back over towards that strange thing in the water. "I don't know many peoples' powers well yet." She bites her inner lip and adds, "So if this is a joke, it's not too funny." Her voice still quite high pitched and shy sounding. But moments later, she's realizing this isn't such. And one of the little blue flames splits off from her own and flies out over the thing out there.

Koga's magic flashes over the monster's watery body a moment, and for just a moment, it contracts, sinking into the sand. It rebounds immediately, rather sandy for its journey, and the gelatinous, sandy tentacle streaks toward Sydney again. And yet… for a moment, as Cora's little flame moves toward its head, it draws back, as though by reflex.

<FS3> Sydney rolls Physical Vs 7: Good Success.

Sydney kicks at the tentacle as it reaches for her, catching it solidly. It spatters onto the sand and she scrambles for higher ground. "Great… just great… tentacle monster, and I'm on a shore full of schoolgirls…"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sierra=Energy Vs Monster=Physical
< Sierra: Good Success Monster: Good Success
< Net Result: Monster wins - Marginal Victory
OOC note: One of the monster's vulnerabilities is heat, however. It takes full damage.

Tentacles would normally be fun for Sierra…but not when they're made of sand!! The Latina rising into the air a little higher as heat builds and builds inside her. Strange words muttered, arising from the god inside her, and then flames erupt from her outstretched hands to hit the monstrous wave above Sydney. "Leave my friend alone!!" The supernatural flame making the gooey liquid boil and steam.

With his barrier not working it seems, Koga decides to try it the old fashioned way, at least until he sees that Sydney is no longer held by it. Then he brings his hands up and swings them in a slashing motion as he unleashes a torrent of lightning in a wave at the thing. "Why is it always sea monsters or something hard to touch these days? I miss fighting robots and forklifts!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Koga=Mystic Vs Monster=Physical
< Koga: Good Success Monster: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cora=illusion Vs Monster=mental
< Cora: Good Success Monster: Success
< Net Result: Cora wins - Marginal Victory

Cora is breathing quickly now, looking back at her friends and then at the thing. She seems rather paralyzed by indecision from the way she's just staring at it, though even now more of those blue flames are flickering into place around her. And she's seeming more pale and tense…

The monster shrieks in agony as Sierra's attack blasts through its slime and sand to boil the water within into steam. It shrieks again as Koga's lightning lights it up, making it spasm uncontrollably. Between the two, it loses cohesion again, and stops to draw itself together and raise itself up over the roiling wave, only to find its enemies shielded behind fire. The wave breaks abruptly and slides back into the sea, and the glowing patch can be seen moving away from the shore, heading for the open ocean and the deep.

Sydney crawls up the shore, shivering violently and falling over more than once. A ring of rust circles her ankle where the monster grabbed her. She's soaked to the bone in freezing water. "Fff Fffuuck… Fffuuuck…." is all she says.

Sierra glares at the 'thing' as it slinks back where it came. She hovers over the sand, fire around her hands still in case it returns. It looks beat, so she can turn her attention to her sputtering, drenched friend. "You okay, Sydney?" She floats a little closer, rolling her eyes at the words. "I don't think this is the time for that." The fire from her hands covers Sydney to dry her off and warm her up. A more pleasant heat/feeling than if she was trying to damage with those flames.

Koga keeps his eyes on the thing, as if making sure it is going away. He shakes his head, moving to check on Erica after looking over at Sydney, then shakes his head as he sighs, "Well, fire is out… we should head back." The armored form considers, "I would portal us back, but I do not have an entry way nearby to use… we should still report this, I think. No telling where that thing might pop up next."

"Is everyone ok!?" Cora asks too, looking after the monster as it runs. before nodding to Koga "I hope I'm not the reason it ran, I tried to make it so it couldn't see us… I'm not sure if it did or not, it had a strong mind." She looks and sounds very worried yet too. Still tense and made all the more eerily pale looking with the blue light flicking around her body from those lights. She starts to rush over towards Sydney then too, "Sydney! Are you ok?"

Sydney's wrists and ankles have already solidified when Sierra's warming heat touches her. "Hahhh…" She curls up in the flame, letting it warm her. Her ankles flex again. Her face warms enough to move, and her eyes open again. "Yyyyeah. I just… shut down… when I'm cold…" The steel girl steams in the cold air. She looks from Koga to Sierra to Cora. "Thanks, you guys. Thank you… you were awesome…" She looks at Koga again. "And yeah. We ought to report that, for sure. Don't want to fight the damn thing again in bikini season.

"You might need oiling too, Syd" Sierra points out before adding, "That wasn't an offer. You have Bryce for that now." A little sigh at Koga following the rules but, yeah, they should probably report it. Sierra will get blamed for it…or at least for something…but that's normal. She looks out to sea to see if the glow is still there. It is gone. "Party's off then?" Sierra lowers herself closer to the ground. "Cora, you said? I'm Sierra. Senior. Somehow."

Koga shakes his head, transforming back. "Let me go find Erica… I think she got washed that way when we were all hit. We will meet you all back at the school?" He glances towards Sierra. "And do not worry. We were just doing a bonfire. There is no way we could have called that thing, as far as I can tell… at least I hope not."

Cora nods as Sierra introduces herself and leaves it to that. She crosses her arms shyly again then and nods quickly in confirmation of it. "Yeah." She says, "Nice to meet you." She is quiet for a moment and then waves to Koga. "See you later." Before looking back up at Sierra, "Freshman." She adds. "Anyone know what that was?" She looks between the remaining people.

Sydney shakes her head. "Not a clue." She shudders as the heat finally soaks all the way in. "It was cold though.

"No idea" Sierra shrugs to Cora. "You'll find out that people like us attract all kinds of things. Not many of them are good." She actually descends to the sand to help Sydney up and give her a warming hug. "They've never needed facts to blame me before, Koga!" she calls out to him as he moves off to find Erica. Where did she go?
Cora keeps looking out towards the sea, obviously worried it might be coming back. But to the others she nods. "But all of us being here makes us safer, right? I mean, like…" She bites her inner lip again. "But then this stuff." a nervous laugh, "I guess that makes it good practice."

Sydney nods. "yeahh… I mean they don't armor the walls of everything to keep us in, I don't think.

"This is the third place I've been at since I got here…but at least only one of them was destroyed by an attack. Maybe they've made this one more defensible" Sierra shrugs. "But, yeah, Cora, we're all here and ready to kick ass if we're needed. Hell, I'll kick ass even if it's not needed. You ever want to practice, Cora, let me know."

"Third? I heard about one other, but… third?" Cora finds something to lean against and laughs nervously again, head shaking. "Yikes." More laughs, before she takes a deep breath and composes herself. "Thanks. I'm not sure how good I'd be at it. I'm still really just, like, trying to figure out how to even use my powers."

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