(2019-01-16) Big (Steel) Sister
Big Sister
Summary: Syd and Erica have a talk. Erica's dating and charmingly naive. The steel girl makes sure Erica knows what she needs to know to stay out of trouble. Also, I messed up continuity, as you'll see in an upcoming log with Cora. I knew one of them was seeing Koga, but oocly forgot which one. Oops. I'll try to fix it in the edit with the log with Cora. I blame the week I spent with my head in FreeCAD.
Date: 2019.01.16
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Metis/Prometheus Lobby
This is the lobby of the Metis/Promethius residence hall. The walls are nearly 2 meters (6 feet) thick, and that there are no windows wider than 10cm (about 4 inches). For all that, it's cheery and bright inside, lit with high-quality LED lighting. The travertine floor is covered with warm rugs, there's a fireplace with holographic fire when it's on, surrounded by comfortable La-Z-boy overstuffed sofas. At the other end of the room is a hallway leading to the girls' halls, and stairs and an elevator leading to the boys' halls upstairs. There's also a counter, staffed 24x7 and post office boxes. The defensive turrets in the room are carefully hidden, as are the blast doors that can close to protect the residents. There are rumors of defensive turrets, too, but if they're there, they're cunningly hidden. The lobby's cream paint is accented with Metis green and Prometheus yellow trim, and the emblems of both teams are prominently emblazoned on the wall.


One of the bonuses of having a personal computer the size of a pack of cigarettes…including a 1tb hard drive…is that when you want to watch something on the big screen, you can take the whole damn thing with you and still have a hand free for a bag of used staples. Syd brings a playstation controller too, to do mouse duty. She plugs the whole shebang into the tv, powers it up, looks around to make sure the staffer isn't watching closely, and cranks up netflix. The movie du jour appears to be Watchmen. Syd sits on the couch carefully and munches a handful of staples.

Erica comes wandering in as she looks around. She is on a bit of a mission, well what other reason would she have to be in the wrong dorm. She smiles as she spies Sydney and heads over that way, "Not interupting anything am I?" she asks. She is dressed a bit more lightweight than one would expect for how cold it is outside.
Sydney jumps, and glances up from the screen where comedian has just hit the pavement. Hard. "Ummm…" she pauses the video. "No… what's up?

Erica shakes her head a bit, "Didn't mean to make you jump." she says and smiles, "Just hadn't run into you in a while. Classes busy and all."
Sydney nods. "Yeah, I know what you mean… it's like Christmas was a long time ago already." She minimizes the movie screen and leans closer, confiding in Erica. "It's… kind of an R rated movie, yanno? But it's about supers… and the mid 1980s…" She pauses, and munches a few more staples. "So did you have a good Christmas?

Erica shrugs, "It was okay, was different being away from here. I mean growing up it was just Dad and I, now here so many more, so was strange just being the two of us again." she smiles and shakes her head, "And I was away…from…well I am glad to be back."

Sydney cocks her head. "Away from… who?" Syd pats the sofa next to her. "You're welcome to join me. I'd have brought snacks you could eat if I'd known."
Erica smiles, "Oh I ate little bit ago." she says and then plops down on the sofa next to her, "My boyfriend. Guess I can say that now, we went on a date and everything and are dating now." she flushes just a little.

You say, "Ohhh…" Syd smiles, saucily. "So was it good to be away from him, or bad, or just… strangely normal after all the abnormal time? And who's the lucky guy?"

Erica smiles, "I missed him. Its still really new, so yeah, just missed him." she says and then looks back to her for a moment, "Koga." she says a little shyly.

Sydney smiles. "That's right. You guys were leaning that way last time I saw you…" Syd grins. "Koga's a sweetheart. A little… well who among us isn't a little weird, right? I mean powers do that to you. But he's a good guy. I'm glad he's good for you.

Erica nods and smiles, "Yeah, I enjoy spending time with him, like how he makes me feel." she says and then nods and then smiles, "But glad to be back here, missed him, well everyone really."

Sydney nods and smiles. "Yeah… That's it, isn't it… Why Koga, or why Bryce… comes down to it… we like how they make us feel. For me it's… safe. Needed. Also… like I'm with someone smarter than me. Had my fill of dumb guys, you know?"

Erica nods, "I am new to the whole thing." she says and shakes her head a bit, "There are a couple people who have made my heart race a bit, Koga being one, but he likes me too, he made the first move." she smiles as she remembers.

Sydney curls another smile, looking down into her lap. "Wish I was. To be honest. Bryce certainly is. I'm kinda afraid to break him, you know?

Erica nods, "I can understand that a bit, almost glad that I am not always in my other form, but there is always a way." she says softly.

Sydney laughs. "Oh I didn't mean literally break him. I mean, he can armor himself so I'd at least have to work at it. I meant… emotionally… it's a lot of trust to be with someone when you've never been that way before.

Erica nods, "Oh that I understand too." she shakes her head, "I worry about that myself. If I am doing things right." she sighs. "It does have be a little nervous."

Sydney nods. She reaches out to pat Erica's shoulder. "Be kind. That's the only advice I have. Well, that and use condoms." She winks.

Erica blinks her face darkening quite a bit with that, easy to see with her light brown skin. "Um…" she is a little speechless as that caught her a bit off guard.

Sydney flips her hair back out of her face and bites her lip a smidge. "Sorry. I mean seriously, think ahead… even though it ruins the magic a little. But… sorry. I tend to assume most people do it on the first date or two. The fact that we haven't is one of those weird things…

Erica looks at her for a moment and then nods, "None of the teen movies and all that I watched mentioned that." she says and that might be where she has all her ideas from. "I..haven't really had anyone to talk over this kind of stuff with."

Sydney blows out her cheeks. "Well… even though you're older than me… I can be your big sister on this. You know… how babies are made, right?"

Erica nods, "Yes I know all that. Dad had a tutor come in and teach me the biological processes, and about sex." so apparently she really only knows the type of stuff they teach in school. She shrugs, "Still young though not ready to be a mother."

Sydney nods. "So don't be. You can buy condoms. If you need to go to Planned Parenthood on the mainland, I'll go with you. This is one of those times like… killing someone, where what you do has consequences." Syd looks away, and the handful of staples that she had is quietly returned to the bag, as though she's lost her appetite. "Don't risk it unprotected. Not even once. That's all I'm saying.

Erica nods her head, "I think it will be a while before we are to that point in our relationship, its the first one for both of us, so…" she shakes her head a little, "But I will remember that and probably get some, just in case."

Sydney nods. "Also, they don't keep forever. If they're in your pocket, they can break down pretty quick. Put the box in your purse, maybe, or something like that." Syd looks at her fingers. "Sometimes things get… heated when you're not expecting it. Which is awesome, if you're up for it, but it's how risks get taken. Being… um…" Syd blushes. "Aroused…can be kind of like being drunk. Your judgment gets impaired."

Erica nods, "I will try to keep that in mind and probably get it sooner rather than later." she shakes her head a bit. She is still quite dark in the cheeks.
Sydney hugs Erica gently. The steel girl can be gentle sometimes, warm and almost flesh-like. "I'm sorry I embarrassed you. I'm kind of a direct big sister. And people mess with my little sis at their peril."

Erica returns the hug and smiles a little, "Its okay, and yeah people probably won't mess with me too much, most have seen me let loose in my other form." She does giggle a little

Sydney giggles back. "Well yes, I know… Still. So… wanna watch this movie with me?

Erica nods her head and smiles a bit at her and then says softly, "Sure why not." she really doesn't know what she is getting herself in for.

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