(2019-02-05) The Nightmare Is Over
The Nightmare is Over
Summary: Callisto's mother is finally dealt with, in a permanent fashion
Date: 2019-2-5
Related: Action taken following details gathered in this log.
NPCs: Various.
Scene Runner: Callisto

Things were actually set into motion on the evening of Friday (Feb 1st), when this very location was disclosed to Unit 23 by way of some psychic tap-dancing. The weekend was spent preparing, with everything culminating (Tues evening) into a group of volunteers being transported to the unassuming Cedar Island. Most of the tumbledown cabins to be found here look depressing beneath their layer of snow. Any signs of the previous summer's revelry — burnt-out fire pits, etc — have been covered with said snowfall.

Students and Unit 23 members chosen for this mission arrive this early evening by way of a specially equipped boat, and once docked, people are permitted to disembark. Each and every person present is given a set of goggles and a gas mask in preparation for the use of a certain weapon at the 'right' time. Those present are succinctly informed by Inferno (Unit 23 leader.. also recognizable by students as the Coral Springs Gym teacher) of the signal that will be used prior to the execution of the aforementioned weapon, and when to fasten the protective gear. Student healers are also present to aide in 'patch-up' efforts either during or after the fray.

Noticible upon the snowy earth beyond the docking point, there are some fresh footprints wending their way in erratic directions. Anyone of a psychic bearing may feel a deep, thrumming (harmless) sense of 'awareness'. It trembles there at the edge of the mind, multiple signals.. like a hive mind.

Naturally Callisto is there, outfitted in the Metis team colors, gaze scrutinizing the snowy campgrounds. Beyond even that horizon of slumberous old cabins and trees… one can hear the sea sighing. Callisto breathes deeply, turns to those who have joined her in this cause. "Thank you for your aide. We are.. here to dispose of my mother, whom I am not proud to even call such." Strange, how cold she sounds when speaking of a 'mother'. "If she is not removed, she will go on to create nothing but trouble.. for all of us. We have traced her to this island.. there are suspicions of her not being alone here. Most of all, steel your minds.. t'is her favored avenue of attack, as a mentalist. If we move fast, and strike while she is disorientated.. it can be over swiftly." She prays.

Taking a deep breath as he sets foot on the island, Koga frowns as his eyes glow briefly and he turns his head to look towards the cabins. His own Athenian uniform is on display before he steps off to the side and brings his hand into the air. "Excuse me for a second…"

Moving his hand to something like one might see at a rock concert, he swings it around over his head leaving a blue circle that drops over him. The circle seems to enlarge and make him grow not to mention change him physically as a blue armored figure is left in it's wake. By the time it reaches his feet, Koga has turned into something else it seems as he gives a low growl. His last bit of transformation is completed by bringing his hands together in the same gesture that started it and bringing them apart, lines of blue light forming into a long shape that turns into a tasseled looking spear in his hand that he spins before planting in the ground.

Looking to the team in his new form, Koga gives a nod. "Ready when you are." His voice has an odd, metallic sounding echo to it. As if it was being bounced off something more than just the odd armor as he looks towards the cabins.

Bryce looks at the gas mask and goggles for a moment. He is careful to place them on though it takes him some time to get them all correct. He would rather use his own armor for this but will wait on that. He spends almost the entire trip trying to calm himself and gather his breathing. He does take a look at the maps provided which allows him to commit them to memory. "Removed?" Bryce asks a bit tentatively. "D-do you mean removing them from the the area or, uh, well, from …. life?" He really hopes it isn't the second choice. With the cold weather and the possibility of combat, Bryce causes his circlet to flash. At the same time, his clothes tighten as his under armor activates. Once off the boat, he pauses for directions from the team lead, though as he waits, his forehead furrows from the odd feeling in his mind. "Something is … off, uh, mentally."

Daxton and all of Unit 23 are there, decks out in dark military like uniforms. The original member all have dog tags showing and seem to be speaking lowly amongst themselves. The two speedsters, Daxton and Pulse already have their goggles on.

As they land Daxton super speeds over next to Callisto, "This is going to work." As for Bryce's question, it's Inferno who answers, "The target is to be neutralized. If you're not able to, don't engage her. Leave room for those that can."

All these fancy uniforms and flashy powers, Felicia has none of that. Just normal street clothes for her. And her street clothes make her look a bit thuggish, right down to the beanie on her wild mane of hair. Hoping off the boat she looks around the island "I haven't been here since I started school at Coral Springs." oh the memories "I came back from that weekend sneezing glitter and my powers going all whack." she rocks back on her heels and grins "Good times!" she sounds like she means it.

The gas mask is taken and set on top of her head but not put over her face yet. "Trouble is well and good, but only if I am the one causing it." she wasn't the queen of detention for nothing. Her hands are given a shake and after a moment of concentration she seems to sink into the snow a bit as she ups her density and with it her weight.

Cid is along. Not sure if he would be of great help or not, but hopefully. As he follows the other along as they land. Mainly able to help with communications, oversight, and information. Thus Inferno's words on avoiding conflict seems up his alley. Quiet as he follow the others and their words. Staying quiet for the time being. Just listening to the others.

The willowy fey notices Koga's transformation, but out of respect looks away as he finishes up. Once done, Callisto looks back to him and bows her head once in approval. All hands on deck, and it's best for all of those hands to be fortified. To Bryce, Callisto answers: "From life." Offered in a quiet voice, but with regret. "But do not feel badly for her. Pray, do not. She is cruel and she has killed others needlessly. That which you are feeling is her, a parasite on the telepathic aether." Said as Bryce summons his under-armor. Next observed is Cid, a boy whom she met once.. too bad their next out-of-school meeting is here, at an imminent dark-faerie-smackdown!

A whoosh of air of a body moving swiftly announces Daxton's appearance and Callisto looks to him, taking a deep breath. "Be safe." Is mouthed, eyes flitting next to Felicia. There's the humor that Callisto needs and her lips quirk upwards a touch in grave amusement. "Go forth and cause.. all the trouble, yes? And—"

People who recall the shapechanger flu may remember one girl, known as Ness, taking on the form of a strikingly tall 'elven' woman with pale skin, white-blonde hair and golden eyes. There's that EXACT woman, but looking decidedly malicious… holding two sabers, body outfitted scantily (despite weather.. don't tell her she could cut glass) in black leather. She's about three yards away at the stoop of a damaged cabin and she lifts one blade, mouth moving but not speaking English. Suddenly, more bodies emerge from in and around the cabin. Three of them, all hale and hearty. Callisto looks striken, "Naesala.." Whispered as she watches the other fey.

The forms come into the light… they're…. townsfolk? One (the ranger) looks as if he belongs on the island, but two appear to be from town.. a cop and a thug. All three look hazy and very, very much mind-controlled. Now things just got dirty.

Koga glances to Callisto. "Friend of yours?" He asks, then starts to move to the side away from the others. One hand begins to weave his spells quickly, light playing on his fingers before he launches an orb of lightning towards Naesala directly. A glance is given towards the others. "I will handle her. The rest of you are unarmed." His hand shifts to grip the spear in hand, putting it in a ready position with it in both hands.

Concentrating, it seems, he starts to weave another spell in the air with the tasseled end just in case the orb of lightning did not get the woman's attention. It is obvious he intends to at least keep one bad element occupied to the others, even as to the unseen he flares his magical energies to see if he can get the woman's attention. Said flare is like a contained thunderstorm as he weaves his next spell with the spear itself.

Bryce freezes briefly when Callisto and Inferno mention that she is to be killed. Neutralized is such a sanitized word. In that brief second, he recalls the only time killed someone. That was difficult to deal with, and that one was an accident. Could he kill on purpose? He isn't sure. He glances over to Koga as he transforms. Koga was there when Bryce killed before. That is an uncomfortable simularity.
As the figures emerge, he notices first the fae, the mother. How can someone so potentionally lovely be so malicious and evil? "The others, they are, uh, enthralled. Harm shouldn't be, well, hurt more than re-required. I might be able to, to restrain them." Of course, Bryce probably didn't need to say that. He moves off to the side a bit to make room for the more technical and close-up fighters. He can fight from a distance and would prefer to; however, he won't make the first move.

Daxton just smirks back at Callisto, clearly thinking her worry is for naught. "Safe is so boring." The sight of the fey makes his eyes narrow, "Pulse! Let's move!" He and the other speedster suddenly are gone, searching.

Afterthought, the androgenest member of Unit 23, stands straighten when the townsfolk and fey appear. They're voice rings out strong to everyone, "Try to not hurt the controlled people too much. Restrant is much better, Bryce." Dark shadow tentacles form around AT, making them look like a goth Hindu god.

And this is why Dax and Felicia are such good friends, they have the same opinion of safety. It's not for either of them. Another thing that really isn't for Felicia, weapons. She has no idea who Naesala is, but the way its said is enough for her, even if the elf which bad taste in underwear didn't have sabers, she would know the elf was no good. For the moment she lets the spellcasters deal with her as she rushes to deal with the mindcontrolled people. She can restrain easy enough, though her method is quite unconventional. Her first target is the park ranger, moving to get ahold of the man, grabbling as necessary.

Cid does try and gather info on each. Helping with pinpointing locations if needed. Trying to get closer to be able to find out if there are more people around than the ones they can see. Keeping to the sides of the actual action. The freshman still trying to learn.

"Kin." Callisto answers lowly. These folks are all distractions. Where is her mother?

The orb of electricity that Koga heaves in the direction of the sword-bearing fey indeed catches her attention and she lurches to the side with a startled look. The Japanese boy's ploy works and the woman turns to stare hard at him. Naesala vaults toward Koga.. challenge accepted. Her blades lift and once she gets close enough, she will attempt to send both in smooth arcs toward Koga's person; swipe swipe, one two. One toward his armored chest, the other toward the abdomen. Attempted strikes.. but he, too, is fast and deft.

As Bryce is being encouraged by AfterThought to restrain as-opposed to strike down, the thug turns to look upon the battle-reluctant boy with the circlet and much like an extra in a shoddy zombie film would, he begins to move with marked interest toward Bryce with intent to engage him. The ranger meanwhile is engaged by the force known as Felicia and the moment he is grappled with, he seems to.. jolt. It's as if whomever is on the other end of his 'leash' noticed that he is being engaged and moves to 'control' him. A fist, lifted stiffly, swings forth in an attempt to land a punch on the mighty girl's face. Felicia shall feel, though, that he is slow in his responses.. possibly easy to overwhelm. Meanwhile, Cid's attempt shall glean no further details.. there's just one other figure on this battlefield: the hazy-looking cop.

Meanwhile for the speedsters.. no actual activity in the cabin closest to the battle, but there are others… there is a strange smell coming from one of the structures. Acrid, like smoke.

Brier sticks closer to Callisto, both not entirely sure where to place himself for this kind of mission…and also wanting to make sure his friend was alright. Both physically and mentally, given their ultimate objective on this mission. As she goes on her path, the hippie keeps stride beside her, wearing team colors as well with his hair pulled back. His gas mask and goggles are also on top of his head, but not pulled into place…not until the signal is given. For the moment, he stays silent but gives the occasional look over to Calli as they move.

Koga brings his spear up, deflecting the first, then the second as he starts to get into an intricate dance with the woman. The spear at least is giving him the length to keep her away, but it is making it hard to get off any spells as his blade dances around. The fight has him leading her away from the towns people and towards an area away from the rest of the team.

And it is obviously taking all of Koga's skill to dance around the dark fey sister's skill, too. Bastion's training is showing, true, but it is definitely true that despite it all Koga is skilled enough to keep up with the quicker woman's speed with his own weapon at the moment. Perhaps it is the enhancement from his armor, perhaps not. Still it is obvious that Koga is showing his skill as a combatant over it all, especially when it is obvious that Naesala is very much more skilled.

Bryce's shift quickly around the battlefield wanting to both keep track of the situation and to preserve it for memory. The approach of the zombie-like thug does not escape his attention. He lifts his left hand and sends a beam of psychic energy out. It moves much faster than it has in the past thanks to his training here at the school. The ribbon of energy moves high overhead and forms into a disc nearly 3 feet across. Off of this disc, large segmented claws come out until he has made his jumbo-sized though still familiar arcade claw. He slams this claw down so that it encompasses the thug trying to cut off his movement without injury. He announces, "I can, uh, make it hold more than, well, one .. if needed."

Inferno and AfterThought move forward , one shadow, one lava. They help with what they can as they.

Neither of the speedsters are seen for the moment.

Poor park ranger guy. It's going to take months and maybe a surgery or two to get his hand in working order again. Punching Felicia is pretty much the same as punching a cinder block wall. Of course his lack of speed in the punch may decrease the damage a bit. Having a good grip on the Ranger its on to phase two and three. Which involves some shrinking, some growing and a small plexiglass cage for the Park Ranger to go into before the caged park ranger is shoved unceremoniously into her jacket pocket. No worries, the cage has air holes, though it might get a bit stuffy in her pocket.

Naesala is haughty; she won't share a battlefield with puppets. Puzzled golden eyes note Koga's armor while sabers criss-cross to catch one pass of the spear. About to strike, Naesala's heel slides in a patch of snow… this loss of a few seconds' worth of dexterity may indeed turn the tables against her ability to withstand Koga.

The thug is restrained, his fiercely tattooed face scrunching up angrily.. oddly: he does not (cannot) make a sound. He sways drunkenly; a half-assed struggle. But then, a few feet away from Bryce's right.. the cop awkwardly lifts his pistol and takes aim at Bryce. Does not fire yet.. who will notice? Hopefully somebody does within the next half minute!

Callisto jogs along in the speedsters' wake. Hard to do though but she marks the streak (not footprints) in the snow. To Brier, "I am s—-" Her difficult admission is cut off as an intense pain riots through her head. She clutches at her temples and doubles over in the snow… her mother is close. And angry.

So angry that, in another cabin a few more yards away, reeking of black smoke (but oddly not ablaze), Malachite strikes Pulse down with her mind raze ability, rendering the female speedster unconscious from the agony of it all. Daxton, however, is engaged in a more unnerving manner. The sorceress fixes her blackest black eyes upon the boy.. and talks. Hm..

The park ranger is dealt with, meanwhile, in a very interesting way! Just when the guy is stumbling back, mouth open in a square of 'OOOWWW' as he lets his smashed hand drop, he's shrunken down and caged and shoved into the detention queen's pocket.

Suddenly, any mentalist / telepaths (Bryce? AfterThought?) just might pick up on a harried statement sent through by way of Callisto: «A few cabins down! I feel her! She's just further along!»

they run, Brier is looking around to try and make sure the others are doing alright. There was so much going on! The hippie definitely wasn't used to this kind of setting, but he does manage to glance behind them and catch sight of the cop raising his pistol. Aiming it towards…"Bryce look out!" Without hesitation, he turns to face that direction, raising a hand as a path of shadow coming from nearby the cop would reach out and grab the man. It wasn't done with enough force to seriously injure him, but the shadows coil upward around the man's arms and legs, snaking along his one arm to encase the hand and pistol within it. Man and all are then jerked backwards by the shadow to fall to the ground behind, where the shadows then release him. Because another thing catches Brier's attention…Callisto's yell of pain.

"Calli!" As his friend doubles over, Brier stands beside her, moving to support her with an arm on either side. "Talk to me…what is it?" He feels helpless, not seeing anything physically attacking her…but seeing it seemed to be more mental. "Concentrate, Calli." Her mother. She had mental attacks. "Focus on me. Listen. That is whole. This is whole. The whole arises from the whole. Having taken from the whole, only the whole remains." Sure it was his mantra for meditation, but she would no doubt be familiar with it enough for the words to hopefully resonate. He just starts repeating it, keeping Calli supported and speaking the mantra in a low tone beside her.

Koga's own stance is rather solid as opposed to the nimbleness of Naesala, but he is isn't about to let an opportunity like that slip. At least until he remembers the mention of kin. Instead of going for a killing blow, Koga swings the unbladed end of the spear around to try to take Naesala's feet from her as he spins and attempts to put the blade of the spear at her neck or chest rather than anything else. The teen in the armor is obviously breathing hard, too.

"Are you related to Callisto?" Koga asks, being wary and keeping an eye on the swords as well as her either way even if his attempt to trip her does not work. His gaze stays mostly on Naesala's face out of respect, but his armor does not look kind at all. The armor even growls it seems at her. "Are you under her mother's control? Answer me." The armored form seems to be more than armor at least, and he seems skilled to at least avoid her blades but this? He looks hesitant to kill at the moment, and wary.

Bryce changes the shape of his claw to be more restrictive on the thug and begins to push him downwards. That is when he hears the warning yell of Brier. Turning his head swiftly, he stares at the gun. As the shadows start to roll over the cop, Bryce causes his under armor to swell upwards over his entire face leaving him with better coverage in case another such threat emerges. Hearing the telepathic call and the announcement that others are under some sort of psychic hold, Bryce holds up his right hand and projects a psychic blast in the direction of their foes. Callisto's cry of pain reaches his ears though he isn't sure what he can do for her. He doesn't know if his psychic energy can protect her or not and isn't sure if a battlefield is the time to experiment on such things.

Daxton's grapples with Mother Dearest, bringing him closer to the woman. Whatever their conversation is , it seems to be heated on his end, but cool on hers.

Inferno is melting the snow as he books towards where the speedsters are while Afterthought uses their tentacles to help secure any humans.

With the three humans incapacitated for the moment, Felicia hurries over to see is Koga needs an assist "If you can't do it at least knock her out." she tells him "K.O." she then says in deep voice, Mortal Kombat fashion. After giving that bit of sage advice to the Athenian she continues on her way to go help Dax take on Callisto's mom.

Flop! The spear poised at her throat, Naesala glares up at Koga. Her lips begin to move in a vitriolic oath.. not in English! Like parseltongue! At the mention of Callisto, Naesala is further enraged. "Cur! Scourge! Bastard!" She spits, "Die! She dies!" Screamed then and without even a thought for her own safety, one arm swings forth and attempts to slam the edge of a sabre blade into the side of Koga's knee. She does so with savagery, wanting to do as much damage as possible.. if it hits!

Then, before the cop can shoot, Brier's shadows intervene. Pulled forth from the dwindling patches of darkness cast forth in the setting sun, the shadows respond. The gun is clenched in his hand and the round is fired off harmlessly into the sky. The thug, still caught in Bryce's claw, jolts at the sound.

It is indeed up to Bryce, Koga and Cid to keep the 'puppets' and Naesala from interfering. Because though controlled they (the puppets at least) are people: the ranger and cop are family men; the thug? Hey, he has an iguana that he loves dearly but shh, don't tell.

Callisto breathes as the pain scorches through her head. Brier's voice pierces through the din and she clutches the blonde boy's wrist, standing. "J-just ahead.. she might have…" She exhales, begins to jog toward the cabin from which black smoke (not borne of fire) snakes out of the windows. Callisto thrusts herself into the space where she can feel that pull. There in the messy, musty space, she sees the downed Pulse and her mother.. close to seven feet tall, in a diaphranous black gown with a head of nimbus-like white hair, hovering over Daxton, whispering a word into the speedster's ear. A single word. Black eyes lift to meet Callisto's.

Right when Felicia makes to approach the cabin, before the whispered word concludes on Malachite's lips.. the smokey shadows expand suddenly, and blow the walls and roof of the cabin outwards, sending pieces of wood and shrapnel careening across the ground and revealing both herself in her towering glory.. and Daxton, clenched by the throat in her hand. All are now visible.. but watch out for flying wood!

The single word is whispered into Daxton's ear.

Brier listens to Callisto's words, not really sure what she's trying to say but following after her all the same. He follows after her and as they enter the cabin, the blonde teen takes in everything there before them. Pulse is down…Calli's mom…close to Daxton. He looks around at all of the…smokey shadow? These were…different shadows. His brow furrows and by the time he's turning to look back at Malachite, he sees her towering form and…everything gets blasted back. Him included. Since he and Calli were near the center of the blast, and because he didn't have enough reaction to get up any kind of barrier, the hippie is sent tumbling backwards in the blast amongst various debris!

Koga was not expecting her to be well… so uncaring for her life it seems. And the strike to his knee comes with his spear almost out of position. He quickly shifts his weapon to deflect the saber with a resounding clang as the two meet. Koga actually whistles a bit. He moves to put the spear blade back at her neck one handed, the shaft laying across his arm as he glares. Even through the armor, that is obvious.

"You can speak some English. I do not know if it is just words you have picked up. I do not care. Listen closely woman. I am a Cloth Brave. I do not know what you would call us. We exist to fight those like your mother that prey on others from the shadows. I am giving you a chance instead of killing you because Callisto is at least an acquaintance if not a friend." Koga states in that odd, metallic echo of his armored form.

"I will ask one last time." Koga's voice is firm, loud, and clear despite the echo. "Do you do this of your own free will, or at her orders?" His free hand is meanwhile starting to weave a spell since he has the advantage. Koga is not above using his magic in combat, and he is definitely about to do something to her if she does not answer from the looks.

As soon as the explosion happens, Bryce lifts his right hand straight up in the air. A bubble of psychic energy grows out from around him and quickly encircles a large area around him creating a physical barrier. He hopes it is time to prevent the damage to himself, the team, but also those under thrall. He doesn't know if he can stand up toe to toe, or mind to mind in this case, with a dark fae, but perhaps he can be a defensive shield for those who need it.

It's only one word, but that seems to be one powerful word. Daxton stops struggling, his blue eyes wide underneath the goggles. The cabin blow out doesn't seem to have registered with him, nor does his fallen companion or any of the people around.

The wood pieces burns they hit Inferno, "Tempo! Pulse!"

Pulse lays on the ground.

Afterthought's eyes go black, anger, worry and fear isn't a good combination for the mentalist. Outloud and in everyone's head, "Now everyone!" Gas mask and googles people!

The cabin exploding doesn't phase Felicia in the slightest, the flying debris and the speed slices at her clothing but the actual peices do little damage to the invulnerable teen titan. If there was a loud noise along with it she may have some serious ear ringing and temporary deafness, but that's the worst of it. Brushing some debris off her shoulder in a faux exasperated fashion she steps forward to confront the Fae "So we are doing this the hard way." she shrugs "Suit yourself." she pulls the googles and mask down and gets ready to spring into action once hell breaks loose. This hasn't been hell so far?

All that's left is a splintered floor and Malachite, lifting her eyes toward the many assembled. One half of her face is beauteous. The other? The tapered ear on the right side of her head is gone; carved off from an earlier altercation. The scar etches it's way, grayish-pink, down from that ruined ear to the corner of her mouth.

As the force of Bryce's barrier keeps even the smallest pieces of wood from reaching their farther-off position, Naesala seems empowered by the appearance of her mother. Golden eyes, dark with fury, bore into Koga following his statement. "I do not care what you are. Damn you and your Cloth! Meddling cur! I act of my own volition! Now get out of my way!" Said even as the glow of Koga's magic illuminates her features. Then.. a call is given. The townies, released, tumble down into unconsciousness. Hopefully folks are putting on their gear! Something is detonated, a sort of bomb created by some cunning think-tanks… and over a huge perimeter of the campgrounds a fine 'dust' is cast. it settles everywhere. Into clothing, onto skin. Harmless to those who are not fey. Raw iron dust.

Naesala beings to convulse and heave beneath Koga's spear. Malachite? With an enraged howl, she doubles over and starts to struggle. Just when she was about to try to raze 'em all with waking nightmares! Something so simple.. so simple… leaves her the most vulnerable that she has ever been. She stumbles forth, clutching her throat.

Callisto, geared up and curled up into a ball amidst the debris, stares hard at Daxton from behind the goggles. She starts feeling for something at her hip but the dust is still too thick.

Brier sits up, shaking his head clear of the ringing just in time to hear the call to arms! Or…to masks! Pulling his mask and goggles down into place, it's just in time as the weapons is set off. Still close enough to Callisto, he crawls on hands and knees until he comes to her, patting her leg and speaking from behind his mask. "I can grab Daxton…get him away from her…are you okay to move?" With the night time settling in the blonde could feel it…he couldn't use the shadows anymore, but he could still try and help! The dust was thick, but he was ready to move at her word.

Well, Koga at least heard that. Growling, Koga hears the call and quickly finishes the spell. One to both bind and slightly protect Naesala from whatever was planned. But mostly to keep her down as he literally drops a barrier on the fae woman he has been fighting. A barrier that probably feels like a lot of weight to her in a small dome.

Then he drops his transformation to put the mask and goggles on quickly as he looks at the woman. "You know… I could let whatever this is just get to you. But… seeing that woman over there? I think it is better to see if maybe you will change whenever she is gone." Koga says towards Naesala. Then he starts to weave another barrier quickly to clear the dust from where he and Naesala are, pushing it away with his magic so he can hopefully see and make sure that despite it all the woman lives. Maybe.

Daxton is still, almost swaying. That is until Brier touches him. And then he's a blur as he brings his foot down sharply on the Promethean. A round crack can hear as some bone breaks and then just as suddenly, Tempo is gone, leaving a trail of melting snow and iron dust.

Inferno starts to heave a very large balls of lava that's dripping from his hands at the doubled over target.

AfterThought rushes to the fallen Pulse, who was unconscious and couldn't place her mask on.

Bryce already has the goggles and the gas mask on; however, the no-longer enthralled have no such protection. Bryce has never attempted this type of maneuver though it shouldn't be that much different than what he has already done. He gathers the base of the protective done around him, the thug and the cop. With this in place, he starts to lift it off the ground just like his flying carpet technique. He used it to carry others with a covering when they were trying to rescue Daxton so this should be similar to that.

Felicia was ready for something, she thought it was going to be taking Malachite down, but it seems that she is going to be taking Dax down instead. Especially since stomping on your team mate, even a temporary one, and trying to run off is in bad form and smacks of mind control. So last thing she or anyone else wants is for him to get far. Have the team prepared for such an instance? What to do when or of one of them suddenly goes rogue. Well the teen titan has, its hard to run fast when you are flat on your back so she pulls out a page from the wrestling book out goes an arm directly in Dax's path. And remember she is still in cinderblock wall mode. He'll probably at least get the wind knocked out of him.

Brier had gone ahead to Daxton, after making sure Calli was alright…knowing she'd want to make sure he was taken care of. He had managed to crawl over to Dax, feeling his way through the dust and going based on shape. The smaller shape. Avoid the big doubled over shape of death. That shape was bad. So he crawled to Daxton… or at least he tried. Things move faster than Brier can process, both from the dust and also because speedster! One second he's grabbing at the speedster's leg to try and help get him to safety. The next…there's a loud crunch. His senses swim, but he's pretty sure he hears someone screaming. Well that's not good!

Oh wait…that's him! As his senses come back to reality, Brier's yell of pain finishes out "OOOOOOWWwWWWwwwwww!" He's on his knees, one hand up towards his shoulder. The eventual diagnosis? Broken collar bone. The normally relaxed and positive hippie stays down on his knees, doubled over and trying to both breath and not throw up. "Ow…ow ow…owwwwww…ow ow…owwwww." Yeah. He did not handle pain well.

Koga valiantly produces a barrier to save Naesala from suffering, but she does not simper at this show of mercy. While the Cloth warrior speaks of 'better paths', Naesala shakily pushes to her feet. Blood and bile trickles from her mouth + nostrils, and she shoves Koga out of her way. Naesala begins to pelt her way unsteadily across the snowy ground.. but it's headward into more of the dust that is dangerous, even as it settles. She can be heard collapsing.. and moving no more. Alive? Dead? Karma for giving zero effs about her dying mother and running!

Malachite isn't so lucky. As the iron cloys her lungs and face, she cannot avoid Inferno's fiery wrath. Wham! WHAM! Her slender body twists to the side, the flames take her. The flames and iron. One massive ball of lava catches her in the throat and the results aren't pretty… Malachite, before she could cause real turmoil, collapses into a heap. Black eyes sear in the direction of the daughter who hasn't fled, before she's engulfed in a rush of fire and inky black smoke. No marshmallows being roasted here! Happy off-season camping!

Callisto, the hippie hollar, crawls over in Brier's direction. She does not quite know how to feel yet. Daxton just… broke. MAlachire is dead. She can //feel/ something heavy departing her mind but it's not enough. She sees Felicia intercepting the speedster, feels a great wrenching of something in her chest.. but all she can do is, still in shock, move to collect Brier and help get him away from the wreckage. It will all sink in soon. Oh, it will sink in.

Getting shoved even as he tries to clear out the dust, Koga turns at the last minute as the shove causes his spell to fail. And he stares in the direction Naesala went. "Why?" He asks, falling to his knees as he shakes his head. Sitting there in the midst of the dust and the wreckage, Koga shakes his head at the fact that she ran. He finally moves after a few moments and starts towards that way since the dust is settling it seems. His intent is to see if she is okay, but he isn't sure if he should check.

Once he reaches the apparent body, Koga reaches to check for a pulse. Basic first aid… and technically field tactics. He's unarmored now, though, and not even remotely combat ready at seeing someone apparently go for what he is guessing is some sort of poison or dangerous dust or something that was used for this. That just has him shocked to say the least.

Indeed, the Speedster is going to have a very large arm shaped bruise across his chest. Down Daxton goes, air rushing out of his lungs painfully. That stops him from running, but he's also been trained for this type of thing, unfortunately. Several years ago, but that training, but like the trigger word, it's very clear. He rolls away, trying to get distance between him and this brick. He struggles for breath, but the clothesline and the dust in the air make it difficult.

"Inferno," Felicia calls out to the team leader "Tempo," she rarely calls him that, but he is always just Dax to her, but at the moment that isn't the case "is compromised." She hopes he didn't break any ribs, she'll never hear the end of that and will probably have to treat him to burgers for a month! Not wanting him to get away, and hoping she can stall Dax long enough for Inferno or one of the others to give a hand, she holds her hands out in that universal gesture of 'it's okay, not gonna hurt you' as she takes a few steps toward him she makes a grap for him….and misses. Guess he gets to remain Dax sized for a little while longer.

Brier moves out of the way of any kind of showdown as Calli comes to his aid. They stay over there, her tending to his injury the best as she can until the get back to the school. Right now, neither of them stand much of a chance against a compromise Dax anyways…as Brier has already proven.

Large blue eyes under the goggles dart awards Inferno and then back as this….person calls his name. But then there's lunging and he knows that the rest of Unit 23 has been compromised! His orders are clear. He turns and runs through the snow and iron dust and fading fey bodies. If Pulse were up she could keep up, but she's still unconcious and there's no one else that is fast enough. He's gone to wherever activated Unit Members go.

Surely that will be a discussion for in the morning.

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