(2019-02-06) One Word
One Word
Summary: Brier and Callisto try to understand what happened to Daxton. Then, make a pledge.
Date: 2019-02-06
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Scene Runner: NA

Back Field, Coral Springs
Wed Feb 06, 2019

The back field hasn't seen much use yet. Clearly it will in the future, but at the moment it is a large meadow with tall grass, overgrown shrubs and wildflowers blooming in it during the spring and summer.

It is a winter night. The weather is cold and snowing.


Whoa. The past 24 hours had been just…yeah…whoa. After the battle last night, Brier had been brought back to the Med Bay where he stayed overnight. Luckily, he hadn't had to suffer the broken collar bone for too long, Besa helping him out and healing the injury. Man he had to think of some way to thank him! The hippie had never felt pain like that before…and wasn't keen on repeating it anytime soon! Still, there were bigger things occupying his mind now that the pain wasn't an issue. Like making sure his friend was alright…or as okay as could be.

Last night, Calli had experienced a great relief in finally being rid of her mother and the looming threat she brought with her. Even still, Brier knew that had to be a bittersweet victory. Add to that the fact that Daxton…well he still wasn't sure what had happened there. All he knew is one minute he was trying to help the speedster and the next…his collar bone was broken. One thing is for sure, that definitely wasn't Daxton. Well obviously it was…but it wasn't! The blonde teen knew that the speedster may not be overly fond of him or know how to handle him…but he also knew he'd never hurt him like that! He especially wouldn't just leave Callisto either.

So after a day of getting healed and trying to keep Callisto occupied, Brier had finally brought her out to the back field. Intending to meditate. The way he saw it is they both needed to clear their minds and refocus, but especially her. So that's what they had been doing for the past…however long she needed. With their blankets spread out on the ground, the hippie sits on his, a light dusting of snow having gathered on him in the time they had been sitting. Luckily he was still dressed warm enough though, wearing his knit Baja style hoodie and a thicker material but still loose fitted pants. Cross legged, hands resting palms up on his knees, the blonde keeps his eyes closed as he inhales deeply before exhaling slowly…eyes fluttering open as he comes back to his surroundings.

In all honesty.. Callisto doesn't quite know what happened, either. She knows deep down in her mind and body that her mother's life was ended. No doubts there. She felt the destruction of that horrible woman, that very connection… felt the ties to the evil entity just fading away. It's as much of a relief as you would expect, having been tied to that aura and energy and fear for damn near 170 years. But indeed.. it was bittersweet. Because as Malachite fixed Callisto with a baleful, dying glare (especially creepy because the flames were surrounding her and engulfed her during and just after) … something happened to her boyfriend, Daxton.

A lot happened at once, afterwards. Callisto 'tuned back in' from her shock as they were all being transported back and what stood out afterwards had been Brier's pain. She hopes she never has to hear that cry again.

Meditation with her newly-healed pal was offered with purely good intentions, but Callisto just can't get her mind into it. There's something so organic about doing such a thing outdoors, even in the cold with the light snow peppering down… but Callisto is having trouble. She's not upset or frantic.. there's something profoundly grounded about her, even so soon after the conflict… but she cannot focused. She's too worried.

Clad in a fitted parka and tights, melting snow glittering in her hair and lashes, Callisto opens her eyes and yet remains silent. Waits for Brier to re-surface. Once certain of this, she asks quietly, "Everything alright?"

Looking back over to Callisto as she speaks, Brier offers a small nod and cheerful smile. "Yeah. I'm cool." Maybe because of her reaction to his injury or perhaps how she had been acting around him since…or maybe just knowing his friend…either way the hippie knew Calli was troubled by what had happened to him. He was healed though. He was better and has meditated too! As far as he was concerned, he genuinely was fine…just concerned for his friend. Perhaps he could also tell during his own meditation that she was having trouble centering. "When it's hard to focus on the here and now…look forward to what will be. Focus on the after."

"T'is hard to look forward to what will be, for I do not know… what it will be. I worry now for what it shall be." Callisto says softly.. not whiny in the lest, just focused. She lifts her blue-green gaze to the dark skies, watches the snow fall. The school structures around them, the windows, are alight with activity. Still, it's not quite enough to take away from the silence of nature. Callisto doesn't at-all bothered by the chill. If anything, she likes it.

"I do not wish to be here right now, Brier. It is hard to be tied to the school in moments like this when I desire so strongly to.. fix.. or help to fix what has happened. My struggle is over… Mother is dead… but there was loss. We know naught, what happened to Daxton…" There it is. She looks pained, breathes into her nose, exhales slowly from her mouth.

Brier shakes his head "I know it's hard…but you can't focus on the details. Because you don't know those. You gotta' focus on the positive emotions…and their energies." A hand moves to push some of his free hanging blonde hair behind an ear, "You will feel peace again. You fill feel hope…and happy. You may not know what the circumstances and stuff around those feeling are or anything, but like…you know you'll feel those things again. So that's what you have to focus on." As she finally voices what he knew…her fear for Daxton…he furrows a brow and nods.

"Look, Calli…I can't even imagine what you're feeling right now. I've never had somebody like…Daxton. In my life. Sure friends and stuff…but I know that's different." He shakes his head then "I'm totally not saying you shouldn't feel what you're feeling right now…because it's important to acknowledge that and stuff. I just mean you can't get…swallowed by it. In the present." His blanket is close enough to hers and Brier just scoots a bit to move it to be right beside hers, settling back down and looking over to her again. "We can try and find Daxton. Maybe talk to his Unit or whatever? They might know…what happened." Because what DID happen!? "They might have an idea of where he went?"

"I know naught, how to approach the Unit. I know t'is redundant of me to keep blaming myself, for heralding this mess upon a group of people who were doing well enough on their own without such… complications…." A pause, a beat; she looks back to Brier. "However I am beholden to them for their aide to me; I am indebted quite frankly and because I want to be. And it all boils down to my caring immensely for Daxton." Her eyes get a bit shinier, but again: no wibbling or crumbling. Something in Callisto's countenance is just so very… stable. All it took was that severing of a poisonous tie. Eventually she will have to figure out 'what next' … now that that is free. Free.

.. though technically, Oridove is now the head of what it called their… 'family'. Callisto can't bring herself to think of Oridove just yet… her oldest sister will have felt the 'severing', too.

Feeling Brier's body and energy drawing closer to her, Callisto watches him. "I will be approaching the estate this weekend to offer up whatever I can.. to figure this out. Is Daxton endangered? Lost again? We must help him.. find him…" A deep, slow breath.

"But.. thank you too, Brier, for having been there last night. T'is my intention to thank all of the students who came along."

"We're your friends, Callisto…your family. Remember?" Speaking of his own past conversations with her regarding their connection. Brier offers her a reassuring smile, his own energy calm both from his meditating and also because…well Brier. "Obviously you're welcome…you don't have to keep thanking or feeling indebted to people. Obviously if you want to…but like…that's not why we did it or anything. You're cared about. A lot…and so is Daxton." A hand moves out, the hand extending from what had been his injured collar bone, resting on her own hand if she allows it and he gives it a squeeze. "I'll do whatever I can to help find him. We'll bring him home…and we'll figure out who can help us do that."

The words and the touch to her hand seems to settle Callisto, and for all of three minutes she is silent. A sort of waking meditation, gaze sliding toward a point in the snowy darkness. Proof of how comfortable she is around Brier: she can drop into this silence, for this long, and not feel awkward or discomforted. He just knows. The fey girl sits there, breathing quietly and contemplatively, the cold breeze rippling the fabric of her coat and teasing her white hair a little. She returns the hand squeeze and finally speaks.

"At first I thought Mother had.. enchanted him. For she whispered something to him." She reflects, trying to understand. "Were it an enchantment, it will have fallen away the moment she was killed. But Daxton yet fled… yet, I do not even think it was fleeing. T'was as if he HAD to go." Callisto looks back to Brier, "Mother triggered him somehow… she found footholds in his mind via dreaming. I pray she did not damage anything."

Brier sits in silence with his friend, letting her take whatever time she needed. When she does speak again and voices a different kind of fear, the hippie just nods. "Yeah…that's what I thought at first…but you're right. It'd be gone now…since she is." His brow furrows "That definitely wasn't Daxton though. Okay so like obviously it WAS, but yeah…you know what I mean." The blonde looks to his friend, "It for sure felt like he had to get away and he'd go through anybody or anything to do it…including collar bones." It's said with an attempted humorous tone, but a bit of a pained shudder in memory. "I know I don't really know the dude…but I've never seen him LOOK like…that." Brier furrows a brow again "We gotta help find him…we gotta help him."

"T'was not his way.. he is strong and capable of dealing such damage but he wouldn't.. he would not.. not to you.." Callisto rests her hands in her lap, watches the snowflakes hasten in their descent. Multiply. The snowfall is getting heavier. "I wonder if it was something that… I do not know, I am merely surmising…. threw him out of some sort of synch. As strange as it sounds, timing and pace are important to those with his powers." She does not say 'augmentations'; it's not her story to tell, how Daxton came into his powers. Callisto breathes deep, feels the cold air fill her lungs.

Brier's attempt at humor earns both a tiny wince and a reluctant twitch of her lips. "T'is good that we've such adept healers in our midst. Between seeing my mother and Daxton reacting and then that.. your collarbone…. I do not think I could have been able to bear much more going wrong. But on the bright side, those townsfolk were saved and the others.. were not harmed. I am glad of that."

The snow falls heavier.. "We will find him, Brier. I swear it."

Brier nods at Callisto's words "I'm ok…you're ok…and Daxton will be ok. You're right. We will definitely find him…and I will help however I can." With that the hippie moves forward and simply gives his friend a quick hug. Pulling back he looks to her, smile spreading some "For now though I think I know just what'll hit the spot…how about we go inside and get some cocoa?"

The girl eases into that hug.. it feels so familial. Her silvery lashes flit once as she simply sighs gently.. a deep drawing of breath. "I.. could have not done this without him, you know." She whispers, pauses. "Without all of you.. but he's very, very important." Spoken of Daxton. "And you, Brier.. well… I am an orphan now. My kin will likely disband.. without mother holding the reins, the stragglers will… nobody will think of trying anything. I am certain of it." Especially if Oridove takes over. Callisto sighs, leans against the hippie for a moment. "If I am to have a brother in this new chapter, going forth.. t'is you. I could not imagine anyone else."

Callisto may not quite know how to tell people that she loves them, just yet.. but how she speaks of Daxton, and what she just said to Brier? That's just as good.

"I could use some of this… cocoa. It does not feel like a tea night." The fey girl eases forth, pauses as the gorgon head pendant slides against her skin beneath the parka. The chain rattles. Callisto's eyes soften… it is finally time to remove the pendant.

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