(2019-02-04) Container or Gateway
Container or Gateway
Summary: The Egyptian government has each out to Besa for help, he brings a Team with him.
Date: 2019-02-04
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NPCs: Agent Haddad, General Wasem
Scene Runner: Besa

After gathering the group, consisting of Besa, Rain, Ashton, and Koga, the students were flown to Egypt after Friday classes. They would have been greeted at the airport by some government people and military people. General Wasem would keep things very formal, but Agent Haddad would take the students out or a traditional Egyptian meal and then some light sight seeing before the retired for the night.

Saturday would be the day they would be lead to the object. It's explained to the students that this was discovered some time ago, but all objects that can not be cataloged immediately as to what/where/when/ and why, are considered high risk. Something clearly has happened in the past with found artifacts.

Best seems excited to help, although there's a nervousness about him. It may be because Cocao did nto come with. Ashton (Who I have permission to use) stays quite, but watchful.

Koga had tagged along because well… it was Egypt. And he had never been. PLUS it was giving him a new location or two he could memorize for future travel plans. The only problem in his mind was that it was taking away from his research. Anyone in the flight would have noticed that he was researching, of all things, Valentine's Day.

Seriously, the Japanese mystic is researching the American Valentine's Day. He's terrible at hiding things like that.

And by the time they get done sight seeing, Koga at least has a good impression or two that he's willing to try to portal from the hotel room to one of them just in case to handle travel if it's not too much out of the way, too!

With all that handled and now near the object, Koga hums as he looks at it, then at the agent. "So… what exactly do you need help with in regards to it?" He asks politely. Not to mention he's in summer wear. In the middle of winter. Which amounts to khaki pants, white shirt, a nice and loose jacket for him.

Well color Rain surprised. First class cabins! She was worried she would have to fly coach! Having never flown in a commercial plane before she was understandably worried. She had heard some horror stories. It's not a private plane like she is used to, but she was at least comfortable through the flight.

Having been to Egypt before she at least is somewhat familiar with the food, at unless its Italian isn't particularly picky, as long as its good food. Thankfully the weather is a lot warmer in Egypt so she has changed her winter clothes to summer, a flowy summer dress, gladiator sandals and wide floopy hat. "Are we going to have to sign some agreement stating that we will keep our mouth shut about what we see else we get our proverbial pants sued off?" not that any agreement is legally binding, since they are all minors.

Agent Haddad will show them all the artifact. It's the size of a coffee table and it has very old runes carved into it….and other, less readable things. There does seem to be a lid, but it's not been opened. In fact, it doesn't look like anyone has touched this in decades. She'll tell Rain, "No. We're going to trust Besa's judgement in who he brought with him." Also, who ar they going to tell? "And your school is aware of the …delicate situation. I believe The HEadMaster said that this would affect your grades?" Grades might be a better threat than suing, anyway.

Besa will answer Koga, "It is magic, yes?" Apparently he thinks it is? "It is very old. As old as I perhaps. They do not have the knowledge that I do regarding such things. It is why I ask you and Ashton to come as well." He scoots a little closer to eye the large object, but he warns, "Do not touch it incase it is cursed."

Koga looks at the thing, frowning as he moves around it carefully without touching. "It does have a lot of runes. Was it moved from this location, or simply stayed here the entire time?"

Koga raises a hand to shield his eyes as they slightly glow in his attempt to look over the table for any mystical energies. He seriously needs to work on his senses outside of his transformed state, but that is one hard thing to train after all!

The teen nods at the reply from Haddid "It looks like a mini sarchophagus to me." Rain has less magic than a rock but is decently knowledgeable about the principles and history of various magics. Eyptian magics though is a bit out of her depth "This isn't going to melt our faces if we open it is it?" she's seen Raiders of the Lost Ark, and to her this thing looks vaguely ark like.

The Agent will tell them, "It was moved, but that was decades ago. We've been searching for someone to help us translate it. There was a an incident that as recorded maybe….70 years ago of something similar…but all the details are lost in a fire…" The agent has seen Raiders so she just replies, "We don't know, that's why we're not opening it till Best gives an all clear."

Ashton does something similar to Koga, although he's frowning and not looking happy about it. There's something….unsettlingly familiar about this, but he can't put his finger on it.

Besa though, instead of studying the magic, looks deep within himself for any memory of such things. He too frowns and then tilts his head, perfect hair flopping to the side as his eyes get that glassy look they do when he's in the past. In Coptic, "That is…old…I remember something..similar…somewhere"

"Um… I recommend we do not open it. Ashton? This feels like your magic, but… different. Subtle. Not to mention traces of… well, evil? Intent that is not nice at all." Koga states.

He seems to be considering, "If we are, I recommend we be prepared. All of us. I think it is a container…" That brings Koga to a pause as if considering. "… evil, container…" He peers at it, then face palms. "If Bandora comes out of this, I will simply zap her." He comments.

Then he grumbles a bit as he steps away back towards the others. "I swear this is like a bad sentai plot from the early days. Someone is going to accidently or purposefully open it, release some evil thing, and we have to stop it."

"That isn't very comforting." Rain tells Haddid frankly. She is well aware that it wasn't meant to be too. "How old Besa?" she responds to his Coptic in English. At least Koga can get what Besa said via context that way. "Is it related to Alraxmargoth'ha or Sobek?" she looks from Besa to the container warily then glances around the room for anything she could use as a weapon. She didn't bring her swords and she doubts her truncheons, tucked into her bag would be useful against a possibly demonic creature.

Ashton inhales sharply, but agrees, "That's exactly what it feels like."

Besa's nose twitches and he folds his arms around himself. He's back to speaking English, "I think it is." A container. "That is Alraxmargoth'ha's name…" He points to one of the demon glyphs. "I….I can nor tell if this is holding one of his children or…" Thin fingers lift and he pinches the bridge of his nose, "Or if it is a gateway." There is a very quick nod to everyone three though, "I agree, we should not open it!" He has no idea what the other thing Koga is talking abut, Sentai? "I have seen such things in Alraxmargoth'ha's realm, boxes and tablets…. " His hand drops and starts to reach for the glyph, but he stops himself. "I wish it were Sobek."

The Agent sigh, almost like she was aware it could have been the demon's. "Well….damn. Alright. What do we do with it?" That's directed to Besa, but he gives a quick glance to the others to see if they have any opinions.

Koga blinks a few times. "Huh… maybe a demonic servant of some kind?" He seems to consider, then shakes his head. "I can not tell if the seal is fading or not. Has there been any strange activities recently? People seeing things, hearing things, or well… doing things unusual?" He seems to consider.

"My other worry is that trying to move it could open it as well, and we do not want to rebury it as it is better left known than unknown with something like this." He states as well.

"Well if it is holding a door to his dimension we should be able to close it…given time to do the research at least." that isn't something you just go into blindly. Rain isn't an idiot. There is a nod at what Koga says "Not to mention burying it could mean someone much less cautious has a chance of finding it, even if it is protected." if movies have taught us anything its that powerful, evil stuff always fall into the wrong hands at some point. She would rather not have that happen in her lifetime. "We should figure out a way to destroy whatever it is and what's inside it if necessary."

The woman agrees with at least some of what is said, "no, we're not going to move it until we hav a plan of attack, and we're certainly not going to rebury it for someone else to find."

Ashton goes quiet, not liking this at all.

Best chews on his lower lip, dark eyes on the glyph that says his tormentor's name. "I…I need to think on this. But…something will need to be done, eventually. It should be …destroyed." He doesn't sound so certain of that though. Finally he looks away towards Rain and offers a timid smile, "…Yes. I think….research and meditation are what is needed next."

Koga looks considerate. "I agree. In the mean time, I can put up a barrier in my transformed state? Make it as strong as I can and leave it to prevent people from getting in close." He nods at the thing. "We probably should at least setup some guards as well." He considers before he looks at the agent. "How far out is guarded at the moment? That could give me a good area to try to setup the barrier if it is agreeable. I do not think any of us want some sort of demon running around."

Koga considers, then looks to the others. "Should I try to tie it into some sort of alarm to warn all of us as well just in case something happens?"

Rain pulls out her phone and looks over to Haddid "You don't mind if I take pictures do you?" the magic side of her family isn't all that far away from Egpyt, if they need to, they can always consult an aunt or cousin if necessary. If not the pictures will need to be referenced for the research they have to do anyways. As far as magical barriers and wards, she leaves that up to the magic people. She's just here in case things go sideways.

The Agents nods in agree meant to the magical barrier, but then says, "We have this location well guarded. They do not come into the room, but we have video survalence." She'll point out the cameras. "If it will help you figure this out, photo away."

Besa then will nod, "Yes, Koga. I think as long as it tells you, you can alert us, yes?" After a long moment he'll reach over and tug on Ashton's sleeve, they have soem talking to do. But not here. Just incase this is a ….doorway. Things can be heard through doorways. "Let us go and have dinner and we can talk more, yes?"

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