(2018-12-24) Toys for Wroth
Toys for Wroth
Summary: A group of students go shopping on Christmas Eve and encounter a powerful girl who hates Santa Claus.
Date: IC Date (2018-12-24)
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NPCs: Dr. Ricci (teacher)
Scene Runner: Seti

A light snow falls through the center of the shopping district of town. The multi-colored lights arch pleasantly from pool to pool. There are even several large christmas trees are part of a festive decoration in the center of a large courtyard. Several bell-ringers are out collecting the last bit of donations from late-night shoppers. In front of the large christmas display, two young woman (barely out of their teens) have set up a Toys for Tots drive. "Collecting Toys for children of fallen and active-duty soldiers," calls out one of the girls.
A white van from Coral Springs is parked nearby. Nearly two hours ago, Dr. Ricci drove several students from Coral Springs for some more last minute shopping needs. She has finished what she is doing and is currently just browsing a upscale jewelry store.

Michael was never one for a lot of toys. He was quite happy with the various offerings on his Note. So this meant that he had plenty of money to spend on an assortment of things for more needy kids. Oh he'd come along to be social. To get to know the others. But when he saw the display and the toy drive, he'd decided that's what he was going to do. So with a healthy chunk blown from his allowance, he's now heading that way with a pair of bags from the local toy store.

Cora is out today as much just to have a good excuse to get out. She's wearing the new outfit she was able to get last time due to far too many nice fellow students But it's not wasted! A coat and cap as well. Mainly, she's just browsing the various boutiques and game stores in the most idle of fashion, no intention of getting anything. All the same, that toys for tots thing? Sees her digging in her purse and dragging out a few coins from it. It looks hard for her to do, but all the same it's up to the collection plate and dropped in it.

Cid doesn't seem to mind getting a moment to just check out town. Having already spent his share for now. Slowly moving and taking in all sights. Keeping nearby to where others are. Ending up offering a few coins to the donation. Following Cora in doing so before speaking up. "Told you it would be great." He offers with a smile. Perhaps about the outfit. Though then he spots something that he end up studying for now. Looking into some of the windows.

Koga was out shopping, mostly because well… he wanted to get a few gifts and he was unsure what to get. Sure he had some money saved, but this? This was new to him. The young Brave's hands were stuffed in his pockets as he window shopped mostly, already having given a donation as well as making his way around a bit. In particular he was looking closely at things that seemed dragon like, perhaps a few others as well. Jewelry included.

Bryce never found exactly what he was looking for the last time Dr. Ricci took them out shopping so he took the van ride again. The ringing of the bells seems to be giving him a mild headache though as he keeps grimacing everytime he has to walk by one. "I, uh, like the out-outfit," he says to Cora. "L-looks good on, er, you." He looks over at Cid and asks, "Did you, er, find the fabrics you were wanting to, uh, purchase?"
Suddenly, something starts growing up from the ground in between the collection of Christmas trees that form the center of the display. This mound grows higher and higher pushing over the trees. The girls from the Toys for Tots display scream as a tree barely misses them and crashes down onto the table. A small opening appears in the top of the mound, and a little girl emerges from it. She seems to be pushed up by the very mound itself.
The girl is dressed in a black, goth loli dress. Black frilly dress with dark red and burgundy accents cover most of her pale thin body. She is wearing a pair of long black satin gloves and a pair shoes over black and white knee-high socks. She even has a lacy black choker on. "Santa! blah. I hate Santa. Christmas is stupid." She puts her hands on her hips and stands on top of the mound that finally stopped growing. The mound is 5 feet high and has a diameter of 7 feet. "Taking all these toys and giving them to stupid kids who end up breaking them. Stupid."

Michael was just putting down his bags of 'stupid' when the girl erupts through the earth and stands atop her mound. Rather than walk up to her, he decides to float over in her direction. "Now just hold up there miss." He gives a wave to get her attention.. as if a flying guy needs to wave. "Just because these people believe in a specific unproven mythology does not mean the sentiment of benevolence is wrong. In fact, being generous when you have much is a sign of a healthy society. Sure, fine, maybe you don't believe in god or Christ or what have you but does that mean you have to crush what little hope children who don't grasp the finer details of logic have?" Or math. It often takes young kids forever to grasp math. "I tell you what." His this Irish brogue is coming to the fore. "Why don't we go get a milkshake and you can tell me why Santa is stupid."

Cora offers one of her ghostly little smiles, but it might, just might, be getting a little stronger every day! "Thank you." She says to Bryce and Cid. "It really was nice." But before she can say or do anything else, stuff starts to get really weird! She covers her mouth as a squeak comes out, and looks over towards the newly arrived little girl. The look Cora gives the girl is definitely rather shocked, stunned even. "You should watch out, Santa's not bad. But Krampus or Zwarte Pete might come instead, and that would be bad."

… Koga is probably berating himself a bit for even thinking a nice trip into town would not be well… disrupted. Nope. It just can't be ordinary. Seeing the rather insane way one seems to be just talking to her, well… he takes the idea to slip away.

Slipping into an alleyway nearby in the mass confusion and panic, he gets into a handy hiding space before raising his hand overhead. Bringing his hand into a gesture almost like he was at a rock concert, he swings it around to trace a blue circle in the air that quickly sinks over him as soon as he finishes it. The circle definitely doesn't leave Koga unchanged as he grows taller, armored, and into his 'other self' as he calls it.

Afterwards, he crouches before taking a mighty leap /upwards/ to a nearby roof, heading for the edge where he can see the action. And ready himself as he brings his hands up, quickly starting to trace symbols in the air in preparation to protect the people nearby. His voice calls out from his new vantage point, "I would listen to them, girl." His voice is loud and clear. "I do not know what your problem is, nor why you are interrupting something for charity. You have one chance to leave peacefully."

Brcye was just about to head into a store when the girl bursts onto the scene. He quickly stands in front of Cora as his circlet flashes briefly. When it does, his clothes fill out just a bit more and appear tighter than they should be. He looks confused as Cid starts bringing up all those things. Noticing some nearby bystanders, he says to them, "P-please step back." He takes a deep breath to try and calm his stammering. "It might be a g-good time to head home."
The girl stares at Michael as he floats up to her. She doesn't seem impressed by his flight or Koga's altered apperance either. "I don't care if it is Santa, the Grinch, or Ronald McDonald, these toys should be mine!" She gestures at the toys immediately begin to shake. One by one, the toys still in boxes, bags, and wrapping paper, float up from their places and head towards her. "Ice cream? What do you think I am, 6? I'm 12 years old now so leave me alone!" Upon her saying the word 'alone', there is a wave of angry mystic energy that goes out from her in a ever growing sphere.

"Hey, I happen to love milkshakes!" Michael protests.. but then she's putting up her little force bubble and summoning toys. "Hey! Now not only is that thievery.. that's just wrong!" That bubble appeared so fast that he's still floating in the air and not able to set himself. Floating against the barrier.. he sort of rebounds from it and gains a few extra feet. "Now look.. have you ever heard of a principle called MAD? Mutually assured destruction." Michael sounds a little irritated. "If you don't let those toys go, I'm just going to have to vaporize them all. Then you get nothing. Me? I'll just go buy more for the kids."

That energy starts to grow, Cora's eyes widen and suddenly there's a rather strange thing that begins. A terrifying looking creature… Krampus himself as it seems! Appears, with the creepy long tongue and all as well as the switch in one hand and a bag in the other. He is suddenly just there between Cora and the energy, as if risen from the depths of hell or something as he slams down with his switch to slice through said energy. Already he's looking at her, and many nearby may hear a distorted voice "Naughty naughty little girl. You shouldn't hurt others." While the girl? It's not distorted at all. It's real!

Cid moves a bit to make sure no one is getting hurt. A sigh though as he looks to Koga as he calls out. "But I was learning." If offered in turn. Trying to continue helping the civilians as the energy explodes. Hitting his built in energy shield. Getting sent away and rolling a bit. Luckily not enough to destroy him out right. But a bit of a tumble. "People safe?" Is asked as he rises. Trying to find an outlet to plug himself in. "Not sure how much I can help in the actual fight." He admits. A grin though. "I could throw exploding phones. Is that allowed?" He tries to ask anyone from the school. Trying to learn still. A brief moment before he helps to evacuate the area first and foremost. LEtting the heavy hitters go ahead. "Anyone wearing tech that you want help with?" Asked to anyone that might be in range, or have an earpiece or similar. Helping get all kids safe first.

Koga, meanwhile, is actually pushed back a few steps as his hands throw up the symbols in a barrier to protect himself and the civilians. Sensing the rather mystic nature of what just hit his barrier has Koga looking more carefully at the girl. Then he brings his own hands up, weaving arcing symbols before he brings his closed fists upwards and leaps off the rooftop towards the girl, swinging both down in a burst of lightning at the girl as he gives off a roar.

His jump is aimed to land between the girl and anyone else as he brings himself upwards quickly to standing, glaring at her. A brief glance is thrown over his shoulder, towards the others, "Get back. /NOW/." Turning quickly back towards the girl, his hands are still crackling with lightning as he focuses on her. "Get rid of the disguise. You will not fool me."

Bryce sees the wave of energy coming and raises his left hand. A beam of psychic energy in front of him. The blast of energy breaks the shield but disappates at the same time. He shakes his head and looks at Cid and Coga, "If you, er, can't or don't want to help us with, uh, her, then help them from her." He gestures towards the bystandards. Some of the people are standing there literally frozen in fear while hundreds are running. There are some peple who are actually clapping thinking this is some Christmas show. He turns and steps towards the girl not really feeling comfortable about this but thankfully this isn't his first experience like this. He swallows hard and says, "There is no reason to, uh, hurt anyone. If you, er, want toys, there are are other ways."
The girl sticks her tongue out at Michael as he threatens to vaporize her toys. "Blah blah." As Bryce starts stammering she points at him and laughs, "Oh, no.." she says melodramatically. "Are you going to stutter-ter-ter me to d-d-d-death." She looks back at the angry Michael and suddenly turns her back to him. She bends over and asks, "What, are you going to spank me?" It is hard to tell if she is daring or hoping for it. It is at that time that Koga's lightning blast hits her in the rear. She quickly grabs her behind and jumps with a squeek. All that lightning earned just a squeak from her. She suddenly turns around and is very unhappy. "Not fair. Meaning. Help me!"
Three little dark purple glowing spikes drift out from her and dive into three of the toys. A plastic He-man, a plastic dinosaur, and a little witch doll suddenly seem to come to life and rip themselves free of their packaging. They start growing until they are more realistic sizes. The He-man and Witch doll are the size of adult people while the dinosaur stands at just under 6 feet. "Get them!" She yells. The He-Man turns her attention to Michael and swings his massive sword at him while the Witch Girl points her staff at Koga sending a bolt of black energy directly at him. The dinosaur jumps down and starts charing at Bryce.

Despite all of this, and the Chaos. An eerie little blue light has flickered into position. It's kind of helping illuminate the way for everyone. Or lure things towards it. But really, that's not the thing that matters. What truly matters? A terrifying Christmas Demon is still advancing on the little girl with it's tongue out and a switch…. "He might not, but I will!" Cora is just looking at it carefully, stepping back even as the illusion of Krampus advances to reach for said girl with his tongue and start to use the switch!

Cid does try to help get people to leave. Seeing the dino coming closer. Taking control of some times. Trying to use them to attack the dino. Not quite able to do much. Not quite in his enviroment. Basically it just looks like flies going around the dino's head and then crashing without anything happening. "People, time to leave." He offers, trying to make people to leave. being ready to get more drastic if needed. Trying to get people to leave.

Koga brings his hands up as a blast comes firing at him. A quick motion of his fingers has his lightning forming a shield in front of him. A half-formed shield that holds for the blast as he swings his arms outwards to disperse the rest of it down into the ground along with his mystic lightning. Settling back into a loose martial arts looking stance, the armored teen brings his hand upwards as he weaves another burst of mystic energies quickly.

The symbols quickly gather into a ball of lightning in his hand as he sweeps his hands around more, swinging them into changing the lightning from a simple blast to something more to keep the focus towards him hopefully for whatever the girl is as he unleashes a literal serpentine style dragon of lightning towards the former doll of a witch in an attempt to fry it quickly, and hopefully free himself to face the real threat. Or so he hopes.

Byrce watches as the dinosaur comes at him, Cora, and Cid. He knows it is just a plastic thing, but who knows what it can do empowered in whatever way that girl is empowering it. He raises his right hand towards the rampaging dinosaur. A large bubble of energy starts to appear around the three of them. This dome is transparent though it has a faint blue tint to it. The dinosaur jumps and lands on the shield. It claws and scratches at the shield without any effect. Bryce raises his other hand. A thin beam of energy emerges from his hand and snakes outwards. It forms a large katana which just floats in the air near the dinosaur. He hasn't use the sword since the 'incident,' but this thing isn't even alive.
The girl screams as the horrible, long tongued creature attacks her. "Ew, stop, you'll get my clothes all dirty." The toys are all diving down into the hole as another purple orb emerges from her landing into a Buzz Lightyear action figure. This too grows to full size in moments and aims at the horrible image that Cora sent at the girl. "Kill it!" She screams. She does get closer to the hole in the mound which is still there.
The people that were still hanging around for one stupid reason or another are now running off swiftly. A couple people get trampled in the stampeed and are left on the sidewalk nearby. The alarms sounding was enough to send them on their way. 911 is also receiving several strang reports. The witch doll is hit by the lightning which does catch her hair on fire. She doesn't seem overly bothered by it though the plastic underneath is starting to bubble. Once more it aims her broom of a staff at Koga and sends another bolt while Michael and He-man keep fighting. Bryce's floating katana slices cleanly through the dinosaur. The dinosaur, now in two pieces, slides down the bubble. It's arms and legs still moving, its mouth still trying to bite.

The thing that goes after Krampus ends up in a grappling contest with it. With neight doing anything at all but wrestling back and forth. But that seems to suit Cora just fine, as she's more focused on something else now. Her attention is now on that hole, and she starts to wave her hand to try and trick the girl and make her think there's suddenly a wall in the way of said hole!

Cid start the alarms for the nearby stores, for anyone that is still not leaving. Sighing to himself. Getting everyone to clear out before looking back to the fight. Having an overview of the whole area, trying to clear all areas and then seeing where help is needed most. Sending some random small toys to distract the girl, to try and make it harder for her to attack.

Koga brings his hands up again, forming a whip of lightning this time as he bats the blast into the air before twisting to move his fingers again. The lightning whip literally wraps around the blast before swinging it to ground it out as Koga lets it dissipate. Then the helmet's face seems to grin before Koga moves his hands together, making an arcane gesture as symbols appear in a line in front of him before he quickly sweeps them out.

A tasseled looking spear appears, almost like a glaive or a naginata as he spins the weapon before unleashing a wave of lightning at the doll thing that is currently being a nuissance to him. The armored teen glares at said doll thing afterwards, growling at it in that metallic echo as he looks to wherever the instigator of all of this went to as well.

Bryce lets the protective bubble drop as he watches the girl fighting against the illusions that Cora sent. With the additional distractions of Cid, Bryce makes a more offensive move. The sword changes into the large arcade claw that Bryce has used on multiple occasions. Instead of going for the girl with the claw, the claw grabs a hold of the many of the floating toys. The claw pulls these toys away from the hole and back towards Bryce, Cid, & Cora.
"No. Give them back, you evil Santa helpers! Elves. All of you!" She flops down on the mound and actually goes into a temper tantrum. She pounds her firsts into the mound and kicks her feet. A large hand of mound quickly grows up from the pile. This hand is bigger than a car. Held aloff by a column of the same material of the mound, the hand hovers in the air for a bit before coming down on the girl. It grabs her and then sinks back into the rest of the mound with her. Within moments, the animated toys revert back to their regular size and inanimate state.

Cora starts to just shiver then, the adrenaline going through her body as she looks over where this mysterious girl just was. She seems a little haunted too, especially as she looks around and sees all the carnage that there's been so far. She ends up crossing her arms again, once more hugging herself and looking quite distant.

Cid quickly moves to help check on the ones that were fighting. "Are people okay?" He asks. A thumbs-up to Bryce at his accomplishment. Then noticing Cora and her hugging himself. Jogging over to her. "How are you?" He asks, checking her some. Furrowing his brows some. Then glancing towards the others as well.

Koga had actually missed more because well… the doll's back to being a doll?

Turning to look at the scene before him, the armored teen stares a bit as he watches the overgrown hand of whatever that is just flat out seemingly crush or whatever the girl.

And he shakes his head before sighing, "More research, I guess…" He turns to head away from the group, heading for the nearest doorway as he motions them over. "Get your purchases or whatever else. We need to go."

Bryce looks back to check on Cora as well. He knows that look. He has felt that before. He is glad that Cid is helping her out. "You, uh, you did well, C-cora. Cid, I'm, uh, glad you got the pe-people away." That definitely made the combat easier. "Could you two, uh, get the dolls that were, well, the ones she animated? I think we should, er, take them back with us." He is hoping that by giving Cora something to do that it will help her focus. He then walks forward towards the mound. "I want to get a sample of this," he says to Koga surprisingly without any stammering or stuttering this time. He gets one of the plastic shopping bags that was strewn around and then creates a small spoon with his powers. The spoon is used to scoop some of the mound material into the bag. When he is done, he has enough to equal the size of his fist.

Cora continues to sit there, shivering a bit before she says hauntedly. "We couldn't get her. We couldn't save her too." She sighs. She must've heard the bit about the dolls, as she rather distantly picks them up… but? She then starts walking back towards where the van they were taken in on is at. Just utterly oblivious to anyone else around her or whatever else is going on. Which probably means she doesn't really catch Koga's beckoning either. But should be easy to grab and guide or something. Presuming Dr. Ricci isn't just ther eto take them at the Van.

Cid nods as he studies Cora. Helping gathering the toys. "Need to study them." He agrees with Bryce. He will follow Cora then though. Worrying as he knows her the best.And the others seem okay. Ready to head out. Keeping watch over Cora for now.

Koga brings his spear up, concentrating it seems as he weaves the tasselled blade through a lot of complicated motions over the door way that he is facing. It literally takes close to 30 seconds or so before he finishes and swipes the spear, creating a glowing mystic portal that leads to who knows where. He looks to the others, then looks to Bryce. "Whoever, whatever that was. It was not human… not any more. Do not be surprised if a lot of it can not be explained. Keep it fully contained, and ask either Besa or myself just in case it has any residue of that thing."

He looks around, then towards Bryce. "See that they get back. I will inform the staff back at the school of what happened. I need to see if I can find any leads to what that was." Koga's metallic echo sounds a bit concerned over whatever it was. That much is obvious. And he at least waits for anyone that wants a quick portal back to the school before heading through himself.

With his bag of mystic muck, Bryce heads towards the van. He cannot help but see the distant look in Cora's eyes. Pausing to nod to Koga, Bryce climbs in the van and sits nearby Cora though he makes sure to not sit too close to her. "Try and, uh, g-get some sleep when we get back. It is, well, Christmas tomorrow." He looks down and gets silent for a moment. "I can, I can help with what you are feeling … if you want … tomorrow." Dr. Ricci starts the van and drives it back to the school.

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