(2019-01-09) Brainstorming With Brier
Brainstorming With Brier
Summary: Brier is like a Care Bear.. he and Callisto brainstorm on what to do about Mommy Dearest, following the near-death experience of Callisto's sister.
Date: 2019-01-09
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The Cat House, Shady Cove
Wed Jan 09, 2019

Once a family home in which people grew and thrived, this homestead has been left to the elements for many years. Unlike some of the other abandoned structures to be found in Maple Drive, it appears that some positive activity has occurred here recently. For one, despite the damage that has been dealt by vandals and elements, effort has been made to clean, organize and weatherproof the structure. It is of a simple utilitarian design: a main level with an empty kitchen, den, bathroom and two former bedrooms. A narrow staircase leads to a series of other rooms… four in total, their former usage difficult to peg due to the starkness of abandonment.

And then.. there are the cats. In any given room, a variety of stray cats of all ages, breeds and temperaments have laid claim to the spaces. Despite seeming feral, they appear to be well-cared-for and fed. Upon closer inspection there are bowls to be found here-and-there throughout the house, continuously topped-up with kibble. This place almost appears to be a…. cat sanctuary?!

It is a winter morning. The weather is cold and clear.


It was after classes and Brier was already at the cat house, having made plans to meet Callisto. His backpack is set next to him in the middle of the floor, where he sits cross legged and having his lap taken over by various cats. Two lay curled up contently with each other while a third starts using the hippie's knee to attempt a swat attack with it's paw. "C'mon, Little Dude leave them alone…they're sleeping."

With a scoop of his hand, the kitten is picked up and held baby style in Brier's arm as his free hand moves to grab some of his free hanging hair. It is offered up as a 'target' substitute, the blonde leaning his head forward enough for it to dangle in the kitten's range of attack. Sure enough, the sacrifice is accepted, paws batting and mouth trying to nip at the dangling strands. Brier gives a chuckle, "You're such a weird, Little Dude…it's awesome!"

It's not been an easy haul for Callisto. Those who know her well will have observed a marked tension in her countenance. Even on her 'bad' days prior to what has happened, she has managed to keep it together. But lately? She's been easily spooked; not sleeping well; anxious. That typically cool, collected, stable manner is still there but diminished. When she's not in school or working, she's over checking on Oridove at the medical facility where she's been kept (ie. hidden.)

This is Callisto's first time feeling terrified for a sibling; she's also fearful due to her Mother.. that ghastly being who is bent on destroying most if not all of her issue with intent to 'start over' … is closeby. As far as Thunder Bay. It could happen anytime, now, her arrival into Shady Cove… she wouldn't be so stupid as to go near the school. Callisto hopes.

Classes are over for the day and it's Friday, so where Callisto goes after said classes is of no concern to the school. She doesn't have to work this evening, so it's to the Cat House she goes. She pauses after gaining careful entry, listening to the sounds of her friend with the kittens. Kittens that are beginning to grow. There's still a few pregnant queens but most of the intact toms have been caught, neutered and released. Spayings are harder to time. "Hello?" She calls forth, pushing moonpale hair over a shoulder as she picks up her bag.

Hearing his friend's arrival, Brier lifts his gaze enough to reply "We're in here!" The extra movement of hair sends the kitten in his arm lunging upwards in a desperate attempt to catch the hair between his paws. "Little Dude we gotta' figure out a channel for your energy…" The sleeping cats in his lap stir with the commotion, one recognizing that voice and stretching before hopping out of the hippie's lap and making it's way over towards where Callisto is with a meow of greeting. The remaining cat in his lap just stretches before settling back once more.

Straightening herself out, Callisto pads out of the bedroom into which the entryway (a window that can be slid open) descends. Despite her unease she still turns herself out quite nicely.. though she is wearing clothing that can and already has taken punishment from the cats before. Distressed, tight denims; a cream-colored peasantry blouse and over it one of her more 'second-hand' coats. Her hair has been left mostly loose; cinched off at the end with a ribbon. Plenty for the kittens to attack.

She enters the portion of the house where the cats and Brier have congregated, and her lips quirk into a slight smile. "Sorry, I'm late.. a few minutes or so." Also not very Callisto-esque.

She dips to scoop up the cat as it comes to greet her and holds him to her chest, one finger scritching behind ears. "How fare you?"

Brier looks over to Callisto as she enters, and as if following suit, the kitten in his arm also turns a curious wide eyed gaze over towards the new arrival. Though one paw still manages a slow motion swat at Brier's hair. "No need to apologize! We've just been hanging out!" In reference to himself and the cats. Her question gets a nod from him "Been doin' good. How about you? How is your sister doing?" It might be a sore subject for her, but also he was concerned for how they were both faring.

"How are things here? I haven't been here for awhile.." Callisto admits ruefully.. she feels bad about this. "I don't think anyone is holding it against me." Said in her fluting way as she gives the cat one more soft hug and sets him down at the first twitch of 'do not want'. A little pang of pain at the question of Oridove and Callisto opens her mouth to speak, shakes her head slowly. Tries again.

A look of acute pain arises in her elegant features and she merely closes the distance to sit down closer to Brier and his present company, her expression defeated and sad. "I do not know." Said in a whisper. "Ori is alright.. or will be. Shaken. But I do not know quite how I am.." She blinks, "Forgiveness. T'is not my intent to seem like a.. what is the term… a sob sister? I have heard that before and it seems right. I just feel that… I should have had this taken care of long ago. And now the only sibling that I have left with whom I get on… nearly died."

"Yeah…I think they're just happy to see you again" Brier speaks of the cats, who do indeed only seem interested and eager for pets. Then, he watches as his friend starts to battle her emotions. Knowing what a struggle it is for her normally, he can only imagine how hard of a time she's having processing all of…this! His legs move to unfold slightly, which causes the cat on his lap to uncurl and move over towards the food corner of the room. The hippie then turns towards his friend more, shaking his head.

"How many times do I have to tell you? You never gotta apologize for feeling things…specially' not for showing those feelings. Emotions are important." The kitten in Brier's arm is now interested in chasing the one that left his lap, squirming and so he obliges and lets him loose. Poor other cat. This allows him to reach for his backpack, "Here…" Opening it, he pulls out a cloth tote bag that seems to be heavy with contents. It's offered out to Callisto, "From my mom and me…"

Inside the bag are various containers. Upon closer inspection, it's an assortment of candles and balms. Along with a few bath bombs. "The balms are different ones that promote healing. Ginger…Cayenne…Lemongrass…Lavender…Cyrpess. Then the candles are Root Chakra focused…there's a Ginger and Cloves one and then a Cedarwood Lavender one. The bath bombs are kind of a mix…made with Witch Hazel for healing. They'll all help with physical healing…but mental restoration too…" Because both were needed in this situation.

Poor Callisto.. indeed, knowing her habit of deflecting her own pains and sorrows. Gods, she feels so mortal… once upon a time she just didn't care but now? It feels as if there's a river of something in her chest that wants to spring forth. It's not even about weeping and showing that emotion; it's about allowing herself to have it. Tired bluish-green eyes watch the kitten vault forth to torment it's elder and when Brier moves a backpack full of 'something', she turns to look at him thoughtfully.

She looks startled, amazed… humbled. Her lips twitch and quiver as she pulls the assortment into her lap to look each and everything over. One of the balms — the lavender — is opened up and she breathes deeply of it. Takes some up with the tiniest touch, rubs it into the inner portion of her wrist. A soft sigh as her eyes glitter.

"T-thank you.. you are all too good to me." Callisto says gently, reaching out with her other arm to pull Brier into a sidehug. She rests the side of her head to his, stares at the cats. "I need to be calm… I need comfort as I come here to ruminate further on how to destroy my mother."

Watching her reaction to the balms, Brier gives a small smile as she inhales the lavender. "That's just because you don't embrace how good you deserve, Calli." It always feels like people treat you 'too good' when you've been groomed to believe you don't deserve good at all. "You're welcome. You're family and we love you…mom and me both." Whereas Callisto was learning to access her emotions, Brier embraced his fully. So when the hug is given, he happily accepts and returns it.

With the mention of her mother…and destroying…the hippie bombers some and just gives a nod. "I'm sorry you even have to think like that…but you have a lot of support behind you." Pulling from the hug then he looks to his friend. "I've been thinking…and it might like…not even work, but…if I can help I thought I'd offer ya know? If you wanna hear it? My idea I mean…"

She pinkens.. the 'l' word. Brier uses it so easily and freely. She envies him that… does Callisto love people? She feels highly for Daxton and for Brier and indeed, cares for her classmates and friends. Surely her strong reaction to Oridove being gutted, just about, means 'love' as well. Oh, to just be able to call it that.. Brier is more of a teacher than he would ever admit to. He mentions he and his mother 'loving' her and despite herself, Callisto's fretful brow smoothes some. "I.. really, truly appreciate it. T'is something I am learning.. how to love people."

A pause, "Dark fey do not subscribe to love. They simply need. Even mated pairs, such as what my mother and her previous consort had been…. no love. Merely need and convenience. But I never… could never be like that. Knowing who my true father was, now it makes sense." She will have told Brier of her biological father being 'Light'.

Callisto turns to Brier again, "What is this idea? I am open to hearing anything."

Love is a word that, for as positive as it is, weirds people out a lot. Brier had definitely gotten his share of odd looks for how freely he uses it. It's not a romance meaning when he uses it with Callisto. It truly is pertaining to family and that fondness. She is his family already and family took care of each other. You can love a lover. Or family. Or friends. Or even a stranger on the street. You just have to open yourself to realizing and feeling that. Brier truly believes this.

"I'm glad you're learning. Love is the best. Both to receive and to give…I mean…it's LOVE!" A grin from the hippie then. He was truly happy his friend was opening herself up more to such a positive force. Then, her willingness to hear his idea, Brier nods and crosses his legs again to sit more comfortably. "Well…my power works with shadows…I mean duh you know that, but you remember telling me how I can like…travel with it…and stuff too?" He tries to explain it better, not fully understanding it all himself though. "Well…I don't travel through here…like this room…I go through somewhere else…a different place." He then looks to his friend again "What if we can put her there? I mean…wherever that is?"

Damnit she can't help it.. even as she mopes about Oridove getting shanked and her sinister matriarch being close and all of the other blah-blah-blah-blaaaahhhdy-blah of her circumstance, Callisto smiles. Even right after outright saying she needs to kill a dark faerie bitch. Brier just talks and does as he does and Callisto can't help but smile at that. So wise. She mentally thanks the fates for women like Marigold who raise kids like this.

But then, though she remains not quite as pale and drawn out (thanks to the color bestowed upon her due to all of this love talk), Callisto listens. She's taking Brier very seriously. Her eyes widen a touch, "Trap her in the shadow realm? Where you would end up, if you strayed from the path?" She asks with interest.

Brier nods "Yeah…well yeah to the trapping her part…I don't know where it'd put her…" He still wasn't entirely sure where it was, how big it was or even WHAT it was himself. "When I go there…I mean the best way to describe it is like a path. I'm better at it now…but before…oh man." He shakes his head, remembering "I didn't figure out the path part and one day I woke up from a coma in the hospital. So it's tricky…but I think it's totally doable! I mean if I didn't know there was a path at first she won't have any idea right? She'll get lost but she doesn't have powers to get out like I did…does she?"

"If there is one thing I am certain of, in this instance with her… is that she hasn't the ability to travel via shadow plain." Callisto says firmly; further proof of her suspicions. "She can neither activate nor emerge from that which you've travelled… but…" She blinks, considers. "T'would be wise to find a way to disarm her mind before she is sent into that realm.." The fey girl is livening up though; she likes that idea. She looks up at Brier again, more of her color returning. One of the elderly cats in the house, a ramshackle salt and pepper black beast, has crawled into her lap. Is kneading. Callisto jolts, scritches the cat on his head. "We need to trim your nails, Mocha."

Then, back to the matter at hand, "I like this option. To cast her away somewhere, unable to return… unable to fight… might be more efficient than trying to kill her. This fate, t'is worse than death." Callisto breathes deep, "I just want it.. over.."

Brier nods "Alright…then it could totally work!" The hippie sounds even more encouraged with that. If she didn't have a way to escape, but also this way Callisto wouldn't have to kill her own mother. Brier always tried to find the non violent option for things, but in a situation like this…violence would probably still be required, but it didn't mean lethal force had to be the outcome. Though, Calli had a point…being lost in the dark mindless abyss might be worse. "So…two quick things…just full disclosure so like…you know and stuff." For as much as possible, there's a tone of seriousness to Brier's voice and he looks to his friend.

"First…I don't know what it will do to her…like her head and stuff." He shakes his voice "It can mess with you…it's messed with me before. Back before I knew it better. Like with the path. So if it's anything like THAT…and we're putting here there like for GOOD for good…it could seriously be bad for her." Some may not see the downside to that, but it's her mother so he just wanted to be straightforward. "Second…I can't just open the shadow I don't think…to send her there or whatever." Brier looks to his friend, "I have to actually go in there too…to activate it or whatever. So I'd take her…go in…and then pop back out from another shadow."

"T'is the right place for her." Callisto says coldly, and her brow furrows. "I understand that it sounds terrible, for me to say this. For you love your mother well and without question. Because your mother is a good woman, a great one. But this… that which I am hoping to send away… she is not a mother. Pray," She seeks Brier's hand briefly to give it a firm squeeze. The surly cat in her lap stirs, "Understand and take heart in my words. She has killed mercilessly, she.." Her eyes glitter. "First she destroyed those who would not conform to her ways. My eldest brother got a child on a human girl and tried to settle down with her. Mother killed all of them.. including the baby." A beat, "A little sister of mine, broke free to move to New York. T'was back in the 1980s. She was found by Mother's 'pet' and killed'. She killed my true father and her other mates before him. Now.."

It's hard to talk about, Callisto turns to observe a glittering streak of sunlight, filled with dust motes. Dying afternoon sun. "She is destroying all of us. Wiping clean the slate. Now it matters naught, who is loyal and who isn't. She deserves to be banished forever."

Her eyes widen with alarm, "I am not liking the prospect of you having to so much as look upon her, let alone touching her.." There: distinct, obvious worry.

Brier offers a nod as his friend explains "I know she's a terrible person and that wasn't me trying to say you're bad for wanting her gone. I just…wanted you to understand what it'll do. Didn't want to make it seem like I was hiding stuff from you." At her worry then, Brier shakes his head and squeezes her hand back now. "You're family remember? You'd do the same thing for me and you know it. I wanna help…again…just didn't wanna hide anything from you." She'd had enough people mislead her in life it sounds like. He didn't want to be on that list. "I'm fine with it." His resolve is in his tone. If this would help protect his friend…his family…he'd absolutely do it.

(OOC: RL got hectic and there's a gap of time between this event and the decisive ones that occurred to end the Mommy Dearest plotline. Just assume school got busy, Oridove needed to heal for much longer, and just… yeah. Things Happen. Thanks!)

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