(2019-02-01) One Chance
One Chance
Summary: Partial dreamscene; Callisto and Daxton attempt to suss out Malachite's physical location.
Date: 2019-02-01
Related: Executing plans made in this log.
NPCs: Inferno, AfterThought, Pulse, Malachite
Scene Runner: NA

Entry Way, Winbarry Estate
Fri Feb 01, 2019

Clean and spacious, the entrance foyer has a large staircase (Leading up) and many doors that lead off to all different directions of the house. The corner behind the door as a large cabinet with hooks for hats and jackets. Most of the jackets hanging are camo with Unit 23 patches on them. There's an oil painting on the wall, Bob Ross style, the frame slightly dinged up. The floors have been cleaned, but the repeated steps from speedsters in the house have spiderwebs cracks all over.

It is a winter night. The weather is cold and overcast.


Daxton stayed up late. Well, sorta. He's had a hard time falling asleep lately. The new plan is set, but who knows when, and he's nervous. Not that he's told anyone, but how could he not be? So after a very late and long run he's finally crawling into bed. His phone is thrown on the pillow next to his head and his arm goes up and over his eyes, leaving his wind up watch near his ear.

Prior to all of this being cleared, Callisto will have promised to Daxton that she would be right there with him. Oh.. Callisto will have balked and begged and pleaded for Daxton to NOT offer up his mind as a lure for the bitch to come out of hiding. Malachite knows well that to hurt Daxton is to hurt Callisto. But 'lo and behold it was given the green.

So here we are, in the present… Daxton is trying to will himself into slumber. Callisto is there, without classes to deal with the next day and therefore free to be there without a curfew. Her slender body rests just alongside Daxton's but she does not touch him extensively in a manner that would make concentrating difficult. Cerulean eyes study his profile, watching and waiting to see if he will ease off into slumber on his own. Despite herself one hand will reach out, and just stroke his forearm soothingly. She listens for breath. If he needs help, she will offer it.

Well, concentrating to go to sleep is basically th opposite of sleeping. But eventually he drifts off. His breathing slows and his had turns towards her, that ever present ticking from the watch in his ear.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Success.

The fey girl is relieved that she needn't use her psychic abilities to push the boy into slumber. It just doesn't feel right. So when Daxton's breathing eases and deepens and he's off on his way, Callisto's brow furrows. She lies there in the dark for a few minutes, heart pounding away. She is not relaxed. She needs to be. She rests her head into the junction of his neck and shoulder and lies there for another minute more, eyes roving the bedroom. She's dressed simply: a respectful cotton gown, hair braided back. A hand lifts to clutch the gorgon head pendant that rests at her collarbones and finally, her eyes close. She meditates. Callisto doesn't truly sleep but rather, she focuses her mental energies onto the sleeping psyche of Daxton. His proximity is a huge bonus. Her nerves make gaining entry to his subconscious harder, but she eventually gets there. Let's see what sort of dreamplain awaits both herself.. and her sweet, snuggly mother.

Calli's physical proximity seems to ease Dax more, he snuggles into her, inhaling deeply the scent of her shampoo. It's a comforting smell, clean, fresh. He's running, the wind rushing past him. There's a peace about him that's not normally there.

No more nervousness.. must focus. She finds her mental foothold and once 'tuned in', Callisto's body relaxes much as if she herself were in slumber. The pendant rests between her body and Daxton's; she uses his form to press the protective jewel as close as possible to her being. Now more than ever she needs it's power.

But there's wind, here.. she can feel it in dreaming, and it is Callisto's job to not interfere. Not do a damned thing to announce herself. It is here where she has hope of keeping up without Daxton without him actually carrying her, and her dream likeness floats along effortlessly as the boy runs. Waits. Feels.

The peace, the enjoyment of the dream… it's noticed. It's as if she was waiting. The rushing wind begins to take on a smell… acrid and unpleasant. It tingles on the skin, like the irritation from a chemical cleaner or the like. Darkness trembles at the edges.

Daxton frowns, his running swing as he tries to figure out what happened to the perfect weather. His hair is longer, bangs flopping with each step. He looks younger in the dream, less stressed. Gravel skids around his sneakers as he comes to a stop.

The dream!gravel even behaves differently. Instead of flying along and pattering away like good old gravel should, it seems to 'float'… it descends slowly and stops altogether. Hovers. The wind stops too and is replaced by a brackish, hanging 'gloom' of terrible smells. It's as if all movement is being denied and in the backdrop? Ticking. Could it be the boy's watch intruding into his dreams? Or another method of fucking with him, in dreaming?

Callisto can only watch. IT's instinct to want to pull him out of this but her mother needs to 'appear'. It is with alarming ease that Malachite enters sleeping minds.

"Where is she?" Grates a familiar voice across Daxton's messed-up dream. Sounds like her; Malachite DOES have an extremely pleasant voice when she is pleased. But this here is rife with anger.. strain. The quivering darkness begins to gather into a form.

Time is weird. Things behave weird when he's in-between moments, so the gravel just gets a look. He takes on a defensive posture, fist son and a strong stance. Not that ti will help actually, but it's been beaten into him during his training. Blue eyes narrow as he searches and then finds the location of the voice. She's…darkness. Of course she's darkness. Dream Daxton has a movement of who the hell is this before everything clicks into place. "Oh…I'd answer you, but I don't think you'd be able to hear me correctly." Is he trying to get her to kill him? The vibrating has already started, both dream and real world. Poor Callisto may be eventually find herself on the floor.

Oh ka-POW! WE saw what you did there Daxton. Anyway, the whole dreamscape quivers with the intruding faerie's anger. She doesn't do much else to augment the scenery, why waste her energy on tricks? Malachite has found Daxton's subconsciousness and now that she has his attention, she wishes to keep it. The jab wasn't lost on her and with one further 'lurching' of the dark mass, she manifests.

Oridove downplayed on what she had done to her mother. So grievous a wound, dealt with raw iron, did not permit Mommy Dearest the full healing, back into her normal self. She stands tall and thin, her black gowns forming a haze where her feet cannot be seen. White hair flails and quivers around her sleek head. One half of her face is beauteous, the skin alabaster; the other half? What was a previously tapered ear has been roughly shorn off and the scar (a garish pinkish-gray), extends downwards from the ruined hole, down into her cheekbone and tapers off like calligraphy at the corner of her mouth. No wonder she tried to rip Ori's guts out.

"Give up the whelp, she needs to die. I need to move on and they all need to be disposed of. You're fighting a useless battle." She bites out in her Northern accent, beginning to float forth. "If you concede, you will be rewarded." What? How? Her black eyes glitter provocatively. "I can return to you someone whose loss affected you awfully." Lies? Truth? She sure can look and sound convincing.

Daxton whistles in appreciation at the scar. He's impressed, and that's almost a compliment from the soldier. Almost. "Gosh. That sounds convincing. A useless fight. Geez." A small smirk actually tugs at the corner of his mouth, "I was gonna say the same thing to you, but since you beat me to it, I guess I'll just take pleasure in the fact you look like a weird cosplay of phantom of the opera." Is he purposefully saying things she won't fully understand? Maybe… Bright blue eyes narrow and he tenses up slightly, he knows there's not rewards here. "You have nothing to offer me."

There's a thunderous look to her features… and the scarring only intensifies the maliciousness. She didn't want to resort to pain but she just might. Daxton doesn't bite or take her seriously, but no matter. She smiles then, lips twitching. "Oh, but I could if you simply just let this be. Can you not see how much better it would be for you if you were to not mix with the fey?" She's trying a different tact… logic. Malachite did not offer the gift of 'reason' to the other mortals she killed off when they got too close to her issue. Maybe there is indeed a part of Daxton that scares her some. She hasn't dealt with speedsters until this jerk came around.

"The girl whom you lost? Pretty one with the dark eyes? I could help you find her.. to find out why…" Eyes flash. "You could say. your. piece." Oooh.. poking the wound! Bitch!

Callisto, still floating there (miraculous with how he's vibrating in the waking world), feels her guts drop into anger. Oh God. No. Focus! Focus!

"That's one of my flaws though. I just can't ever seem to let things be." He wets his lips, any of the youth he had while running is long gone. He looks every bit as old as he is, if not more. And tired. And on edge. "To be fair, mixing with the fey sounds like a fantastic drink." And then he smirks, "And you guys are such good lays." Yikes, sorry, Calli! As soon as he realizes what exactly is being offered, there's a blur as he vibrates hard. He wasn't expecting that emotional punch, "Y-you don't know where she is."

She stares hard at him the whole while he talks shit at her. Not even a smirk at the great lay comment.. it's what they do best. "Of course you cannot let things be. We are here again. You will have not had to be here if you could have let it be. But.." She floats forth… walks? Floats? Can't tell with how that dress ripples and moves like. She could be doing the damned can-can under there and nobody would know. Malachite gets closer, black eyes flickering like coal in a hearth. "I can search. Find her mind as I would a a jewel. I can do this." Now this is of course fated to be a failure due to reasons (since the player is gone) but how can Daxton know this? Malachite speaks gently.. God, she has a fine voice when she's using it in such a fashion. But she bears down upon the stricken boy — she found the sweet spot for hurting him — and watches his face. Doesn't touch him, but focuses only upon him. Speaks solely to him. "Would you not like that? How long have you been waiting for the chance to ask why and say how it hurt you." Malachite knows, she toyed with the memories.

Callisto readies herself, even with the chest full of lashing snakes, she's so angry with that damnable bitch mother. Now's her chance.

Daxton perceives times so differently, even in dreams. It's a very long moment where the possibility of finding Becca is right in front of him. "You….you won't do that. Isn't that like…against your code of ethics or something?" To help someone? To be nice? "Won't you , like….explode or something?" Suddenly he's looking smaller than the fey queen, blue eyes wide as he looks at her, the ticking of the watch loud as it echoes across his dreamscape.


Callisto spends 1 luck points on Getting into Mommy Dearest's mind!.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic+50: Amazing Success.

Damn this Light fey blood. Were Callisto a full dark fey this jealousy wouldn't exist. She wouldn't give two shits about Daxton possibly still carrying a torch for that foolish girl who left him. Of course it takes two; something must have happened on both ends to cause this. Plus the subconscious mind is a tricky thing… one needn't even actively think of such feelings; they can still be there. If this 'Becca' were to come to him in waking, absolved of her guilt and apologetic and wanting him back? Would he go?

G'damnit jealousy doesn't make focusing easy.. but Callisto needs to focus. This is her only chance. THe pendant, a winking white light at her breastbone, keeps her unseen and unfelt by the malicious bitch who is swooping down on Daxton. Callisto knows that she will not find this girl, won't even waste her time. Callisto bears down and… takes the tricky steps needed to tap into her mother's mind while in dreaming. Complicated A.F. but holy crap.. she does it—

Malachite is unaware. She shakes her head slowly, "Nay, I could do it. I do it not out of like, foolish child, but merely to end all of this. I will not lie. I can give you this if you simply stand down.." She's close to him now, so close. Her hands lift as if to cup either side of his face, as if she's about to speak to him of something important. Oh noes, Dax! Back away! But she's so compelling! It's as if she can reach Becca!

Deep down, he knows he has to keep her talking, but it's hard to not run. Or give in to her request. So he stays still (sorta), vibrating where he is. He only hopes that Callisto has already gotten whatever info she could and that the Unit is on the way to decapitate this bitch. "I….I can't stand down." He's a good soldier boy, he's not been given the order by his commanding officer to. There, all the blame goes to Inferno! He looks her in the eyes, glad that Calli didn't inherit the dark eyes black orbs.

Nope, turns out Callisto has daddy's eyes. Whatever she sees in there could not have been good… but it was worth the risk. She fights her way back, still reeling. Malachite is none-the-wiser; she's still trying to mess with the boy. Daxton is there looking up all imploringly with his blue eyes, like a good little soldier toy, wanting so badly for her to come through on her offer. Stupid child. Malachite indeed has no intentions of seeking out Becca; it gave her the break she needed to make him pay attention. Her long fingers curl inwards.. Callisto recognizes the action. The pendant keeps her 'hidden' from Malachite but her voice still rings out into Daxton's dream. She screams it.

"Daxton! DAXTON! WAKE UP!" Callisto hollars, the edges of the dream rippling. Malachite flinches, aware of a disturbance.. but what? Who?

"She's going to HURT YOU! WAKE UP-" Callisto shrieks.. he will be able to hear her, if he isn't too focused upon Malachite.

<FS3> Callisto rolls 10: Good Success. (Rolling for Malachite's infliction of Mind Raze.)

<FS3> Daxton rolls Speed Phasing: Good Success.

Daxton's eyes widen, he hears Calli and that's enough to snap him out of whatever lull the Fey had him in. The speedster starts vibrating, almost violently, as his fist balls up and speeds towards her scarred up face. As fats as he is, she's in control of the dream. Hot pockets from no where seem to stab into every inch of his skin and the former Ares can't help it, a guttural scream erupts from his throat, in both the dream and his sleeping body. Lucky (?) for him, something about the pain and vibration triggers one of his powers and he's suddenly not on the bed, he's not even in his room. He's downstairs in the room underneath his gasping for air. Daxton has a massive headache as he lays there twitching from the memory. Is that what Inferno feels all the time?

Well, it woke him up. It happens in seconds, but his scream — in dreaming, in waking — lingers with Callisto for minutes after. She's laying there alone now, awake, in the boy's bed. Well, kinda… his vibrations shoved her off and if those didn't, his hasty departure did. She is not surprised though.. but he's awake. Awake and in pain again all due to her damned mother, this whole hateful predicament.

Callisto breathes deeply, swiftly… squeezes her eyes shut and calms herself. Oh, she knows where she is now. There's victory to be found in that… and given her mother's tendency to hide in dark places, she surely will not leave there immediately. The place suits her perfectly.

But the things that she saw. Oh, her mother's memories. She had to sift through some things to get to what she needed and seeing as how killing all of her issue — especially the partially Light ones — were at the forefront of her mind.. she saw..

The location is still fresh in her mind. Callisto pushes up to stand, shivering, and departs the speedster's bedroom.

Daxton stays where he is, laying on the floor, hands pressing down almost like he's making sure it's real. He only has moments, he knows, to get himself under control. Before Callisto can arrive, there's the unit speeding from various places in the Estate to reach him. They all recognize each others screams, unfortunately. When Cali finds them, Daxton's head is being cradled by AfterThought, while Inferno snarls at someone of the phone, "I don't care! Get me the clearance for it or just get it for me. We're not fucking around!" There's literal steam coming from the man. Pulse is pacing, but she's speedster pacing, so it's had to actually make out her expression.

The girl reaches the cluster of harried Unit members, but stands apart for a moment. Cannot, will not intrude. Daxton would throttle her for even thinking this but how can she not? Her fault. None of this would've happened had she not—

Oh, fuck sake.. not right now, Callisto. Her fists clench at her side; she looks all Galadriel'ish in that gown, hair slightly mussed but falling (braided) perfectly. Her color is high with fear and emotion as a multitude of things riot around in her head.

A deep, fierce breath through her nostrils. Once the din settles — ie. Inferno finishes making his orders — the girl offers firmly but carefully. "Cedar Island… that island.. w-with the campgrounds… close to the shore. She's there." Her fingers twitch, extend, relax. Pale eyes are locked with obvious worry upon the supine Daxton. She wishes to go to him; sure looks like it, but she doesn't know how to proceed through his teammates. It's not her turn.

Inferno growls into the phone, "Make it happen." Whatever it is, it's apparently important. He crouches down to look at Daxton. The speedster is trying (and failing ) to untangle himself from Afterthought's long limbs. "I…I'm alright. Just…a. headache…" A massive one.

Pulse stops pacing to glare at Callisto, seems the fey is not the only one to blame herself.

Inferno turns to look at Calli and nods at the info. "Alright. I'll call the school and get the teams set up for the mission then."

Cerulean eyes turn to look upon Pulse momentarily, feeling the other speedster's glare. Callisto however does not return any manner of a look that could pass as a challenge. But deep down she feels it's imperative that she appear confident, though inwardly she's shitting bricks. She mines from not the indifference and haughtiness of her dark side but rather, that open, firm sense of knowing that her recently-discovered 'light' side entails. Now that she's bore witness to how her mother killed her true father, saw his face (even in agony) she knows down that she resembles him. The reason as to why her skin isn't that bone-pale pallor like that of her mother's? Her sister's? Because it's the same as his.

Though she's straight-up writhing inside, the girl schools herself into looking focused. She turns to watch Daxton come to, her countenance breaking somewhat, before she turns to Inferno. A slow nod. "O-of course." She bows her head. "Is there anything I can get for Daxton?"

Afterthought answers for the entire Unit, "Water. Water would be good." Dax's hair is smoothed out in an almost parental motion.

Pulse's fist clenches, but then she's gone, possibly to go punch something.

Daxton turns his head slowly to look at Callisto, "You did it. We'll be bale to end it now." He sounds weirdly proud?

The fey girl watches Pulse leave… she's going to be a problem. But Callisto understands. She does not make to follow though had the female speedster so much as implied anything further, the mentalist was ready to pull her aside to talk. No no, really talk. For now though AfterThought's words pull her attention back and Callisto nods. "Definitely.." She pauses, watches the tender gesture. For a moment a lot of her unease is soothed. It would be Daxton's true end to be without this crew of people. They're as much his family as his teammates, surely.

About to turn on a heel, she pauses at Daxton's words, and turns to face him. Her expression softens completely. "We did it. It will all be over soon." He sounds proud? She now looks it. Near-soundlessly she makes for the kitchen.

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