(2019-01-23) Strategic Banana Bread
Strategic Banana Bread
Summary: Brier and Callisto finally bring the former's idea forth to hash out with Unit 23. It's time to kill a faerie b*tch.
Date: 2019-01-23
Related: Following events in this log.
NPCs: Oridove, AfterThought
Scene Runner: NA

Entry Way, Winbarry Estate
Wed Jan 23, 2019

Clean and spacious, the entrance foyer has a large staircase (Leading up) and many doors that lead off to all different directions of the house. The corner behind the door as a large cabinet with hooks for hats and jackets. Most of the jackets hanging are camo with Unit 23 patches on them. There's an oil painting on the wall, Bob Ross style, the frame slightly dinged up. The floors have been cleaned, but the repeated steps from speedsters in the house have spiderwebs cracks all over.

It is a winter evening. The weather is cold and snowing.



It's been a long week.. sure, for academic reasons. Callisto is one of many students dealing with the January doldrums. But as of late the GPA is the farthest thing from Callisto's mind, given what happened just at the beginning of the month. Every chance she could, if she wasn't visiting the mainland to see Daxton, she was doing so to check up on how Oridove had been faring. The elder dark fae had been found in the nick of time, her body having gone into a fey-version of septic shock as her system fought with the foreign object that was introduced very lovingly by Malachite. It had been Oridove — haughty, cocky, lone-wolf Oridove's — first ever brush with absolute death.

Since then the dark faerie had been taken into the protection of the Unit and the damage had been so severe that this present moment, in the final dregs of January.. she is still healing.

It is a crisp, cold, snowy Friday evening beyond the walls of the estate and Callisto makes her way toward the entry foyer, her face partially obscured by a scarf. She has a bag with her and she will have contacted Daxton well-in-advance of her visit… and that she was taking Brier with her. Even if she's dating one of it's members, Callisto doesn't just rudely show herself right inside. She will get as far as the entry foyer and wait to see if Daxton comes to collect them. She turns her white-haired head to look upon the hippy boy, "Thank you for coming. Truly."

There's the smell of something baking in the air, and imagine this, Daxton comes speeding from the kitchen with a rather thick slice of what appears to be a banana bread. "Hey!" So they're seen. He slows to stand next to Calli, although he's positioned himself with her between him and the kitchen. And then he'll cheekily grin and offer the bread for Calli to take a bite if she'd like. Brier will have to brave the kitchen himself if her wants one.

Brier was wearing green Sutra pants and a Baja style hoodie with shades of purple, grey and black knit through it. His long hair lays free, but secured under a woven blue beanie cap with a blue pom on top. As they walk, he looks over to Callisto and offers a smile and reassuring nod. "For sure! We're family…remember? If I can help…I wanna' help." As Daxton makes his appearance, the hippie grins and lifts a hand from the pocket of his hoodie in greeting. "Daxton! Sup!?" Ooo banana bread!

Sniff.. sniff. Callisto pauses, begins pulling the scarf down from her face and pushing her hair back and underneath the plush fabric. It's a soft bluish-gray woolen number, it compliments her coloration and matches the tights that she wears beneath the hem of the black pea coat that she favors for this weather. Melting snow glitters on her shoulders and sporadically in her lashes as she takes in the familiarity of the foyer. "Smells amazing in here…" She remarks softly, and then the appearance of Daxton bearing banana bread softens her anxious look. She smiles then, grateful to see him, leaning forth to take a bite of the bread and looking pleased. "AfterThought's?" Asked smoothly after she chews and swallows, easing forth next to steal a kiss. "Thank you for having us. T'is snowing out there… I wonder how heavily it shall fall overnight." The fey girl ponders. She looks tired, but also intent on getting more of that bread.

Daxton grunts as he nods, taking a quick bite before moving it back for Calli to taste. The rest of the slice is handed over to her (He must be twitterpated….Or that's his third slice), "Not much Brier. Got. Mission tomorrow, so no shenanigans for me tonight." Well, maybe a little bit.

Brier lets Callisto and Daxton catch up and exchange banana bread…and kisses. A grin comes to the blonde's features at Daxton's response, "Cool. No Shenanigans, got it. What about Tom Foolery though?" He jokes. Now that they are inside, he takes off his beanie cap, hair fuzzed a bit on top as he stashes it in the front pocket of his hoodie. A free hand then runs through his hair to smooth it out again.

He gave her his slice of banana bread!? Daxton must really like-like her! Dude! This is serious! Callisto accepts the piece almost reverently and eats it with care, though she will give a nice quarter of it to Brier as well. Hey, she shares! And Callisto generally eats like a bird…. frequent snacks through the day as opposed to large meals. She levels her pale gaze upon Daxton, studies him. "Take care tomorrow." Said firmly, her brow knitting. Though the mention of 'no shenanigans' produces a tiny little moue to her lips.. but she understands, honest! She reaches for his hand to give it a gentle squeeze, "We.. come with an idea on how to potentially foil my mother. Brier and I were talking a few days ago… t'would be wise to pass along these ideas. But I wonder if I might see my sister for a moment." She asks, looks toward the kitchen again. "… mayhaps.. get a bit more of that banana bread…"

Daxton sneaks, "Well, that will need to be okayed by Inferno." The gym teacher! Oh noes! Blue eyes watch as Callisto betrays everything he cares about and gives away his bread. What a terrible terrible girlfriend. His eyes narrow though as talk turns towards her sister. "Yeah, of course you can see her…but if you've got plans, you need to fill the Unit in."

She's awful.. terrible awful girlfriend. "Tom… Foolery?" Oop.. some slang that's escaped her. She's there thinking about Dylan.. are they remarking on him? She pauses, seeming to be completely at-ease with being in this space.. she's been here enough times already, as both a student and the boy whose heart she just broke in handing over a portion of his bread. Terrible harpy.

Seems she's keen on the kitchen first and foremost.. to Daxton, "Thank you all for looking after her.. for helping. T'is a massive thing to have her in your care, taking up a room here.. I swear it, we shall pay back in kind." She says to the speedster, eyes holding his in that way that she is so good at, unless he looks away.

To Brier, "A few days after.. everything happened… I was speaking with Brier at-length on methods… there were some considerations and of course, t'is prudent that we share it with you and the Unit. It is my hope to see the end of this.. mess…" Said softly, before she follows her nose to the kitchen. Will the baker still be in attendance?!

Suddenly finding himself in an awkward position, Brier eyes the banana bread. If he takes it…he's betraying some kind of bro code, he just knows it! But if he rejects the offer of bread extended by Callisto…that would also insult Daxton somehow. Wouldn't it!? Well…better to offend and be fed! Taking the bread he nods to Callisto "Thanks…" He takes a bite and his eyes widen "Dude this is good! Thanks!" And he looks to Daxton, at least trying to be supportive!

As Callisto and Daxton talk about ideas and plans, Brier lets Callisto do the initial talking. He was only here to explain when she needed him too, so he lets them talk, but he does follow as Callisto starts towards the kitchen. More banana bread!? Okay so he kind of had a one track mind when it came to food.

"It better this way. We can keep control of the situation better." Situation? Dax will follow Calli to the kitchen although he's not smiling anymore. "What kind of plans?"

"A plan that I hope shall be beneficial… to end this quickly so we shall no longer have to deal with this." Callisto says and there, in her voice, that degree of guilt that she always puts forth when discussing such things. Her mother. The mess that she has brought to the Unit's doorstep in her knowing of Daxton. Unspoken when she looks to the speedster again: 'that you shall no longer have to deal with.'

Ahem. She pauses in the kitchen, sniffing gently but if there's banana bread to be had, she will not touch a crumb of it without asking permission. She takes up a slice not necessarily for herself, but to bring to her laid-up kin.

To Daxton, "Hinder her mind.. and then, that which Brier suggested.. banish her to the shadow realm, from which she can never re-emerge. T'is a swift way to remove her without having to be close to her for long and risk injury.. both mental and physical." She breathes inwards, looks sideward to Brier to allow him to explain further. Callisto rubs her eyes gently.

Brier follows the pair into the kitchen, eyeing for any remaining banana bread before Callisto's explanation pulls his thoughts back to the conversation at hand. "So yeah the Shadow Realm is like…well I mean that's what I call it…but it's like where I go when I walk between shadows and stuff." He looks to Daxton "Shadows are my…thing. I can move them. Do stuff with them. If I concentrate enough I can go through them…one to the other I mean. So I was thinking…and told Callisto…what if like I just…took her in with me and then came out…without her? Just leave her there."

Daxton huffs, but who knows about what exactly. "There's always something, Callisto. Don't get all upset about it. Let's just fix it." To make room for the next drama.

AfterThought is in the kitchen, but is clearly in the baking zone. Dax gets several glares and then a shadow tendril shoots out to smack at his hand when he reaches for even more bread, but they let the students get bread if they wish.

Rubbing his hand he'll frown as they start to he'd upstairs to the sisters room, "Banish her to a shadow realm…that….How do we know she couldn't get out?" He much other likes the idea of breaking her neck. "If Brier can travel it, then someone else could too." And wouldn't that make it impossible for Brier to travel it then?

The willowy girl listens a bit nervously, thinking the idea to be a good one (if probable) and.. bad. She does not like the idea of Brier spending any length of time with her awful mother, especially in a realm where — if he falls off the path — he could be stuck with her. Ugh. She looks down at the piece of banana bread held in her hands between a napkin. She takes only the one and smiles her gratitude to AfterThought. She ponders, not for the first time, how s/he can bake so well.. whooda thunk it. A slight bowing of her upper body in thanks and she's turning to set off along the well-travelled path to get to her sister's temporary lodgings.

She cannot supply much thought on the questions that Daxton poses, and instead turns to look upon the blonde boy ponderously.

Brier blinks as he sees AfterThought using the shadow tendrils, a small exclamation of "…Cool…" is muttered. He hadn't really seen somebody else with a similar power to his. At least not in any real practicing capacity. The hippie then shrugs, looking over to Daxton. "I mean…I guess we don't know for sure? I just know how it works for me. I have to have see what shadow I'm going into, but I also have to see what shadow I'm going to come out of. I can't just like…pop into one shadow and come out wherever from another one. Or at least it's not fun…or intentional."

The blonde looks over to Callisto, not really sure if he's making any sense, but then looking back to Daxton since he had explained this to Callisto already. "Then when I go inside the Shadow Realm…or whatever it is…I gotta stay on this path. I mean I don't know if it's a real path, but that's the best I can think to call it. If I get off it…bad things happen, but if she doesn't know about the path then that means she won't stay on it…and it'd take care of her." Who knows what that mean. Brier didn't even know! Hey, he wasn't the master planner here…he just wanted to help!

Daxton doesn't believe in luck. Calli's mom is a smart one. They may be handing her a whole new kingdom to concur. Or maybe the 'bad things' are all dark fey…. The speedster shakes his head, "I can tell you now, Inferno won't go for it unless we have way more details."

"T'is but one idea. Risky, but.. an option. My only worry is that, as Brier figures out his abilities… t'is a large order. It is more importance to me that you be safe." She glances to Brier as she rests a hand upon the doorknob leading into Oridove's room. "The utmost thing is that she be dispatched, first in her mind and then in body. T'is possible, too. She.." She turns to the door. "My sister marked her. Even in disguise she would be recognizable for she is now missing her ear." A soft wince.

The thought of inflicting her maddened matriarch onto another dimension.. for someone else to contend with or team up with.. Callisto hadn't thought much on that. It makes sense. Luckily Callisto has abandoned her tangent of just going forth on her own and dealing with it herself.

"She's close. I feel her at the fringes of my mind, even with the necklace." Callisto remarks, opening the door.

The hippie gives a nod of cooperation "Totally, Dude. Like I told Callisto…if I can help I want to help…but I also want you guys on board." Obviously. "I can talk to Inferno too if you need me to…if you think it'd help?" Brier thinks for a bit "I've been practicing with my shadow travel more too. Granted…I've never taken anybody else with me…but I don't see why it wouldn't work? I also don't really know how to uh…practice though?" He frowns a bit "Since it can be risky I wouldn't want to put someone else in danger or anything…" He had just been thinking of Calli's mom, who they wanted gone anyways. What happened if he took somebody else, like Calli or Daxton, on something happened to them like had happened to him before? He'd never forgive himself. He looks over to Calli "Sorry…I guess I didn't really think it all the way through." He was a helper, not a planner!

Daxton's eyebrows lift and he smirks, "An ear, huh? That's fucking brilliant." He likes that. "Don't worry. I promised you I'd break her neck." He's super romantic. He turns back to Brier, "Yeah, talk to Infero and we'll Strat inventorying what folks can and can't do and we'll make a plan."

"T'is important that you but gave it a semblance of thought." Callisto says gently to Brier.. she speaks far more gently these days. She reaches out to set one hand upon his shoulder, giving it a squeeze. "There are yet ways that you can help… and it goes back to our original plan. To—" Then Mr. Romance adds his bit and Callisto's lips twitch.. she can't help it. She smiles. Watches Daxton for a time, still standing in front of that ajar door. Then.. from within that room.. a dry chuckle. Wry and pained and still a bit 'off'. Oridove was left in an awful way.

She's still in bed, though a sight better-looking than she had been with her guts hanging out in her fancy-smancy apartment over Thunder Bay way. No glamour or disguise here.. she is all dark fey. Long and angular and severe, though slightly wasted-looking as she recovers. Skin fair, hair as white and wild — the very same as her mother's. Same black eyes. She stares at the trio from her nest, black eyes glittering malevolently. "I marred her beauty. It is one of the worst things I could have done to her. The bitch." She cants her chin haughtily. "I smell banana bread."

Brier looks between Daxton and Callisto at their words and encouragement, giving a nod and a grin again "Sounds like a plan!" Then, as they enter the room and he sees how bad off Oridove is…his grin fades. Whoa. He stays silent now, letting the sisters talk.

Daxton offers Oridove a finger gun, clearly approving of the marring of the mom. "AfterThought's been baking." He'll stay quiet letting the sisters talk as well.

The younger of the two hands over the slice that she retrieved from the kitchen, and the older accepts the deliciousness gratefully. Well, she looks grateful. Oridove carefully bites into the piece of banana bread but her dark, dark gaze peers over at Daxton following his gesture. She watches Brier briefly, too, but looks back to the speedster. "I would have preferred to remove her head from her shoulders." Said dispassionately, "But I ran out of time." Added matter-of-factly. Wouldn't it have been perfect if she killed Mommy Dearest? Problem solved! Oridove eats again, not needing to say all-that-much to Callisto seeing as how the sisters spoke here-and-there during this confinement.

Even unwell, Oridove looks… nefarious. She can't help it. She stares hard at Daxton. "Has she been in your dreams?" Asked solemnly.

"Hey, An ear is better than nothing." The speedster starts to say something else quippy, but then she's asking about his dreams. His smile fades and he shrugs, "I don't know." Yes. "It doesn't matter, I'm snapping her neck."

Oridove uses long elegant fingers to sweep the remainder of the slice down her gullet. Her stomach must be doing alright because she's eating well. Or she just loves baked goods. Aw hell, she loves baked goods. She listens to Daxton, "You may not like it, you just might already know it… but you have a rather feasible way of flushing her out." Oridove ignores Callisto's worried look of warning. "Because she does so hate you." The elder fey says with a sneer, but her eyes do not have the hatred in them to make that sneer effective. She looks to be in pain.

"She hated Aumrauth's woman, killed her much in the manner she wants to kill you. She hated Gregory," She turns to Callisto. "And will have destroyed him had you not set him free." A pause. "But you… could lure her out, if you let her into your mind. Let her whale on you for a time, and have a mentalist get in there to suss her out.. see where she's at."

"N-no.." Callisto utters, "We can't make Daxton's mind a battleground!"

Daxton's head tilts, listening intently to Oridove. His hand snakes around to take Calli's but his gaze stays on the older sister. "Do you think that could work? Could we figure out where her body is in time?" Apparently he doesn't think highly enough about his mind to immediately say no to the idea.

Oridove is cool and clinical; Callisto looks to be getting more and more unnerved. Even when Daxton takes her hand to ease her, she can be felt tensing up. "Oridove, I—it's…"

"Daedhelwen.." Oridove grates back, her voice still a bit hoarse from discomfort. "If you wish to see this end, it is time to be drastic. No more pussy footing around her, trying to find clues." Said imperiously and there's something in her greater age and aura that mollifies the clearly-upset younger fey. Oridove turns back to Daxton then, her white hair seeming to move of it's own volition around her sleek profile. "There is a way to get into her subconscious while she attacks yours. While she is distracted, making you mind utterly deplorably horrific, if you—" She looks to the horrified Callisto, "Take that diversion to see into her thoughts, you could glean where she is. She cannot be far, she still taunts me in my slumber."

She takes a breath, exhales. "IF all goes well and you both awaken clear, you will know where she hides. You can go straight for her then." I do not believe she will come here.. she is not stupid."

Daxton's blue eyes study his girl, "Callisto…Trust me. I will b fine." A quick glance Oridove, "It's just me? Or would someone else be in my head too?' He doesn't know if he can be attacked and get into mom's head.

The younger one knows how better to explain it, looking to Oridove with as stern and beseeching a glance as she can manage before bidding Daxton to look at her. Should Dax do so, Callisto will watch his face. "You shall have to sleep, much like normal… else I can help put you to sleep." She isn't even trying to be in the gutter with this one. "We wait, to see if she.. Mother.. shall invade your mind. Do you remember when I used to.. intrude upon your dreams?" Callisto flushes, looks down at her knees. "I would have to do that again, Daxton. While she focuses on you, on making your sleeping mind suffer.. I would be there, unseen due to this," A gesture to her necklace. "I would have to get into Mother's mind on the dream plain, to get even a glimpse of where she's lodging."

Oridove watches, "It's a bit complicated. You just.. have to trust her to be there." She indicates her sister.

Daxton frowns, not liking that memory at all. "…ok." Just ok. "I trust you. I'll run it by Inferno so we can have everyone on stand by."

No pressure, Callisto. She sits there silently worrying, hoping she will succeed. She has never tried, before, to tap into her Mother's thoughts before. Not only is it new territory.. it's also complicated. To tap into Daxton's dream, be aware of that and Malachite's influence upon it and zero in on Malachite's mind itself and peek at it? Oh GOD. Complicated ain't the word. But then Daxton says that he trusts her and Callisto's stormy thoughts ease into something easier to bear. A soft clearing of the throat.

"Do not push it.. if Inferno says no." Callisto says softly. "I mean it. There has to be other ways."

"But this is the clearest path. I cannot help you beyond here." Oridove says quietly, eases back, and closes her eyes pensively. She does not look peaceful.

A small, but defiantly there, smirk tugs at Daxton's mouth. And then he actually says, "Who? Me push? I'm not pushy." A gently tug at her hand, "I think we should let your sister sleep."

Trying to find some humor in the speedster's reaction to her words, Callisto manages a slight twitching of the lips. She looks over to the spot where Brier stood, previously.. and deduces that the blonde boy followed his nose back to the kitchen. All that remains in this room is the both of them and once very tuckered, dozing dark faerie. Callisto looks from Daxton, back over to her sister. Between this observation and the tugging to her hand, Callisto nods once. Makes to reach out with her free hand to perhaps gently slide the covers up along the elder fae's body in what could have been a tender, sisterly gesture! But then the snarling Oridove snarls lightly in her doze, swats with one hand… Callisto eases her own back.

"Precious when she sleeps.." Callisto remarks, and prepares to depart the room.

Daxton can't help it, a low chuckle. "She's a peach." He holds the door open for the half dark fey (would she be a grey fey?). He seems to be done with that topic though, "You hungry? Or wanna play some Mario cart?"

Grey fey.. sounds bland! Callisto is still coming to terms with it, though it doesn't seem to be bothering her quite so much. If anything it answered a few questions and made sense of a few things! She gives once final glance over a shoulder, then closes the door behind them both. "I am not terribly hungry.. I fear Brier may have done a number on the banana loaf," Offered fondly as she slips an arm through one of Daxton's. "But—" Blink. It has been awhile.

"I could.. be convinced." Something normal, and simple and fun. Now that she thinks about it, she hasn't taken a crack at Mario Kart in many moons! The games room at the school just isn't the same as the mancave downstairs, here. "Have you eaten enough?"

A grunt, the poor banana bread! "I'll let you have he nice controller?" See how convincing he can be? Dax smirks, "I'll grab something to eat, don't worry about it." There will be no bread left!

The nice controller. Dear God, that's a huge deal. Nevermind the grueling tasks ahead and fear, this trumps it. Callisto stands, looking rather surprised. Seriously. She is. Not once has she ever wrapped her paws around that controller — the controller. How can she possibly say no, now? Not like she was intending to… a video game sounds kinda fun. Though she hopes for Brier's sake that he didn't belly up to the banana loaf too much.. not necessarily due to the prospect of being slapped with a shadow tentacle but what would he do if nothing was left for Daxton?

So many she needs to buy Brier more time; she quickly texts him to invite him to the Mario Kart schtick, receives a text in return from the hippie, stating that he went off to check the Cat House. Fled into the night, full of banana loaf!

Smiling a bit more, Callisto makes for the basement. "It's on, then."

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