(2019-02-06) Dinner Talk
Dinner Talk
Summary: Various students gather in the dining hall.
Date: 2019-02-06
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It is late. The first round of dinner has finished with the second shift nearing an end. The cafeteria stays open though for those who end up eating even later. It is into this almost empty cafeteria that Buddy sneaks in. Since he was brought back from being almost feral, he went almost an entire week of not being seen, not even in classes. Today was his first full day back to classes. In human form, he walks carefully along the walls looking around very suspiciously.

Besa is sitting off in a. Corner with a. Poetry book open when he eats. Cocoa is at his feet, and he has a bandage around his left forearm from the healing he did yesterday on the mission. He looks tired but is focused on whatever it is he is riding.

"Hey, everyone!!" Bronwyn is here, striding into the cafeteria and dispensing smiles, waves, and autographs…though the lack of people makes that last one difficult. But not impossible! "Hey, Buddy, looking well." She spots Besa hiding in the corner. Damn, that cut on his finger he got from the drum must have infected really bad to get a bandage like that. "You okay, darling?" she calls out to him, waving in case he didn't hear her.

As if one mystic type isn't enough, Koga has made his way into the cafeteria. The young Asian’s got a small smile on his face and seems to be doing well. Even waving over at Besa. He hasn't noticed Buddy yet, but he does head towards his fellow mystic. "Hey, Besa!" Noticing the bandage, he asks, "Everyone ok?" While he has yet to experience it, Koga knows at least a little about the healing abilities of Besa.

Then he turns as he remembers hearing a yell. Someone was cheerful, didn't sound like Kaylee or Fionnuala… still sounded female. And that makes him curious. If nothing else on who to avoid in case of getting caught up in another hyper active bubbly cheerful maelstrom of chaos. Again.

Buddy's eyes open wide as Bronwyn calls out to him. "Oh, hi. Uh, … uh … hi." He isn't his usual jovial self. He pauses seeing Koga and Besa. Swallowing hard, he starts to make his way over towards Besa and then veers off at the last moment to the food line. Passing by Koga, he waves and says, "Thank you for wanting to kill him." After saying that, Buddy keeps walking towards the food and finally gets a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. Also, unlike Buddy, he grabs some utensils and starts to head back towards where Besa is.

Besa looks up, giving a slightly confused half wave in Bron's general direction. Why wouldn't he be ok? "Hello Koga. I am well. And those that I have heal will be fine. I just…." He glances down at his plate, which is his second helping. There's juice in front of him instead of his normal tea, "I am required to eat and drink certain things after I heal someone now." Silly med bay, putting restrictions on him! He sees Buddy, but doesn't push it, just slides his book over enough so there's room if the boy wishes to sit next to him.

"I wanna do centuries in a lifetiiiiime. And see it with my eyes…" Cora is singing along just a little too loudly as she comes walking in, headphones on and her voice actually going along with said soaring vocals. She's not perfect, and perhaps a bit too shy sounding even in this unconscious singing thing… But it's not bad! It's about this time that she suddenly notices others are here. And she was singing. And the distant look on her face turns to an ashen white one of horror. A deer in the headlights as she looks around and swallows nervously.

"Buddy, can you get me a salad?" Bronwyn calls out to him before making a beeline for Besa. Though she may have been a bit late on the request, he can always go back and get it. Right? "Did your thumb get infected?" she asks with a nod to Bes'a bandages. "Or are the school nurses pretty crap. Hey." That last goes with a smile for Koga. No need to introduce herself, since everyone knows who she is.

Bronwyn turns towards Cora, offering her BFF a wave and a playful admonishment. "That's not one of my songs, Cora. Come and join us."

The idea of asking Buddy to get something has Koga looking at Bronwyn carefully. At least until it registers what Buddy said. "Uh… you are welcome." He looks away from Buddy back to Besa. "That is good. I think they might have the right idea. I know when I was last injured badly and lost a lot of blood, my parents fed me a lot of things I would not normally eat… or drink just to make sure I would survive." He scratches his chin. "That was against a demon, though."

Then he looks to Bronwyn. Then to Besa, then to Bronwyn. "So who are you?" Koga does not know who Bronwyn is obviously. He does look over at Cora's singing, smiling. "Good voice, Cora." He looks surprised at the singing, of course.

Buddy pauses with his food near Besa and notices him moving the book. Sometimes, he can understand human gestures and thinks he understands that one well enough. Placing his food tray down, he looks up as Cora enters singing. "Oh, hi," he says waving to her as she stands there. "Dr. Pretty Hair said for me to eat the psugetti to work on my forky thing." When Brownyn mentions getting salad, Buddy nods his head and says, "Sure." He turns and takes a couple steps towards the food line and then stops. He then walks back to her and says, "What's that?"

Finally, he speaks to Besa. There is a bit of timidity to his voice as he says, "Uh, Mr. Healy Guy? Sorry I don't know names. I'm trying to work on them now though. Sorry for attacking you as a wolfy. I, I really was trying to help her. Honest." He points over to Cocoa.

Besa's been there, Koga. He empathizes. A small nose wrinkle as he picks up the juice, "It is all very…sweet." Dark eyes blink in confusion at Bron, not even remembering the small injury t his hand at first, "No…my fingers are fine. I had to heal people from the mission last night. Brier had his collar bone broken." He doesn't say how it was broken or how he helped the other boy. If folks don't know about his blood by now, he's not telling them! "The nurses here are fine, Bronwyn." He mentally steels himself when Koga asks who Bron is, deciding it's best to focus on Cora and Buddy, "My name is Besa Ini-Herit, but you may call me Besa." There is a nod, "I was only bruised, it is alright. Thank you for saying you are sorry." Cocoa is underneath the table, as usually, leaning against the Promethean's leg. "I appreciate you wishing to help Cocoa."

Cora might look admonished… though it's hard to tell since she's absolutely looking horrified yet, even while reaching up to remove her headphones (Anyone close enough might even hear a bit of the tinny sound from a distance - she had it on loud! It sounds like a pretty epic song too). Even Koga's comment has her blushing a bit more deeply and only furthering that sheepishness. "It… um… It was The Gathering. My favorite group from my home country." She says, then takes a deep breath and quickly scurries over towards the food to try and see what is available and pick something out.

"The Gathering? Odd name" Bronwyn muses before shrugging it away. Besides, she has to tell Buddy what a salad is. "Just get all the food that is green." That can only end well. "You're a sweetheart, Buddy. Thank you." Fluttering eyelashes and pop star smile for him before looking back at Koga. He gets a roll of her eyes. "Bronwyn Argento. Okay, I'm not as dressed up as usual but, come on…" She gestures to herself in a 'how can anyone forget this' kind of way. "Do you not listen to music? Besa's going to play on my next song…if he's not injured. Cora's totally my biggest fan. And you are?"

Koga blinks a few times. Thinking. "Sorry, the name does not ring a bell at all. I am Yamamoto Koga." A glance is given towards Besa and Cora, then he looks to Bronwyn. "I apologize, but I have never heard of you before. Nor seen you before. Are you some sort of celebrity? If so, perhaps you could sing for us or do whatever it is you do that has you so famous? It would be helpful and might jog my memory if I have heard you before."

Buddy stares at Besa with an actual open mouth. That definitely was easier than he expected it to be. He then makes a bit of a pleased face. Still wanting to explain, he says, "I thought you were like Granger, and she was like me. I know that's not true, but then, then I couldn't think real." He then laughs a bit. "Not that I'm good at thinking normally so it must have been really bad. What are we gathering, K-oh-RA?" When Bronwyn calls him a sweetheart, Buddy's face lights up. "I don't know what that means, but it sounds nice. Everything green. Okay, Burowny? Brownie?" He is trying to say her name but failing miserably. Then, off he goes for green food. "Green. Green. Hmmm…"

Besa's hand drops to touch the canine underneath teh table, almost like a reassurance. "She is my family, Buddy." His own eyes widen in slight amusement as Buddy butchers names and jumps to get Bron a salad. This should end terrifying. He may end up having to heal more people. "You sounded lovely, Cora." As for playing on Bron's next song, "We will see." While he thinks that would be very fun, he also thinks it may cause more issues than good at this point. He waits to see if Bron is going to break out in song or what at Koga's perhaps unintentional challenge.

"They're Dutch. A little like Lacuna Coil from Italy." Cora explains, indulging in a bit of music nerdery it seems. "Though they just do the girl singing, not Beauty and the Beast element." Then she's looking at what's up for supper tonight and seems paralyzed by indecision. "I'm not sure." She ends up saying, looking between each of the options and looking entirely indecisive. Also, she's blushing even more as Besa too compliments her singing.

Bronwyn playfully punches Koga's shoulder at his teasing that he doesn't know who she is. "I'm a triple-threat artiste; singing, dancing, superheroine. I'm huge in Italy…and Bulgaria. Look me up on Youtube. /Don't/ look me up on 'Notizie del Mondo'. I am so going to sue their pants off. Sure, I could sing for you if you want. I wanted to put on a talent show before Christmas but…didn't pan out." A smile for Buddy. "Just Bron will be fine." A nod for Cora. "I know Lacuna Coil. Cristina Scabbia is a huge fan of mine. Keeps wanting to sing a duet with me."

Buddy returns from the food line with a very large bowl. In it he has found everything green that he could find. Since he has good senses, he found a lot. On the bottom of the bowl are two different types of lettuce (romaine and iceberg) mixed with spinach and kale. On top of that is a pile of broccoli, green beans and peas. Three sticks of celery and some lima beans make the next layer with one green lime sitting on the top of it all. He seems quite proud of himself. "Look at this salad!" At least it is all green.

Besa sips on the too sweet juice, wishing it was tea. He doesn't really know anything about modern music, besides the couple of albums he had before the last school was destroyed. He perks up and then gives Buddy a soft smile and nod of approval. That's actually almost a good salad! It's definitely all green! Cocoa gets another quick pet before he lifts his hand and moves the poetry book to his lap so it will be out of the way.

Cora can't entirely hide her surprise at the Cristina Scabbia comment. It's almost incredulous! Or really, probably just surprised. And she ends up just nodding to Bron then, before she turns to look at the Salad Buddy made, and it's another reason to be surprised! Poor Cora is perpetually surprised this evening. She still doesn't seem to be terribly excited about her options and ends up just making a salad for herself too.

Koga surprisingly moves a hand up to push Bronwyn's hand away rather than be playfully punched. "That explains it. You are not popular in Japan." He shrugs. "I do not care to watch YouTube videos. I have enough on my time." He shrugs. "Like why Besa has a bandage on his arm last night. I was one of the ones there. It is good that we won, but I still question in regard to Callisto's… sister?" He looks at Besa in question. "Or is it aunt? I never did find out from her with what happened."

Turning back towards Bronwyn, Koga smiles. "But you say you are a singer, dancer, and superhero? What sort of powers do you have?" Koga's tone is even polite, and he looks curious. "I am one as well, granted I turn into a couple meters tall armored warrior with enough magic to deal with some threats out there."

No playful punching? It seems Koga is one of those terribly serious people who don't know how to have a good time. Exhibit A, he doesn't know who she is. Wow, he must have a terrible life. "I have extraterrestrial armor appear around me. All tech, not magic though. Still pretty cool." Missions she knows nothing about and, besides, there is a 'salad' arriving. "Wow, thanks, Buddy. That is pretty awesome." She can eat bits and pieces. "You're a salad natural. Cora, you're totally singing on my new album too."

Buddy looks really happy when both Besa and Bronwyn say that the salad is good. "That is my first time trying a salad. Maybe I should make a salad for when I'm a bunny." As Koga explains what he can turn into, Buddy's joyfulness drops. "Oh, I can just turn into animals and stuff."

Dr. Ricci comes into the cafeteria clearly looking for someone. "Students," she says as a global greeting before saying, "Mr. Jones. Please bring your plate of food and come with me." Buddy opens his mouth to object but a look from her causes him to close it again. "Yes, Dr. Pretty Hair." He grabs his plate as she says, "It's Dr. Ricci." Buddy nods and says, "Bye everyone." He waves and heads off with Dr. Ricci.

Koga shrugs, "So like a Guyver, then. Nothing special." He blinks, then looks at Bronwyn evenly. "Wait, wait, wait." He looks to Cora. "Cora, out of curiosity did you agree to sing on her album?" Koga, despite being polite, is definitely making a bit of a point. He glances at Cora, watching carefully but not forcing the issue. "If not, I would see someone else before agreeing."

Once Buddy is gone, though, Koga looks a bit relieved there. He considers, then looks at Cora and Besa. "Um… let's put that aside for a moment…. I have a problem, and I think you two might be of help with it."

Besa makes an 'I think so?' Face to the question about Callisto's connection to the other fey. But he senses tension and offers, "I think that creating art is as important as being a hero. Without both, the world would be less." Koga gets a small frown, "Koga, we are all special students, yes? She would not be here if she were not." Annoyed at Bron or not, that was uncalled for. He waves goodbye to Buddy, chewing on his lower lip briefly before looking back to Koga.

"I… what… really?" Cora asks, still sounding a bit shocked at that too! Let alone all the other weird things she's hearing. But the worried look is there as she looks between everyone. "Is everyone that went ok? That sounds really bad." Koga's question has her shaking her head slightly, but still looking more and more overwhelmed. When she finds a box of fruit juice to grab, she makes her way over to sit down with everyone and hears the question from Koga too. "Oh?"

Bronwyn's mouth drops open as she stares at Koga. Not. Special. "You. Are. A. Jerk." Is her assessment of Koga. And since he does not require her help, she will spin on her heels and storm off with her salad. At least Besa was nice, but she's making a point so can't stop to thank him.

Koga blinks, looking at Bronwyn. "Sorry." He comments, then he looks to Besa and Cora. He glances at Bronwyn. "If you actually care about Buddy, you could stop and sit back down. He may be in danger."

Looking to Besa and Cora, Koga looks at Cora specifically. "The two that originally were holding Buddy? They were released from police custody recently. I am worried they will come after a few of us. Sierra and myself can handle them. Buddy, however?" The last part is left hanging, but it is obvious what he means perhaps to at least a few.

Besa frowns, not liking the tone Koga is using. This is a delicate situation, both eh yoga/Bron and the Buddy one. "I am aware of all of this, Koga. Do you have further information? Who do you believe they would come after other students?" After a beat, "Buddy seems to be doing much better, we should encourage that."

Cora nods to that, "I heard." She says, idly playing with her salad with her fork. Presumably mixing it with her dressing. But the soft way she just spoke doesn't help make it look like she's excited or anything. "We promised him we'd protect him too. Do you really think they'll come here though?"

Bronwyn is making a point, an important point, so as much as she likes Buddy, she isn't stopping. Out the cafeteria she goes. Back to her room. And attempting to eat the food that Buddy acquired for her.

"Myself and Sierra for one. Buddy for certain." Koga seems to consider, "Brier… and Stephanie? I think?" Koga considers, "The crystal girl. Buddy is the one I am most worried about." He looks concerned, "Besa, I will be honest but those two are probably not even remotely human. Or close to it." Reaching up to rub the back of his head, Koga shakes his head. "Personally, if I had the stomach for it and did not mind the taint on my soul, I would kill them. They are that bad."

"What they do not know, and hopefully won't find out is the location of the school. I also do not know if they are still in the area. They were released, but that is all I think we know. If they are still in the area, they will be trying to find Buddy or one of us that freed him." Koga gives a shrug. "Of us all, the most vulnerable is Buddy."

Besa is confused, "Why do you think you are in danger of them though?" He gets Buddy, but not the others. "Of course, they are not just human. No human would do that to another being." Ok, maybe they are human, who knows, but Best mens they're inhumane. "Have you spoken to staff on these concerns yet?" He's very confused, perhaps he's missing pieces to this story?

Cora still isn't eating. She sets down her fork and reaches up to massage her temples then. "That's why he needs to stay with other students, and not do his animal thing for a while, I think. In the buildings he's safe. Out on the island? We might not know." There's a glance over towards the storming out Bron too, and a little sigh. But then back to the others, "Are they like… Powered? Or just normal humans? Like, what do they do? Aside from make Buddy terrified?"

A shrug is given by Koga. "What all can they do? Buddy is just one person in a school of students." He mentions to Besa. "I think it will fall to students to help protect the students in this case. Plus, if it comes down to it, their hands will be tied legally as well at a guess. I think one of them is related to Buddy." He frowns. "That is, I suppose the good news… I actually need your help specifically on another thing, Besa."

"What do you know about golems?" Koga asks after taking a breath. "I… encountered something around Christmas, and Ms. Petra got back to me on that one. She thinks whatever was encountered at that toy drive is using toys as golems."

Koga didn't answer his question though, "Why do you believe that other students are in danger?" Besa needs to know of there's more danger out there than he's already in. He'll nod towards Cora, "It seems he's starting down that path, which is a good thing." An eyebrow lifts, "What can they do? They are all super powered, Koga. To assume they cannot protect Buddy at the school is…" He shakes his head, 'They can assign students to go with Buddy when he is not at the school. There are things they can do to help. It is foolish to believe that we must do this alone." He sighs, reaching down to touch Cocoa's head again, "I have head of them. I…I do not recall if I have ever encountered one or not. I can meditate on that, but I am meditating on many things currently."

Cora winces at the talk of one of the people being related to Buddy and ends up looking down and starting to stir at her salad again. Her expression starting to look more and more glum. She is listening though, even looking between Koga and Besa for a moment. But otherwise she remains quiet.

"Honestly? I do not know. That is what worries me. Just being a normal human leaves a lot of things open. Try to find us, perhaps, or request custody somehow." Koga says. "My worries are that some of us showed our powers there. Sierra tried to set him on fire, I think Stephanie went to her crystal form… I do not know if Brier did anything. I showed my martial skills, and I think I destroyed a locked door."

Koga rubs the back of his head, "Honestly, it has been a few months and I did not expect them to be released. But I think that is our fault. We should have stuck around and given witness statements or something."

Besa frowns, but nods and says, "So…you are making assumptions. I think it would be wise to speak to staff and collect all the information together. Perhaps you and the others say something that could help? A plan can be made to better help protect Buddy. Cocoa final gives a soft whine from underneath the table. "I must take Cocoa out. I will meditate on all of this."

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