(2019-01-03) The Rune Dealer
The Rune Dealer
Summary: That Besa, he's so shady…
Date: 2019-01-03
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NPCs: Cocoa
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Art Room, Coral Springs
Thurs Jan 03, 2019

Sure this is called the art room, but it is actually more than that. Art isn't just painting and pottery. Because of this, the room is large, and is actually broken up into sections, with partitions or half-walls to give each area boundaries.

The largest section is where the cabinets, cubbies and various tables are. Also in this section is the teacher's desk and one of the sinks for cleaning up at.

The other sections are dedicated to certain styles of art. There is a section for doing pottery with a both a kick wheel and two electric pottery wheels, kiln and racks and cabinets for drying pottery and storing equipment.

Easels take up another area, and a few computers workstations in another.

Toward the back is another sink for cleaning up at. Next to that is another section with an upright piano and a cabinet that holds a /small/ selection of musical instruments and other things aspiring musicians would need.

It is a winter night. The weather is cold and overcast.


<FS3> Callisto rolls Calligraphy: Success.

It's been a pretty decent Christmas holiday for Callisto, with her spending it back and forth between town and the school itself. So good that it feels as if, at least for a little while, she could even forget the drama of planning on how to kill her matriarch. That's pretty helpful. It also helps to not have threat of midterms looming but when the fey girl had awoken this morning with a dull headache, she just.. had to wonder. Callisto very, very rarely gets sick… as in: cold or flu. It's not impossible but it's quite hard to lay her out with typical human (seasonal) illnesses. The headache she had arisen with was dull, persistent… and it meant one thing.

Someone was trying to contact her. Meditation hadn't reached whomever it happened to be; the signal was too weak. Callisto had no choice but to carry on with her day. With the tension headache.

Fast-forward to now; early evening, classes still out for the holidays.. after supper. The fey girl, wearing a pair of dark, worn-looking palazzo pants paired with a soft open-necked peasantry top, is settled at one of the art tables. She appears to be working with a set of calligraphy pens, but she's having a hard go of it… her hand pausing atop the crisp white sheet of paper in front of her. Callisto looks distracted.

Besa returned early to the school, not that he didn't enjoy his time with the Masters. But he has many friends he needs to make sure are having a wonderful holiday. The teen steps into the arts room, in a very soft cashmere sweater (Thanks Sky!) and designer jeans with Cocoa right next to him. Seeming Calli his demeanor relaxes, maybe he was afraid of who might have been here, 'Callisto! My friend! Did you have aa good holiday?" Seeing the slightly upset , or is that pain, look, "Are you well?"

Blink? The girl looks up from her 'doodling', eyes unfocused for a moment until she realizes where she is and to whom she is speaking. She yet looks 'casual' but if one knows how and where to look, they can indeed catch the nuances of discomfort in the willowy girl's bearing. The whitening of her fingertips around the pen — she's holding onto it a bit too hard as her mind wanders; the not-so-elegant job of penning what appears to be an excerpt of a Tennyson poem… where typically, Callisto's calligraphy skills are always on point. She doesn't even look tired; just…. far away. But still content to see Besa and Cocoa.

"Good evening Besa," She offers smoothly, "And Cocoa. How were your holidays?" Asked with genuine concern, though her brow furrows lightly. "I've a headache… not a terrible one, simply persistent. I am trying to ease my mind so that I may hopefully deal with it properly, later."

"It ws well, thank you." A thin hand rests on his stomach as he comes closer to the fey, "Do you wish to be healed? This is a terrible time to have a headache. You should be celebrating." An eyebrow raises , unsure what she means by ease it later.

A soft look, "I fear this manner of pain cannot easily be alleviated… t'is psychic pain. One's attempt to contact me… but I cannot grasp them…" Blink, Callisto's brow furrows. "There is nothing I can do but… meditate, or see where sleep takes me. But t'is too early, yet… I am trying to busy my mind. But you can try," She knows Besa well enough; to deny him the chance to even help, or try to.. the boy takes it to heart, with how caring a soul he is. Callisto offers an earnest little smile. Though her lips twitch as a concerned emotion takes her, "To heal pain that is not a wound… would it require rune magic? Surely not your blood?" She has to ask.. Besa looks so nice and relaxed, she does not want him cutting himself with that knife to try healing something that might not take.

"May I ask of your, ah… honest opinion on something, as well?"

Besa frowns gently, not liking that he can't help, but he trusts her statement that he can't. "Is there anything I can do to help you?" Rune magic? "I have never tried, to be honest. I think if I were to cast on you, I would cast a calming rune for your mind." He tilts his head, perfect hair swaying, "Of course, my friend. Ask me anything."

The girl looks genuinely interested… in fact before she can even ask of Besa his 'thoughts' on something, she studies him. "That would benefit me far more than relief from a headache." Said simply… so quickly that it cannot be anything but the truth. Not at all a fabrication. Mildly troubled cerulean eyes hold Besa's dark ones. "If you would be so kind as to bestow upon me such a rune, such magic.. before I am to retire for the evening.. I would be most grateful. For this," A finger to her temple, her moonpale hair a harried nimbus atop her head in an attempt at a messy bun. "Should not be happening.. not all day. It typically culminates, if the one calling me is intent .. into something far more uncomfortable. If I am to be restful tonight it.. might… aide me in figuring out who this is."

A soft, worried sigh… and the girl looks down at her work. "Be completely honest with me, as the artisan that you are… I am creating this for my boyfriend. The calligraphy.. the font.. does it look too sloppy?" And to look closely.. it does. Some of the lines are too 'blotty'; delicate nuances like the crossing of T's and dotting of i's… the ink has bled. It is not clean, as per Callisto's norm.

Besa's nodding, obviously happy to try and help her. He moves closer and motions towards her paper, "May I?" For the rune. He moves closer to lean over the words and study them. "It is obvious you have much on your mind. I have always thought the best calligraphy is when you can feel the peace and smoothness of the moment." So no, it is too sloppy. "Perhaps you should retry it tomorrow after your head is calm?"

It's the perfect poem to commit to the art of calligraphy: 'Summer Night' by Alfred Lord Tennyson. But alas, this draft certainly won't pass muster: not with Callisto, or Besa. The boy's honesty means a lot to Callisto and she bows her head once. "Thank you for your truth. I began to lose hope with it by the second stanza." Admitted smoothly. She arranges her pens; cleans them, sets them to rights. Then the sheet? She does not do something as lewd as balling it all up to pitch it away. Delicately, reverently Callisto begins to fold it inwards upon itself… over, over, over again. Knowing her she will cast it away in some wonky fey manner but for now she slides the tidily-folded piece of paper into her messenger bag.

"I shall try again tomorrow when my mind.. yes, is clear. For what this is must surely be nothing (HAH)…. mere interference… still, I must know." A soft sigh, she turns to watch Besa and Cocoa again.

"Where did you go for your holidays, again? With the Masters twins, yes?"

Besa will take a clean piece paper and find a pen to draw his rune. "I understand that. I will help you get that clarity, yes?" A soft smile is offered over to her before he nods, "Yes. The Masters took me to a Ski Lodge." His nose wrinkles slightly, "it was very cold, but nice."

The space is now cleared for Besa to make his preparations.. Callisto sees to it that her things are put away in an orderly fashion.. because that's just what Callisto do. She hopes.. hopes that calm clarity will make it easier to get to the bottom of this nagging, pestering pain in her head. At least it's not agonizing.. for now. Callisto kinda wishes it would get to that point; that would mean whomever is trying to reach her mind finally got it together. It's so weak that she can't even recognize who it is…

She blinks hard, catches her train of thought and wills it back, pays attention. The bag is rested against the leg of her chair and Callisto observes Besa as he speaks of his time off. "Skiing is… delightful. I used to enjoy it. It has been awhile.. so much so that my previous prowess has left me." A quirky, tired little smile. "Did you ski, then? Or toboggan?"

Besa lifts a shoulder, "I enjoyed how much the children enjoyed it. I do not like cold…and it was very cold." He settles and rolls the pen in-between his fingers thinking. Cocoa moves over and sits near both people, incase anyone needs to pet her. "How was your Holiday, Callisto?"

It makes sense that the boy is against the chill. Callisto, herself, does not mind it too terribly… but she doesn't love it. "T'was good to get away from here for awhile, though. And here I was thinking you were…. what is it… catching air, yes? Making great jumps upon those slopes." Callisto teases goodnaturedly, liking the distraction from her discomfort. She looks pleased though, pausing as the pupper moves closer and the fey dips slender fingers down to allow Cocoa to sniff them. To give Callisto permission to offer scritches.

"T'was nice. I spent much of it in Shady Cove, eating a few too many baked goods." For an androgynous mentalist who can do some freaky-deaky psychic feats, AfterThought is a damned good baker. Callisto pats a nonetheless flat belly as she laments the many cookies that she packed away, "It was nice to spend it around others. I kept to myself last year." She admits.

Besa chuckles, "I honestly would have rather been climbing. But the Masters are kind and I am glad to have spent the holiday with them." Cocoa sniffs and then scoots closer. Permission granted! "It is nice to be with people. I am glad you had that." He doesn't mention another to do with Dylan, but that's mostly because the players haven't gotten a chance to hash that out yet. He places pen to paper and starts drawing.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Success.
<FS3> Besa rolls Rune Magic: Great Success.

A little wince; still too weak. The signal is too weak but it's there. Callisto gives her forehead the lightest touch, as if out of reflex, but really doesn't seem too troubled. Just confused. Callisto is not one to pry too deeply… Besa does not supply what plans he may have had with Dylan (for Reasons) and Callisto does not poke or prod. She does assume, however, that the two spent time with one another!

"I am simply pleased that those blasted midterms are over with." She eases back some in her seat, one long leg folding over the other. Despite being plagued by a mental signal, Callisto does seem content.. there's something fulfilled about her, overall. As always, there's the gorgon pendant atop her collarbone and on her left wrist, a delicate bracelet that is obviously not comprised of raw iron ingredients. c_c

She scritches Cocoa and watches Besa's working of his magic with obvious interest.

Besa pauses in his rune casting to look up, "Were they vexing to you?" But then he's back to the rune. He's taking his time, making it. Little more intricate than just a basic rune…hopefully this will bring Callisto the peace she needs. "….there. This should do it." Th paper is slid over to her, "Before you sleep, tear the paper in half."

Vexing. The word amuses Callisto, not in making fun of the wording but liking the term. "T'is precisely what I would call them. I feel that I did well.. t'was the stress of others that weathered my resilience a bit. But I could not help but get caught up into the stress of it all—" She blinks, pauses… bows her head gracefully as she receives the paper. "I do thank you." Said earnestly as she takes it reverently, removes a sleek binder from her bag and slides Besa's work in between some of the pages. Like the care taken to dispose of her botched calligraphy, she will not be folding this paper. The binder is returned to the bag and Callisto's gaze slides back to the Egyptian boy.

"Speak to be of anything that I can do, to return your kindness. Thank you, also, for your holiday salutations at the beginning of break. I rather liked the stardust."

Besa grunts in understanding, "I am sorry that others affected you so." Not him! Besa doesn't care! He smiles warmly as the paper is taken, "Just feel better, my friend. That is all I ask. And that you will ask for another rune, should you need another." The thank you gets a smile, but there's an odd, uncomfortable shift in his seat. "I have found I am not very good at gift giving. I am glad you liked it."

And Callisto, bless her, does not remark upon the gossip overheard re: the destruction of ornaments in this room. It was during dinnertime that some students saw the security footage on their phones; Callisto hadn't been one of them. But people talked. All she knows is that Besa, whose work had been smashed (the video accusing RILL and James), perhaps intended for such pieces to be gifts. So when he speaks of not being 'good' at gift giving, Callisto's expression softens a tad for a few seconds before her slight smile returns. "T'was very unique. I would have been happier still if the effects lasted longer for they were very… very pretty."

Callisto isn't a very 'huggy' person, but her hand reaches forth to give the top of Besa's a fond touch if he will allow it. "I think I shall go back to my room to prepare for rest, and to take advantage of this rune. Thanks again for your aide.. I am certain that I shall be in fine form again tomorrow. If it works too well, I may place a standing order on those spells." Said playfully.

Besa chuckles, glad her only regret was the time limit on the gift. "It would hav had to be a much larger rune for it to be longer." A warm smile is given at the touch, "Of course, sleep well."

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