(2018-12-25) A Merry Little Christmas
A Merry Little Christmas
Summary: Syd and Bryce exchange gifts for Christmas. No, not that kind. Actually logged considerably after Christmas and posted even later. :P
Date: 2018-12-25
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Metis Room 100
This room is quite sizable as far as dorm room goes. It could probably fit three students comfortably with room to spare. Fortunately for the occupants there is only furnishings for two people. Two beds, desks, dressers and a double closet.


Christmas morning. Syd sits in her room under the twinkling string of discount lights strung haphazardly over the ceiling. Kind of like being under the tree without having to fight the cat for the privilege. She's all alone, and the present there, the only one, is one that she's giving, rather than getting. She's smiling anyhow, mostly because she just got off the phone with Bryce and invited him to join her for Christmas morning. Oh, and the Raspberry Pi is playing Christmas music and running a Yule Log scene on the screen. It's not much of a celebration… but it's hers. She's wearing her pajamas still. It's traditional for Christmas.

Christmas morning comes early when you are a planner like Bryce is. He slowly walks over to the Metis hallway with a big floating box in front of him. Of course, this box is completely made of his own power which prevents anyone looking in it and prevents him from having him to carry it. The box is bigger than the one for her birthday. Knocking on the door to her room, Bryce waits outside in his pair of dark blue jeans, a green button up shirt, and a leather jacket to help him stay warm.

Bryce places his hands on her hips just after setting the box down on the table. He takes a deep breath and says, "Merry Christmas." Returning the kiss gently, he still manages to blush a bit.
Sydney nuzzles Bryce's neck softly. "I have a gift for you. And I can even keep my clothes on to give it to you." Syd laughs gently and shakes her head a little. "Kinda getting used to that, you know? Holy shit, right? I might be getting normal." She takes a seat on the floor and motions Bryce to join her. "Is your mom coming out to see you today?"

Bryce blushes even more when she talks about keeping her clothes on. This brings her entire form to mind as his memory flashes with that perfect recall. This perfect recall doesn't help the blushing either. "I'm, uh, hoping I can can keep mine one," he jokes with her. He is getting better with his stammering, but he reverts when he gets embarrassed or flustered. "I do not know if, or what, normal would look like around, uh, here." He slowly walks to her and gently sits down on the ground near her. It takes him a bit of time to get all the way down. "N-no." Another stammer when talking about his mom. "She doesn't think it will be safe in case my f-f-father is watching her or trying to to track her. As it was, there was a bit of a, well, scare with my f-…him almost finding me."

Sydney frowns a little. "He'd be in a bad way if he came here. You've got a crapload of friends." Syd sighs a little. "I was hoping to meet your mom. If I meet your dad, should I hurt him?"

"I'm hoping that, well, since my powers are more under control, er, normally," Bryce begins. "That maybe," he shrugs, "I can visit her and her teacher sometime. Although," he reaches up to rub his chin, "Based on my recent, well, over-extension and near-coma state, hmmm….she probably wouldn't want me to come yet." He sounds conflicted as though he isn't sure how to feel about that. "Hurt him? On my…him." He hesitates. "Yes, er, no…probably not." He sighs and finally admits, "I don't know. He never actually, er, physically abused me. I'm sure in his own way, he is trying to, uh, protect me which includes 'saving' me from my powers but completely shutting them off."
Sydney nods slowly, rubbing one steel fist with her other hand. "Okay. He goes back onto the 'only if he attacks me or mine' list. I can go with you to visit your mom if you want. I mean as long as it's by car or train or something. There's no good way to get me on a plane except in the pressurized hold as cargo." She looks at Bryce, then the gift, the two curiosities warring. "So what happened with your dad recently?"

Bryce smiles a bit seeing her glance over at the present he bought her. He saved most of his money from working in the commissary to get her the Christmas presents. "Oh, well, uh, remember when Stanton Industries sent over one of their, uh, junior executives to upgrade the science labs with some of their latest, er, equipment." Bryce takes a deep breath to try and bring himself under better control. "My name is Bryce … Stanton. My f-f-f-ather Derrick Stanton is the CEO and founder of Stanton In,industries. So, kind of too close for, er, comfort."

You say, "Ohhhh, ok. I'd say your dad knows where you are, then, Bryce Stanton." Syd chuckles. "Stanton Industries, huh?" She blows out her cheeks. "You know, if you stand to inherit that, it might be worth hanging the powers up. Especially if they keep hurting you. Money on that scale is a superpower in and of itself. I won't judge either way." She reaches out to touch Bryce's cheek. "You'll still be Bryce to me."

Bryce leans his hand into the cheek and says, "That's the th-thing though. The entire reason my…he got married. He didn't care about my mother or even love her. She was just a a -trophy- " he practically spit that word out. "When she couldn't get pregnant, she went to a a witch for help. My f-father hates all with powers … even someone as pr-pretty as you. I'm his, er, blindspot exception. He thinks mine were f-forced on me by the witch and my, my mother." He hangs his head down a bit and says, "I can't give, give them up to be what he wants me to be." He then lifts his eyes and reveals a bit of his ever evolving plans. "What if I can, well, keep the powers, master them, and take control of the company as well. I am his, his only heir."

Sydney teases Bryce's lip with a fingertip. "You'll still be Bryce to me. Assuming we're still dating by then." She pets Bryce's cheek with the fingers of the same hand. "I wonder what he'd make of me. I'm a power because of technology." Syd shrugs. "A witch, huh? Anyone talked to the witch about your powers? Maybe… how to get them into balance with the rest of you better?"

Bryce shrugs a bit and decides to tease back. "Why says we would only be, er, dating by then?" He winks slightly and then is caught in his own tease and blushes some more. "You? At best, he would want to, er, try to figure you out, how you can do what you can do and then, er, make money on it." Bryce's jaw tightens as he adds, "No matter what that did to you in the, the process." He pauses for a bit and says, "You know, he has never actually experienced my, my powers. If he ever hurt you….he would." The change to talking about the witch seems to help calm him some. "Oh, my, my mother took me to her when she rescued me from my .. his place. I was kept there with his other prototypes." He sighs and says, "The witch, she, well, she helped me start using my powers and was the one who realized the danger I was in if I didn't get some help and training."

Sydney pulls Bryce into her arms, brooking no argument about it (and pretty much assuming he won't argue anyway.) She rests her lips against his shoulder, then tilts her head back a little. "You know… I'm a pretty tough cookie these days… it takes a lot to really hurt me… but… I feel safer because you said that just the same. You always make me feel safe. That's a big deal to me. So… Thank you."

Bryce notices the irony of her being able to physically move him so easily and yet feeling so safe with him. "You are, well, welcome." He pauses for a second to get comfortable against her and says, "You know, we do, ah, make a rather formidable team with our complimentary, uh, abilities." He reaches up to pet her cheek.

Sydney nods. "We totally do. I'm a creampuff when mentalists mess with me. Which…" She takes a breath. Does she really want to cover this now? Yeahhh probably should. "…is… how I wound up kissing Ness. She kind of accidentally… programmed me to do 'whatever I want.' Instant sociopath, basically." Syd sighs. "I miss her, but geez, my life's a lot less complicated without her around."

Bryce tenses up a bit and says, "You di-, er, she did what?" His jaw tightens just as much as when he was speaking about his father. To find out that someone manipulated Syndey, gets him just about as angry as he has ever been, which, being Bryce, isn't too much to compete with. "Then, I, I will have to find someway of d-dealing with that. I will protect you even if it means that I have to go into someone else's mind and… and … " he realizes just how aggressive (for him) he is getting and starts trying to calm down. "I won't let someone hurt you like that."

Sydney hugs Bryce. "I know. I know. It was an accident. She accidentally programmed me to sit down. I couldn't get up. She was trying to undo that. She just did it sloppy. Fortunately I had a little crush on her instead of wanting to hurt her. I mean… she's like the first transgender person I'd ever met. Knowingly anyway. We got it all straightened out. More or less. Though before she went on serious power detention and disappeared, I was ready to threaten her life to take on some programming I was going to give her."

Hearing it was an accident helps calm Bryce down further. Bryce hasn't ever been really angry, and he honestly doesn't know what would happen if he ever did get fully angry. He has a feeling that if it ever happens it will involve his father and/or Sydney. Bryce raises his left hand and has the package float over towards them and has it just hover in the air just in front of Sydney. "So, I think we should, er, move on to more enjoyable, hopefully, topics. Perhaps you are, uh, a bit curious?" He lets his power retract the box until it is a just a hovering platform with three packages on it. The first package seems rather small, just about two fists in size. The next two packages are clearly rectangles large enough to be clothing boxes. All three packages are carefully and rather obsessively wrapped as befitting coming from Bryce who actually took measures and preformed calculations on the optimum amount of paper to use for the wrappings.

Sydney looks over at the one package she has to give, and how it looks like it was wrapped by a 3-year old with a tape fetish… she looks back "Oh I'm very curious…" She smiles.

Bryce smiles and says, "I thought you, uh, might. I really hope you, you like them." He doesn't mind using the plural now that she can see that there are three individually wrapped boxes. "You can open them in, in any order." He smiles looking over at the package she has for him though he seems more interesting in her opening his presents than him opening the one she got him.

Sydney opens one of the clothing boxes first, carefully, slitting the ribbon with a momentarily razor sharp fingernail rather than shredding the packaging. If it's glass, the gift might break before the ribbon, if she did it otherwise.

Bryce watches as she cuts through the paper and carefully opens the box. Thankfully, it is actual clothing with nothing to break in that one. Inside is a lovely red, sleeveless, polka dot dress. Thankfully, he knows her measurements and was able to get it the exact right size for her. (https://li6.rightinthebox.com/images/384x500/201511/obsrrk1447991368230.jpg).

Sydney peers at the dress as she lifts it out of the box. "Oh!" She gets up and holds it up to herself. "It's a Marilyn dress. I love those! Simple… sexy…" She turns her back and peels out of her pajama t-shirt, leaving only underwear and the socks keeping her feet warm. She pulls the dress on over her head, then reaches back to zip it up. Adjusts a few things. She eyes Bryce over one shoulder with a smirk. "You can measure from memory, can't you?"

Bryce smiles watching her excitement over the dress. "M-marilyn dress?" He closes his eyes for a moment and says, "The dress is a: Women's Going out Vintage A Line Dress - Polka Dot Red, Print Spring Cotton Red." He blinks his eyes open. "I, I didn't see anything about a Marilyn." He gets up to help her tie the bow in the back of the dress holding the black belt in place. At her question, he nods his head and says, "It wasn't, uh, too … difficult to do." Benefits of dating someone with perfect visual recall.

Sydney nods. "Marilyn Monroe wore dresses like this. She wore a lot of dresses, and a lot of them were cut down to here. But this was one style she wore that wasn't." She smiles. "We'll just have to keep your memory picture of me up to date. I am still growing here and there. Also… word to the wise. Women's clothing sizes and measurements have a pretty casual relationship, at best. It's not like boy jeans. But you nailed it with this. Thank you." She shimmies a little to make the skirt flare out and giggles.

Bryce watches as she moves in the dress and causes the skirt to flare out. His eyes widden out and says, "Oh, I didn't worry with the, er, actual measurements numerically .. though I did, er, calculate them. I was able to compare the actual dimensions of the, the item to your own. I could, well, almost try them on you in my mind." His eyes flick to her chest and her hips which he figures are the main places she is still growing.

<OOC> Bryce says, "Inside the next clothing box: https://image.dhgate.com/0x0s/f2-albu-g5-M01-5C-53-rBVaJFgqWZ6AZfHpAAGyKoxI_O0872.jpg/newest-women-039-s-winter-leather-jacket.jpg"

Sydney Spocks an eyebrow at Bryce. "You can…calculate my physical volume that accurately? Damn… all you'd need to do is learn to speak openGL and you could game without a computer." Syd smiles. She opens the next box and draws out the leather jacket within. "Oh my… Oh my god, Bryce… and it's… lined! I love it!" She zips the jacket on over the dress. They don't really go together. "Where in the world did you find this?"

Bryce watches her eyebrow go up and wonders how she can do that. He tries to lift his own eyebrow up and can't. "Game a a computer? What is openGL?" He shakes his head and says, "Uh, nenevermind. Maybe another time." He is enjoying her open the presents too much. "I learned to do it, uh, mentally. I was going to create a a version of you with my powers in the the store to try on the items that way, but, well, I thought that would probably scare some people." He smiles once more as she goes on and on about the jacket. Wanting to explain, he says, "I know how c-cold you get and thought a nice warm jacket might help. As for were I got it, well, Dr. Ricci took several of us out sh-shopping a few times just before Christmas break."

Sydney slips her now leather-clad arms around Bryce and hugs him tight. "Thank you SO much…"

Bryce returns the hug though not as nearly as tightly as she does. He would need his armor on to do that and that seems to interfere with the purpose of the hug. The last, and smallest of the gifts, is really light. Bryce is a bit nervous about this one though.
<OOC> Bryce says, "https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0144/7018/5017/products/Lilac-Push-Up-String-Bikini__85795@2x.jpg?v=1535185713 & a bottle of mineral oil"
Sydney draws the final gift out of the box after the usual unwrapping. More clothing, but… small… and purple… She smiles. "Uh… double barreled slingshot?" She winks. "It's beautiful. Pretty… sexy without being… you know. Definitely have to wear it when it's warm enough… and let you rub me with oil." She looks over at the lonely box sitting in the tree spot, slathered in tape.

Bryce looks flustered when she asks if it is a double barreled slingshot. "No, uh, actually, a double barrel slingshout would not be a a good idea because it would … oh…" He finally catches on that she is teasing him. "Sorry." He then blushes a bit as he asks, "I don't know if you remember. You, in a bikini covered in oil. Me, acting like a a fool and tripping on you. I had to to use my powers to help me up." And that is why he has been so worried about this present. What if she doesn't remember? What if she remembers how uncool he was then not that he was much better now?

Sydney kisses Bryce. "I remember. It's the first time we met that really made an impression on me. It felt so good to laugh… I mean.. I'd been so tight and so wary for so long… it was like being set free. It's one of my favorite memories, Bryce. And how you reacted to it all was… well it made a good impression."

Bryce blushes but kisses back. "Not exactly how a a guy wants to make an, well, an impression on a pretty young woman, but I guess, well, I'm glad it, we worked out in the end." He smiles and glances over at the package held together with an extra layer of tape. "I, uh, assume that is for me?"

Sydney nods. "Mmhmm. It's not sexy or embarassing… I hope…"

Bryce stays where he is with Sydney and uses his powers to create another small platform. He figured that this is safer than the claw. He uses the platform to scoop up the present and bring it over towards him. Leaving it in the air on the platform, Bryce extends another energy ribbon out to create a small pair of scissors which he methodically uses to start cutting off the tape. Part of his brain is trying to figure it out based on size and weight while the rest of his mind is telling that part to shut up and enjoy the moment.
<OOC> Sydney says, "one of these: https://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_009199921840.html]"
<OOC> Sydney says, "along with a paid up pay-to-play service plan."

Bryce is very slow and methodical as he opens the package. Almost too slow. Finally he gets down to the box which he actually takes time to read. His eyes get wider as he realizes that the present is the phone. He thought it was just a used box to put something in. "S-sydney, I don't - I mean, I can because, well, it is, but I mean, I can't im-okay, well, I could but …. " He is going off on his rants where his mind is going too fast for him to actually finish up saying anything.

You say, "You don't have to use it like the rest of us addicts do, but I figured for missions and stuff it'd be super handy to have a good phone. Once this plan is done, we can talk about getting a plan together or something. I think we can get a good plan through the school's Cable TV provider, but I haven't tried it yet. I just… Of all the things I've gotten that are different from 1980… this is the one that made the biggest impression… I want you in the 21st century too. It's freedom, it's… useful… I mean even homeless people have smartphones.""

<FS3> Bryce rolls Omniglot: Good Success.

Bryce looks at the phone once he removes it from the packaging. "Fascinating," he says looking at the small piece of technology. He flips open the book not realizing that he opened it up to the Chinese side. He flips through the pages translating the Chinese and memorizing it all in one quick fashion. In just a few seconds, he is done with the book and looks up at her. When he opens his mouth, he pauses and blinks hard. "Remarkable what this, uh, can do. So much in such a sm-small piece of technology. I'm just glad you didn't me the, the one by Stanton Industries." He hugs her back and then says in a surprised tone, "OH, I can, er, take pictures of you now."

Sydney blushes a little. "Mmhmm. Just… be careful with that. The laws on naughty pictures of me are a lot weirder than they were back in the day."

Bryce looks a bit confused when she mentions naughty clothes. "What, uh, why would they … oh .. you mean, uh …. oh." He blushes when he figures out what she really means. "Well, if we … uh … need to do s-something like that I am sure I can just, er, encrypt them. Probably." He smiles.

Sydney shrugs. "With your memory, you hardly need them, right?"

Bryce nods his head. "Yes, I remember, well, uh, every time…" He doesn't feel that he needs to specify beyond that. "I am glad that you, uh, got me this cellular phone. It will help me look up things I haven't learned yet, but most importantly, I can, well, call you and talk whenever … well, not whenever because I shouldn't call when I am, uh, in class or when you are in class, or at work."

Sydney leans close to Bryce and kisses the tip of his nose. "Exactly. Or when we're doing hero stuff, sometimes it's handy to be able to talk to your allies in real time. Or I mean there's always Plants vs Zombies…

Bryce gets a bit flustered for a moment but then smiles at the kiss. On the nose was not the place he was expecting a kiss. "Plants vs. Zombies? I am not certain that would be much of a battle. Plants, while able to communicate and, well, defend themselves from a biological standpoint aren't, uh, well, they can't actually fight. Nor can zombies since they seem to be, er, fantasy creatures for, uh, horror stories." He pauses for a bit having taken the plants vs zombies things literally. "As for talking during c-combat, I've been giving that some, uh, thought. I've been wondering if I could, or should, or even would want to try developing telepathy."

Sydney takes Bryce's hands and pulls them under her pajama top to her belly. "It's a game. A silly, fun, old game. And yeah, telepathy would be pretty useful.

Bryce starts to rub her skin under her pj top. As always, her skin is a interesting mixture of smooth and firm. "I have been a bit c-concerned about for a couple reasons. I've thought that having more thoughts, uh, in my head might not be, well, good. I get distracted enough as as it is. And if all the sounds in my head were, uh, transmitted to someone else, it m-might not be good either."
Sydney hmms. "Both good points… but the usefulness would be a big deal. I mean contacting others, interrogating… stuff like that…" She relaxes things and leans back at the gentle caressing. She doesn't encourage him to go higher, particularly, but she doesn't discourage it either. Steel girl likes being touched.

Bryce continues to rub her stomach under her shirt though at the time he doesn't go up higher. He does kiss her on her cheek as she relaxes. "I already, uh, know that my mind, or at least my thoughts, can leave my body; however, it it wasn't on purpose when it happened. I didn't, uh, realize that I was doing it. Perhaps I can learn to, uh, utilize that or s-something."
Sydney smiles and hugs Bryce to her, reaching down a little hesitantly to slip her hand in his back pocket.

As they go into a hug, Bryce slides his hands around to her back while keeping his hands under her pj top. "Th-this is the, well, you made this the, the best Ch-christmas that I ever had. I never really, uh, understood holidays. I knew the, the historical significance of them, but, well, I never understood all the the fuss of them."

Sydney rests her head on Bryce's shoulder. "It's about… being with family, or loved ones or… boyfriend, girlfriend… it's like… remembering to take time for others. Kind of a celebration of the people in your life. If you believe, there's a lot more going on and it's like "yay, we're celebrating that we don't have to go to hell." That always seemed a little shallow to me. But I don't believe in hell, so whatever." She kisses Bryce slowly and deeply, and probably this is how they spend the rest of Christmas morning until the other excitement in the school gets started.

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